What Are Diet Pills And Are They Safe


diet-pills-image-design-1\The basics of weight loss include moving more and eating less. It seems simple enough, right?

Well, unfortunately, it is hard. If it were really that easy, we’d all be perfectly shaped and happy with our bodies. That just isn’t the case, so we know that moving more and eating less is a great start but it takes more.

Rather than going through the hard work, people start focusing on “miracle cures” and quick fixes. Diet pills are extremely popular. Whether they’re “natural” remedies to stop eating so much or quick fixes to boost the metabolism, these diet pills have become a talking point in weight loss support groups and medical forums.

Do diet pills really work? What exactly do they do and are they really safe for you to take? Are those horror stories of comatose patients and life-threatening conditions real?

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about  and the safety of them.

The Miracle Cure for Weight Loss?

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There are many people who view diet pills as that miracle cure for weight loss. The pills are supposed to make it easy—you get to eat what you want, and you will see the pounds drop off.

The truth is that there is no miracle cure. These pills aren’t just going to make you lose weight with no effort at all. If there really were a miracle drug, everyone would take it, and obesity wouldn’t be the major global issue that it currently is!

So, what exactly are diet pills? How do they work for a person and do they really help you lose weight?

There are different types of diet pills out there. Some will work through curbing your appetite, while others boost your metabolism or work as supplements to reduce the amount you eat on a daily basis. They help to burn more calories than you intake, whether through food or drink. There are some pills included as part as an overall diet plan and others that you buy over the counter to take with your regular diet.

Appetite suppression diet pills tend to be the most favoured. They help to send signals to your brain that you’re not as hungry as you should be. You’re encouraged to eat less throughout the day, sometimes feeling like you’re ready to burst when you’ve finished just half of your meal. You’re encouraged to eat fewer calories than your body burns.

There is the need to follow a healthy diet, though. If you eat high-calorie food, you won’t necessarily eat fewer calories than your body needs. While you eat less, you’re still consuming high-calorie ingredients.

Pills that speed up the metabolism will help your body burn more calories throughout the day. Rather than reducing the calories you eat, you still create a calorie deficit while eating the same food you used to do.

They can work, but you still need to know how many calories your body needs on a daily basis. Work with that figure to make sure you create a deficit and see the weight drop off.

Those that supplement meals are designed to be taken instead of eating meals. You may take one or two a day and then have an actual meal at the start or end of your day. These supplements aren’t always in pill form. To make it feel like you’re having something substantial, they are in liquid or shake form to help with your weight loss.

While you may think these can help, you need to check the details of the plan. It’s also important to discuss things with your doctors.

Not all of these diet pills are safe for use.

But Don’t Doctors Prescribe Weight Loss Pills?

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If your BMI is over 30, you will be classed as obese. This opens you up to so many health risks, including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks.

Doctors want to get you to a healthier weight as soon as possible, so they use diet pills to help with that. These pills have been tested and medically approved to help you lose weight—and work through the methods above.

The difference with these is that you’re completely monitored while taking them. Your doctor will choose pills that work with current health conditions. Your other medication and current dietary needs are taken into account when prescribing the pills. You also get medically approved recommendations for taking them.

In some cases, you may be offered a diet plan that works with your pills. Some people are even offered the chance to join weight loss groups or healthy eating plans to help make sure the diet pills are supported, and your weight comes off naturally.

Once your BMI is under 30, you may be taken off the pills. Your mindset and mental wellbeing will be considered at all times, and doctors have a full record of everything you are taking.

While the diet pills may not be the best thing to take, your health is put first. This is more than can be said when you buy pills over the counter or even online.

You Need to Be Open With Your Doctor

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If your doctor is considering diet pills, you’ll need to honest and open. There are lots that your doctor will need to know to make sure any type of pill given is safe for you to consume. You’ll need to be open about:

  • Past medical conditions
  • Family history
  • Current mental wellbeing
  • Issues with diets and diet conditions
  • Allergens
  • And more

You doctor will run through a series of questions to make sure any decision made is safe for you in the long term. The last thing anyone wants is to create future problems.

