12 Arm-Toning Routines to Borrow from Celebrities


Do you love the well-toned arms look? The first muscles to focus on toning your arms are biceps, triceps, forearms and shoulders. When you perform exercises that target these muscle heads, you can create well-toned arms in a short span of time with some consistency and hardwork.

If you target muscles from different angles, it results in muscle balance and stops your body from adapting to workouts and will maximize results. The exercise routines below are specially handpicked just for you. They are an excellent guide to give you that beautiful toned arms look.

Toned Top Tank Arms for Beginners (Resistance Band)

Tutorial: Psyche Truth

Method: Come to the kneeling position, or you can just sit while doing this exercise. You can fold up a blanket or use your yoga mat if you feel pressure on your knees.

Take your resistance band. Wear the band on your arms at a 90-degree angle pressing into your sides. Come to a half mountain pose called the mountain plate. Kneel tall, straight, pelvis through.

Inhale and exhale. While you inhale, keep your elbows at 90 degrees bringing your forearms parallel to the floor. Exhale slowly lowering your arms to your waist. Raise your arms on the inhales and lowering on the exhales keeping 90 degrees with the arms.

Take a short rest.  Bring your arms down. Take a deep breath and bring your right arm straight back behind and bring it back to your hip. Repeat the process with your left hand. Repeat ten times.

Bring the band just about the elbows and bring your arms to a 90-degree angle. Keep your biceps and triceps parallel to the ground. Activate your fists and inhale.Pull open, Exhaleand bring arms back together. Repeat this procedure for ten times.

Bring the band over your head. Bend your elbows out behind your head stretching your band. Press back up. Repeat for five times.

Come into a plank pose take your right hand out and press back in. Repeat for the left hand. Alternate sides.

Press back into child’s pose.Relaxand remove your band. Walk right hand out and bring it to the center, repeat on the other side.

Toned Arms Workout

Tutorial: Rebecca Louise

No. of Reps for Each Exercise: 10

Overhead Press: Keep guns out on the side. Press up and down. Lift one leg off the floor and do five reps on each side.

Curl to Punch: Keep your arms facing in and curl it in and extend as a punch. Bring your arms back down. Do ten reps on each side.

Triceps Extension:  Keep one weight on the other hand extended with one arm. Drop your arm down behind your head and extend up. Do ten reps on each side. To toughen it up have a slight bend in your knees.

Chicken Wings: Bring your elbows to a 90-degree angle and extend out. Then bring it down.

Hammer Curls: Bend your knees nicely. Keep your arms out in front with palms facing in. Bring elbows into your waist. Bring your weights up and extend down.

Triceps Kickback: Keep your stance wide bend and extend backward.

Cross Body Curl: Position into an athletic stance. Bring the weight across the body. Alternate each side of the chest with ten reps on each side.

Total Arm Workout

Tutorial: Rebecca Louise

Big 30: Keep your arms nice and straight. Keep back straight and head in line. Take your weights forward. Have a slight bend in the knees and bring it down. Hold your tummy and core tight.

Take your weights out to the side and bring it down. And do 10 reps in this position. Bend slightly forward taking the weight in front, open arms wide and bring it to center. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Arnold Press: Take the weights in front of you lift your hands up and bring it back, try to do these reps in one fluid motion. Repeat ten times.

Alternating Raises: Take your right hand and put your right arm in front of you and at the same time lift your left arm out to the sides. Bring both hands down. Swap to the other side. Do a total of 20 reps with ten on each side.

In and Out Hammer Curls: Keep your weights forward move your hands up and slowly bring them down. Turn your palms outwards then out to the side. You have to do 20 of these.

Curl and Flip: With a slight bend in your knee lift your arms up. Curl your arms and slowly go down. Do 20 reps.

12’s: With a small bend in the knees bring your weights to a90-degree angle. Once you’ve done 4, bring your weights all the way up to your shoulder and then back down. For the last 4 take your weights from down all the way up to your shoulders.

Triceps Kickbacks: Bend down and keep your back straight. Have your elbows into your waist. Extend arms back and bring them in front again.  Do 20 reps.

Overhead Extension: Take the weight over your head. Dip down over behind the head and try 10 of these to work your flabby arms.

Body Weight Dips: Sit down keep your hands facing towards your bottom. Come up on your knees and dip down. Repeat 20 times. Cool down.

