All About HCG Diet – The Basics of How to Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself


Many people, today, still struggle to lose weight, even with the option of dieting and exercising. Gaining weight is easier than losing it. Those with this problem have tried quite some ways without any success. They have tried going to the gym, eating vegetables, doing some regular and the like, with no positive results. Others have hired trainers to try and cut weight and regain their confidence. This has cost them much. Poor eating habits have always been the major cause of weight gain. It is never too late to start a weight loss program that works.

Eating well plus proper exercise usually leads to losing the excess weight. But the question remains, do we do it the right way? You do not need to struggle losing weight in the gym or starve yourself. There is an easy and effective way and solution lies in the HCG diet plan. Few people have heard about it. In that case, there needs to be more awareness about this weight loss diet plan. In our discussion, we are going to get to know more about the HCG diet and its benefits.

What HCG Diet Is and How to Go About It

Human Chronic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone, which women produce during pregnancy. It is extracted from the urine of pregnant women, 11 days after conception. It is also called 500-calorie diet, paired with a daily injection of HCG. Their main use is to treat fertility issues, but it recommends less calorie consumption. It is effective for those who want to lose weight. Its restriction is taking from 500 to 800 calories a day.

You are also restricted from using oil, body lotions, and hygiene products. One is also required to consume only one vegetable per meal. The people, who follow a diet with low-calorie, experience drastic weight loss within a short time. In fact, they lose one pound a day. The Proper type of exercises is also required when one is doing the HCG diet.

Types of HCG Diet Phases and What They Mean For Your Diet Plan

Dr. Simeons was the founder of these HCG hormones. What he did not do is to explain them in phases. This is per his book Pounds and Inches. But later, Kevin, an author outlined HCG in phases. He put them into three phases. His was only a framework, but the ultimate authority was the creator who is Dr. Simeons. These phases are;

Phase 1

It is an invention of author Trudeau. It is the preparatory and cleansing phase. His recommendation was helpful to many for they help in speeding up weight loss. It is not from the original idea of Dr. Simeons. They are expensive, complicated, and to make the matter worse they are time-consuming.

Phase 2

This phase is in divisions of three. They help the consumers to know what they are doing. The phase is also divided into three phases which are:

Loading phase – It takes up the first two days. One begins by taking HCG drops. It is a loading phase, as you consume loads of high-fat foods to replenish your healthy reserve fat.

Core phase – It lasts for 30-days. You are to continue taking HCG drops and eat a special diet of 500 calories. This makes you lose weight and thus feel more comfortable.

Taper phase – It lasts for two days. You to continue taking 500 calories but stop taking HCG drop.

Phase 3

This is the stabilizing phase. You are to stop taking HCG drops and eat anything apart from starch and sugar. It lasts for three weeks, and the purpose is to stabilize one’s new weight. You start taking the HCG drops if only you want to start off again the diet.

Phase 4

It is the maintenance phase. You are to return to the normal diet. Here, you must maintain the new weight. You do not take HCG drops anymore, and you are not restricted to any diet. Just eating healthy and staying active. It lasts for three weeks after which you return to another round of HCG drops diet.

HCG drops – How to Choose the Best in the Market

They are just drops which are put under the tongue. But they must contain hormones. The ingredients in HCG are Human Chronic Gonadotropin, vitamins, and minerals. HCG drops occur in their purest form. They should be 100% pure. For you to know real and pure HCG drop, you must get a pharmaceutical grade HCG. Second, it must be a product of US but not in the third world countries. And finally, they must get approval from FDA.

HCG drops come in two forms that are homeopathic HCG and non-homeopathic. Their difference comes in the level of concentration of hormones. Non-homeopathic variety is the best for those who want to lose weight in a drastic manner. It stands to be the best compared to the others.

HCG Drops Supplements – How to Take Them For Your Weight Loss Program

Once in the diet, you are supposed to take a dosage of 15 drops per day. Together with the drops, one is also required to take a diet with 500 to 800 calories. The best thing about this is that it is effective and has the approval of Food and Drugs Administration. The supplements are in phases. During the preparatory phase, you are to take a lot of water for intoxication. One is also to take yerba mate tea, coconut oil, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

In the second phase, you should take fatty foods, consume a lot of carbohydrates, and drink at least 64 ounces of water. Besides that, you need to exercise a lot for the diet plan to work.

