30-Day Ab Crunch Challenge


Want to get in shape?  Want to have a flat chest that impresses instead of flaps? Regardless of where you are in your life or what shape you are in; a flat chest is possible.  What it will require however is a great deal of time, dedication, and commitment.

One of the biggest challenges people have is finding a way to achieve their goals.  We want to help you by solving this big issue and providing a comprehensive 30-Day Ab Crunch Challenge.  A full guide that you can follow below, you can use the 30 days listed to do some different abs related exercises to train the upper, mid, and lower parts of your abs.  Along with discussing how the exercises are done, you will have a day by day understanding of what you should be doing.  Adding on more and more reps over time, you will find yourself constantly challenged and improved over the course of the 30-day challenge.

Targeting Different Sections

A 30-Day Abs crunch challenge will get you very little unless you target different parts of your abs and work them separately.  Below we look specifically at the lower Ab Workouts (LAW), the Midsection Ab Workouts (MAW), and the Upper Ab Workouts (UAW).

The 30-day abs crunch challenge further below will refer to the workout categories listed below.  Your objective is to find one or two of the exercises in each group that you can do kcv and have them ready for when it gets time to start crunching.  The following list of exercises is a few and not all the ones available.  They will allow you to not only target the part you want to target but as compound exercises provide strength training to the rest of your abs and front as well.

Lower Ab Workouts (LAW)

Heel Taps: Heel taps include lying with your back to the ground and your hand’s palm down flat by your side.  Lifting feet into a table top position, slowly lower each foot separately until it just touches the ground.  Raise the leg by squeezing your abdomen.

Mountain Climber: Mountain climber involves beginning in a high plank position with your arms below you, butt raised, and legs down.  Individually, take your feet and draw your knee to your abdomen under you before bring it back.  Repeat with the other foot.

Rolling Plank: The rolling plank is a challenging ab workout where start in a low plank position.  Holding for 10 seconds, you lean on your right arm and raise your other arm up before going back, holding in the middle, and then holding on the other side.

Scissor: The scissor starts out similarly with you on your back.  Your hands will go behind your head.  Lift your head and shoulders off the floor.  One at a time kick, your legs all the way up and then back down to the floor using your abdomen as your primary muscle.

Straight Leg Raise: The straight leg raise is quite simple.  Simply lay on your back as you would with the heel taps and raise both your legs in the air at the same time.

Midsection Ab Workouts (Also Known as Oblique’s) or (MAW)

The midsection of your abs includes your rectus abdominous, your obliques, serratus, and your intercostals.  While crunches will show up in all sectional abs workouts, they most appear here when dealing with the center of your abs. For the best results, you totally need a professional yoga mat, you can get the perfect one from here.

Crunches: Crunches are a familiar workout that involves lying on your back with your knees up and feet down.  Hands behind your head, you use your abs to pull your front up.

Reverse Crunches: Reverse crunches provide some variation to typical crunches.  Laying on your back with your legs up and your calves at a 45-degree angle to your thighs, lean backward with your hands down and bring your legs over your head.

Cable Crunches: Cable crunches require a cable that can provide variable resistance for you.  On your knees, bring your hands to your chest while holding the cable.  Lean forward and down, using your abs to work against the resistance of the cable.

Upper Ab Workouts (UAW)

Cable Crunches: While we used cable crunches in the mid abs section to target the oblique’s, we can use them in the upper abs workout as well.  While kneeling, grab hold of the cable and have both hands on either side of your head.  Bend from an upright position to one that is 45 degrees slanted.  Do not allow your hips to move while you do this.

Swiss Ball Weighted Crunches: The Swiss ball weighted crunches make use of a Swiss ball.  With the Swiss ball behind you, press your mid back into the ball and your hands firmly on your head.  Slowly begin extending backward beyond being parallel to the floor before coming back up to where you started. Get your own Swiss ball from here.

Wide Leg Cross Sit Ups: The wide leg cross sit ups target your upper abs as well as your oblique’s.  Begin by lying flat on the ground with your feet extended shoulder length apart in front of you.  Holding one hand to the side of your head, raise your body and bring your other hand to the opposite foot.  Repeat with the other hand and continue to alternate.

The 30-Day Ab Crunch Challenge

Below is a list of what you will be doing on all 30 days of the 30-Day Ab Crunch Challenge.  The challenge works by seeing the total number you must do and selecting an abs workout in that category that challenges you.  So, for Day 3, you will do 30 total crunches focusing on upper abs workout.  Chances are you will gain strength while doing this and you are more than encouraged to keep the challenge optimal by adding additional weights.  Try to do at least 10 in any set you choose and try to limit them to 15-25 per set depending on the exercise.  Giving your body a minute to recover after each set will benefit you greatly in the long run.

