What’s The Best Smelling Deodorant For Sensitive Skin


Choosing the best smelling deodorant can be straightforward for many people. However, the same cannot be said for those with sensitive skin because most fragrances used for deodorants can trigger rashes, irritation, and breakouts for sensitive skin.

Still, having a sensitive skin does not mean you must compromise to unscented deodorants. The solution is simple; you just should reach out for that best smelling deodorant that doesn’t aggravate your sensitive skin.

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Who Needs Deodorants for Sensitive Skin

The best smelling deodorants designed for sensitive skin works for all but are best for those who are prone to an underarm pimple, bumps, and cyst. It kills and wards off bacteria that often cause acne-plagued armpit.

The best smelling deodorants are suitable to use by those who have issues with deodorants that employ harsh chemicals. The best smelling deodorants for sensitive skin are just mild for all skin types and free from potential irritants.

People who are suffering from psoriasis and eczema can also benefit from the best smelling deodorants for sensitive skin. There is deodorant that has been tested to be skin-friendly on chronic skin diseases and deo-intolerant skin.

What is a Deodorant for Sensitive Skin?

In general, the best smelling deodorants may come in the form of aerosol sprays and roll-on form or even creams, designed to counteract armpit odor. It works by releasing antimicrobial agents to target the bacteria that lingers on the surface of the armpit. Without the bacteria that feast on the fats and proteins emanating from sweat, body odor is prevented.

Some components on the best smelling deodorants, however, can be too irritating for the sensitive skin. Moreover, the underarm area is thin, delicate and occluded that makes it more susceptible allergic reaction when it comes in contact with foreign substances that are the standard components in deodorants.

The best smelling deodorants for sensitive skin are natural deodorants that employ the use of ingredients reformulated to be kind to armpit’s delicate skin. It does not contain conventional paraben, alcohol, and aluminum found in standard deodorants to minimize irritants on a sensitive armpit.

What are the Components of the Best Smelling Deodorants for Sensitive Skin

The market is full of best smelling deodorants that claim to work with sensitive skin. These come with the following ingredients:

Antiperspirant: This component employs the use of absorptive ingredients like baking soda as antiperspirant ingredient. However, while much baking soda can be irritating, it depends on concentration. The key is to look for all-natural deodorants with a lower concentration of baking soda in the formula. After all, baking soda is a critical ingredient in a deodorant that absorbs the sweat and balances pH level on the skin. For skin with higher sensitivity, arrowroot powder is a better option. This is also a powerful absorptive ingredient but does not undergo harsh processing making, reducing the risk of allergic reaction for sensitive skin.

Antimicrobial Agents: While aluminum and parabens are effective in killing bacteria, it is carcinogenic. It is hard to find a non-irritating antibacterial deodorant but is possible if you carefully read the ingredients. Triclosan is effective in killing bacteria, but when mixed with water becomes a carcinogenic chloroform. However, every best smelling deodorant available contain water.  If you are concerned about triclosan, mainstream deodorants offer silver dioxide containing silver salts to help eliminate bacteria, molds, and fungus. They come in a colloidal silver formula which prevents bacteria from forming without irritating the wearer’s body.

Essential Oil: A right best smelling deodorant for sensitive skin harps the benefit of essential oil as a safer alternative to synthetic fragrances that often conceal alcohol and strong chemicals with it. Essential oils release natural scents that are gentle and deodorizing to the body without wreaking havoc on your skin. However, one might think that the oil might weigh down considering that armpit glands already secrete enough oil in the glands. That is not the case especially if the essential oil is combined with the right supporting cast of ingredients.  Silica is a natural mineral that reduces oiliness, so the skin will not feel too greasy after topical application and one component to look for in a deodorant.

Moisturizing Ingredients: If you have sensitive skin, you already know how moisturizer will benefit your skin by soothing dry skin and rashes. Moreover, it creates a healthy barrier from the daily onslaught of environmental radicals. Some moisturizers used in deodorants are carrier oil like shea butter and coconut oil because these types do not clog the pores and allow a natural sweating. Glycerin and vegetable derived oil is also favorite moisturizing ingredients because it does not cause stain

Carrier Substances Additionally, oils are helpful in roll-ons and sticks so it will efficiently glide. It also helps creams to spread quickly on the surface. Water, on the other hand, add fluidity to aerosols for them to be easily sprayed on skin. Some may even include an ingredient that makes the product washable during shower time. These carrier substances, in general, adds form and provide structure to deodorants for it to be efficiently applied to the skin.

What Are The Precautions of the Best Smelling Deodorants for Sensitive Skin?

It is possible that your skin may still react to best smelling deodorants even with the best ingredients on it.You may be allergic to one of the ingredients or diluents in the preparation. Always be alerted of a possible side effect. If an allergy develops, it is best to stop using the product immediately and switch into other best smelling deodorants.

One of the drawbacks of antiperspirant is that they prevent the body from naturally sweating. This can hinder the body from eliminating toxins through perspiration. If you are not a heavy-sweater, it is best to refrain from a product containing the antiperspirant.

Not all best smelling deodorants labeled as “natural” is 100 percent natural, especially that FDA does not strictly regulate such stamps. That is why it is always helpful to be armed with knowledge and know the right components of best smelling deodorants for sensitive skin. Watch out for parabens and aluminum chlorohydrate in the ingredients. These active ingredients are linked to breast cancer and infertility.

What Are The Best Smelling Deodorant For Sensitive Skin?

Finding the best smelling deodorant that works without irritating can be quite a challenge. That is why we rounded up the following best smelling deodorant for sensitive skin. From fruity scents to fragrant flowers to earthy, these deodorants smell so good you will not need to wear perfume anymore.