Not everyone with a BMI over 30 will be offered diet pills. There may be other methods that your doctor will want you to try first. Not only are they sometimes healthier for you overall, but they can help your mindset. They focus on being more active and finding ways to achieve weight loss yourself. Give them a good go if your doctor recommends them over diet pills.

Here’s a look at some of the most common weight loss pills on the market.

Natural vitamin pills


The pills stop the body from absorbing the fat that you eat. You’ll get the branded name Xenical with a prescription or Alli without one. The over-the-counter version has half the orlistat than the prescription version because it won’t be tracked as much as the prescription version.

The good news is that this has been approved for long-term use. There are some side effects, but the majority of them will subside when you stop taking the medication and won’t lead to future illnesses. You may find that you have more bowel movements or find that you can’t control them as well as you used to be able to. Many people choose to wear incontinence pads because leaky and oily stools are common.

You may also experience some gas problems or cramping. The side effects are common in those who have a high-fat diet so you could look at changing to high-protein and high-fibre diets instead.

There are rare cases of liver problems when taking this drug. If you are taking an over-the-counter version of it, you should make sure your doctor is away.

Because of the bowel movements, the drug can stop you from absorbing all the vitamins and minerals you’ll need from your food. Take a multivitamin with each dosage of orlistat to help absorb more.

There are no other U.S-approved drugs that will stop the absorption of fat like this. All the rest are designed to curb the appetite.


This appetite suppressant is suitable for the long-term. The aim is to make you feel like you need to eat less, which should mean that you eat fewer calories on a daily basis.

Some of the side effects include a headache, nausea, and fatigue. This is often because people don’t end up drinking enough fluids throughout the day. You may also experience some constipation and dry mouth. It’s important that you keep your fluid intake up, even though you may not experience the same pangs that you would usually.

Surprisingly enough, the body hasn’t figured out a way to tell us we’re thirsty. Instead, it sends off signals that we’re hungry and we end up consuming more than we really need. Because we reduce the appetite, the body may not send off the same signals that we’re thirsty, and we end up experiencing signs of dehydration—the headaches and dizziness. This can lead to future issues of constipation because the bowels don’t get the fluid needed to make it easy to pass stools.

We could also end up eating less than our body needs. The appetite suppression doesn’t stop the body burning calories. If we don’t eat enough, we start to get tired, nauseous, and dizzy.

Those who have diabetes could also end up with low blood sugar, coughs, and back pain. The body doesn’t get everything that it needs on a daily basis to keep going.

We can also end up low in certain vitamins and minerals, especially the likes of vitamins C, D, and K and minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium. If you don’t get it from your food, you’ll need to make sure you take a multivitamin.

Those on depression medication can also find that the appetite suppressant interacts. This can lead to some confusion, fevers, and other serious reactions. If your doctor is aware of your depression medication—you should be upfront if you have recently changed doctors—you will be monitored closely to make sure your mental and bodily health are protected.

This diet pill isn’t successful for everyone. Those who don’t see any change within three months will be advised to stop taking it. It’s a relatively instant working drug, so if it hasn’t worked within this time, then it’s not going to work at all.

Your doctor will want to hear about any and all side effects that you have. Don’t be afraid to admit that it isn’t working for you, because it means that you need to try something different. If you’re experiencing terrible side effects, be honest about them. This is much better than trying to work through them and risk damage to your mental health.


This is actually the combination of bupropion and naltrexone.  Separately, the two drugs will help to treat opioid and alcohol dependency and help people stop smoking while treating season affective disorder, depression, and other mental illnesses. Together the two drugs will help to curb appetite so you lose weight.

Like Belviq, if you don’t see any results within three months, this isn’t going to work for you. You should see a 5% reduction in your bodyweight within the time period.

While it is approved for long-term use, there are side effects. Many are the same as ones already mentioned above. Remember that the appetite suppression doesn’t change your metabolic rate. Your body still needs the calories, and you’ll need to provide it with enough protein and fibre to keep you going through the day.

