What’s The Best Acne Treatment For Teens


Acne is a very common problem with teenagers. It may start as clogged open pores known as blackheads or plugged closed pores known as whiteheads. Once inflamed, it may further develop to pus-filled spots known as a pimple. The breakout may start around the nose and later spread on the cheeks, forehead, chin as well on the other parts of the body including neck, chest, and back. Teenage acne is not only an issue with cosmetic concern, but the infection can go deep into the follicles causing that inflamed painful if not itchy bumps.

Hormonal changes are a big contributing factor in acne among teenage boys and girls. As they hit puberty stage, an increased in androgen hormone causes the oil glands to go hyperactive, creating an overproduction of sebum. Another hormone called testosterone also surges on both gender and is what disrupts the normal shedding of dead skin cells. As both dead skin cells and excess sebum pile up, bacteria-causing acne flourish.

Several studies reveal how acne takes a toll on the quality of life, particularly the self-esteem of most teens. The skin problem is even linked to most teenage depression and psychological issues. If you are one of 85 percent of teenagers who suffers from acne or someone you know might need a help with clearing out acne, there are a lot of acne solutions out there that works as the best acne treatment for teens.

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Who Needs Acne Treatments for Teens?

No matter how one wash, moisturizes, exfoliates skin or practice good hygiene in general, it does not just cut it when it comes to teenage acne. It is a part of adolescent’s stage as hormonal changes kick in. Most teens would rather pop out zits, but this is not advisable because the technique often leads to the enlargement of the affected bumps, introduction to more pimples and dull permanent scarring. Best acne treatment for teens is yet the best solution for both teenage boys and girls who suffer from teenage acne which is what affects the social and school life of most teens.

However, acne is not just a skin concern for teens. In fact, all individuals experience acne in any stages of their lives. The teenage acne that affects individuals between ages 12 and 24 may continue as they advent on age, especially true for those who have an acne and oily skin genetic predisposition. Best acne treatment for teens often employs the same active ingredients used in general treatment for acne and thereby may be used by adults of all ages whose skin concern includes blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes, pimples, nodule or cysts and other acne-related issues.

Additionally, there are a lot of over the counter best acne treatment for teens that are great everyone who wants to skip painful acne treatments such as blackhead extraction, or those who are not comfortable with the idea of cosmetic injections to clear out acne. Moreover, one may also rely on best acne treatment for teens as a cheaper alternative to most advanced dermatological acne treatment.

What are Acne Treatments for Teens?

treatment for teens employ the use of different active ingredients that comes varying strength or concentrations as well on how they work as the best acne treatment for teens.

The main ingredient in most creams and gel as wells as prescription drugs as the best acne treatment for teens is benzoyl peroxide. This active ingredient works by killing bacteria that causes acne while drawing out oil and sloughing off dead skin. However, proceed with caution as this best acne treatment for skin may cause the skin to dry. This also the reason OTC benzoyl peroxide is offered in lower concentrations while stronger concentrations are only available with a doctor’s prescription. Nevertheless, you may be glad to know that side effects of benzoyl peroxide may be fewer on the actively growing skin of teens than with people aged over 25. As for the result goes, changes and improvements are usually seen after 3 weeks of use.

Another main ingredient in best acne treatment for teens is the salicylic acid. When applied to the skin, it corrects the abnormal slow rate of skin shedding, making it one of the best acne treatment for teens. Salicylic acid may also resolve or prevent acne lesions and unclog pores. However, this best acne treatment for teens cannot kill bacteria which is why it is often used in combination with benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic acid is available in the form of creams, lotions, cleansers, and pads.

For those whose concern is the appearance of big-honking zits, available in gel and cream forms to affect the growth of cells and ease swelling and inflammation is a vitamin A derivative retinoic acid. However, because retinoic acid as the best acne treatment for teens works on papules or pimples that already started forming underneath the skin’s surface, it may cause the acne to appear bigger before it gets better. Sun sensitivity is another drawback of a topical retinol which it is why is often offered as a night cream. A consistent use of 8-12 weeks can improve the condition of pimples. A slow-release medication form of this best acne treatment for teens may be taken orally to further reduce irritation.

Alcohol as a mild antibacterial ingredient and acetone to further dry up excess oil in the skin’s surface may be added on the topicals as the best acne treatment for teens. If acne continues to persist, teens are often prescribed oral antibiotics. Antibiotics in generals are taken to inhibit the growth of bacteria and is what eases acne inflammation. This medication as the best acne treatment for teens is usually taken 4 to six months before the acne improves.

If you have exhausted yourself to several OTC best acne treatment for teens but nothing seems to be working, another great option would be going on systemic medications. Pills such as oral contraceptives (birth control pills) and blood pressure medications (spironolactone) work to manipulate hormonal levels such as androgen. But since these kinds of best acne treatment for teens is categorized as an anti-androgen drug, it is only prescribed for teenage girls as taking the pills for males would hinder the development of masculine-leaning trails.

What Are the Benefits of Acne Treatments for Teens?

