The Ultimate Guide to the Health Benefits of Sugar Apple(ATIS)


You’ve heard of apples, but what about sugar apples? No this is not the case of just adding sugar to any of your apples that you find in the grocery store. Sugar apples are completely different and have many health benefits that everyday apples don’t have. However, there are some health benefits that cross over.

Sugar apples are native to South America, the West Indies, and various parts of Asia. They are also called sweetsop, custard apple, Graviola, and anon in different parts of the world. They come from the Annonasquamosal tree and have a very milky taste rather than an overly sweet one.

They’re Not the Apples You’re Picturing

The trust is that sugar apples don’t look like the traditional apples that you’re currently thinking about. They are green on the outside but resemble papayas and even dragon fruits on the outside with the scaley like texture. It’s only when you open them up that they look more like apples.

They have a core, which is the element that is thrown away after eating the apple. However, the seeds aren’t fully connected to the core. They’re found on the inside of the apple, a little like watermelon seeds. There is anything between 20 and 38 seeds in one single sugar apple, and they are hard like normal apple seeds. You’ll want to remove them to be able to eat the rest of the apple. Most people will eat the pips and then spit them out once they’ve enjoyed the fruit around them because that’s just easier.

It is possible to eat the flesh of the fruit. However, some parts of the work will opt to juice the flesh and the Apple as a way to remove the seeds.

There is a milky taste when ripe, and the sugar apple is extremely soft. You’ll find it very easy to break apart, making it one of the quickest types of fruit to eat. Many will blend it with milk to create a fruity and healthy ice cream. The only way it isn’t used is through cooking.

So, now you know what a sugar apple is, it’s time to look at all the health benefits. This is known as one of the superfoods because it benefits the health in so many different ways.

Boosts the Skin and Hair Health

One of the most notable ways that the sugar apple helps the health is on the skin and hair. You will physically see the results.

Sugar apples are full of antioxidants and vitamin A. Both of this help to rebuild tissues and protect the cell structure, so your skin shines and is soft, while your hair is luxuriously smooth.

Antioxidants help to protect the cells from free radicals. You help to protect your skin from signs of aging, while also fighting against the deterioration and abnormality growth that causes cancer. There will be fewer signs of wrinkles in the skin, helping you to look and feel younger.

The vitamin A helps to build the tissues. It works with protein in the body to keep your muscles, tendons, and ligaments strong. There is also a benefit to the collagen production. When all of this works together, your skin’s flexibility is improved, and your hair is stronger. You’ll find that split ends, and damaged roots are a thing of the past.

You don’t just get the health benefits from eating sugar apples. The creamy fruit is regularly used directly on the skin. It is used in India on boils and ulcers to help boost the healing process thanks to the antioxidants that aid the immune system.

Improve the Eye Health

Vitamin A is a necessary component for other parts of the body’s health. The eye health is just one of those.

When you get the right levels of vitamin A, your eyes get the right amount of protein to protect the cell structure. At the same time, the antioxidants help to fight off some of the cell deterioration and signs of aging. You’ll find that your eyesight is better than friends of the same age as you.

Those who eat more sugar apples – and other foods that are high in vitamin A – will find that there are fewer risks of glaucoma and macular degeneration development. You can even ward off cataracts.

Bear in mind that the eye health deteriorates for various other reasons. Sugar apples to help to fight against the deterioration and slow down the aging progression.

Improve Your Airways and Breathing

If you have problems with your breathing or you regularly deal with inflamed bronchial tubes, you will benefit from the addition of sugar apples in your diet. This all comes from the vitamin B6, which tends to be difficult to get in the diet.

Vitamin B6 offers anti-inflammatory benefits. It can help to reduce the inflammation in the body, but most importantly in this case around the bronchial tubes. The tubes remain wider, allowing more air to pass through.

This is beneficial for those who have asthma or regularly pick up bronchial infections. The antioxidants in the fruit will also help to support the immune system to fight off airway infections and issues.

Reduce the Blood Pressure

You may struggle with high blood pressure. This is very common in the western world for various reasons, including high-stress jobs and poor diet. It’s important to reduce the blood pressure as much as possible. High blood pressure is a silent killer. We have no idea that it’s going up unless we regularly get it checked out. More often than not, the only time we find out is when it’s started negatively affecting our health.

Sugar apples will help with this. They are full of potassium, which is commonly gained through bananas more than anything else. The problem is that we don’t tend to eat enough potassium on a daily basis. Sugar apples actually have more potassium than bananas!

According to the American Heart Association, we need to get potassium to support the heart. When we have more potassium in the body, the sodium levels are balanced and help to keep the blood pressure levels down. We need 4,700mg per day! You can get almost 600mg of is in just one sugar apple.