Unfortunately, there are warnings of depression, behavioral changes, and suicidal thoughts when taking this diet pill. If you have a history of these thoughts, please be honest with your doctor. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with depression, the drug can make it worse for you. Don’t be embarrassed about your previous thoughts. Your doctor is just there to keep you safe.

There are also risks of seizures, increased blood pressure, and increased heart rates. If you are worried, do discuss these with your doctor.


If you have Type 2 diabetes, you may already be aware of the drug Victoza. If not, then this is what is included in Saxenda. In fact, Saxenda is just a higher dosage of Victoza and helps to curb your appetite. It works by telling your brain that the stomach is full, mimicking the intestinal hormone’s job.

The side effects are extremely common to those experienced in other appetite suppressants. There are also risks of low blood pressure, and increased heart rate. In some cases, the appetite is increased, which leads to the increased consumption of calories. If you experience this side effect, discuss the drug or medical subscription with your doctor.

Doctors have seen serious side effects linked to the kidneys, gallbladder, and pancreas. There have also been linked to suicidal thoughts. Talk to your doctor if you have any pains or thoughts that aren’t normal for you.

You will be monitored at all times while taking this drug. Your doctor will be interested in your experiences throughout.

Unlike other drugs, this can take four months to see results, and you’ll only need to see a 4% reduction in your bodyweight to see if this is working. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to stop taking it and move onto a different type of drug.

Qsymia—Combination Drug

Qsymia is another combination drug suitable for long-term use. It combines phentermine (another appetite suppression drug) and topiramate. While topiramate is traditionally used for treating migraines and seizures, it has also been linked to weight loss. It helps to make food taste less appealing, so you don’t want to eat as much. You could change the way you think about sweets, chocolate, and other high-calorie snacks.

Topiramate is also linked to improving the metabolic rate. You’ll burn more calories while feeling the need to eat less. At the same time, the phentermine sends the signal to your brain that you’re fuller than you really are.

There are some common side effects linked to other appetite suppressants. You’re also at a risk of insomnia and tingling sensations in the hands and feet. You may find that your taste buds change, which we’ve mentioned is the way that the drugs work.

This drug does carry some serious side effects. You may be at a higher risk of suicidal thoughts. There are also risks to your eyes, which could include permanent vision loss. You’ll need to see an optician if you have any problems with your eyesight while taking the drug and be honest with the medication that you are taking.

Some people experience birth defects in their children, most commonly cleft lips and palates. With that in mind, you cannot take this drug if there is any chance that you are pregnant. Doctors will want you to take a pregnancy test before prescribing it, and you’ll need to have monthly pregnancy tests and use birth control at all times. If you are pregnant, you’ll be taken off the drug right away. It’s generally not safe to take any weight loss medication while pregnant due to the risks to the baby and the inability to absorb all your needed nutrients.

If there are any risks to your health, you’ll likely be given a different type of diet pill. This does increase the risk of developing hyperthyroidism, glaucoma and heart disease. You may also be at a higher risk of having a stroke.

You’ll be taken off the drug or receive an increased prescription if you haven’t lost 3% of your bodyweight within three months of taking it. If the increased amount doesn’t work within the next three months, you may be taken off it. It is a slower working one than some of the options mentioned above.


As mentioned in the drug Qsymia, this is another appetite suppression drug. You may find the brand names Adipex and Suprenza when you are prescribed it.

The downside to this drug is that it is for the short term only. In the majority of cases, it is used for a few weeks and is designed to help kick-start your weight loss efforts.

There are some serious side effects linked to the drug, including palpitations in your heart, high blood pressure, tremors, chest pain, and shortness of breath. You may find that the activities you’ve been able to do in the past are much harder.

If you work with heavy machinery, you won’t likely be prescribed this—or you’ll be asked to take time off work first. The drug makes you drowsy. There are also some very high risks of being dependent on the drug.

