Best Filtered Water Bottle (All You Need to Know)filtered water


filtered-water-bottle-image-design-1You’ve likely heard that filtered water is the way to go. There are certainly many benefits, which we’ll go into shortly.

One of the biggest questions many people have is getting filtered water on the go. In the house, you have so much control. You can choose a specific type of jug to add to your fridge, and some even come built into appliances now. But what about when you go out?

While you can fill up a filtered water bottle from your filtering jug at home, you don’t have much control once you’re out of the house. You fill the water up from the nearest fountain and expect a cold, fresh mouthful of water. Instead, you can taste chemicals and dirt. That’s enough to put you off drinking water again!

The best news is you can get around this issue. Instead of buying any type of filtered water bottle, you need a filtered water bottle. We’ll go into all you need to know about the best- filtered water bottles on the market right now.

Treat yourself and get the tasty, fresh water you deserve.

Why Filtered Water?

water filtration system in laboratory

Let’s start with a look at the filtered water. What is the big deal about it?

There are debates over filtered water and whether it is better for you than tap water. Experts are on both sides. Tap water is full of minerals, which can be good for you. Fluoride is just one of those minerals, and water will also include some iron, copper, and calcium. But while in small amounts the minerals can be good for you, they can also be bad for you.

The minerals also make water taste different. Along with that, you get some trace amounts of chemicals and poison! Yes, tap water can have the likes of arsenic or mercury in it. You end up drinking it yourself and giving it to your children. And then you must deal with sulfur and other chemicals that leave eggy smells and tastes behind.

Tap water goes through some filtering, but it picks up things along the way. And you really have no idea of all and the quantity of chemicals in the water daily. So, you need to look at filtered systems.

Did you know that there are toxins and chemicals in water that can lead to stomach diseases and ailments? Those discomforts that you feel and the reasons for your food intolerances could be linked to some of the bacteria and toxins in your drinking water! These are factors that we don’t tend to consider. After all, why would water companies not get rid of harmful elements? Why wouldn’t our governments protect us from the potentially dangerous chemicals in drinking water? However, gastrointestinal problems increase by 33% because of the unfiltered tap water that we tend to drink daily.

And this is something that is supposed to make us healthier!

Filtering will help to collect all the bad, so you end up with only the water passing through into the glass. You’ll need to wash out the filter on a regular basis, but you’ll get to see just what is being picked up in your water stream: the stuff you’re drinking when you don’t have a filter in the way.

Filtered water is only used to be available in larger jugs. Now you can get them for your water bottle system. Take your filtered water on the go and fill up anywhere without having to worry. You won’t regret it!

Anyone will benefit from getting a filtered water bottle. This is something that is suitable for all ages and even for smaller children. It’s certainly suitable for those who like to hike or do a lot of walking or exercise. Those who just want to increase their water intake will also benefit.

But you need to find the right type of filtered water bottle for your needs. There are just so many filtered water bottles out there, how do you know which is the best? Here’s a look at the top options and where they support and fail your drinking needs.

Wait, Why Not Just Get Bottled Water?

water production line

Should we really bother with filtered water bottles when there is distilled or bottled water available to buy? Just what’s the point in spending money on a filtered system instead?

Well, distilled and filter water are not the same thing. Filtered water does allow some of the minerals to get through. You’ll only get the good ones that will protect your body, rather than the poisons and chemicals. You get fresh water without going through too many processes.

Distilled water will have a flat taste to it, due to the processes it goes through. It doesn’t taste fresh, and you can still have some of the chemicals like chlorine in the water. They tend to have a different boiling point to water, so burn off sooner and through the system. You also get rid of every mineral that is good for the body from the water.

Well, what about filtered tap water that is pre-bottled for you? Why not get that instead of putting it through your own system?

The bottled water is in a plastic bottle. That means you’re dealing with the chemicals in the plastic getting into your water. You’re also contributing to the problem of landfill. The plastic doesn’t breakdown that quickly. In fact, there are still bottles from decades ago trying to break down. Experts don’t know how long it takes to break plastic down and suggests it could take a lifetime. Do you really want to contribute to the growing concern of the landfills?

