All You Need to Know About the Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea



There just seems to be so many different types of teas and products that claim to do great things for the body now, right? Well, rooibos tea is just one of the latest but has the health benefit of no negative side effects. This means that you can just concentrate on the proven health benefits of opting for the refreshing drink.

It’s time to visit this type of tea and look into all these health benefits. Can it really help to cure your insomnia and fight against your nausea? Is it any good for treating various ailments, and if so how does it do all this?

But what you’ll also want to know is what rooibos tea actually is. Just where do you get it from? Here’s a look at everything you need to know about the tea and all the health benefits of it.

Just What Exactly is Rooibos Tea to Start With?

Rooibos Tea and tea-strainer on a metal texture

Before we start with the health benefits, let’s look at this new type of tea. It’s not actually new, but it has just recently gained traction in the mainstream homeopathic health world. The tea has long been a favorite for those looking for something that tastes and looks unique.

It comes from the South African Aspalathus Linearis bush plant. Like other types of teas, the plant is grounded down and brewed with water. It’s not exactly a tea, though. It’s more of an herb and is red from the leaves.

The plant is full of numerous vitamins and minerals—especially the minerals. This is why it offers so many health benefits and we’ll get into all of the nutrients as we move through this article. Something that is worth noting is that all the reported health benefits have been confirmed by Washington D.C.’s Department of Agriculture, which means that it isn’t just the latest fad product. It really is worth buying.

Overall, your body will get a health boost from the tea and is refreshing. If those aren’t good enough reasons to start drinking the tea, here’s a look at all the specific proven health benefits of rooibos tea.

Fight Against Inflammation in the Body

Virus vs Immune system

One of the biggest benefits is the fight against inflammation within the body. This means you can cut down on the amount of anti-inflammatory medication that you take, which—admit it—we have no idea what it really does to our systems in the long term.

Inflammation is the reason we tend to be in a lot of pain. As the body inflames, the nerves are pressed on, and this can lead to the painful sensations, whether we suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome, pain in a specific joint, fibromyalgia, or a painful digestive system problem. In fact, inflammation in the gut has been linked to the likes of IBS and Crohn’s disease.

On top of this, inflammation in the brain has been linked to age-related issues, including cognitive decline and memory loss. We’re at a higher risk of developing the likes of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

And let’s not forget about the depression and anxiety that can set in due to inflammation. We have no idea when the pain is going to flare up, so we’re ready for it at a moment’s notice. The issue is that we can do very little for the pain until the inflammation subsides, which can lead to problems with depression.

By drinking the tea regularly, you can reduce the chances of inflammation flare ups. There’s no need to deal with the side effects that come with the inflammation issues.

Lower Your Blood Pressure Levels

Black tonometer and heart isolated on white

High blood pressure—also known as hypertension—is a silent killer. There are no symptoms, but it causes major issues like heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. When the blood pressure is too high, the artery walls have too much blood being forced against them. They’re at a higher risk of damage and clotting.

By drinking rooibos tea, you can help to keep your blood pressure levels to a minimum. The tea actively lowers the blood pressure, which keeps the flowing blood at a normal level.

The tea will also help you lower your stress levels, which is a major reason for hypertension. You will need to follow other methods to help keep the blood pressure issues to a minimum, as the tea isn’t going to be a miracle worker. If it were then everyone would be taking it, right?

Keep the Colds and Flu at Bay

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If you struggle with a weak immune system, it’s time to consider adding more rooibos tea to your diet. The tea can help to strengthen your immune system by adding more antioxidants to your body. The specific antioxidants included in the tea in large amounts are polyphenols.

The immune system needs all the help it can get. When it’s as strong as possible, you’re less likely to suffer from viral infections—those that can’t be cured with antibiotics. That means the viruses, flu, and common colds aren’t a problem on a regular basis. You’ll benefit whether you have a compromised immune system or not.

And let’s not forget just how great the antioxidants are for fighting free radicals in the body. Free radicals are the reason for many cancers. The free radicals affect the cells that have been damaged or died. During the repairing process, the cells become abnormal, and they are more likely to be infected with cancerous cells. If you get in more polyphenols, you’re more likely to lower the risk of most cancers.

There have also been studies that show antioxidants help to lower the risk of heart disease. Not only is the tea helping to lower your blood pressure, but you’re fighting off heart disease in many other ways.

Lower the Chances of Respiratory Diseases

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If you have a risk of respiratory disease like bronchitis, you’ll want to drink more rooibos tea. This type of tea is a bronchodilator, which means that it keeps the bronchi in your lungs dilated. You’ll find that it is easier to breathe since there are more open airways in the body.

Let’s consider the improvement to the immune system first. You’ll find that bacterial issues are less likely to affect you. The body will be able to fight off infections sooner, so they don’t develop into serious lung diseases.

But it’s not just this way that you’ll benefit with the lungs. You’ll also find that you find it much easier to breathe on a daily basis. If you suffer from asthma, you could find that your symptoms reduce without the need of an inhaler. This is due to the airways being more open, allowing more air into the lungs.

You’ll also find that you’re at a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. The oxygen is able to get into the body better, which means your blood circulation is improved. Your organs work at a more optimum level.

This doesn’t mean you should stop using your inhaler if you are asthmatic. Let your doctor tell you if your asthma is getting better and base it on how you feel on a daily basis. Keep your inhaler on you just in case you need it.