Where there is any history of heart problems or blood pressure issues, you won’t be prescribed the drug. You need to let your doctor know if there is anything that hasn’t been recorded or if you’ve changed doctor recently. You should also discuss any previous drug use history, especially dependency on drugs, or if you have glaucoma (or there is a history of it).

This isn’t just a weight-loss drug but an amphetamine, which does make it dangerous for long term use. Listen to your doctor and if prescribed it, stick to the rulebook.

You’ll Be Monitored With Prescribed Medication


You may focus on the side effects of the pills mentioned above. They’re not the only diet pills out there, but they are the most recommended options. This is because you’ll be monitored throughout. With many of them, you can only take them with a prescription. Your doctor will know all about the side effects and will make sure there are no risks to your health.

This is what makes them safer than many other diet pills out there.

You’ll also get them from recommended sources. You’ll need to buy them over the counter at drug stores or get them from registered and licensed pharmacists. Your doctor, your pharmacist, and you all know exactly what has been put on the drug before you consume it.

The danger with many that you buy online is that you have no idea what’s in them! They may be promoted as healthy, natural supplements and pills but what do you really know? How much can you trust those sites and companies that pop up around the world? After all, some countries are extremely lax on the medical requirements, especially when it comes to herbal treatments.

Let’s look at some of the other medications and diets pills available. Make sure you know the truth before you buy.

Garcinia Cambogia

This has become one of the most popular diet pills bought online. Dr. Oz featured it in 2012, promoting it as a natural way to lose weight. You see, the GarciniaCambogia is a fruit—it looks a little like a pumpkin but is green instead.

When it comes to diet pills, the extract of the fruit is used. It is then marketed as a diet pill but will include various other ingredients to make it work. Studies have shown that in animals it can help to reduce cravings, so you don’t feel the need to eat as much—especially the bad stuff. It can also help to limit the amount of fat that is produced while boosting the levels of serotonin in the body.

The truth about it? When it comes to human studies, dummy pills and the extract worked just as well as each other. If people think they’re getting something that helps them lose weight, they’re less likely to give in to cravings—or feel like they’re craving anything at all. The average weight loss by all was 2lbs over the course of several weeks.

The good news is that there were no serious side effects reported, just mild digestive discomfort. Because this has only been in mainstream studies for the last few years, it is difficult to know if there are any long-term effects of taking the natural options.

Just thought we’d mention, among Garcinia Cambogia supplements in the market, one stands out when we talk about effectiveness and it is Purity Garcinia Cambogia Pure Extract. Many users shared that it is non-stimulating, and customers actually say it has a mood boosting effect, helping you keep the positive, motivated mindset you need during your weight loss journey. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, it surely can help you reach your goal weight sooner.


This is one of the most popular products for weight loss that you can get over the counter. Hydroxycut has caffeine, plant extracts, and other ingredients that help to burn fat, speed up the metabolism and reduce the appetite.

Studies have even shown that it is effective, with people losing 21lbs in a 12-week period. The downside is that there are some side effects that you need to be aware of. It is linked to problems like nausea and diarrhoea. The issue comes from the caffeine, which is linked to jitters and tremors. It’s been linked to mood swings, irritability, and anxiety. If you are sensitive to caffeine, this isn’t going to be a diet pill option for you.

While it is popular and has been used for decades, it’s one of those diet pills that has little research on it. One study has shown it effective but there is nothing looking into the long term effects just yet.

Caffeine Pills

If you don’t want to risk Hydroxycut, you could consider standard caffeine pills or increase your general intake of caffeine on a daily basis. You see, caffeine is linked to a higher metabolic rate. It’s a stimulant and helps to get the body working at a more effective rate.

But you know there are going to be downsides, right? First of all, there are all the problems mentioned with Hydroxycut. You’ll get all the side effects of taking in too much caffeine into your system. If you are sensitive to it or you have too much on an empty stomach, you may find that your health deteriorates.

Caffeine can also lead to heart problems. Remember that it’s a stimulant and may lead to increased blood pressure. Doctors recommended that you limit your caffeine to just two-three cups of coffee a day.