Fine Toning Arm Routine

Tutorial: Karena and Katrina Livestrongwomen

Workout Structure: This arm routine is a fine toning plan, and you can do it 2-3 times a week. Make five arm moves and repeat each set three times through.

Bicep Curls: Come half way up and hold with just tiny little movements. To start with you can use 8s or 10s and drop it down. Bring your hands overhead and extend reach for the sky. Keep your abs tight and engaged the entire time. Do slight little clinching forward, bring the elbows in front and reverse.

Rear Fly’s: Slightly bend your body and move your arms wide and bring it back to the center. For the last one just hold it up and cinch. Bring your weights down and bring your arms at 90 degrees extend your triceps just move your forearms back.

Upright Row: Do a vertical row, do the fine toning. Put your arms up and do slow little movements down. Repeat the workout for five times. Do all these exercises in one fluid motion.

Tank Top Arms Workout

Tutorial: Fitness Blender

Workout Structure: 7 Exercises, 50-second intervals, 1 round.

Toning Trio: Bring those arms straight up in front about shoulder height. Row your elbows back and bring your arms to the front and drop them back to the sides.

Bicep Curl plus 2 Hooks: Do the traditional bicep curl and make a hook motion with your right hand. Alternate sides.

Reverse Fly Pluses: Bend and keep your back flat and knees slightly bent. Perform a reverse fly motion.

Chest Squeeze Plus Overhead Press Combo: Bring elbows back at shoulder height, make a chest squeeze motion and bring those dumbbells over your head.

Windmill + Triceps Extensions: Do a lateral raise with arms straight up, and bend your elbows and bring your hands back behind your head. Bring your hands down and repeat for 20 times.

Arm Circles:  Stretch your arms to the sides and rotate your shoulders. Switch directions and do the arm rotating movement backward. Keep turning over 20 times, with ten reps on each direction.

Single Arm Fly’s: Prop yourself up into a side lounge. On your left side keeping your right arm down. Lift your left arm to full extension and bring it back. Alternate side and do ten reps on each side.

Tank Top Arms Round 2

Tutorial: Fitness Blender

Workout Structure: 10 Exercises, ten reps each, 1 round.

Lateral Raises: Bring your arms as high as you can little bit above the shoulder and then bring them back down.

Triceps Extensions: Stand tall. Lift your dumbells straight above the top of your head.  Bend elbow and drop elbow back behind you. Slowly bring arms back to the top of your head.

Ventral Raises: Bring your arms straight to your chest all the way up to the top of your head and bring back down.

Close Shoulder Presses: Lift your dumbbells over to your shoulder then to the top of your head. Bring down to your shoulder and then extend again. Do ten repetitions followed by Triceps Kickbacks.

Dumbbell Jerks: Lift the dumbbells straight up your shoulder. Slow back down to full extension.

Overhand Curls: With your palm facing down bring the dumbells directly underneath the shoulder joint. Slowly bring the dumbbells down to knees. Take even breaths and do ten reps.Follow it up with arm circles and finish off the routine with Triceps dips. Remember to do ten reps for each exercise.

At Home Upper Body Workout

Tutorial: Kelly from Fitness Blender

Workout Structure: 5 exercises, two rounds, 40 seconds on and 40 seconds of.

Curl to Overhead Press: Lift your weights up and go straight up and do a small overhead press. Come back down and lower.

Triceps Extension to Close Row: Lean forward. Pull your elbows up and extend arms back. Bring it to middle position and down. Repeat this slow controlled motion two times.

Chest Press: Lie down. With legs bent lift your waist above the ground. Extend your dumbbells above and bring them down. Do five reps. Follow this up with two reps of reverse fly exercises. Pep up your routine with two rounds of Lateral and Ventral raises.

Madonna’s Arms 10 Minute Workout

Tutorial: PopSugar Living

Arm Curls: Stand nice and tall with your palms facing upwards lift up the dumbbells and slowly lower it. Do 30 reps. Keep your palms up the top decelerate half way 45 degrees and roll on backup. Perform this move for ten times. Bring your arms down and move up to 45 degrees do this repetition for ten times.

Bicep Curls: With your palms facing up curl up alternating sides and go all the way to 30.

Rotator Cuffs: Stand straight and holding your dumbbells and your palms open extend your arms full and bring back to the center. Do ten reps. Follow it up with bicep curls.

Triceps Extension: Keep a long spine and slowly perform 30 reps of triceps extension. Finish it off with ten times of pulse moves. Again perform the triceps extension all the way to 30. Carry out this exercise faster for the ultimate toning.