Bottles also have chemicals in them. While BPA is the most concerning and one that manufacturers are staying away from, there are plenty of others that you will need to be concerned about.

What about glass instead? Well, these aren’t the safest for carrying around in your bag. While there is a bit of a fresher taste than plastic, you must deal with the weight off the glass in your bag.

A filtered water bottle is made of safe and durable material. Sure, it won’t break down, but you’re not buying multiple bottles daily. You get one bottle to last you a lifetime, so you’re not contributing to the waste daily. You also get the best of filtered water, instead of wondering what type of processes the manufacturer has put their bottled water through.

Let’s also remember that it uses up fossil fuels to make the plastic bottles—and to go through the distilling process. You’re burning through the Earth’s non-renewable energy sources, and we’re already running through them at an alarming rate. We need to manage that better, and we can do our part by using reusable water bottles.

Oh, and we need to remember that the filtered water bottle doesn’t always come from where it says it will! A lot of it is tap water! So, you’re not actually cutting out the bad elements that you thought you were.

We also can’t ignore some of the extra chemicals that the manufacturing companies can put into the water. Do you really know what you’re drinking? Has it been bottled at source and had all the chemicals and bacteria removed? Is the water really going to help support our health? Will our bodies be able to cope with potential chemicals and toxins added to them?

And we need to think about the way that manufacturers make the water taste fresh and clean. Does the water go through a filtering system or are we putting other chemicals in our bodies? Some companies will go through a distilling process instead, which means some of the chemicals will still be in the water.

While filtered water, bottles don’t completely remove the need to create products—we still must get filters—they will help to minimise the amount of pressure we put on our environment. We also minimise the amount of money we spend while protecting our health.

Triple Under Sink Water Filter, 8-Stage

Are Filtered Water Bottles Maintenance Free?

I wish I could say that you just must buy a water bottle and worry about filling it up. There is more to these types of water bottles, and there is some maintenance involving them.

Remember that these are filtered water bottles. The clue should be in the name. They have a filter, which is where all the chemicals and grime is collected before passing the water into your mouth. Like with any system that has a filter, there are times that the filter will need to be removed and cleaned.

Just think about having a filter in your air conditioning. To make sure the air conditioning unit works properly and efficiently, you need to remove the filters and clean the dust from them. In some cases, you’ll need to replace them completely.

The exact same applies to your water bottle filters. You’ll need to take them out of the bottle and give them a thorough clean.

With that in mind, you want to make sure you buy a water bottle that has an easy to remove filter system. Make sure you can get the filter out of the bottle completely, so you can get into it and clean it on both sides. While there shouldn’t be anything on one side, you reduce the chance of any dirt or chemical getting stuck in the gaps and left behind.

You’ll always want a system that makes it easy to replace filters where necessary. The last thing you want is to sit and fiddle with clasps for an hour just to be able to use your water bottle with a filter for a couple of days. The chances are that you’ll just give up on the filter if you find that this is the case! You’re defeating the whole purpose of having the filtered water bottle!

When buying a bottle, look at the number of times your filter will need replacing. They all need replacing after a while, but some need it after 100 uses and others have 500.

Do bear in mind that 500 uses aren’t necessarily going to be the best option! Will the filter last that long or is the water left with a strange taste after a while? Check the reviews to see what other users have said about a water bottle.

You’ll also want to check the price of the filters. That 500-use filter may cost five times the cost of the 100-use filter. You’re not really saving any money, but you’re spreading the cost out further. You could find that a 300-use filter costs the same as the 100-use one, making it far more efficient for your water bottle needs.

While looking at the costs and amount of uses you’ll get, you’ll also want to look into the type of toxins and chemicals that your filter will block. Will you be able to fill your water bottle up from anywhere? What if you’re in the middle of a hike and want to drink out of the stream? Is this safe to do so or will your water bottle filter only block the traditional and expected chemicals from normal tap water?

You’ll likely have to spend more money on the all-chemical filters. They are highly worth it if you do a lot of hiking or tend to be near streams. Otherwise, you just want to make sure your most common chemicals and toxins are removed from your water before drinking.