You could switch to green tea to get some of the same metabolic boosts, but even then you need to watch the amount you drink. It still includes caffeine, and you’ll still need to listen to your mind and body.

There are risks of a crash during the day. You start to feel the need to drink more and may suffer the shakes or a feeling of being jittery either due to withdrawals or because you’ve had too much. There are the risks of insomnia and anxiety in thoughts in those who have intake far too much caffeine.

Studies have shown that caffeine can help to boost the metabolic rate. It speeds up the fat-burning process, which can see good weight loss results. However, there are risks to the health, and we don’t quite know all the long-term damage it can cause.

The great news is that you don’t need to spend money on a weight loss pill. In fact, you shouldn’t buy caffeine pills because you don’t know what you’re getting from it. I’ve already mentioned in passing that green tea could be an option. This tends to be a favoured option when using this weight loss “pill,” because you can get plenty of antioxidants from it at the same time. These antioxidants help to boost immunity and fight against cancer, offering so many extra health benefits with your weight loss.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones have become one of the latest diet pills on the market. They’re designed as another herbal, natural remedy for losing weight, working as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster.

When you open the tub, you’ll get a whiff of raspberries, because the pills are made of the substance found in the fruit. This is where the diet pills get their name from! There are both natural and synthetic forms available, so you’ll need to do your research to make sure that you get the right type for you.

The way that the pills make you lose weight is by isolating the fat cells and making them break down quicker. They turn into a hormone that you can burn off, so you don’t have to deal with the storage of fat in your body.

Do they really work? Well, people swear by them, but there’s no physical study yet to prove the effectiveness. There’s also no study into the long-term effects of them. These diet pills are so new that research is still being done. Bear that in mind when it comes to purchasing them.

The good news is that there are no reported side effects yet. You will need to make sure you take genuine raspberry ketones. One of the dangers of buying online is that you have no idea what you’re getting!


While many of the above work on boosting the metabolism and improving the fat burning process, this diet pill works by making you feel fuller. The glucomannan is found in elephant yam roots and is a type of fibre. You may know it by the name konjac.

Whichever way you know it, when digested it absorbs water and turns into a gel. It remains in your gut, so you feel like you’re fuller than you really are. You eat fewer calories, so you create a calorie deficit and lose weight. That’s great, but is it effective and safe?

Studies have shown that you can lose between 8 and 10lbs in the space of five weeks, so it does lead to a healthy and sustainable weight loss. In theory, it’s also healthy. Your body needs fibre to promote a healthy gut and bowels. It’s good for fighting against constipation, helps to regulate the blood sugar and will lower the amount of bad cholesterol in your blood.

So, what’s wrong with it? Well, those who have taken it have admitted to thebad wind, some bloating and soft stools. It can work a little like other fibresupplements, and may cause problems with vitamin and mineral absorption. If you take some oral medication, you may also find that it doesn’t quite work as it should. You should make sure you discuss taking this with your doctor if you are on any type of medication.

You can’t just take this as and when. It needs to be taken 30 minutes before any meal. This will help to get the gel to form in the digestive system so you don’t eat as much from your main meals.

So far, the long-term effects are unknown. You’ll also need to watch out for those selling dangerous versions of it online.


One of the newest diet pills on the market is known as meratim and helps to boost the metabolism of the fat cells in the body. It is another natural form, using plant extracts to help with weight loss. There are claims that it helps to stop the body absorbing fat cells, so you burn them instead of storing them.

The jury is still out on whether it is effective or not. There’s only been one study, and those in the study also had to follow a strict diet. Only 100 people took part in this study, with meratim and dummy pills being given. Those with the meratim did see an average of 11lb weight losses within 8 weeks of taking it. There were even health improvements, including lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Right now, there are no known side effects to taking the medication. It’s unknown whether the diet pills will lead to long-term health problems. As mentioned, it’s still new to the market.

