12 Holiday Gifts for the Health Buff Friends


When you get a Christmas gift, you want to make sure that it’s something the individual loves and will appreciate. Your health buff friends won’t want a box of chocolates or a specialist bottle of wine. While they’ll have a smile on their face and say thank you, deep down they’re wondering what they’re going to do with it. They want something that helps to continue improving their health, fitness, and life.

Many people believe that this means spending a fortune on your holiday gifts. That is not the case. There are plenty of low-cost options out there to show your friends you care, and you listen to their conversations.

Of course, there are some gifts that are much more expensive. These more expensive options are perfect for siblings, parents, children, and spouses that are into their health and fitness options.

With that in mind, here are the 12-holiday gift ideas you need for your health buff friends.

Try Some Fashionable Workout Clothing

Whether it’s breathable fitness tights, a workout dress, or a new running top, your health buff friends will go through plenty of items. Find out more about the items of clothing they use or the brands they love for their workout needs. You can then look out for items that you know they’ll wear and love.

One of the best things about workout clothing is you don’t give the game away when you ask their opinion. It’s possible to say you’re looking for something for yourself to get started. You can then ask for their opinions about brands and get details without even raising suspicions.

When your friends find the new clothing, they’ll be ecstatic. Even if they’ve just bought something, the item is going to be just what they need for their workout later. After all, items start to wear, sweat locks into the fibers, and colors start to fade.

Consider a Running Belt

If you don’t want to go for the obvious, why not look out for a running belt? While these are designed for runners, they work for all types of sporty and exercise needs.

Your friends will need to keep their keys, some cash, and their phone somewhere. Most exercise clothing doesn’t come with those factors in mind, especially clothing designed for summer months. So, you want to add something that is practical and fashionable at the same time.

A running belt doesn’t need to be large. Most runners will take their house key, their phone, and possibly a card in case they get stuck outside for longer than planned. Others may have a separate MP3 player. Test the size yourself with your own items to make sure it’s suitable.

Think About an MP3 Player/Phone Armband

Most of the health buffs like having music to work out to. Some will like to listen to podcasts or audiobooks to take their mind off the running or workout tasks at hand. They can’t store their tech items in pockets or in their sports bra. Clothing doesn’t have pockets and in the sports bra, will mean sweat gets into the tech. Help them get just what they need with an armband.

This will be big enough to store their phone or the MP3 player they use. You’ll need to do some digging to find out what they like to have when they’re on their run. This is another instance where you can ask for advice for yourself, but use it to help you with the gift searching and buying.

Help Relax with a Muscle Roller

Every health buff will feel some of the tightness in their muscles. Whether they feel the tension in their shoulders, a little cramping in their legs, or just aches in their arms and back, they will need to find ways to improve their overall health. One of the best things you can get them is a roller for their muscles.

These are among some of the cheapest but most useful options for your health buff friends. You can get them in the sports stores easily and they come in a variety of styles and sizes.

The exact type you get will depend on the exact muscles your friends tend to complain about. You’ll want something that is easy to reach the problem areas and use after a workout.

If you have a little extra money, considering a bag of foam balls. The balls come in different sizes, making them perfect for every single muscle in the body. They’re also great stress balls for those who need help in that aspect at work!

Think About Cute Yoga Mat Bags

Is your friend a yoga fan? She’ll already likely have a yoga mat, but what about something to protect the mat? Most people will stick to the fishnet bag that the mat comes in or they will get straps that they can clip to keep the mat rolled up. However, eventually, these bags and straps break. The yoga mat is also more likely to get damaged or stained.

Why not consider something for the yoga mat? There are some cute storage bags. They help to brighten up the yoga practice, putting a smile on your friend’s face when they pull their mat out. The bags also have a carry handle and shoulder strap, making it easier to get the mat to and from yoga practice.

Look out for yoga bags that have a little pocket for the other yoga items. Carrying the yoga block around is a pain. Being able to strap it to the bag will show that you’ve really thought about it all.

Invest in Some Winter Accessories

Just because it gets slippery underfoot doesn’t mean your health buff friends will avoid the cold. For many, the cooler weather is the best time to run. They get the cool air to help them remain cool while exercising, meaning they can push themselves a little more.

