How To Keep Sexually Healthy All Year Round



Sexually Healthy All Year Round

Age is just a number, even when it comes to your sex life. A person’s overall well-being is highly affected by sexual health according to the World Health Organization, and it’s only right to satisfy your needs with the right tools. From self-help books to sex toys, there’s a lot of ways to keep yourself sexually healthy all year round. We rounded up a few tips to help you along the way.


Study the basics 

First things first: what is sexual health? It’s a broad subject that spans the state of your reproductive system, sexuality, and sexual satisfaction. Contrary to common belief, being sexually active or having fully-functioning reproductive organs don’t automatically mean you’re sexually healthy. Being aware of the risks from unprotected sex and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), knowing how your sex organs work, getting regularly tested, and understanding your preferences and orientation are just some of the many steps towards a stable and healthy disposition on sex. 


Get tested

Once you start having sex, make it a point to get screened for STDs on a regular basis. Some common infections, like HPV (Human Papillomavirus), chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes, may be asymptomatic. Experiencing little to no symptoms still puts your partners at risk of catching an infection, especially if you’re not using any kind of protection. Be a responsible adult and check with your healthcare provider where you can get a swab or blood test for STD.


Love your body

Ever heard of the phrase “Your body is a temple”? Now’s the time to follow through with this message. Learning your body’s capabilities lets you improve your experiences and eases the limits that come with age. Multiple and regular orgasms help regulate menstrual cycles, boost fertility, and get rid of headaches or any flu symptoms among others. Just research erogenous zones and find your favorite spot to experience ecstasy like no other.


Explore your sexuality

For those on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, sexuality can be a confusing subject. The road to determining one’s sexual preference isn’t the same for everyone, but it is an interesting path, to say the least. Even non-sexual activities can help reaffirm and express your choices. This can do wonders for your self-esteem and make you more comfortable with your sexual orientation and identity, which then greatly improves any sexual experience. 


Play around with sex toys

If you’re the busy type and want an orgasm that’s quick and efficient, sex toys are a must-have!. We compared two professional items that are currently selling like hotcakes:


Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Waiting too long for Prince Charming? Take matters into your own hands. The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation has a no-contact sucking motion that can help catapult you to climax. Enjoy up to 11 vibrations with this discreet toy’s pressure wave stimulation. 


Magic Wand Hitachi Vibrator

The quintessential favorite, Magic Wand Hitachi Vibrator, is packed with a powerful motor that will send you straight to heaven. Hold this body massager against a sore spot for more pressure, and then move it however you want for maximum pleasure. The result is an earth-shattering climax.


Nurture a loving relationship

If you have a partner, maintaining a loving and physically affectionate relationship may get harder through the years. Patience can run thin and little annoyances can fester like an angry mold. Instead of picking a fight over arbitrary things, try to look at the silver lining. Be present, appreciative, and understanding as much as you can. Never leave any room for regret.


Chill out!

The best way to be sexually healthy regardless of the season is to relax. Sex doesn’t have to be with a partner, nor does it have to be orgasmic. Sexual performance anxiety, vaginismus, and general overthinking are just some of the many reasons that might be stopping you from enjoying the act. As long as you enjoy it, do you! All you need is to sit back and let your body do the talking. 


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