10 Best Fitness Trackers For Your Workout


10 Best Fitness Trackers For Your Workout

Oh, my! This is just terrible. Scientists say that lack of exercise and poor diet can make you age faster! We all want to look youthful and fit. In fact, this thought has become the mantra of the modern age.

Did you know?

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic have found that exercise prevents the premature accumulation of senescent cells. These cells contribute to diseases and conditions related to aging.

The researchers say that exercise prevents the damaging effects of unhealthy diet. It also protects the deficiencies in heart and metabolic function equivalent to diabetes.

The good news is that exercise could reverse the harmful effects of living an unhealthy life. So at what stage of life, you are in if you make up your mind to exercise and follow it religiously. I bet you could even surprise yourself by the positive results.

Stunning benefits of regular physical activity

You will be amazed by the health benefits of regular activity and physical exercise.

 Raises Energy Levels

Exercise enhances the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and boosts the cardiovascular health. Physical activity builds muscle strength and endurance. When the right amounts of nutrients are supplied to the body, the energy levels are increased. This helps you to perform better.

Critical For Heart Health

You just don’t bother about the intensity, but simply do your exercise. It is good for your cardiovascular health. Research studies say that regular physical activity reduces the risk due to cardiovascular diseases. The guidelines are quite achievable. 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise and 75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise per week. That is all you need to stay fit.

Keeps Your Brain Healthy

If you want to excel in studies and your work, then you must start to exercise.

Studies show that people with greater fitness levels have agreater volume of the entorhinal cortex. This is the area of the brain that is responsible for memory. Exercise also improves cognition.

The hormones brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1)are increased during exercise. These hormones are essential for learning and memory.

Reduces Stress

The most important benefit of exercise is the reduction of stress. Exercise increases the concentrations of norepinephrine. It is a chemical that moderates the brain’s response to stress. Scientists say exercise tends to buffer the effects of emotional exposure.

A report from the Journal of Neuroscience says that physical activity reorganizes the brain so that stress and anxiety are less likely to interfere with normal brain function.

Apart from those discussed above regular exercise

  • Lowers the risk of colon cancer up to 50%
  • Reduces the risk of hip fracture up to 68%
  • Lowers the risk of depression and dementia up to 30%
  • Reduces the risk of osteoarthritis up to 83%
  • Lowers the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease by up to 35%
  • Reduces the risk of falls up to 30% in older adults and
  • Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes up to 50%

You can enjoy the great outdoors and develop healthy friendships. A well-toned body improves your self-confidence. Regular physical activity helps to tap into your creativity, increases relaxation and boosts the happy chemicals in your brain.

Having seen the benefits of the regular physical activity. Here are some guidelines to select the fitness tracker that suits you the best.

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

There are so many fitness trackers to choose from and at a vast range of prices. So here is a list of basic things you should consider before you buy your fitness tracker.

Have a mental map of your goals before the purchase. Decide whether you want the basic trackers or the ones with more advanced options. It can be based upon your level of activity.

Then comes the design, the fitness tracker can be as a band or a hook to clip in your clothing. Some fitness trackers have both these options.

You can check for water resistance. Check for specific features such as steps, calorie tracking and sleeping monitoring, which is becoming a standard. Elite trackers will include heart rate monitor and GPS.

Check out for the apps because most fitness trackers hold all your synced data. Check for compatibility since most fitness trackers are designed to sync with your smartphone.

Check the price range. Because if you are looking for a simple fitness tracker then you can go in for the less expensive ones. If you want a high-end tracker, then your investment will provide comprehensive information over a long period.

When you zero in on a tracker, do some thorough research. Check out whether you can get for any offer on Amazon and sometimes you can strike gold.

Fitness Trackers

Fitbit Blaze

fitBit Blaze

Image Source: TechnoBuffalo

It can be said as a revolutionary watch designed with your fitness in mind. Fitbit Blaze is so efficient, comfortable and flexible that it deserves to be the top of the pile.

The special features such as PurePulse measures your heart rate. It keeps you informed about your heart movements without the uncomfortable chest strap.

You can monitor your run stats like pace and duration by connecting Fitbit Blaze with the GPS on your phone.

The other special feature is the onscreen workouts where you get coaching right on your wrist.

You can track your stats for multisport and get a non-screen summary for your workouts. The other stunning features include multi-faceted clock faces, all-day activity tracker, long battery life and accessory bands.

Exercise to the rhythm with music control and check your sleep quality with auto sleep tracking mechanism.

Fitbit.com $199.95

Misfit Ray

Misfit Ray

Image Source: Arstechnica

It can be your most valuable fitness and sleep monitor. Misfit Ray is stylishly elemental, versatile, wearable and highly customizable. Truth be told this fitness monitor is plain awesome.

It has replaceable button cell batteries, and it contains aircraft grade anodized aluminum body. It is water resistant up to 50 meters.

The other invisible engineering features include multicolor LED display and Bluetooth smart wireless syncing.

You can monitor your sleep patterns, tag specific activities like yoga and cycling and track your steps and calories. Take selfies and get vibration alerts.

Misfit Ray contains stunning specifications. It would be a worthy addition to pep up your fitness routine.

Misfit.com $99.99

Jawbone UP2

Jawbone UP2

Image Source: MailMovement

Though there are more high-tech fitness trackers available, Jawbone UP2 is a great option. It is stylish and comes in a wide array of colors. It tracks your sleep patterns automatically.

