20-Day Butt-Lift Workout


If you have been dreaming about building the perfect posterior – a backside that could rival Jennifer Lopez’s – the odds are pretty good that you have searched high and low for a proven program that can produce real deal results come unlocking of the kind of mass building muscle you need to look fantastic without ever going into Incredible Hulk territory.

Boy what a tall task that is!

Thankfully, though, with our quick 20 day buns of steel workout program below you’re going to be able to really rock and roll as far as creating a Hollywood like backside is concerned. It’s going to be quick, it’s going to be relatively easy, and you’re going to be able to almost put this kind of workout program on autopilot just by following all the step-by-step information that we must share with you below.

Obviously, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you clean up your diet is best you can and really pack in the protein if you’re looking to build muscle in your buns. But this program has been designed from the ground up to help you create the perfect tush no matter what, though it just might take a little bit longer to pull off without a diet that is really dialed in.

But that’s not here nor there, is it?

Let’s dig right in!

Warming Up (About Two Weeks Ahead of Starting this Program)

We are going to be super up front and super honest about everything that this workout program must offer as well as the kind of work you’re going to have to put in to get the maximum results you’re looking for.

This isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

There are going to be some tough and intense workouts that you’re going to have to knock out to really kick your backside building efforts into high gear, and that’s going to require you to have at least a baseline of fitness that you can build off.

Therefore, the warm-up period of about two weeks leading up to you getting started with this program is so important. By walking for 30 minutes a day for the first week and then alternating days of walking and then running for 30 minutes a day for the second week you’re going to be able to have built up plenty of stamina to it the very least get started with this 20-day cracker workout.

Focus on this warm-up and take it very, very seriously – it’s a fundamental building block of this workout program and for some people is going to be the difference between success and failure. After you have sufficiently warmed up your body, though, you’re going to be able to dive right into the program below, and you’re going to get stronger, faster, and healthier WITH a better butt by the time you’re done!

Days 1 – 5

The beautiful thing about this 20-day butt-lift program is that it doesn’t require you to use ANY weights or fitness equipment whatsoever, but instead relies completely on your body weight and some very smart and creative ways to unleash your body’s full potential when it comes to building out your buns and thighs.

Days one through five are going to be filled with wall sits, bodyweight squats, glute bridges, and lunges. Each one of these exercises is going to be done for three sets each, with the wall sits and squats going for 30 seconds apiece counting as a full set and the squats and bridges going for 10 reps each.

These first five days are all about activating the muscles in your buns and your legs command of your thing about triggering these major muscle groups is that they are not only going to help you build muscle, strength, and stamina but because they are such large muscle groups as well they are going to help you fire up your fat burning furnace so that you lose a lot of weight AND tone up in these areas at the exact same time.

It really doesn’t get much better than that, now does it?!

Days 6 – 10

Day six is going to be a day of rest, but days seven through ten are going to build off all the work that you have already established in the first five days.

You’re going to want to do the same three exercises on the same three sets of repetitions as we mentioned above, but you’re also going to want to start incorporating moves where you lay down on the floor, arch your back and your pelvis up, and then lift one leg just as high into the sky as you can while holding it there for 30 seconds at a clip.

These are going to be worked into each workout that you do, and one 30 second repetition is going to be followed up by five seconds of rest before you rinse and repeat for 10 repetitions. You are absolutely going to be feeling it after you knock these workouts out, but you’re also going to be able to really build up your buns and your thighs in ways you may never have thought possible before.

Around Day 10 you’re going to start to notice a tremendous amount of weight loss, but you’re also going to notice some significant toning, a lot more strength and power, and more energy than you’ve ever known what to do with. By the time, you’re done knocking out these workouts, you’re going to feel like a superhuman.

Days 11 – 15

Day 11 (surprise, surprise) is going to be a full day of rest, but then you’re going to get right back into rocking and rolling with this butt-lift program on Day 12.

This is where you’re going to start to integrate burpees into your daily workouts (combining them with everything that you’ve already been doing), and you’re also going to start to do wide legged squats and close leg squats as well.