It will only make a dent in the potassium that you need, but you’ll be surprised at the other places that you can get it. Sugar apples just contain much more in one serving than most other sources.

Improve the Heart Health

We’re all at a risk of having a heart attack. It doesn’t matter what type of life we live, the cardiac muscle needs constant work to keep it healthy. It also needs the right minerals.

We need magnesium to help keep the heart muscles relaxed. Our high-stress lives and constant need to be on the go can make the heart work harder than it should. The magnesium helps to balance out the pressure and the overworking, so the muscles are able to sleep down a little and not wear out. We put our heart first, lowering the risk of heart attacks and other problems.

You can get 10% of your daily magnesium needs from just one sugar apple. Other fruits and vegetables are full of the mineral too, so try to balance out your diet with all the fibre-filled ingredients.

Of course, the benefit to the heart is also in the reduction of the blood pressure. By reducing that, there is less risk of a heart attack due to the silent killer. There is also the benefit of reducing the cholesterol levels, which we’ll move onto now.

Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels

As your blood pressure levels, high cholesterol levels are dangerous. We tend to have high levels, especially in the western world, due to our diets and sedentary lifestyles. One of the vitamins that we tend not to get enough of is vitamin B3. Can you honestly tell me the last time you ate something with it – knowingly ate something with it?

When we don’t get enough B3, also known as niacin, we start to see an increase in bad cholesterol levels. In fact, good levels of niacin help to decrease the levels of bad cholesterol by as much as 20%!

That’s not the only good thing about B3. It can also help to boost the levels of good cholesterol. Yes, our bodies need good cholesterol. This helps to line the arteries with a smooth, protective layer. The blood is able to pass through without getting stuck like it would with the bumpy, friction layer of bad cholesterol.

Your heart gets all the blood flow and oxygen that it needs. It’s able to work easier, meaning you’re at a lower risk of developing heart disease or a heart attack.

How do sugar apples help with this? You’ll get just less than 1mg of niacin in just 100g of the fruit. It really is a powerful addition to your diet.

Helps to Boost Your Digestive System

There’s no denying that our bodies need fruit and vegetables. They’re all full of fiber to help support the whole body. Sugar apples are no different. There is an abundance of fiber and copper, which both work together to support the digestive system.

You’ll find that constipation is no longer an issue and you won’t get as much bowel discomfort throughout the day. At the same time, sugar apples can stop the opposite problem of loose stools! You can crush up the pulp and mix it with some water to help to solidify the stools enough to prevent diarrhea.

Some people have found that they don’t suffer as much distress in their intestines. Chronic illnesses like Crohn’s disease and IBS can be alleviated from a regular inclusion of sugar apples in the diet.

This doesn’t mean that you can live on a diet of sugar apples all the time. You will need to add them into a balanced diet to help get all the other nutrients that you need!

Aid Your Weight Loss Efforts

Let’s not forget about another major benefit of fiber. It helps to fill up the stomach quickly and effectively. You end up feeling like you want to eat less, which means you can consume fewer calories throughout the day.

At the same time, the fiber helps to keep you feeling fuller throughout the day. Not only do you eat less in one sitting, but you can also eat less throughout the process of a day. It is much easier to create a calorie deficit without actually feeling hungry. You’ll find it much easier to stick to your weight loss program so that you keep losing weight one week to the next.

But how does a sugar apple help with this? It’s all in the fiber. Like with all fruit and vegetables, the whole fruit will mean you need to chew, and you give your body time to tell you that you’ve had enough to eat. You will get the fiber to make you feel fuller sooner and for longer. It makes one of the best snacks.

You’re not filling your body with extra refined sugars, which will help you lose weight, too. Refined sugars are handled through insulin, which means the metabolism has to store the calories you eat. A sugar apple is much better for you than a candy bar!

Another benefit is in the vitamin B1 that is in the sugar apple. This vitamin is essential for the metabolism. B1 will turn the food you eat into energy, so eating sugar apples will encourage your body to turn more food into energy. Not only are you keeping yourself full, but you’re encouraging your body to burn more calories. You instantly create more of a calorie deficit to improve your weight loss efforts.

Improve Your Life with a Sugar Apple a Day

If you want to try something a little different in your day, why not look into using sugar apples. They are absolutely delicious and offer various health benefits. Through the addition of extra B vitamins, antioxidants, and magnesium you will protect your heart health, boost your metabolic rate, and keep your hair, skin, and overall health protected from infections.

Between mid-February and August, you will find most farmers’ markets will stock up on sugar apples. They’re not always the easiest to find, but they are worth the look. Talk to your local Asian market stall owners, as they are more likely to know where to get them and understand the true potential in one tiny piece of fruit.

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