Synephrine—Bitter Orange

Synephrine is a compound found in bitter orange (a type of orange).It’s a lot like ephedrine, an ingredient that used to be used in diet pills in the past. It’s worth pointing out that the ingredient has since been banned, due to some extremely serious side effects.

Does that mean bitter orange should be banned or avoided? Not quite. The synephrineisn’t had potent at ephedrine, so the side effects aren’t going to be as serious. But it is a case of buyer beware, and you need to keep checking your health and let your doctor know you’re using it for weight loss.

The synephrine works by not just boost fat burning abilities but also curbing the appetite. Unfortunately, there haven’t been many studies specifically into synephrine to show effectiveness or side effects. The studies were conducted into ephedrine, and while it proved to be effective, there were too many serious risks to the health. Most importantly, there were risks to the heart.

Ephedrine is still used in some medications, mostly for spinal anesthesia to prevent low blood pressure. Some of the side effects have included an increased heart rate and an inability to urinate. There are also links to hallucinations, anxiety, and insomnia. It is so bad that it has become illegal in the United States unless used with traditional Chinese medicine. Other countries haven’t made it illegal, but it is one of those cautious ingredients for medication.

Synephrine hasn’t caused the same ban, but studies are being done to make sure it is safe. There are warnings in place for those who have trouble with addictive stimulants or heart problems.

The jury is out overall. If you are going to take it, make sure you buy it from licensed and reliable sources. This is going to be extremely dangerous when mixed with other stimulant ingredients.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

This is one of the most effective weight loss pills and has been used for decades. It was once considered one of the healthiest options because of the trans fats found in it. Many of these fats are found in butter, cheese, and other fatty animal foods.

So, what’s the problem now? Well, there are some serious side effects that have been linked to long-term damage. It can cause the liver to become fatty and may lead to more inflammation in the body. There are also studies that have shown an increased chance of insulin resistance.

Does that mean you should completely avoid it? Well, when used under medical care, it could be beneficial. Studies have certainly shown that it can help people lose weight, possible with around 0.2lbs per week for a six-month period. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but slow and steady is recommended when it comes to weight loss.

It just depends on whether you believe the risks are worth it. Most doctors will tell you to now stay away from it with the long term problems being noted.

What About the Pills That Help You Lose 10lb in a Week?

Healtyy food versus medical pills.

Okay, so you know all about some of the most commonly marketed option, but what about those that aren’t really that well known? What about these aloe vera pills and the diet pills that tell you that you’ll lose 10lb or more in a week?

They sound like a miracle drug; like the option that you should turn to when you want that beach body. The truth is there are no pills that magically work like this. And those that do won’t help you in the long term.

In fact, any pill that does help you lose 10lb a week will not be safe for your body! Losing 10lb a week isn’t sustainable. You’ll not just lose fat, but you’ll lose muscle, water, and much more. You’ll start doing damage to your body and could completely change your metabolic rate. When you stop taking the pills, you end up gaining just as much as you lost.

On top of that, you gain medical problems in the future. You could find yourself gaining far more weight than you originally had and the pills don’t help you with healthy eating or changing your lifestyle habits. They can lead to serious heart conditions.

There are reports of marketing diet pills leading to strokes, comas, and even death. Young women have heart attacks. Runners just drop dead because their hearts give out. You know why? Because these pills contain so many chemicals that aren’t good for the body. They raise the heart rate and blood pressure to a level that the body can’t cope with or sustain.

What’s really bad is that these herbal remedies aren’t regulated. While they may be marketed as all natural, that doesn’t mean they definitely will be. There are lower standards on the marketing of these types of products, especially when you can buy them online from other parts of the world! It’s worth taking a look at the list of ingredients to make sure they really are natural. If you see any words that you can’t describe, they’re likely chemicals.

You see, some of these “all natural” products contain toxins and poisons. There are chemicals found in bleach and antifreeze, and we’d never digest them knowingly just to lose weight! Why do we consume them when mixed with other ingredients and marketed for weight loss?

In American, there are around 70 diet pills that have been found with illegal or dangerous drugs in them! Are you really going to put them into your body?