It really is worth thinking about what you want to gain from your filtered water bottle before looking through reviews. You’ll need to know the important aspects and the uses that you have for your water bottle.

Why this Focus on BPA Free Water Bottles?

BPA Bisphenol-A free stamp

You’ll find that many water bottles will focus on the benefit that they are BPA free. This is a chemical that was once added to all sorts of plastic items, including baby items. However, it has since been found that BPA is a dangerous chemical and some governments have gone as far as to ban the use of it in all plastic items.

BPA stands for bisphenol-A and was discovered in the 1890s. It wasn’t until the 1950s that scientists realised that the chemical would make certain elements stronger. It was added to all types of products to help improve durability, which now makes sense why plastic bottles and kids’ products had it added to them. Of course, items like canned goods and feminine hygiene products also had the chemical added to them!

The idea was that the chemical would improve the durability of the product. It would mean less cost to the consumer and to the manufacturer, so everyone got to save money.

This was at a time when nobody really knew the dangers. And to be honest, did we all really care about the dangers? Even now there are people who will remain blinded to dangers because they want to focus on cheaper products.

The major problem is that the BPA can get out of the products. It’s a type of resin, meaning that it can seep through and get into the body. This may only be trace amounts in some instances, but there is no guarantee that it will be a tiny, non-problematic amount! In studies, it has been found that those who had canned soup with the chemical had a urine count that was more than 1000% higher in BPA than those without the canned soup.

BPA breaks down and starts to mimic oestrogen. While this is a female hormone, it is in men, and so the BPA is dangerous to all. The BOA also binds to oestrogen receptors and can influence all types of processes. It affects fatal development, cell repair, energy levels, and even reproduction. It can connect to the thyroid, which means it affects the function of that, too.

Just the slightest hormonal imbalance can cause problems for the overall health. It makes sense why BPA is so scary for scientists. It can affect so much, especially when the body is still developing. The idea of putting it in baby bottles and affecting babies and children who are still developing is a scary thought. Malaysia and China are among countries that have restricted it, including the whole of the EU and Canada.

Research currently hasn’t shown all the major side effects that scientists worry about. However, this is a case where the researchers and governments would rather be safe than sorry.

So, it may not actually be that dangerous, but do you really want to risk it?

Unfortunately, the manufacturers must find other ways to make the plastic water bottles more durable. This can lead to other chemicals being added, and scientists are still working on research into these chemicals and the effects they have on the human body.

Your Checklist for Your Filtered Water Bottle


Having a checklist before you start looking through your water bottle options is a great option. You will have an idea of the positives that a water bottle needs to have and the type of items that you can ignore—whether the water bottle has it or not.

To create your checklist, think about the type of need you have for this water bottle. Do you want something that will improve your health and make your water taste fresher and cleaner? Is this water bottle just for the work commute or do you need something for exercise? Are you looking for a filtered water bottle that will allow you to travel to countries where the drinking water is poor?

The answers to each of these questions will affect the type of filter you need. When you want to travel, you’ll need a filter that will cut out all the toxins and bacteria that could be in the water. This will mean your budget for a water bottle and the replacement filters will need to be higher.

When you just want something for exercise and the commute, you will get away with water bottles that only filter out the chemicals in everyday drinking water. However, you will want to think about the weight and size of the bottle. The worst thing is adding an extra 5 pounds to your morning run, right?

Write down all the necessary elements for the best- filtered water bottle. Mark a check for each water bottle that you find in your research. You can then add in any options that will cover extra needs. These will be the type of requirements that are beneficial but not necessary. For example, you may prefer a water bottle that holds 30 ounces, but 20 ounces in the bare minimum that you need.

You can also make a list of all the checkpoints that really don’t bother you. This will help you when looking through reviews made by other people. After all, they will bring up points that don’t really affect you.

And yes, other people’s reviews and thoughts will be important. This brings us onto the next question when looking at the best-filtered water bottles.

Should You Trust Someone Else’s Thoughts?

