15 Reasons Why You Should Try Spinning Classes


Are you looking for a new and exciting workout to get your blood pumping? Spin classes are in the majority of gyms right now. They’re powerful for beginners and those who have been exercising for years.

They’ve also come a long way since their first conception. There’s now a focus on HIIT workouts within the spin classes, allowing you to continue burning calories hours after your class.

But there are many misconceptions. People view spin classes as a workout session that is just too hard for them. They’re not sure where to start, and they don’t really know if biking is for them. You may be worried that this isn’t something that you can actually do.

Well, it’s time to get rid of the misconceptions and excuses. Spin classes are one of the best types of workouts you can get for your aerobic abilities. Don’t believe me? Here are 15 reasons you should try a spin class. Just give one class a try and then make your decisions.

It’s a Low Impact Exercise for Your Body

Let’s start with one of the biggest reasons to try out spinning classes. This is one of the best low impact exercises you could ever try. If you’re recovering from injury or you’re worried about stress fractures, you want to look for something that doesn’t involve the constant pounding into the gravel or the floor.

Running, dancing, gymnastics all involve some type of impact on your legs. You put your body as therisk of stress fractures, ligament damage, and more, especially if you don’t perform the exercises properly.

There is nothing to hit the legs on so your ankles and your knees will thank you. All you do is pop your legs into the bike’s stirrups and start peddling away.

When you get a low impact exercise, you can put more effort into the workouts. There’s no need to worry about future damage, and you’ll feel less pain in your joints.

If you’re recovering from an injury (depending on the injury of course!) you can still put the effort in and get fit again without having to worry about making your injury worse.

You Choose the Effort You Put In

You don’t need to be an expert to join in with spin classes. In fact, this type of exercise is the best one for all levels.

The bikes have a resistance on them. You can choose that resistance setting and the speed that you go. Just because the instructor seems to go a million miles per hour doesn’t mean that you have to join in. You get to push yourself to your maximum effort, without worrying what anyone else is doing.

Of course, it will benefit you to follow the instructor and try to copy the effort put in, but not everyone has that ability. Nobody will know what resistance you’ve set your bike to – and quite honestly, nobody will care. This is about your personal workout and your abilities.

There’s a Higher Intensity to the Workout

Do you feel like your other fitness classes don’t quite give you the workout that you need? You likely need a workout that is at a higher intensity, and that’s just what you’ll get with spinning classes.

The workouts involve pushing the resistance up further – don’t worry, you can drop if you really need to get so to keep the intensity up. There is a common misconception that orders are barked to you, and the instructor wants to break you, but that isn’t the case. The instructors are motivating and just want you to push yourself.

There will be some slower sections of the workout, incorporating an HIIT workout to help you burn more calories. You’ll feel like you’ve actually effectively used the hour in the gym.

You Gain Variety in Your Workout

There’s nothing more boring that hitting a treadmill and staying on it for 30-60 minutes’ flat. Okay, so there are different buttons that you can press, and you could change the speed up and down, but honestly, the treadmill workouts get monotonous.

That’s the case with many workouts. You start to get bored, and you just don’t put the effort in. Eventually, you realize that there’s no point even going to the gym because you’re getting nothing from it. You want something different; something new and exciting.

Introducing the spinning classes! Yes, they will add variety to your workout. It doesn’t matter how many classes you go to, they will all be different. Well, okay, the instructors will sing from the same hymn sheet regarding moves, and they will use the same patterns every now and then, but they will alternate their sessions. By the time you do the same session again, you will have completely forgotten about the different levels of resistance!

With variety, you’ll always find it exciting. You’ll look forward to the next session – relishing the burn afterward.

There’s No Need to Remember Choreography

There are plenty of other exercise classes out there that include variety into your workout. Sure, they give you something new and exciting, but they have a major drawback: you must remember the choreography.

Just think about the likes of Jazzercise, Zumba, and other dance aerobics. You’re taught a few moves by the instructor, and you need to keep up. If you get behind, you end up in everyone else’s way. It gets disheartening after a while when you just can’t seem to make it work.

Well, spinning classes don’t include this problem. There are no dance steps to learn. You just peddle your legs as fast as you can and push up the resistance when instructed. It really is that easy mentally.

The Music and Instructor Will Spur You On

When you try spinning on its own, you can feel like you’re missing something. That’s because you are. You don’t have anyone or anything pushing you as hard as you can do. Those who have tried spinning in the gym on their own have regularly felt like it isn’t for them and decide against going to class.

Well, it’s the class that makes spinning so powerful. You have music and an upbeat instructor who is there giving 120% throughout the class. This is excellent for you, as the energy is contagious. You don’t feel pressured into copying with the energy. It just happens without you even thinking about it. That energy continues throughout the evening (or the day, depending on the time of your class) and you can’t wait for the next session.

There Is the Chance to Get a Full Body Workout

Many people believe that spinning classes are all about the legs. Sure enough, some of them are just about pushing your legs to the max for a 60 minute period. Others aren’t quite the same.

This is where the variety comes into play. There are plenty of classes that now use resistance bands throughout the workouts. You’ll work on your arm strength while getting your legs moving and your heart pumping.

Spinning classes have turned into the full body workout of your dreams. You are constantly encouraged to put in 100% and more – and you’ll barely realize that you’re doing it!