There aren’t the Same Guidelines or Advice

Young woman bites plate with pills

Even those diet pills that don’t have substances, toxins, and poisons in them, they still don’t have the same guidelines or advice that some of the other products already mentioned have. Some won’t even tell you how many to take on the packet, leaving you to make decisions or finding out online.

And how do you even know that you’re taking exactly what is written on the bottle? If you buy online, you run the risk of buying from unscrupulous sellers, just out to make money. And yes, this does happen! They have no interest in your health, so the onus is on you to do your research and put yourself first.

Your doctor won’t even know that you’re taking the medication unless you tell him. With that in mind, you may be prescribed medication that causes problems when mixed with the herbal or “natural” diet pills. Your contraceptive pill may not work properly, or you may suffer more insulin resistance so you don’t have the right level of diabetes medication. You may be left wondering why your blood pressure medication doesn’t work as it should, or why you’re suffering from more constipation despite the medication you take saying you shouldn’t.

Without the knowledge of the pills or knowing exactly what is in them, your doctor can’t make the best decisions when it comes to your prescription medication. Surgeons can’t make sure you don’t bleed out on the table, and hospitals don’t know what to do to help reverse side effects, especially when it comes to strokes and comas.

There are also the risks of not getting enough nutrients from your diet. The pills can prevent your body absorbing everything from your food, leaving you with deficiencies. You can end up extremely ill.

And for what? The perfect body? What’s the point in that when you’re left extremely ill and unable to enjoy life with that perfect body?

If you are going to use diet pills, your doctor is the best person to talk to. He may be able to recommend some over the counter options with your current medical conditions and needs in mind. If not recommend ones to choose, he may be able to recommend the ones to stay away from definitely.

Will You Try Out Diet Pills

For the majority of people looking for ways to lose weight and get a beach-ready body, healthy eating and more activity is the way to go. Those “magic pills” you find on the internet aren’t the safest of options because you simply don’t know what’s in them.

One of the best things to do is talk to a doctor. If you have a high BMI, it is possible that you will be put on some of the prescription diet pills or advised on some of the over the counter options available. At least you will be monitored for any side effects, and you know that there are studies in them.

If you choose herbal remedies, make sure you check all the ingredients included. Don’t trust the marketing is saying they’re all natural. You don’t know if that is definitely the case. There are people out there interested in making pills as cheaply as possible, even if that means putting illegal and dangerous substances in them.

When you are using them, follow the recommended guidelines. Don’t take more than it says on the packet in the hopes of losing more weight or losing it quicker. The studies have been conducted with the recommendations in mind, and there is no saying what the health risks could be if you take more. Diet pills—even those prescribed—are still medical drugs. They can still cause issues to the organs and mind. If you are unsure about the amount to take, discuss with your doctor or a licensed physician.

Put your health first. There are some diet pills out there that work by suppressing the appetite or boosting the metabolism, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be good for your health.

What Are Diet Pills And Are They Safe

For those seeking fast weight-loss results, diet pills are often seen as an effective and even desirable treatment. 

But, is the ability to lose 10 pounds in a week to fit into a wedding dress worth the potential side-effects? 

Read on to find out if diet pills are safe:

  • While most diet pills are available over the counter with very little oversight, it’s advisable to consult with your physician before you start taking them just to be on the safe side. They might contain compounds that could interact negatively with prescription medication that you’re taking, and this goes for herbal weight-loss remedies as well. 
  • Weight loss pills are typically not recommended for women that are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or breastfeeding. 
  • Weight loss pills are often recommended by doctors for patients that suffer from weight-related conditions such as Type-2 diabetes. However, you must have a minimum BMI of 30 and above if you want to take diet pills.
  • The most popular prescription diet drugs include; Qsmyia, phentermine, Saxenda, Contrave, Belviq, and orlistat. 
  • Common side-effects of diet pills include cramping, passing more bowel movements, inability to control bowel movements, and leaky oily stool. 
  • Although attractive, diet pills are costly and they come with undesirable side-effects. 
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