Best acne treatment for teens, by far, is the most practical as they tend to be cheaper yet and safe and reliable. Best acne treatment for teens works because it gets to the root cause of a teenage acne.

Improves the Appearance of Acne: Although it may take time to see results, a consistent use of best acne treatment for teens can help diminish the look of an acne. Best acne treatment for teens employs ingredients that can help exfoliate skin surface and smoothen pore lining and breakouts. Some other active ingredient of best acne treatment for teens, like a vitamin A derivative, works directly on the affected area by reducing the size. On the other hand, key ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid ease the swelling to soften the appearance of pimples.

Balances Production of Oil: A teenage acne-prone skin tends to have a thick coat of oil build-up. Best acne treatment for teen resolves this issue by employing exfoliating agents and enzyme peels which help get rid of the oiliness. Moreover, all topical best acne treatment minimizes enlarged pores to reduce the overproduction of sebum.

Eases Inflammation: To do so, best acne treatment for teens may need one to apply it to the affected area like that of a topical benzoyl peroxide and retinoid, both of which has mild-inflammatory agents that soothe up swelling and inflammation and other discomforting afflictions associated with it. When taken orally, benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics are great in to minimize the progression of inflammation.

Aids in Cell Regeneration: Both benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid as the best acne treatment for teens can break the bond on whatever is sitting on the outermost layer of the skin including dead cells. In addition, salicylic acid boost skin cell shedding in a teenage skin which is beneficial for faster cell renewal and repairing process. This helps reduces the chances of acne leaving marks and spots for a fairer and even complexion.

Keeps Acne at Bay: Best acne treatment for teens can inhibit the growth of bacteria. Without the bacteria that feed on the dead cells and oil, there is a lesser chance of teenage acne flaring up. It also unclogs and refines pores from pus of sebum, oil, and other external contaminants to prevent hard-to-treat acne from even forming.

What Are the Precautions of Acne Treatments for Teens?

Best acne treatment for teens is effective in clearing acne but also shares risk if used inappropriately whether topically or orally. Using too many acne-fighting ingredients in your skin care regime, for instance, may do more harm than good. Most of the active ingredients are over drying which can lead to further breakouts so it important to not overdo it.

While many best acnes for treatment for teens may cause tingling and peeling of the skin as a normal process of getting rid of acne, it could also be an implication of too much concentration for active ingredients. The skin irritation may be more experienced by those whose skin have lesser tolerance on active chemicals or also those who have an allergic reaction to the active ingredient. It is always helpful to start with the least concentration of active ingredients to see how it affects your skin.

The burning sensation of most topical acne treatment may also be triggered by direct exposure to sunlight. Sun-sensitive ingredients include topical benzoyl peroxide and retinoids as well as oral antibiotics. As a precaution use it at night time or refrain from going out under the sun within 8-24 hours of application.

The use of best acne treatment for teens for pregnant women and patients diagnosed with health diseases should only be upon the prescription of a doctor because of the side effects and interactions with the current drugs and supplements they may be taking,

Some best acne treatments for teens may need consistent use for months if not weeks until the acne resolves. However, some causes long-term skin and health damaging effects. For best result use, stick to the recommended period of use of the best acne treatment for teens. This also works for oral medications as the best acne treatment for teens, do not use it longer than directed nor increase the dose recommended.

Take note that the best acne treatment for teens may just be part of the treatment in resolving acne issues. In addition to best acne treatment for teens, a practice of good skin care basics and hygiene, eating a well-balanced diet, staying hydrated, sleeping on time, managing stress among many others may help resolve acne issues faster.

What Are the Best Acne Treatments for Teens?

Teenage acne is something that is unavoidable. However, this does not mean that teens must constantly worry about the noticeable appearance of clogged pores and breakouts. The market is flooded with the best acne treatment for teens that really work. Here’s a round-up of them.

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Proactiv 3-Step Acne Treatment System

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Formulated by celebrated US Physician Dr. Derrick Desilva, this syrup from Swanson Ultra employs the use of Liposomal Vitamin C. Being liposomal means, it can hold a vast volume of Vitamin C and can deliver the nutrient directly into the bloodstream. Because of this, it rapidly baths every cell in the immune system with the nutrients to achieve a high intracellular level.

Moreover, liposomes are ‘nano size’ fat soluble that gets absorbed quickly — with a higher absorption of 90 percent to be exact. This is even more superior to Vitamin C injections and expensive IV Vitamin C treatments.

Swanson Ultra Dr. Derrick Desilva’s Liposomal Vitamin C delivers a 1000 mg of vitamin C each serving that is derived mainly from Sodium Ascorbate. Meanwhile, the phospholipidic barrier properties of this supplement protect the consumer from gastrointestinal discomfort.


  • Best acne treatment for teens prepackaged with cleanser, toner, and treatment
  • Focuses on treating and preventing future acne
  • Combats oiliness whilst revitalizing skin
  • Great bargain price for a kit
  • Dermatologist developed best acne treatment for teens


  • Takes 2 weeks or so see results
  • Acne might come back without continuous use
  • Not for dry and sensitive skin as it is over drying

Panoxyl 10% Acne Foaming Wash

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If you are not ready to commit into a full line brand yet, you might want to include this cleanser into your skincare routine as the best acne treatment for teens, manufactured by a company whose gained a reputation on their of anti-acne products, Panoxyl. It has the maximum strength of 10 percent benzoyl peroxide for those who are looking for the strongest formulation they can get from the best acne treatment for teens.