There’s a lot of news about fake Amazon reviews. Companies are paying writers and reviewers to create review content, both straight on Amazon and on third-party websites and blogs. It becomes a confusing world trying to read through what everyone else is saying. Has a person genuinely bought the product or have they been given a gift and will leave a fake positive review as part of a contract with a company?

It’s common now for people not to even trust online reviews for their needs. But there are still people out there who genuinely review products that they buy or even receive. Professional reviewers will try out a product and leave honest reviews, whether that means giving a glowing 5-star rating, a mediocre 3-star one, or a very poor 1-star review.

When looking at the reviews, you need to go with your gut instinct. Does something sound too good to be true? Does the review go completely against what everyone else says about a product? Are you left feeling uneasy?

You’ll also want to check the details. Just what are the grievances over a product?

For example, people will mark someone 4-star because of the delivery time, when it was the delivery company and not the bottling company that caused the issue. Others will leave 3-stars because the bottle turned out to be the wrong colour because of a mistake they made! There are others who won’t be happy because they found a similar item for less money elsewhere but after they already received the product.

When you’re looking through the reviews, make sure you keep in mind what you want the bottle to do. There will be someone unhappy because the filters only work on normal, everyday chemicals and they wanted something suitable for streams. If you’re not bothered by streams, the bottle could be perfect for you. If you need the streams aspect, you know to stay away from it.

Instead of looking at user reviews, you could consider product reviews. These tend to be written to compare various types of filtered water bottles side by side. That’s just what I’ll be doing with some of the most popular filtered water bottles.

By comparing different products side by side with specific needs, you’ll be able to find the best-filtered water bottle just for you. With your checklist, you can also make sure each bottle works for what you really want to do.

So, let’s get started, shall we? We have seven filtered water bottles that we’ve found. To make sure you get all the information, we go through all the good and bad points of the bottles, whether it’s through marketing or customer reviews. We want you to get the best option for your exact needs.

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle


LifeStraw as a 1,000lt water bottle available. The name of the brand is likely one that you know and is easily recognisable. The name of the brand even makes it clear what you’ll get with the product: a straw!

It’s not one of the cheapest water bottles on the market but is a lot cheaper than buying purifying tablets. Yes, this one can be used in streams and is a popular option for hikers and hill walkers. You get up to 260 gallons/1000lts of water in one bottle, but the Tritan material keeps the water bottle as light as possible.

The filterremoves the likes of Cryptosporidium oocysts and E. Coli from the water, so you can safely drink from streams and rivers. It’s still worth following the hiker tips of finding the best spot at the streams, but it’s better than not having a filter at all. You won’t have that murky aftertaste that some filters and purifying tablets give you. All you’ll taste is water, which is refreshing when it comes to hiking.

To top the benefits off, the bottle is BPA-free. Okay, so we said that that doesn’t mean it’s completely chemical free, but it is the most dangerous plastic chemical free.

The bottle is also leak proof and stylish. The straw makes it easy just to grab and sip from, making it an excellent option for sports players too. The straw will fit through a helmet and past mouth guards. You will want to watch the way the water bottle sits and make sure the flip straw is completely closed. Unfortunately, it can leak if you leave the straw open!

Straws also have a downside to them. One of the biggest issues is the air that you can suck through. You’ll be tempted to drink way more than you need. You may also find that it is difficult to suck when the filter is getting close to the end of its use.

Some people also complain of a plastic-like after taste. This doesn’t come from the filter, but from the straw.

On top of the downsides, you must deal with difficult to find filters. Once you find a store, you will not want them to let your filters go out of stock. It is possible to get them online, but you’ll need to make sure you order in advance. You’ll also want to think about the costs. Since they’re difficult to find, they tend to cost a lot more than some of the other options available.

The filtered water bottle does look stylish. It comes in a bright blue plastic, so it easy to find. You’ll not lose it on a hike. It also comes with an easy to use, sturdy flip lock. You just must push the flipper in and slide the hook into wherever you want to lock the bottle to. Release the hook, and you’re on your way.

LifeStraw’s filter is attached to the top of the filtered water bottle and screws out very easily. Once you have the right filters, you won’t have a problem making a change.