During the stabilizing phase, supplements can do much harm. Per Dr. Simeons, you should not take any medication or supplements without the prescription from a physician. Avoid oils, sugar, and starch.

HCG Injections

Apart from taking a diet, plan by way of a meal, the patient can opt for injection. The dose that you require may be administered to the patient using a sterile needle. The administration must be as the medical professional directs. This will help in prescribing the right dosage to the patient. Just like any other dosage, the diet dose varies depending on the medical need of the patient. When taking the dosage, there are quite some considerations, especially to the patient. The medical history and current weight are the main considerations. The diet plan, done by injection, can be performed by the patient or the doctor, with no extra cost on your part.

HCG Diet Pellets

HCG is all about taking fewer carbohydrates and having plenty of water. We have seen it is consumed in many forms. HCG pellets are the best of all. Why? They are the most effective. They have worked well to those who have used it. They come in a small size for easy usage. They do it by increasing fat metabolism. This reaction leads to weight loss for the patient. HCG contains concentrated hormones, which are good in making the patient not feel hungry.

The consumer stays for hours without taking food. This is a challenge to most of the people. But it helps to lose extra calories in a bigger way. The reason as to why they are so effective is that they attack the fat reserves without touching the muscles. HCG pellets are to be taken before food. This helps the patient not to feel hungry for a long time.

By doing this, the body will be able to metabolize the excess fat deposits, making them useful to the body. The fat is converted into useful energy. Those who have used the product have experienced effective weight loss. Apart from the positive effects of the pallets, on weight loss, it has no other side effects or allergies. It is, thus, highly recommended for those with weight loss problems.

The pellets are not to be swallowed for they can react with the acids found in the stomach. If they react with the acid, they will not have any effect to what they are needed for. They are placed under the tongue and dissolve by themselves. The only disadvantage that comes with HCG pallets is, once you buy the product, there is no money-back guarantee.

HCG Diet Plans and Protocols to Follow in Your Weight Loss Program

There are a good number of diet plans and protocols. The question one may ask is, which one is the best? The good thing is that you have varieties to choose from. What you need to do is to assess your weight loss needs, before selecting a plan and protocol to follow. The weight loss issue has been the biggest challenge to many. Luckily, there are different solutions and weight loss programs that work. They have done it by giving a variety of HCG protocols.

Now people are free to choose what is good to them, in relation to their weight loss program. You must open your mind while choosing the best diet plan. Understanding your needs is the most important. You should not choose a plan that forces you to do too much but which requires less effort from your side. Having that in mind we have quite some the plans and protocols which you need to choose from. Apart from the Dr. Simeons, HCG Diet pellets protocols, and Kevin Trudeau HCG diet plans and protocols, the below also part of that:

• HCG Sublingual Drops – Involves the use of drops instead of injection of HCG for your weight loss program. The drops are formed by mixing the pure HCG with alcohol so that it can be absorbed with ease in the mouth.

• HCG diet for vegans – It is to be taken strictly by vegetarians and as developed by Dr. Simeons. Although it is for vegetarians, it includes dairy products. It is a 45-day diet where patients go through different phases.

• HCG true diet – It is a modification of the Dr. Simeons HCG diet by Dr. Robert True and provides a better and safer experience for patients.

• Hormone Free HCG drops- It does not have the same effect as the real HCG. That does not mean you will not lose weight, but you will experience other effects. During the dosage, you will experience hunger, and you will not lose the weight you want. With the drops, you lose your muscle and some fat. Later, you can regain them.

Among others, these are just some of the common plans and protocols. The difference they have is how they are administered and the sources of HCG. Looking by one of the examples, we have HCG for vegetarians. This is for those who do not consume meat. The first protocol was that of Dr. Simons, as we have seen above. He was followed by Kevin Trudeau who has given a good overview of the plan. As we can see, they are so many, but none is wrong.

It is vital for you to choose which plan suits you per your need. You should also choose the plan or the protocol; consider the methods of administration, as they are quite a number. The most used are the HCG injections and the diet drops. Diet pallets are not common but they are effective. To lose weight fast, you must look and understand the right plan and protocol, before you start.


In summary, we have seen what HCG is, where we get it, and what its purpose is. For those who want to lose weight then HCG diet is the best. As we have seen it must go hand in hand with another supplement to work. You must follow all the phases to get the best results you intend. Try the HCG diet to stay healthy.

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