The smart coach feature helps you to take informed healthy choices about your workouts. The more you wear the band, the more personalized your advice will become.

It tracks your activity and keeps you informed about the calories burned. The other specifications include food logging where you get a food score to evaluate your nutrition.

You can add teammates for a healthy competition and get idle alerts. There is a great offer for this tracker in Amazon. Jawbone UP2 offers much value for money than its much advanced bigger brother.

Jawbone.com $99.99/ Amazon $53.95 (offer price)


The sensor is very light and has a high comfort level.

The sensor tracks your strength and muscle building training. It allows you to record your training process. It collects all your workout data and transmits to your smartphone. You can receive feedback from your smartphone about your speed, time, and repetitions.

The Gymwatch sensor analyzes your movements and finds out incorrectly performed exercises. It helps you to plan and manage your exercise training. How cool is that?

The exercise guide gives you access to all the exercises you need. It provides professional performance diagnostics. This helps you to decide the suitable program which gives the best results.

It contains several high precision motion sensors which determine your strength by inverse dynamics.

Gymwatch $149/ Amazon. Price $140.

Fitbit Charge HR

FitBit Charge

This is one awesome wristband to elevate every day. Fitbit Charge tracks you all day activity. You get information about the steps taken, calories burned, the number of active minutes and floors climbed.

The OLED display allows you to see the stats, exercise mode and the time. This stylish and functional wristband has a built-in heart rate sensor. It gives you information in real time.

The special features include wireless transfer which syncs the information automatically to smartphones and computers. It has an auto sleep system to monitor your sleep patterns.

The other features include a caller id; you get caller notifications with compatible mobile devices. Fitbit Charge HR has a long battery life of 7-10 days.

Fitbit.com $129.95/ Amazon $129.46.

Basis Peak

Basis Peak

Image Source: PCWorld

This stylish band tracks your heart rate 24/7 with an advanced optical blood flow engine. This fitness tracker automatically tracks your walking, running, and cycling.

Basis Peak gives you better sleep insights by tracking your REM sleep, deep sleep, the toss, and turns. It gives a sleep score. This is one awesome band I say.

It helps you to stay connected. You can get the texts, emails, calls and calendar events on the monitor.

You can set goals and get help reaching them. You can adjust your weekly goals based on your performance. This tracker gives a gentle nudge when you fall back.

It paired with smartphones, most of the iPhones and selected Android phones. It is water resistant and safe for swimming.

Basis Peak has an advanced calorie burn tracking technology, and it gives you an exceptional level of accuracy and reliability.

Mybasis.com $ 199.99/ Amazon $149.99

Garmin Vivosmart

Garmin Vivosmart

Image Source: Techradar

It tracks your steps, calories, distance and time of day. This sleek and stylish band comes in an array of colors to fit your personal style. It automatically syncs your data to Garmin Connect an online fitness community when you use the free app.

When you receive messages, the band gently vibrates to let you know. Vivosmart will not allow you to remain inactive after 1 hour. It vibrates to let you know that it’s time to move.

As and when you meet your milestones, you can have a new set of goals for the next day. You can earn badges to celebrate your progress.

You can set the timer to sleep mode and monitor your sleep patterns. The battery life can be up to 7 days before it needs a recharge. It has water rating of 5 ATM and so can be worn in the shower or during swimming.

Garmin.com $149.99/ Amazon $89

Skulpt Chisel

Skulpt Chisel

It is a smart fitness trainer and gives nutritional, and workout guidance tailor made just for you.

It measures the body fat and muscle quality when placed in different areas of the body. The Sculpt Chisel consist of Electrical Impedance Myography, which scans and measures actual muscle quality and fat percentage.

The Sculpt fitness app converts the data of 24 key muscles into accurate readings. You can track the progress for specific areas or the whole body.

With accurate data, you can get personalized advice tuned to your unique physiology.

Skulpt.me $99

TomTom Spark Cardio + Music

TomTom Spark Cardio

This amazing fitness tracker has multisport tracking. It tracks your activity 24/7. TomTom Spark Cardio has a built-in Heart rate monitor. You can view your heart rate from your wrist to see you are working hard enough.

This fitness tracker tracks your indoor bike sessions and treadmill. You can store over 500 songs and skip to the beat. A smart accessory along with this is TomTom Bluetooth Headphones.

Tomtom.com $249.99

Fitbit Alta

Fit Bit Alta

This recently launched tracker is sleek and stylish to wear. It is highly elegant and can be worn even with your party wear. The Smart Track feature automatically recognizes and records exercises. So you can keep track of your exercises.

Fitbit Alta tracks you all day activity. It sends friendly reminders when you become a tad bit lazy.

The display shows your stats, smartphone notifications and the time. It has a long battery life. You can customize your Fitbit Alta with leather, metal or classic bands. There is an auto-sleep tracking feature and silent alarm to wake you up without any blaring noise.

Fitbit.com $129.95


Be active and lead a healthy life. A fitness tracker can become your best buddy always nudging you to be on the move.

So after doing some research invest in the one that best suits you. And enjoy always being active, fit and smart.

Not only do fitness trackers motivate and inspire you to do better, it makes you feel better about yourself. Seeing your progress everyday is a big factor on improving your health and overall self.


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