There are 7 days off during the 30-Day Ab Crunch Challenge.  Do not try to train through these days.  Days off are just as important as days spent training.  The reason why you are taking days off is to give your body the time it needs to heal and repair itself.  Your muscles need this time not only to recover, but also grow and become stronger.  Exercising these muscle groups during your time off will limit your growth, set you back, and dramatically increase the chance that you will injure yourself.

  • Day 1 – 20 Total (LAW) Crunches
  • Day 2 – 25 Total (MAW) Crunches
  • Day 3 – 30 Total (UAW) Crunches
  • Day 4 – Off
  • Day 5 – 40 Total (LAW) Crunches
  • Day 6 – 45 Total (MAW) Crunches
  • Day 7 – 50 Total (UAW) Crunches
  • Day 8 –  Off
  • Day 9 – 60 Total (LAW) Crunches
  • Day 10 – 65 Total (MAW) Crunches
  • Day 11 – 70 Total (UAW) Crunches
  • Day 12 – Off
  • Day 13 – 80 Total (LAW) Crunches
  • Day 14 – 85 Total (MAW) Crunches
  • Day 15 – 90 Total (UAW) Crunches
  • Day 16 – Off
  • Day 17 – 100 Total (LAW) Crunches
  • Day 18 – 105 Total (MAW) Crunches
  • Day 19 – 110 Total (UAW) Crunches
  • Day 20 – Off
  • Day 21 – 115 Total (LAW) Crunches
  • Day 22 – 120 Total (MAW) Crunches
  • Day 23 – 125 Total (UAW) Crunches
  • Day 24 – Off
  • Day 25 – 130 Total (LAW) Crunches
  • Day 26 – 135 Total (MAW) Crunches
  • Day 27 – 140 Total (UAW) Crunches
  • Day 28 Off
  • Day 29 – 145 Total (LAW) Crunches
  • Day 30 – 150 Total (MAW) Crunches


Day 29 and Day 30

For day 29 and day 30, we repeat the same routine you have been doing up to this point.  While it cuts off the upper abs workout, you will still have gained plenty of strength by this point.  If you want to, you can substitute the last two days with a full upper, middle, and lower abs workout combined.  Choose one activity from each category and do roughly 50 of each.

Showing Definition

Want a 6 pack?  There are 2 things you must do.  The first things you must do are targeting the muscle groups and exercise them.  Doing so will help the muscles grow and stick out.  The second thing you must do is reduce the body fat covering those muscles up.  Regardless of your gender, we as humans accumulate body fat around our midsection.  The best way for you to remove this fat is through diet and exercise.  While the crunch challenge listed above will provide exercise, you will want to pair it with proper nutrition as well as anaerobic activity to get the best possible results.  Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging.  Below we talk about aerobic exercise, nutrition, and staying motivated.

Aerobic Exercise

Every day that you are doing crunches, you will also want to be doing aerobic exercise.  Aerobic exercise involves increasing your heart rate above your resting rate and keeping it there for 30 minutes to an hour.  You can achieve this through brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming, biking, rowing, and any other task that keeps you moving.  While gym equipment can help you with aerobic exercise, you can also achieve it at home using things like jump ropes, treadmills, or other devices.  Regardless of what you do, make sure you do it first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast.  You will want to get in after your body is recovering (sleep) and before you begin consuming calories.  Exercising at this point will guarantee you the best chance of pulling from your fat reserves.  It will also make your metabolism more efficient for the subsequent breakfast helping you better digest and store less as fat thus!

Eating Healthy

Do not try a diet where you are losing more than a pound a week by calorie means alone.  Engaging in aerobic exercise as well as the 30-day abs crunch challenge will mean that your body will need calories.  We suggest you eating a number of calories appropriate for an individual of your age, weight, and gender on a low exercise course.  As for the food, you eat, try to go healthy and watch portion sizes on smaller things.  Liquid calories are worthless (like for alcohol or soda) and try to stay away from them.  Prioritize nuts, grains, fruits veggies, and especially protein.  If you do not eat healthily, then any amount of exercising will provide only limited results at best.

Staying Motivated

Staying motivated is one of the most difficult parts of any workout.  Thankfully, the 30-day abs challenge can help keep you motivated thanks to its design.  You will know precisely what you are doing and when.  You will have an end goal to reach towards.  One of the best ways to stay motivated is by bringing another people in.  Use social media to get out the message and get feedback.  Try to get other people to join you or even watch motivational videos.  Staying motivated means first and foremost doing.  Even if you are absolutely against doing crunches on a day, at least get changed and ready.  If you go through the process of getting changed, getting to where you exercise, and assuming the first position and you still do not want to do them, then don’t.  Chances are however if you take all the steps, you will find a lot of motivation down the road.

The 30-Day Ab Crunch Challenge is an exciting way to set fun fitness goals and get great results.  It can also be the first step in a long and healthy life.  You will exit the 30-Day Ab Crunch Challenge with a far better understanding of what your body is capable.  You will be stronger, and more ready to approach other kinds of exercise.  You will also have a great personal example of having worked towards a goal while maintaining a schedule.

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