You can get your hands on the LifeStraw Go Water Bottle here.

Brita Filtered Water Bottle


Brita is another brand that you can trust and has created a hard-sided 300-use filtered water bottle. It’s much smaller than the LifeStraw one and only holds up to 40 gallons of water. However, there are many benefits that will make do for this slight downsides. One of those is that you won’t have to deal with as much weight when you’re walking around! Get one for the best price here only.

The water bottle is perfect for 300 uses, and the filters are extremely easy to find. To make it worth your money, Brita even usually includes one filter with each purchase that you make! The downside is that you can only replace with the Brita brand. This is something that some of the later filtered water bottles get around, helping you save money on your filters.

Brita isn’t that suitable for hikers. It works on chlorine and other standard chemicals in tap water. You’ll reduce the taste of the chlorine and the odour of it, but you won’t get rid of problems like E. Coli affecting your health. If you want something suitable for streams, you will need to look elsewhere.

The plastic on the side is hard and will withstand knocks. It’s a great option if you just want something for sports or fitness needs or something that will help to keep your water intake up throughout the day. You can fill up at any tap around your workplace without having to worry about the chemicals.

Brita does have one major downside when it comes to their filtered water bottles. You can’t take the cap off them, which means water and mould collect inside. The whole water bottle will need replacing frequently. Brita isn’t the only company to have this problem but has left parents and individuals worried about the health of the people using them.

The bottle isn’t leak-proof, so you will need to make sure it stands upright always. It’s not the easiest to clean at all, even within not getting the cap off. It makes filter changes difficult too.

When it comes to carrying the water bottle around, there is a carry handle on the side. It’s big enough to fit your fingers through to carry easily. However, there isn’t something to connect the water bottle to anything, unlike the LIfeStraw option. If you’re going running with it, you’ll have to keep hold of it with your hands, making it comfortable for some.

Brita water bottles come in two different styles: black and with clear lines. This one is the black version, and now we’ll move onto the clear lines version. They are slightly different.

Brita Clear Lines Filtered Water Bottle

Like the one above, this water bottle does come with one filter in most cases. Many of the pros are the exact same. It’s a water bottle for those who are always on the go, but not for those who love to hike and want to fill up from a stream. You can get filters for the perfect and at a good price from here.

This is something that you can get those who are new to fitness or for yourself when you just want to keep your water intake up. The focus of the water bottle is to remove the taste and the odour of chlorine from your water. Everything else won’t be removed as much.

One of the positives is that the water bottle is dishwasher safe. This can help to get over the downside of collecting mould, but you just won’t know if all the water has drained out of the cap! The cap of this bottle is also very easy to break, even though the plastic is durable and designed to withstand a few knocks. It seems a little counterintuitive.

There is a straw to this water bottle, which can be somewhat beneficial. Those who are playing sport may find it easier to drink from, except that the straw isn’t the best with the filter. It can get difficult to get the water through, which leads to man users taking the top off complete and drinking that way. Of course, that means you lose the filter!

There are some small air holes in the top of the water bottle. These are supposed to help prevent air bubbles forming in the straw to make it easier to suck the water. Instead, the air holes give room for some water to escape, so it’s not a leak proof water bottle!

Like the Brita black version, there is no carry handle for those who want to take this out on the go. It is light and only takes up to 34 ounces of water.

The CamelBak Groove Filtered Water Bottle


When you want a water bottle that is just for on the go drinking and suitable for sports players, the CamelBak BPA free Groove filtered water bottle is one to consider. This offers the ability to filter out normal tap water to get rid of the harmful chemicals in that. What it doesn’t offer is a way to remove viruses, bacteria, and toxins from stream water, so it’s not something for those who love to hike and want something suitable for that. This can seem odd since CamelBak is a brand for hikers.

One filter will last for three months, and it is built into the actual straw. This does make cleaning hard, but it makes replacement easy. You just must find replacement straws. Annoyingly, the CamelBak Groove is an imported brand so the stores may need to immunity the replacement filters.