Burpees are going to involve you starting standing upright with your arms by your site. From there you’re going to want to lift your arms straight up over your head, squat your body down, and then jump into the push-up position. Knock one push-up out (or hold a plank position for five seconds) before pulling your knees up to your elbows and then leaping just as high up into the air as possible.

Describing this move can be a bit challenging in writing, but there are plenty of YouTube videos out there that will show you EXACTLY what you need to do to crank out a single burpee successfully. Try to do as many of them as you can in 30 seconds every day through Days 11 through 15 as part of your workout program.

Wide legged squats and close leg squats are a lot of the bodyweight squats we recommended above, only now you’re going to keep your feet wider than shoulder length apart before you go through 10 repetitions and three sets a piece before bringing your feet right up against one another and then repeating the same amount of reps and sets.

Combine all of this with the exercises that we have recommended for you about, and you’ll have noticed your buns tightening significantly as well as some tight legs and a butt that sits higher on your body than it ever did before.

Days 16 – 20

Keeping with the other five day splits in this butt lift program when it comes time for Day 16 you’re going to want to take it off completely. Really rest, recover, and get ready for pushing towards that finish line!

Days 17 through 20 are going to involve you doing ALL the exercises that we mentioned above every single day but also integrating some high kicks, some lateral kicks, and some box jumps into the mix.

For starters,really, you’re going to want to get completely familiar with the high kick exercise – and we’re talking about moving through this exercise (alternating legs that you kick up into the air just as high as you can) as quickly as your body can. This is speed, stamina, and endurance push here, and the faster you push yourself through it, the faster you’re going to be able to build that beautiful backside up.

Lateral kicks are a lot of high kicks, except for you’re going to want to stand up straight with your arms out at shoulder height and then try to kick the side of your foot towards your hands without rotating your core. This is another speed focused exercise that’s going to work to tone your legs, lift your butt, and increase your muscle mass in your lower body in all the right places.

This is a game changer!

Box jumps are simple and straightforward, though they are going to require you to jump from floor level up onto a step, a standard, or a small stool. You’re going to want to jump with your feet close together up to the step and then immediately upon landing jump right back down to your starting point before rinsing and repeating the process as quickly as possible for at least 60 seconds.

This is going to take A LOT out of you for sure, but it’s really going to work to finish off your butt in a very beautiful way.

Combine these exercises with the ones that you have already been doing, and you’ll have crafted a perfect posterior in 20 days without having to spend hours and hours at the gym. In fact, you’ll be able to get ALL of these workouts in and over with spending less than 15 hours in the gym all month!

Tips and Tricks to Boost the Effectiveness of this Twenty Day Program

To really make the most of this 20 Day program you’ll want to really focus on a high-protein diet that strips out as many carbohydrates and as much sugar as humanly possible.

This is a lot like the paleo diet that is absolutely on fire right now, a proven dietary program that has helped millions of people lose a tremendous amount of weight in a hurry while building up their muscle mass, strength, and stamina at the exact same time.

It’s also a good idea to really, really focus on making sure that you get plenty of high quality sleep each single night – especially when you have a full rest day. Sleep is when your body is going to work to restore and regenerate itself actively, and the only way your butt is going to grow bigger in all the right places is if your body can work on itself while you sleep.

The overwhelming majority of folks out there have absolutely no idea how much sleep they get every single night, and most people grossly overestimate the amount of sleep they are getting by a ridiculous amount. You don’t necessarily have to get eight full hours of sleep every single night, but it’s a good idea to shoot for that much – if it is of the highest quality possible.

Sleep in a colder room, turn off all screens at least an hour before you lay down to sleep, and maybe play someone noise in the background to help you meet The Sandman just as quick as possible. Your body and your backside will appreciate it!

All things considered, it’s really a lot easier to build a fantastic butt and some killer legs if you know exactly what you’re doing. This 20-day butt-lift program is going to help lay down a rock-solid foundation, though you’ll want to repeat this program on a regular basis to really get the maximum results you’re looking for.

Hopefully, we have been able to help you streamline this approach and build the perfect butt in record time!

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