Ease Your Stomach Cramps and Digestive Issues

Feeling awful stomachache. Frustrated young woman holding hands on stomach and keeping eyes closed while lying in bed

I’ve already looked at inflammation and how it can affect the digestive system. It does cause some pain and can lead to problems like IBS. However, it’s not just the inflammation.

Sometimes the digestive system just ends up sluggish. You may find that there are blockages along the way, leading to constipation, bloating, and pain. The great news is that rooibos tea has proven to help improve the digestive system, so you don’t have to deal with the pain on a regular basis. It can also help to reduce the stomach cramps during the menstrual cycle.

Another reason for pain in the stomach is due to muscle spasms. This is very common during that time of the month. The tea an antispasmodic property, which means that the gut is less likely to be affected. All this is done naturally, making it an herbal remedy.

Of course, this helps to fight off depression. Stomach issues and pain are among the most common reasons for depression since they can be constant and so debilitating.

Those who are known to suffer IBS and digestive issues should consider drinking the tea a half hour before eating a meal. This will help to get the antispasmodic properties to work before the food starts to get digested by the body.

Help to Keep Your Teeth and Bones Healthy

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There are many foods that have been linked to healthy teeth and bones: mostly dairy products and green leafy vegetables. Well, now it’s time to add another ingredient to your list. Rooibos tea is an excellent ingredient for your bones and teeth health, and all due to the same reasons as dairy products and green leafy vegetables.

It contains an excellent amount of calcium. If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you’ll want to switch your normal tea to this at various points throughout the day. There are also excellent levels of fluoride, manganese, and magnesium, which can all help with the absorption of calcium and fight off bacteria and plaque in the mouth.

Let’s start with how improving the bone health will help you. As we get older, women are more prone to developing osteoporosis and arthritis than men. This is due to the rapidly changing hormone levels, which prevent the body from absorbing calcium in the best ways. When you drink hot rooibos tea, you can improve the levels of calcium being absorbed. It is much easier for the body to absorb nutrients from something hot than cold.

The manganese is also excellent for repairing damage to the bones. The enzymes are stimulated, which means breakages are less likely to happen on the inside of the bones won’t be as weakened.

And we can’t forget about how fluoride and calcium are great for the teeth. Not only will you help to improve the strength of them, but you lower the amount of plaque in your mouth. This leads to the reduction of tooth decay, so you have a brighter and healthier smile.

The teeth benefit will not remove the benefit of brushing your teeth. You’ll still need to brush and floss twice a day to keep your whole mouth healthy. It can also be worth oil pulling to remove more bacteria from the mouth.

Prevent the Onset of Type II Diabetes


Diabetes is a major reason for amputations in the Western World. It also leads to numerous other health problems, and it’s annoying when it can be something preventable. This is especially the case when it comes to Type II diabetes. This is the type that is usually brought on due to a poor diet.

Rooibos tea can help to prevent Type II diabetes, and not in the usual way of limiting the amount of sugar you take in; although the lack of sugar in the tea is certainly a major benefit. The tea contains a nutrient called aspalathin, which helps to reduce the number of hypos diabetic sufferers have. If you’re not a diabetic yet, it can help to prevent hypos from ever occurring.

The hypoglycaemic benefit balances the blood sugar levels and reduces the resistance to the insulin that is in the body. The muscles will be able to absorb more of the glucose, rather than causing problems within the whole body.

Those with a family history of Type II diabetes or drinkers will find that drinking the tea can help to reduce the chances of developing the condition. If you’ve had gestational diabetes or are warned that you are prediabetic, you’ll also find drinking the tea regularly beneficial.

Improve the Look of Your Skin and Hair

Beauty and Fresh MG

Not all of the health benefits are inside of you. You’ll also find that the tea improves some of your looks. Your skin and hair will both benefit from all the nutrients.

First of all, you’ll get more hydration by drinking the tea regularly. Better hydration makes both the skin and hair look better. Your skin is able to produce more collagen, which helps to keep it flexible and reduces the signs of aging. Your hair’s oil production will remain at the optimum level, so it doesn’t dry out.

Now let’s consider the nutrients within the tea, especially the zinc. Zinc is a healing agent and has been known to help improve various skin conditions. Not only will this help to improve the look of psoriasis and eczema, but you’ll also find that smaller issues like pimples and acne will also improve. Zinc is also an excellent topical treatment for sunburn and uneven skin tones.

As for the hair, the nutrients to improve the look include potassium, calcium, zinc, and copper. These nutrients work together to improve the growth of the hair, so it is thicker and stronger. You’ll find that you have fewer split ends and hair loss isn’t as much of an issue. You’ll still lose some hair but at a natural level.

You may also find that the tea improves your dandruff. Inflammation has been linked to skin cell destruction and blockage of hair follicles. By reducing the inflammation, you’ll find that the side effects aren’t an issue.

Add More Rooibos Tea to Your Diet

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You don’t need to replace every cup of tea or coffee you drink with rooibos tea, but it will be beneficial to replace some. The tea is more refreshing, so you’ll feel like you’ve had more liquid throughout the day. This can instantly help your energy levels and mental health.

All the health benefits above have been proven through research. There are so many minerals that you can instantly improve your overall health. You’ll heal more skin ailments through the zinc and keep pain to a minimum.

The benefits above will help to improve your ability to sleep. Your mental state is just right to keep your stress levels to a minimum, while your physical health is supported through the improve immune system. It’s time to fight those colds, improve your breathing, and lower your risk of various health problems with the help of this one tea.

What’s your excuse for not adding it to your diet on a daily basis? Even just once a day is better than nothing at all.

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