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Schmidt’s Bergamot and Lime Natural Deodorant


Schmidt’s best smelling deodorant is widely known for their signature scents. Their Bergamot and Lime Deodorant offers notes of bright citrus scent that brings the cleanest and freshest scent against other scent profile. It is highly favored by people who suffer from excessive sweating as it neutralizes body odor and absorbs wetness efficiently.  It is one of the very few natural best smelling deodorants that work as effective as the other traditional antiperspirant, but without the use of aluminum.


  • checkThe most lauded scent in Schmidt’s line of best smelling deodorants
  • checkKeeps armpit dry all day long
  • checkNo added fragrance
  • check100 percent natural formula
  • checkJojoba oil and shea butter work together to moisturize skin
  • checkHas a low concentration of baking soda and employs the use of arrowroot power to relieve wetness on armpit effectively
  • checkDoesn’t need reapplication, works 24 hours to keep body odor away
  • checkDoesn’t contain aluminum and chemicals
  • checkCan be bought as a stick and cream


  • The cream is too stiff to scoop
  • Residues are hard to wash

Primal Pit Paste Royal and Rogue Natural Deodorant


Primal Pit Paste scent is what a natural deodorant should smell like — earthy and musky with a hint of forest scents. The smell of Rosewood in this deodorant is woody and floral, balanced with a heart of Sandalwood and Frankincense, as spicy tones of Black Pepper adds drama. Although this best smelling deodorant has a scent that translates to manliness, it also transitions well as a warm and elegant scent for women. What’s more, it is all organic and natural, so it is entirely safe for sensitive skin.


  • checkFree from synthetic fragrance, traditionally scented with essential oil
  • checkEmploys all natural and organic ingredients
  • checkUses a natural preservative in the form of Vitamin E sourced from 100 percent sunflower oil
  • checkContains organic shea butter and coconut oil to nourish and soothe sensitive skin
  • checkAvailable in the form of stick and creams
  • check100 percent free from aluminum, paraben, gluten, and soy
  • checkNon-GMO


  • The cream does not spread evenly while the bat leaves a bit of granule
  • Requires re-application after few hours as the scent does not last
  • Contains baking soda that although in low concentration may irritate overly sensitive skin

Schmidt’s Naturals Geranium Flower Sensitive Skin Deodorant 


This is another best smelling deodorant created by Schmidt’s Naturals for those who are fan floral scent. The almost-rose like the aroma of geranium flowers is not too strong nor subtle but has just the right delightful fresh-cut smell that will make you feel you are wearing a perfume version. Beyond its alluring fragrance, it showers your armpit with arrowroot powder for that extra-sweet interesting effect.


  • check

    Naturally scented


  • checkCombats body odor with geranium scent 
  • checkSpecifically designed for sensitive skin 
  • checkFree from baking soda, aluminum, and other toxic chemicals 
  • checkIncludes plant-based nourishing oils 
  • checkFilled with magnesium hydroxide for faster skin absorption 
  • check

    Smooth and stable consistency that glides on skin smoothly


  • checkCertified vegan and cruelty-free
  • checkNon-greasy and non-sticky


  • Doesn’t fully stop sweating


  • Needs re-application throughout the day


  • May leave stain on clothes


Erbaviva Jasmine Grapefruit Organic Deodorant


The sweet smell of blossoming petals of jasmine is delightfully blended with the fresh and juicy aroma of grapefruit to make a unique fragrant combination that will surely mask body odor. The addition of Cedarwood adds a strong wood aroma topped off with lemon to accent the freshness even more. Added to the finish is the pungent, spicy smell of ginger for an extra element to this fresh and floral blend. However, what makes Erbaviva Deodorant standout, even more, is the use of organic grain alcohol for fragrance and freshness that last all day.


  • checkUses USDA certified organic essential oils 
  • check

    Have detoxifying properties


  • check

    Also, contains antioxidants


  • checkReleases a therapeutic calming fragrance that can enhance one’s assertiveness
  • checkLong-lasting fragrance
  • checkKills bacteria while keeping underarm wetness-free 
  • checkContains organic grain alcohol that evaporates quickly without leaving trace
  • checkMay also be sprayed on fabric, carpets, and mats
  • checkNon-staining
  • checkAluminum-free


  • Contains alcohol

  • A bit pricey


Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Lavender Deodorant


For those who are highly sensitive with baking soda, Meow Meow Tweet formulated a natural best smelling deodorant in the fragrance of a sweet lavender. However, unlike any other scent, Meow Meow Tweet Lavender Deodorant could capture the pure scent of lavender herbal notes and balsamic undertones that appeal to both man and woman’s senses.


  • check

    Certified organic


  • checkDesigned without baking soda or clay
  • checkSuitable for all skin types 
  • checkLavender aroma is associated with many health benefits 
  • checkScent last for an extended period 
  • checkCombination of Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Tea tree oil is very moisturizing to skin 
  • checkFree from any irritants and allergens
  • checkIncludes magnesium hydroxide for to boost metabolic processes
  • checkArrowroot powder keeps underarm fresh
  • checkNo side effects
  • checkBoth available in stick and cream


  • May not be as effective as a regular deodorant 

  • Cream is hard to scoop out


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Our Choice For The Best Smelling Deodorant For Sensitive Skin

For men and women who want a best smelling deodorant that leaves a long-lasting fragrance, Schmidt’s Bergamot and Lime Natural Deodorant offer you just that but without resulting to harsh chemical compound for it to work efficiently. It is very rare to find a natural best smelling deodorant like this product that works efficiently to absorb sweat without aggravating sensitive skin issue. Moreover, the fresh citrus scent brings the most refreshing and cleanest scent making it the best smelling deodorant out in the market.

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