French Press: Lie on your back, with feet flat and knees bent. Extend your arms like you’re sleep walking. Bend your elbows and straighten your arms and bend. Perform this move for about 30 times.

Lie down in the same position lower your elbows to your ribs down to a 90 degree and then press up.Bring your arms down. Do 30 reps.

Finish off this routine with TricepsPress. You should make these moves with single hand relatively fast alternating sides. Finally, stretch your arms to cool off.

Medicine Ball Arm Workout

Tutorial: Diet Health

Method: Start off with a medicine ball between 4-8 lbs. Take the ball and shift from side to side. Once you get the hang of it, try to bring the ball above your chest and then bring it down. Try to bring the ball way down and go overhead and bring the ball down. Repeat these moves for five times.

Work from the base of the palm. Lower the ball and bring it to the center. Take an add-on by extending out and bringing it back down. Repeat this exercise for ten times.

To increase the challenge do a bicep curl extend out. Twist and down. Increase the number of twists.

No Equipment Upper Body Workout

Tutorial: Fitness Blender

Workout Structure: No Equipment, 50 seconds on 10 seconds rest.

Upper Facing Plank +Lifts +Dip: Go to the upper facing plank position. Lift your body up and do a leg lift. Alternate sides then go down. Repeat.

Rolling Side Plank: Come to a plank position. Go to a higher plank open up your arms to be in line for most perpendicular to the ground. Slowly bring your arm to the center. Alternate sides.

Reclined Rhomboid Squeezes: Sit down with bent knees. Come back squeeze back your arms and bring them to the center. Repeat.

Walkdown Plank + Slaps: Stand tall, bend down walk with your hands come to a plank position slap on your shoulder. Walk back up.

Side Pushups: Lay on one side of the body. Do a small range of motion and push yourself up and down. Alternate sides.

Arm Circles: Come to a kneeling position and do arm circles. Reverse sides.

Pushups: Follow the above exercise with pushups.

Triceps Dips: Come into an upper plank position, lift your legs, drop and come back up. Alternate legs.

Pike Pushups: Go into a down dog position and do pushups.

No Equipment Toned Arms Workout

Tutorial: Cosmopolitan.com

Workout Structure: Repeat circuit 3 to 4 times for 20 minutes.

Down Dog Hip Drop: Come to a down dog position. Lift your hips reach your right hand for your left leg. Come to a side plank. Repeat on the other side.

Pushups: Come to a plank position lift your chest all the way down and come back up.

Forearm Plank to Dolphin Pose: Do a forearm plank and lift your hips to a dolphin pose. Bring it back.

Plank Up Downs: Bring your body down to a forearm plank and then back up. Alternate the hands that start.When you go down on one side, come up on the same side. Alternate sides.

Shoulder Tap to Side Plank: Come to plank position, lift your arms tap on the opposite shoulder and reach down. Repeat the process on the other side.

Superman Swimmers: Start on your belly. Lift your body up and go for swimmers lifting your legs. Take your arms and legs as high as you can.

Upper Body HIIT Tabata Workout

Tutorial: Nicole Perry

Workout Structure: For each the 3 Tabatha super sets: 20 seconds workout, 10 seconds rest. Alternate between two exercises.

Tabata Superset 1

Burpees: Come to plank position bring chest to floor spring back up and stand.

Hold Low Pushup: Come to a plank position hold yourself in a pushup position putting pressure on your arms.

Hold Low Pushup Modification: Hold yourself in a pushup position with both your legs lifted up.

Tabata Superset 2

Triceps Dips: Position arms on a secured bench. Slowly bend your elbows to lower your body towards the floor. Return to the starting position. This process completes one rep

Crabs Kick Tri Pulses: Move your body into a top plank position and kick your legs back and forth. Alternate legs.

Tabatha Superset 3

Shoulder Tap Pushups: In a plank position line your arms under your shoulders. Do a push up come up and touch right hand to left shoulder. Push up and come up and tap your left hand on theright shoulder. Continue to repeat alternating sides.

Marching Plank: Move your body into a plank position lift your leg as if you are marching. Alternate your legs.


Proper nutrition is the key to getting your big guns right. If you want firmer and more defined muscles, you have to work it frequently and consistently. Expensive gym memberships are not necessary if you follow the exercise routines which we have discussed. Kindly share with us the results of your workout.

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