Making Your Eyelashes Look Longer Naturally: Your One-Stop Guide

Last Updated: 13th October 2016

You probably already use mascara to make your eyelashes look thicker and longer. You may even use false eyelashes for the same thing. What is our obsession with making our eyelashes look longer and more luxurious?

Eyelashes have both an aesthetic and biological need. Here’s all you need to know about eyelashes and how to make them look longer. There are even some trips from the stars to make your eyelashes stand out.

Why Exactly Do We Have Eyelashes?

Eyelashes aren’t just there for aesthetic needs. While you want them to look good and may be concerned about their colour, they also have a practical reason for being there. They help to protect the eyes from damage and irritation. Of course, the irony is that they can also cause an irritation when they fall off and get caught within the eye socket!

The eyelashes help to prevent pollen, dust, and many other particles from getting into the eye. This may be from particles on a pillow or while blowing around in the wind. They’re not perfect, but they certainly help to limit the amount of dirt and pollen that would usually get into the eye and irritate it.

Lashes will also help to prevent the eyes from drying out, again by protecting them. This can help reduce irritation, as dry eye often causes itchiness and sore spots. At the same time, they’ll collect sweat and rain to ensure they don’t get into the eyes, causing dirt and bacteria to get in as well.

Having longer and fuller eyelashes is certainly more beneficial. They are able to catch more, protecting the eyes much better than if they were thin and wearing away. One study even showed that the thicker false lashes could help to protect the eyes further!

Eyelashes and Sensitivity

The lashes on your eyes are extremely sensitive. Touch them now, and you’ll realise right away that your fingers are there. They are connected to tiny nerves, and this is another aspect to help protect your eyes. The sensitivity can help to alert you to danger before it gets into your eye.

This is more beneficial if you have small particles coming towards you at a fast rate. Your lashes will sense them, and you’ll either move your head or close your eyes so your eyes aren’t damaged.

Think of your eyelashes like whiskers on a cat!

Shielding Your Eyes from the Sun

Your eyes are sensitive to the sun’s rays. In fact, the UV rays can be extremely damaging to the retinas, so you should wear sunglasses to protect them.

Your body will work to help protect your eyes naturally. The eyelashes do some of that for you, by shielding the eyes from the sun. The eyebrows and forehead will also work with you to do this, and your hair may sometimes help to depend on the haircut.

Make You Look Beautiful

There is no denying that your eyelashes are used to enhance beauty. Like eyebrows and hair, they can be tinted, dyed, shaped, and cut to make your eyes stand out. You can even have false lashes to help accentuate your look and personal style.

Thicker and longer eyelashes are often considered more beautiful. If you want to stand out and attract others, you’ll want to know how to make your lashes look longer and better.

There are plenty of celebrities who use their eyelashes to enhance their beauty. Here’s a look at the best ones and how they manage it.

The Best Celebrity Eyelashes

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars around the world. She is forever in the news for her great hits and fast-paced love life. She’s also there for her beauty, and her eyelashes are to die for. The good news is that there’s no need to invest in fake eyelashes or expensive mascara to get Swift’s look. She does one simple thing with the eyelash curlers: turn them upside down!

After curling her upper lashes, she’ll turn the curlers upside down and do her bottom lashes. This adds a shape on both sides, making both of her lashes look longer and more appealing to others.

Eye shadow can sometimes fall onto the lashes, and make them look lighter and thinner than they really are. Even the best mascara doesn’t always cover this mistake up, and you’re left with either having to deal with it or remove your makeup and start again. There’s no need to do this.

All you need is a post-it or cloth to cover your eyelashes. When you apply the makeup, the eyeshadow will fall onto the post-it, and then you can just remove. Your eyelashes will be ready for the mascara.

Opting for the fake lashes is something that celebrities love. They can quickly make their eyelashes look thicker, and even choose different colours and details on the small hairs. Eva Longoria always chooses a smoky look when opting for fake eyelashes to help them look thicker and darker.

Sam Faiers went one step further with fake eyelashes to make sure they look luxurious. She opted for making her own glue, which is much kinder to the skin. Her range is made of latex and doesn’t go right into the follicles. Instead of having no lashes at all when removing the fake ones, she now has beautiful, soft eyelashes still. The glue also has vitamins to help protect and nourish the real eyelashes.

Sienna Miller doesn’t believe in using full sets of false lashes. Instead, she opts for a few individual ones. This helps her to focus on the outside edges, where they need to look thicker.

Protecting Your Eyes After Extensions

The majority of celebrities will opt for eyelash extensions. They will have to maintain their current eyelash health to make sure the extensions look natural, beautiful, and soft.

Rather than stick on fake lashes, the extensions will require the expertise of a beautician. You’ll need to book an appointment with someone who is experienced in this line of work, and find out the type of adhesive that is used. All celebrities recommend that you stay away from anything with formaldehyde as it is extremely damaging to the body.

