The All-In-One Guide To The Health Benefits Of Basmati Rice


You may hear a lot about white rice being bad for you. Basmati rice is considered something to avoid, especially by those who advocate a low carb diet. The truth is that basmati rice may not be as harmful as once believed.

After all, there must be a reason the people of Asia eat rice on a regular basis. They do not look out for brown or wild varieties and opt for white basmati rice daily. These individuals do not have the high risk of diabetes and other health problems linked to wheat and carbs as we do in the west. Why is that?

Well, there have been scientifically proven benefits to eating basmati rice. Out of all the pasta and grains, you will hear that basmati rice is one of the best and something worth considering, even in a low carb diet. Want to know why? Here’s your all-in-one guide to explain the health benefits of basmati rice.

It is Packed with Fibre

Compared to all the other rice varieties out there, basmati rice is the best when it comes to fiber content. Despite having a fair amount of carbs, the fiber helps to keep the food low on the glycemic index. This means that it is not as likely to cause sugar rushes or lead to an increase in insulin in the body. The food digests slowly and releases the sugars over a prolonged period.

High fiber foods are also essential for the digestive health. When you get a good amount of fiber, your digestive system works as it should. Itis able to process the waste and push it through the system while taking the nutrients from the food and absorbing them into the right places within the body.

On top of that, a good working digestive system means an overall healthy body. Around 80% of your immune system is in the digestive system. When the digestive system reacts badly and becomes inflamed, the immune system is not able to work effectively. This means that it cannot fight against the real viruses and bacteria within the body. High fiber diets helps to prevent that, so getting basmati rice into your diet will be good for you.

Brown basmati rice is better than white for fiber compared to white. However, both are better compared to other types of rice.

Good levels of fiber will also help to improve the consistency of your stools. If you suffer from constipation, you will find a high fiber diet highly beneficial. Soluble fiber is exceptionally useful. It helps to soften the stools to make them easier to pass through the colon and out of the body. Insoluble fiber will help to force the waste through the intestines and into the colon to pass.

Fibre can also help to prevent hemorrhoids. This is because your rectal muscles do not have to work as hard to remove stools from your body. You can keep the pressure off the rectum, protecting the whole area from damage and discomfort.

You will want to watch the levels of fiber you get. You will still need to balance it out with other food groups to avoid your stools getting too soft!

Support Your Weight Loss Attempts

Many people on diets will raise their eyebrows at the idea of eating rice and losing weight. This is where basmati rice is beneficial, especially when you opt for boiled rice. Of course, if you have fried rice then your weight loss benefits are negated slightly.

The benefit for your weight loss comes from the fiber amounts. Fibre breaks down in the body slowly. You end up feeling fuller for longer, meaning that you eat less throughout the day.

The rice also has high levels of amylase than other types of rice and many different types of food. This is a type of carb that is difficult for the body to digest. Not only does it take time for the body to absorb the fiber, but also this specific carbohydrate, meaning that you are left with decreased hunger levels throughout the day. You will eat fewer calories at meal times and snack less, further helping to reduce your calorific intake.

When you feel fuller, you will not feel like you are on a diet. You do not deny yourself anything, which means you are more likely to stick to the plan. This will also help you maintain your weight loss afterward since it is a plan you can stick to for the long term.

Basmati rice also has a better taste compared to other types of rice. Not only do you feel fuller, but you will feel more satisfied with thetaste. You will not want to eat as much since you are happy with the food that you are eating. Sticking to the diet will be more comfortable since you will like the food that you consume.

At the same time, basmati rice has fewer calories in a serving compared to its cousins. You can consume at least 20 fewer calories within just one serving. If you ate three portions of rice a week, you are saving 60 calories over a week. That would equate to 3,120 calories per year that you have saved by making a switch on your rice.

The fiber will also help with weight loss and maintenance. Studies have shown that fiber can prevent the body absorbing fat. This is not an excuse to eat whatever you want, but the lower levels of fat you do consume won’t affect the body as much as they could if you did not have the higher fiber levels.

People with diabetes Can Enjoy It

Many people with diabetes assume that their pasta and rice are off the menu when they find out about their diagnosis. That is not the case with basmati rice, and any dietician who tells you otherwise needs to do their research. More and more researchers have found that people with diabetes can benefit from the addition of basmati rice in their diets.

This is due to the low glycemic index, which we mentioned in passing above. The low glycemic index is essential for those who want a healthy lifestyle as a person with diabetes. The glycemic index gives people an idea as to how quickly food sugars in the bloodstream, turning into glucose. The food on the higher end of the scale will lead to more insulin needed by the body, which can cause health problems for all but specifically for diabetic patients.

