The Ultimate Round-Up of Healthy Cookbooks for 2017


You know you want to eat healthily, but more often than not you run out of inspiration. It is easy to get into a rut with the same recipes repeatedly. Then when you go searching for ideas, you just come up with a range of ideas that look delicious but they are definitely not healthy for you.

What you really need are healthy cookbooks at your disposal. There are many already available and they do not all include the exact same recipes time and time again. It is possible to create variations of your favorites, including desserts.

These are the top healthy cookbooks that you need to buy this year. Make an effort to create at least one new meal a week from them and add some fun to your new lifestyle.

Clean Cooking for Clean Eating

Being healthy is not just about adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. It is a complete change to your lifestyle. You will need to look at all the food you eat and how that food is affecting your body.

While you know that refined sugars are bad, did you know that some other ingredients can be just as harmful? The grains you eat and the carbs you consume may be contributing to the sluggish feeling in your body on a daily basis.

Clean eating is essential. The great news is you can follow this type of diet without too much hassle. There are plenty of fun recipes to make, as long as you have the right tools at your disposal. The Clean Cooking cookbook is the item that you desperately need.

It includes a selection of gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free dishes that you can make. The substitutes used will help make your brain believe you are getting the original foods, but your body will feel worlds better. Your hormones will be more in check and you can reduce physical symptoms, like cramping and acne.

Vegan Goodness for Vegan-Friendly Diets

You will find a lot of recipes for vegetarians, but what if you are vegan? You need to find recipes that will remove all animal products without changing the taste or the fun.  Too many recipes are created with the theory that substitutes work but then they taste bad in practice. The person creating the dish has not even bothered attempting it first.

Vegan Goodness is a cookbook created by a vegan for a vegan. Jessica Prescott knows what it is like wanting to try delicious worldly dishes but feeling like the options just are not there. At the same time, she knows the valid concerns about lack of protein in a vegan diet. The cookbook answers the concerns and finds solutions to the problems.

The recipes are packed with iron and protein while offering healthy and delicious options that are completely vegan-friendly. You can enjoy hummus, delicious salads, side dishes, desserts, and more. There is no need to sacrifice on the taste of your meals and barely anyone will know you have made a vegan dish unless you tell them.

Eat Better, Not Less for Dieters

Are you sick of hearing that you need to eat less because you are on a diet? People will tell you that you need to reduce your carb intake considerably. That you need to suffer on just 1000 calories a day if you want to see the weight start to fall off.

It is no wonder people do not stick to crazy diets! Reducing your calorie intake is not just boring and demoralizing. It is unrealistic and unhealthy. There is also no truth to it.

Losing weight is all about making changes in your eating habits. You can still feel satisfied without piling on the weight. You can reduce the calories without actually reducing your food intake. Make some substitutions instead.

Not sure how? That’s where Eat Better Not Less is perfect. Created by a like-minded foodie, Nadia Damaso, the book is full of recipes that will fill you up on a cold winter’s night without making you feel stodgy and fat. Your dishes are full of flavor and life without causing you to pile on the pounds. You can even enjoy sweet foods without gaining weight.

While the book gives you a range of recipes, there are also tips on weight loss. Damaso goes into the science behind the healthy foods and how they will help you with portion control and better weight loss. This is definitely for those who absolutely adore their desserts and refuse to give them up!

Scandinavian Comfort Food for the Foodies

If you enjoy hearty meals from around the world, you may feel like you are in a conundrum. How do you eat hearty meals and still be healthy? How can you add in delicious Scandinavian dishes without damaging the health of your heart, brain, and digestive system?

Well, it certainly is possible and Scandinavian Comfort Food proves that. Trine Hahnemann has created a cookbook full of delicious recipes that will make you feel happy and joyful, without piling on the pounds. There is no need to worry about spiking blood sugar levels or problems with the heart when you follow her recipes to a tee.

As well as offering 130 recipes, she includes advice and tips on living the hygge way. This is an attitude in Denmark that focuses on homemade and healthy dishes. It involves being relaxed, enjoying food with friends, and putting your soul first.

This is the cookbook to have for the fall and winter months. This is when the nights are dark and the days are cold. You reach for the stodgy food to keep you going, with the focus on losing the weight afterward. Well, just do not put the weight on when you use these delicious Nordic dishes.

Eat Smart for Simple, Healthy Dishes

It can often seem like the food you want to eat for your health is difficult to make. You are warned about all the bad certain ingredients do. The only way you can get the taste back is by going out of your way to find substitutes.

Well, that is certainly not the case. Niomi Smart found that when she focused on eating better. She didn’t want to spend hours at the stove making one dish that would just about sustain hunger levels. It was important to find dishes that were easy to make and sustainable for the daily lifestyle. She needed recipes that would help her stick to her new diet.