You’ll also need to avoid any type of water for 24-48 hours after the application! This can be hard for some, but it even involves avoiding washing your hair as there are high chances that the shampoo and water will run over your eyes. Avoid anything that involves sweating, too. This includes the sauna and those yoga sessions. Don’t worry, it’s not forever!

When you have showered after your 48 hour period, you’ll want to invest in an eyelash curler. They’ll need reshaping each time, as the weight of the water and the extensions can drag them down. You can also use a comb to work your way gently through them, and have a hairdryer on a cool setting to help dry them quickly for shaping.

Use an eyelash conditioner on your own eyelashes. This will help to protect their health since they may dry out due to the adhesive and extensions. Think about how you need to protect your hair and nails when you get extensions on them. Strong real eyelashes will help to support the extensions for longer.

How Do You Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer and Thicker?

It’s time now to focus on making your own eyelashes look longer and thicker. Getting extensions may be the way of the celebrities, but we can’t all afford that, can we? Nor do we have the ability to follow the dos and donts of applying them! So, here are practical steps that you can take to make your eyelashes look thicker, longer, and more beautiful.

Some of these tips you’ll have access to right away, while others you’ll need a few new items that won’t cost you an absolute fortune.

Start Using Baby Powder

This may sound strange, but putting a bit of baby powder into your eyelashes will help to make them appear thicker. Curl and apply mascara first, and then tip an old mascara brush into your baby powder and apply directly to the top lashes. Act as if it’s normal mascara! You can use a Q-tip if you don’t have access to an old mascara brush.

Now add another layer or two of mascara and brush through gently. Now you have thicker eyelashes with very little effort.

Add Some Brown to the Tips

Have you noticed that you can get different coloured mascaras in the shops? These aren’t just for people who want to do something quirky for a night out. They will help you boost the length of your eyelashes naturally.

You just need some black and brown mascara. Start by applying the black as normal and then apply the brown just to the tips. This is something all the pros do, so it’s time to use it to your advantage.

You can also get multiple colours to make your lashes look longer and to give yourself a different look. Apply black to the outside edges and then brown in the middle. You could even do dark blues or dark greens to add that little beauty extra. Watch out with doing too many colours or using the wrong ones together. You can make your eyelashes look smaller if the colours are too light or work against each other.

Don’t forget to use your curler before you apply your mascara. This is a must, as it will help to shape your eyelashes and make them stand out just right. You don’t need to use it on a daily basis. Giving your eyes a break will be good for them.

Don’t Rush Your Job

Never ever rush your mascara application. This is the biggest mistake that people make and only ends up with your eyelashes clumping together.

Get close to the mirror and watch as the brushes go along the whole line. You’ll notice just how long your eyelashes really are and avoid accidentally missing sections. By catching the whole length, you’ll make it all standout.

If you’re in a rush, focus on the mascara and then rush through everything else. Just put your mascara as the most important part of your makeup routine.

Stop Using So Much

Extra mascara isn’t going to make your eyelashes look thicker. Instead, it will make your lashes look clumpy and tiny. It’s time to focus on the amount of mascara that you use.

Wipe off excess from the brush of starting with. This is especially important if you’ve just bought a new mascara. Don’t apply more than three or four strokes of the liquid onto your lashes. As above, you’ll really need to take your time to help decide whether you need the extra layers after the first one or two.

Start Wiggling the Wand

Remember your eyelashes are hair. When you wiggle your hands through your hair, you make it look thicker. The same applies to your eyelashes. While applying the mascara, wiggle the wand as it goes through your eyelashes to make them appear thicker than they usually look.

Star the wiggle from the base of your eyelashes, all the way to the top. If you work your way through your eyelashes slowly, you’ll be able to see the mascara and wand do all the work for you. You can also use this trick with the others above.

Don’t Forget Your Eyeliner

Getting thicker lashes isn’t just about using mascara. You’ll also need to pull out the eyeliner, and apply it directly on the upper lid. Lift the lid so you can apply the eyeliner along the base of the top lashes. Take your time because this can be tricky at first.

A liquid or pen liner will work easier while you get used to the trick. They are also usually thicker to help create that look that you have lots of lashes at the base.

Black eyeliner is great for those with darker eyelashes. If you have lighter ones, opt for brown eyeliner to help create the thicker look. Make sure you have some brown mascara to work with the eyeliner!

There you have the secrets to longer, thicker looking eyelashes. Follow the tips of the celebrities, especially if you’re going to use false lashes or extensions. You can do it with items you already have, or just by buying a couple extra items for your makeup bag. There’s no need to spend a fortune to make your eyelashes stand out, and you’ll even help to protect your eyes from the sun, dirt, and pollen around.

There's no need to apply lengthening serums to make your eyelashes look longer and thicker. It should be easy to take a little bit of your time everyday to spend more time perfecting your eyelash makeup. Doing this shouldn't only improve the overall look of your lashes, it should also keep your natural ones intact.

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