You Don’t Have to Worry About the Weather

This is the case with all exercise classes, right? It’s a massive draw because you get to work out without dealing with the cold, windy, horrible weather outside.

Icy and rainy weather aren’t just annoying and disheartening. They’re injury risks. It just takes one wrong step, and you could break a leg or twist an ankle. You have to slow down the pace to make sure you don’t step on ice or fall down a hidden crack under the snow. You need to think about running against the high winds or find another path to keep yourself safe.

With spinning classes, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside. You get to sit on a bike in an exercise classroom and just get straight on with your workout. There’s no extra resistance that makes you annoyed that you even want to get fit!

It’s One of the Best Calorie Burning Exercises

You’ll have heard that if you want to burn calories that you need to try a spinning class. Has anyone actually told you how much you can burn?

Many spinners burn around 1,000 calories in a 60-minute class. That’s almost double the amount burned in most other exercises classes – jazzercize goers burn around 600 calories! Check out more info on what is jazzercise fitness here.

And you don’t just burn those calories in the class. Remember that there is an HIIT workout to your class. You’ll continue to burn calories long after you’ve done the workout. Your muscles are still working, and your metabolism gets the peak that you need. This is especially the case with spinning classes that involve some resistance band training.

It’s not all about the calories either. The workouts encourage the body to burn away the fat. You’ll find yourself fitter and toner within weeks of trying out your first class.

The Workouts Are Easily Adaptable

If you have a bad back that means you struggle to walk and run, you can still spin. The instructors are able to adapt some of the workouts to suit your medical needs. The only ones who are encouraged to reconsider their thoughts on a spin class are pregnant women, especially in the later stages – and this is due to the balance issue rather than the danger to your body!

Remember that spinning classes are low impact. There isn’t any judder on your back, and you won’t twist it while spinning.

Instructors will encourage those with bad backs or recover from an injury to remain seated throughout the workouts. If you’re struggling to put the effort in a while standing on the bikes, you’ll also be able to sit down to make the workout fit you.

You Are More in Control with Your Workout

Nobody has to know that you’re taking it easy. If you are exhausted but you wanted to make sure you got a workout in, spinning classes are great. You may find that you have extra energy that you didn’t realize you had once you’re around others who are pushing themselves to the max. If not, that’s not an issue. You’re the one in charge of your next moves.

Just because the instructor is telling you to up the resistance doesn’t mean that you have to. If the instructor is telling you to peddle harder, you can stick to the current rate. The instructor is there to get you to your maximum effort and fitness goals. You may already be there and just want to stick to what you’re currently doing.

It’s an Addictive Workout

If you want a workout that you feel excited about before each class, then spinning classes are for you. This is one of those workouts that soon becomes addictive, and there are multiple reasons for that.

It’s mostly about the energy. You get to have some fun while you burn a lot of calories. You can focus on getting fit and pushing yourself to the max, without getting bored by thelack of variety.

On top of that, you leave the class pumped for the rest of the day. You just can’t wait to get those euphoric feelings again. You could find you’re going to five or six classes a week because it’s so addictive!

You Get Your Hourly Exercise in One Sitting

You’re constantly told to get 30-60 minutes of exercise a day, especially if you want to lose weight. The problem is getting that hour just seems daunting. How are we meant to fit it into our day?

Well, spin classes make that problem extremely easy for you. The class times are set, so you just have to turn up for them. Find a time that suits you with your local gym and put it in the diary. Make sure nothing gets in the way of that class.

Once you’re done, that’s it! Your workout is finished for the day, and you don’t have to worry about trying to fit another 10 minutes in before you go to bed. Yes, it really is that simple!

If you struggle to get an hour for yourself, find one or two classes a week that will work for you. Make it clear to everyone around you that this is your “me time” for the week and you are not changing for anyone. After a few weeks, they’ll get used to it.

The Time Will Fly By

Before you know it, the class will be over. This isn’t because it’s a short class, but because you’re having so much fun during the workout. The music in the background gives you something to focus on, and the changing up of the resistance and routines will help you stop clock watching.

You don’t get that bored feeling like you do with regular bike cycling or on the treadmill. The only thing that will give the hour away is the feeling in your legs – yes, they will be a bit like jelly when you finish but that’s a good thing!

When you want something that doesn’t feel like a long workout, spinning classes are for you.

They’re One of the Cheapest Workouts

There’s no denying that workout classes can be expensive. Some of the fun dance ones can be $30+ an hour. Well, that’s not the case with the spinning classes. Because they are so popular, businesses are able to charge less.

In fact, you may find that the spinning classes are included as part of your gym membership. This is becoming more popular where the instructors are hired by the gyms. You get fit without worrying about your bank balance.

If you are worried about money and have to pay per class, you don’t need to turn up for every single class in the week. You can pick one or two days a week to add some variety to your workout.

It’s Time to Get Spinning

Spinning classes are powerful. In fact, they are among the most powerful aerobic workouts ever invented. This isn’t about following routines set by instructors and hoping that you can keep up with the class.

There are many misconceptions about spinning. People believe they need to be fitter or that they need to love exercise from the start. With spinning, it’s all about you being in control of your own workout. All you do is follow the instructions – such as boosting the resistance on your bike or peddle faster. It’s up to you what you do within that class and the amount of energy that you put in. And you’ll leave the class wanting more – even if your body can’t quite take more.

It’s time to start spinning classes. Just give one class a try, and I can guarantee that you will be converted.

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