Keeping Your Kids Healthy When They Go Back to School



While many parents are eagerly awaiting when they can send their children back to school in person, many are equally anxious about their child potentially catching COVID-19. Kids love to touch different things and be close to their friends, leading to an increased risk of getting sick. If you’re wondering how you can prepare your child to safely go back to the classroom, here are three tips to keep them healthy and happy.

Make Hand Washing Fun

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), everyone should be washing their hands for 20 seconds before and after touching food, using the bathroom, and many other circumstances. This can be overwhelming for little ones who usually find the task to be more of a chore than a fun activity. To be sure that your child will follow hand-washing rules when they’re out of your site, try to make hand washing an enjoyable task. 

One way to increase its fun factor is by adding a song. Here is a list of songs that you can teach your kiddos that last 20 seconds. If they enjoy the song, they’ll enjoy getting a chance to sing along. If you are worried that they will still not wash their hands enough, think about providing your child with a hand sanitizer that smells good and looks fun. There are some with glitter and fun colors that will attract your child, and they may be more likely to use it. 

Help Them Learn What 6 Feet Look Like

Staying six feet away from friends might be the most difficult part of going back to the classroom. They’ll be tempted to give hugs and high-fives, so you must stress the importance of staying six feet back. Give them long-distance greeting options, like fun waves and dances they can do from afar. Additionally, teach them what six feet apart looks like. Practice having them guess how far it is with two stuffed animals, then measure the distance they guessed with a tape measure and adjust. Do this at least once a day in different locations around the house until they can consistently put the toys about six feet apart. 

Make Wearing a Mask Easy

Wearing a mask can be annoying for adults, let alone children, but the CDC recommends that people over the age of two should wear one. Make it as easy as possible for your kids. The first step is to get masks that are made for children, and a lot of them. Kids’ KN95 masks like the ones from Green Supply are important for staying on the face and being effective, as they are specially made to fit their features. 

Teach them to keep it on, and to replace it if it gets dirty, falls on the ground, etc. Consider getting your child’s favorite color or pattern so they enjoy wearing it. Lastly, think about attaching a lanyard to the mask so if it does fall or they have to take it off while eating, it does not hit the ground or touch any unclean surfaces. 

Until we have reached herd immunity or there is a vaccine approved for children, it is key to stress the importance of following recommended guidelines for the prevention of spreading COVID-19. As we all look forward to a return to normalcy, keep your kids healthy by encouraging safety and staying informed on local updates.


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