Embarking On A Raw Vegan Lifestyle


Last Updated: 30th April 2018

Some people take longer to adapt or transit to a raw vegan lifestyle, you have to listen to how your body feels or react and eat accordingly. Hoping on the raw vegan wagon is not for everyone but this form of eating is the kindest and most gentle to our body.

I would not call this a diet as you want to focus on your energy level, productivity and feel good. The weight will come off once you focus on the positive effect and outcome, not physical.

Physical shape or look is just one element to show that you are healthy. Feeling good is more important than looking good.

Once you feel good and feeling a burst of energy, you will naturally fall into great shape gradually but surely.

Health is your foundation

Everything we do in life is dependent on our health. Time, family, friendship, love, or even money – we cannot enjoy any of these without our health. We need to be sure we take our health seriously before it is too late.

I always tell my family and friends that prevention is key and not cure.

Once you are sick, it is hard to play ‘catchup”. Food is our fuel to move forward in our lives and with the right foods, we can excel and succeed in life with a positive, clear mind and an energetic and healthy body.

Healthy does not mean expensive

Not everything has to be organic. I would recommend to juice or blend your greens, e.g. organic baby spinach and berries for high antioxidant foods. Please do not let the word “organic” stop you from wanting to be healthy even with a tight budget.

You are worth every penny spent for your health and well-being. Our body is not “cheap”, so you want to put high quality foods in your meals.

Treat it as an long term investment for your body, as medical bills can wipe out your savings in a short span of a few days or months, amounting from 100k or more,

This is a brief guide that you can follow:

Breakfast: Green smoothie (recipe below)

Tea break: An assorted plate of fruits you love

Before dinner: Green juice in the late evening.

Dinner: as per normal but do try and avoid fried foods and desserts at the very least.

Recipe for Green smoothie:

1 cup of Dinosaur Kale or Baby spinach

2 frozen Bananas

1/2 cup of Pineapple

1/2 cup of unsweetened Almond milk

Booster: 1 tbsp of Chia seeds (omega-3)

Blend till smooth and enjoy.

Try this simple plan out and see how you feel after 1-2 weeks. You might experience some light headaches or sleepiness during this period as your body is detoxing.


Once your body has adapted to it, you will start to feel cleaner, lighter and a lot more energetic, so much so that you have the energy to spend quality time with your family and stay focus and productive at work.

Alicia LipStaying Raw

Once you get used to this lifestyle, it will do wonders to your health and body not only temporarily but in the long run. The effects will also last for many years to come and you will enjoy it especially when you age.

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