However, their hands and face can still suffer from the cold. Why not consider some winter accessories for your friends? Some breathable gloves or a hat will be a good option for this year’s holiday gift.

Think about the changing of the smartphone song or podcast while they’re running. Some gloves are set up with sensors and smart devices to make switching easy. They will cost a little extra money but are worth it for the smile on your friend’s face.

Get Wireless Earbuds for Easier Listening

There’s nothing worse than running and getting your hand caught in the wires of the earbuds. The buds are ripped from the ears, get tangled around the hand, and completely put you out of sync for the rest of your exercise. Some people have taken to wrapping the wires around the back of their head, but there are still issues of the wires getting tangled and can take away from the running experience.

More and more companies are investing in wireless options. They connect through Bluetooth, meaning you can listen on the go without the intrusion of the wires. Your friend doesn’t have the fear of catching or forgetting the side they wrapped the earphones around.

These are going to be on the more expensive side. They may a perfect gift for siblings and children who want to improve their fitness levels.

Consider Waterproof MP3 Players

While the smartphone tends to be great for runners, swimmers have had a raw deal. They must swim lengths without the benefit of their music. That’s not the case anymore. Companies have created waterproof MP3 players and they work.

The great thing is the price is dropping as more companies develop the technology. Where you would have once spent $300+ for waterproof devices, you can now spend $100 and less, depending on the brand.

Yes, it’s another more expensive gift, but something to consider for parents, children, spouses and the other extremely important people in your life. They’ll appreciate this more than an ornament or workout DVD.

Think About Fitness Trackers

Your smartphone may have a good free health tracker, but there are some complaints when it comes to fitness. Your friend will likely want a fitness tracker, whether it’s a Fitbit, Basis Peak, or Apple Watch. There are so many brands but they all offer basically the same things.

If you’re not sure which will work for your friends the best, ask them about their needs for tracking. It’s another conversation that you can have in regards to yourself. You can find out the ideal tracks they would make when running or what they wish their current device would do. From there you can start your search for specific items.

You will need to spend a little extra than some of the other holiday gifts for health buff friends, but it’s something that will be used daily. Your friends won’t just use the devices for their running, but for their overall lifestyle.

Smoothie Makers Can Be Beneficial

If your friends like to make smoothies to start their day, consider something that works for that lifestyle. You could get a smoothie maker for them. Consider a small option that makes them one portion at a time. You can help them stick to a healthier lifestyle by minimizing the amount of fruit and vegetables they drink in one sitting (after all, too much is still bad for you).

Not quite able to splash out for the smoothie maker? Then consider something that works for the smoothie lifestyle. Get a new travel mug to help or a bundle of recipes to help with the lifestyle. There are all types of accessories to help keep the cost down.

Glow in the Dark Bikes Are Helpful

We’re getting into the higher budget gifts now. Glow in the dark bikes aren’t going to come cheap, but they are one of the safest and most useful gifts you could ever buy. They make perfect gifts for extremely close friends and family members.

Many people would love to bike on a night when they get home from work. The problem is the danger. They worry about being knocked off their bike by cars because they can’t easily be seen. Lights and clothing can help, but a full glow in the dark bike would be even better!

If you can’t afford the actual bike, you could always consider getting glow in the dark paint or stickers suitable for a bike. You can offer the safety benefits without the high price tag.

Replace Some of Their Equipment

You may have heard a friend tell you that one of their fitness items has broken. This could be something big like their cross-trainer machine, but it could also be something small like their yoga mat. When you hear that their equipment is broken, and needs to be replaced, you can jump into action to find out more about it. This will help you figure out whether it’s something you can replace.

One of the best things about replacing equipment is you’ve shown you’ve listened. Your friends know you appreciate their friendship and will appreciate you more. This is something that works both ways, and your friends will listen to you more and buy items that are more useful to you.

What Are You Buying for the Holidays?

Just because your friends are fitness buffs doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on holiday gifts. There are many ways to keep the costs to a minimum. Not all fitness equipment is $100 and more. You can find some useful and convenient items for less than $20. It’s all about knowing where to look and the items that are useful for your friends.

Listen to the things they talk about and items they love to use. Find out more about clothing and equipment they swear by. You can do all this under the pretense of wanting to follow their healthy footsteps and then surprise them with a gift that means the world to them.

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