While the high concentration of benzoyl peroxide and the product being a foam wash might sound like it is going to cause extreme skin flakiness, the formula is mixed with nourishing oils and glycerin for a moisturizing experience along with AHAS and cornstarch to help the drying attribute less of a problem. Besides, its consumers say, a good facial moisturizer can prevent dryness altogether.

The maximum strength of the anti-acne ingredient used in this best acne treatment for teens will surely knock out any bacteria lingering while delivering a large amount of oxygen to skin and inside pores. The foamy lather it creates, on the other hand, is ideal for removing layers oil, makeup, and sunscreen.


  • The strongest benzoyl peroxide you can get in the best acne treatment for teens even without a doctor’s prescription
  • Tough on bacteria causing acne
  • A good source of dietary carbs
  • Effective in removing skin oiliness and impurities
  • Made with skin conditioning ingredients


  • The strong concentration may cause irritation to dry and sensitive skin

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Maximum Strength Treatment Pads

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For those whose issue is the t-zone looking like an oil-slick by day, get one of these soft tiny pads from Neutrogena to cut through the oiliness. The product is not just regular blotching pads, however. It is treated with salicylic acid engineered in Neutrogena’s very own Micro-Clear technology to speed up the delivery of the active ingredient. While other treatments take weeks or months to see results, expect reduced breakouts in just 8 hours, the best acne treatment for teens indeed!

Additionally, the acne-fighting pads help normalize skin cell shedding while unclogging pores from oil and bacteria to help prevent pimples and blackheads from forming in the first place. As with other best acne treatment for teens, however, possible extreme dryness might occur.


  • Best acne treatment for teens with salicylic acid
  • Shine-free all day
  • Keeps acne at a minimal
  • Works right away


  • Skin dryness and irritation
  • Made without emollients and oils that could have mediated its drying ingredients

Essy Acne Treatment Cream – Topical Anti Acne Medication

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If your skin runs on the sensitive side, natural best acne treatment for teens may be a better choice as a highly concentrated best acne treatment for teens might only worsen your skin’s sensitiveness to active ingredients. Try this acne treatment cream from Essy instead. It takes advantage of the caring botanical extracts such as aloe, ginseng root, hogweed, and English lavender among many others to effectively does what it is supposed to do, but without zapping skin of its natural moisture. It is added with menthol extract to ease inflamed painful acne.

Adding up to the ingredients is a moisturizing glycerin and nourishing tocopherol. The least chemical content does not make it any less effective as the best acne treatment for teens, however. As far as the result goes, applying the best acne treatment for teens on the affected area soften the appearance of a pimple in just 4 hours. Also expect 60 percent decrease in acne after 12 weeks according to Essy, a claim that is also backed up by its users.


  • Harbors the benefit of botanical extracts as the best acne treatment for teens
  • Promotes healthy oil balances and reduces scarring
  • Best acne treatment for teens with the least range of chemical-irritating ingredients
  • Zaps existing teenage acne faster and without over drying it
  • Affordable


  • Uses the controversial paraben preservative
  • Might not work on severe cases of acne

Differin Adapalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment

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Vitamin Code Raw Vitamin C, as the name suggests, did not go through several treatments nor added with synthetic fillers and binders. This allows you to harbor the benefit of a Vitamin C in its purest form along with natural bioflavonoids. It is blended with 23 organically grown fruits and vegetables to give your immune system a healthy dose of antioxidants.

In addition to 500 mg of Vitamin C per capsule, it is also enhanced with b12-vitamin and raw probiotics and enzyme to aid in digestion and nutritional support.


  • FDA-approved and dermatologist recommended best acne treatment for teens
  • 87 percent reduction in Acne Lesions with 8 to 12 weeks of use
  • Refines pore while restoring skin tone and texture
  • Lesser chance of scarring and hyperpigmentation


  • Acne gets works within the first few weeks of use
  • Does not have the ability to kill bacteria which is a contributing factor to acne

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Our Choice for The Best Acne Treatments for Teens

It is important for the best acne treatment for teens to get to all the root causes of teenage acne which are dead skin cells, oiliness, and bacteria. Proactiv 3-Step Acne Treatment System (30-day) resolves all these issues by using a proven anti-acne ingredient benzoyl peroxide. The cleanser, toner and spot treatment prepackaged in this best acne treatment for teens slough off dead cells, reduces oiliness and targets the bacteria.

Furthermore, going for Proactiv 3-Step Acne Treatment System is a more reliable approach rather than using different acne treatment brands in your skincare routine (as this might cause a chemical reaction, causing your acne to flare up even more). Coming from a reputable company, the Proactiv’s cleanser, toner, and the medical treatment has the same base formula and amount ingredients which compatibility is tested, making it the best acne treatment for teens.

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