An excellent side of the brand is that the bottles all come with lifetime guarantees. If there is a crack or a problem with the bottle, you will get a replacement for absolutely nothing. You’ll just have to send your bottle back to CamelBak for this, as the stores themselves won’t deal with the guarantee.

Cleaning isn’t going to be that hard since the bottles are dishwasher safe. You can also do microwave cleaning tips, as the bottles are suitable for this appliance, too!

The only thing that isn’t dishwasher safe is the filter. You’ll need to remove this from the water bottle first. If you do put it in the dishwasher, you will need to replace it immediately.

There are times that holes develop in the cap and straw. While these are, annoying and will lead to leakage, you can get them replaced with your lifetime guarantee. They really are just an annoying fact with the bottles instead of being a waste of money.

Over time the straw will also lose some of its suction. Since the straw is replaced with the filter, this isn’t a major issue.

If you’re looking for a water bottle that is suitable for an under 5, this isn’t the one that you want to buy. There are elements that pullapart, and they can be choking hazards. The bottles are designed for adults and older children only.

The filtered water bottle does look modern and is easy to carry around. One of the biggest downsides is the lack of carry handle. There isn’t even a loop attached to the cap! You will need to find a home for it with your bag that doesn’t lead to it tipping over, in case the holes have appeared. If you’re running or walking with it in your hand, you will need to keep hold of it always. Take one for your own from here.

The Water Bobble Water Bottle


The Water Bobble is likely a brand that you haven’t heard of before. Don’t worry because I hadn’t until I started learning more and more about filtered and non-filtered water bottles.

The Water Bobble has a unique shape. It looks like a bobble—hence the name—and has a smaller middle to make carrying around much easier. This means the bottle gets away with the lack of carry handle. While there is a small loop on the cap, it’s not the more durable option out there!

Unlike many other filtered water bottles, the Water Bobble uses a carbon filter. It removes all organic contaminants, which does mean that it can be suitable for some hiking! The filters will work for up to 300 uses, keeping your water taster fresher and healthier for much longer than some of the others. The bottles come in a variety of sizes, but the filters will work across the board of options, so you’ll be able to get more for your money by choosing just the right type of bottle.

Also unlike many other water bottles, these water bottles come in different colours. While there are the traditional clear, black, and grey options, you can also get green, red, lavender, and blue. Even the filters come in different colours, allowing you to put your own personality to your water bottle needs completely.

This water bottle isn’t just BPA free. It is PVA and phthalates free and is one of those that can be recycled. That’s great for those who need to replace their water bottle for any reason. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee, but the cost is much lower than some of the better-known brands that are out there.

Water Bobble hasn’t created a water bottle that doesn’t leak, yet. It’s not the best for bags where it can’t stand upright. While it is dishwasher safe, the leaking gets much worse if you choose to wash in this way.

There are some mixed studies over the ability to filter chemicals out of the Water Bobble. Some show that the filters need to be thoroughly cleaned out first. Otherwise they don’t work.

The water filters are extremely easy and cheap to find. You can get packs of two on Amazon for less than your daily food budget! Each colour fits any type of bottle, too, which means you don’t have to worry about the details—just make sure you buy Water Bobble filters!

They do have charcoal in the filters, which can sound counterproductive. You will just need to make sure you have thoroughly washed out the filters before use to ensure they are ready. The filters don’t completely come apart, which can make cleaning difficult. You’ll need to make sure you stay on top of the regularity of changing them.

Per customer reviews, Bobble has been bought out. The quality issues have become a major problem since then, with some customers complaining that they are receiving previously used water filters when buying new ones online. Customers also say that the quality of the plastic has gone down since the changeover of the company.

Others have complained that the air filling up in the Bobble became annoying. It would mean loud drinking, which wasn’t fair when in quiet spaces. Customers also found that they would need to wait too long between sips.

Brita Squeezable Filtered Bottle


When you want something that’s a little more user-friendly, the Brita squeezable bottle may be a better option. Yes, it’s completely squeezable so you can get water in quickly on the go. It’s perfect for sports players and runners who just need something quick and easy to grab on the go.

You can find it here for an affordable price.