Thanks to the amount of fiber, starchy carbs, amylase, and protein, basmati rice is low on the glycemic index. It breaks down over the course of the day, so there isn’t a problem with the glucose levels.

The same can’t be said for all types of rice and pasta.

Of course, while being low on the glycemic index, the rice is also satisfying. It aids in weight loss, which can also aid in reducing diabetes symptoms.

Researchers have also found that it can help to prevent diabetes. This is for similar reasons as to why it isgood for people with diabetes. The rice does not raise the blood sugars, which means lower insulin responses within a meal. This helps to keep the insulin resistance to a minimum. Pre-diabetic patients are often encouraged to eat more foods on the low glycemic index to avoid their condition developing into diabetes.

Improves the Health of Your Heart

It is not just your gut that benefits. Your heart will also benefit from you eating more basmati rice. It is time to add a little more to your diet on a weekly basis.

Scientists have found that the fiber levels help to protect the health of the heart. Fibre prevents heart disease, especially when at least 25g of fiberis consumed per day. Those with lower risks of heart disease will also have a lower risk of suffering a heart attack.

Some of the benefits are due to the lack of saturated fats within basmati rice. In fact, basmati rice has some unsaturated fats, which are highly recommended for a healthy heart and body. Unsaturated fats are lower in bad cholesterol. They help to protect the arteries with a smooth lining, preventing clotting and the health problems that come with that.

A high fiber diet can also help to prevent a buildup of cholesterol within the bodies. The basmati rice supports the health of the heart two-fold.

Prevent the Formation of Cancerous Cells

Have you ever wished you could eat food that would help prevent cancer? After all, it seems today that everything causes cancer, right? Well, it is time to turn to basmati rice. Again, we want to thank the fiber content, but there are also other nutritional benefits.

Basmati rice stores far more vitamins than other types of rice. The vitamins and fiber will help to prevent cancerous cells accumulating in the body. They help to fight off the free radicals that affect dying or re-growing cells, helping to make sure all the cells in the body are normal and healthy.

Preventing cancer is much better than trying to treat it. You can avoid all types of cancer, but especially intestinal and colon cancer using basmati rice in the diet.

Colon cancer can also be prevented in an extra way thanks to the fiber. The waste is not in the digestive tract for as long as it would be without the high fiber benefits of basmati rice. When waste sticks around it do more damage to the colon cells. By passing through the system quickly, the cellsdo notsuffer, and you can prevent the development of cancer.

You will Feel Happier Within Yourself

Think about how you feel when you are hungry. You are irritable and annoyed. You can be tired and fatigued and try to make healthy choices is difficult. You are more likely to reach for the unhealthy, sugar-rush food that plays havoc inside and causes problems for your diet. Your mental state just isn’t supported and will end up being worse.

This disrupts your hormones. You are more likely to feel stressed and anxious. Your body naturally starts to wonder when you will get your next meal and where it will come from.

Basmati rice helps to prevent that throughout the day. Remember that it helps to satisfy your hunger. It breaks down slowly, so you are not as likely to eat as much throughout the day. You do not feel the need to eat as much, which helps you feel happier for longer. You are not constantly thinking about your next meal.

Not only does sticking to a diet become easier but balancing your hormones does too. You are less likely to have higher stress levels, which plays havoc with your organs. You get more happy hormones pushing through your system, making you feel fuller, calmer, and healthier than ever before.

The floral fragrance and the taste will also help. You enjoy the food that you eat. There’s something to look forward to while you are cooking. You will want to eat more of it, which gives you something to enjoy while you are consuming it. You will be amazed at how that helps your overall mental health.

Adding More Basmati Rice to Your Diet Is Easy

The best thing you can do is make a switch to basmati rice. Take out the plain white, brown or red rice that you eat and make a switch to basmati. You will instantly save on the calorific intake as well as the glycemic index. You instantly gain health benefits with this one simple switch.

Basmati rice can be used in all the ways that your usual rice was used. You can add it to stir-fries, curries, and more. It works extremely well with chicken and fish due to the floral aroma and lighter taste. It is worth replacing potatoes and pasta with it on a regular basis.

You do not have to make a huge change to benefit. However, the smallest change will help you feel fuller for longer and happier with your diet. You will find it easier to eat less and stick to the diet for the long term. Not only do you lose weight, but you improve your health for the long term.

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