Eat Smart is full of these types of recipes. The 246-page cookbook has recipes for all occasions, whether you are throwing a dinner party or just need a dish for one for the night.

One of the best parts of the cookbook is the plant-based dishes. There is plenty of inspiration for those who prefer the vegan lifestyle. You can make delicious smoothies and desserts, enjoy a filling dinner, and throw together a quick, healthy breakfast without any hassle. Smart even offers a range of snacks to enjoy throughout the day.

Part of her own diet involves meal replacements, but not in the way you would initially think. Her replacements are to make your favorite meals healthier and more sustainable. You can get a plant-based cottage pie or make a burger with cauliflower. You will still get some of the same tastes but without the risks to your health or the environment.

Made in the Office for Those in a Rush

Cooking does not come naturally for a lot of people. We want meals that are easy to cook and quick to eat. This is why ready meals are so popular. We just know that ready meals are not great for the health. At least, that’s when you buy them from the store.

What if you could create your own version if the ready meals? Imagine if you could have meals that just involved a microwave or a toaster. What about those that involve just a kettle, giving you something easy to make at work? Of course, you do not want to sacrifice taste or flavor, but you really do not have to with Made in the Office.

The cookbook is created for those with busy lifestyles. You do not even have to work in an office to make use of it. It is perfect for people with active social lives and parents who are more like taxis than people! There are mug cakes, microwaveable dishes, and so much more available.

All the recipes take just minutes to make and there are so many options. You will get around 70 recipes, whether you want a quick breakfast, an office-friendly lunch, or a delicious and healthy dessert.

The Fast Days Cookbook

If you follow the 5:2 diet or a variation of it, you are going to need some ideas for your fasting days. Sure, the 5:2 diet is full of tips, but you just want something new for a change. You want some recipe ideas that will help you forget that you are on your fasting days.

Laura Herring found that when she did the 5:2 diet, so created recipes for The Fast Days Cookbooks. She proves that having a fast day does not mean you have to lose out on sweet treats or that you must make boring meals. Herring also makes it very clear that there is no need to miss out on your meals. There are recipes for all your meals and your snacks.

The biggest calorie meal you will find is one for 300 calories. But there are lots of 50 calorie offerings to make up for it. Most of the dinners are 200 calories, so you can play around with your other 300 calories easily.

Many of the options are perfect for those on the run. You can create your delicious snacks and meals ahead of time and take them to work. There is no need for anyone to realize that you are on a fast day if you do not want them to! Plus the taste and look will definitely make you look forward to everything you have to eat.

Pip and Nut for the Nutty Lovers

Do you love peanut butter? Want to make an almond butter recipe? While nut butter tends to get a bad reputation, they can be the best option for your health. When used pro

perly, they are packed with protein and healthy oils that will keep your body in check.

So, how do you make and use them properly? Pip and Nut will give you everything you need. There are plenty of ways to use the nut butters in smoothies, savory dishes, and more. And you do not just have to use the obvious peanut butter. You can create cashew butter and even pistachios butter for something a little exciting and new.

Pippa Murray has created the recipes with health in mind. It is possible to avoid dairy without sacrificing protein intake but is also filling. While there are some saturated fats, they are not so bad when you just use a small amount—and that’s all you need because of how filling the healthy fats and protein are.

One thing that you will be surprised at when you have this cookbook is the versatility of nut butter. You will be using them in ways you never even considered before, including in hot chocolates and fish dishes! Yes, really!

How to Cook Healthily for Cooking Technique Help

Cooking is not all about the ingredients that you use. Dale Pinnock teaches his readers and patients that healthy eating is about the techniques and processes that go into making the recipes. That’s why he teaches more about the techniques and the food groups to help create a delicious but healthy meal. There is a lot to learn to help get more nutrients into every single meal that you make.

There are dishes to suit all needs. Some are quick to make and others will add more spice and flavor to your meal than ever before. You will learn how to make the most of any ingredient that you have.

On top of that, there are plenty of salads to make the most of. They are delicious and filling, so you never feel like you have missed out on choosing them. The nutritious nerds will certainly want a piece of the book.

Work with One Cookbook at a Time

It is now time to get one or more of the cookbooks. There may be nine on this list, but you do not need to buy them all right away. Focus on one at a time and work your way through them. You will find a range of recipes to suit your dietary needs. Whether you love the vegan lifestyle or want to go paleo, there is going to be something that works perfectly.

When you do have the cookbooks, choose one recipe a week to try. Make it something different each week to help add plenty of variety. If you chose chicken one week, go meatless next week. Had a salad one week? Opt for a soup or stew the week after. You will soon have a meal plan that you easily stick to and enjoy every single day.

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