The filter in this bottle is much smaller than many of the others, but it is still effective. It lasts for 300 uses and is affordable to replace.

You’ll only get 20 ounces of water out of this water bottle, but that does help to keep the water bottle light and easy to use. You’ll also be able to carry it around easily since the shape of the bottle allows for smaller hands to grab around the middle.

Brita sticks to the BPA-free plastic with this bottle. It doesn’t say about other toxins, but without one is better than without any at all!

This isn’t one of those bottles for hikers. The filter is only for normal chemicals in drinking water, mainly the chlorine. If you want something to filter out bacteria and viruses, you’ll need to look elsewhere. You can use purification tablets in the water to allow for stream drinking, but you’ll likely be able to taste some of them in the water afterwards.

One of the benefits is that the filter can be removed easily for cleaning and replacement. However, the cap doesn’t completely remove so you can end up with mould growth like with other Brita models. This isn’t something the company has thought around just yet.

There is a carry handle, which can make getting around easier. It’s not leak proof, but the carry handle will help you keep the bottle upright when in your bag to prevent leakage that way.

Users of the water bottle have complained about the see-through cap. It is very easy to lose, which will cause extra leaking problems. While it is dishwasher safe, this can also cause more leaking issues. The best way to wash is by hand! It’s also not the easiest to get water out of the actual spout, per some users. You have actually to squeeze to suck!

WaterU FreshSip Water Bottle


The WaterU FreshSip says that it is designed for hiking, but it doesn’t remove bacteria or toxins out of the water. If you are going to rely on stream water, you will need to pack some purifying tabs. Other than that, it is a good option for biking and exercise. The shape of it makes it very easy to grab with one hand, drink, and then quickly put back away.

WaterU bottles do have a similar shape to some of the Brita and CamelBak filtered water bottles. However, there is a grooved section in the middle to help make grabbing much easier. There is less chance of dropping when the hands get slippery!

It holds around 40 gallons of water, and the filter is quite small. You’ll barely notice that it is there. That small filter is easy to remove and replace, and looks more like straw than a filter. The water is filtered as you drink it, and you’ll get a fresher taste without the chlorine.

One of the downsides of the WaterU brand is that it isn’t that well known. It is difficult to put trust in something that you’re not too sure about. This has put a few customers off, but the reviews from those who have tried it are generally high.

Customers have complimented the size since it fits inside the treadmill bottle holders. Customers also say that it doesn’t leak. It is an option for everyday use, as well as exercise use.

Eco Vessel Aqua Vessel Water Bottle


When you want something that is designed to keep your water cool, this is one of the options for you. While it is one of the most expensive options on the market, there is a reason for that. This is one of the best options for hiking and traveling.

The filter system filters out most viruses and bacteria in the water. Marketing wise it says that it filters out 99%, which is understandable. It would be irresponsible to say that it gets rid of all of them, right? Customers have said that it was one of their best buys before traveling to third-world countries where the drinking water standards are poor.

When you do fill up from a stream, you don’t need to wait for the filtration to take place. It happens as you drink so you can rehydrate yourself right away. This is a downside with the filtration tabs, which take at least 90 seconds to dissolve completely—and then you’re left with the aftertaste!

At the same time, the bottle removes chlorine and other chemicals from regular Western water taps. It leaves the water fresh and clean.

When you want a water bottle that is good for 500 users, the Eco Vessel is the one to choose. The filters are a little more expensive than others, but remember that they do far more than most filtered water bottles. They also don’t need to be replaced as often. Get one for a good price over here.

If you don’t want to bother with a filter, that’s perfectly fine. The bottle is designed to work as a regular bottle for those who are on the go for a short time and fill up from their own filter jugs in the fridge.

There’s no need to tip the bottle upside down when drinking. This is one of those options that comes with a straw for sucking, instead. It’s perfect for keeping your eyes on your journey when you’re trying to stay hydrated always.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the lightest filtered water bottle on the market. To help make sure everything is filtered, the filter must be quite bulky and heavy. It sits at the bottom of the water bottle, though, helping to keep the bottle sitting upright in your bag! The weight will likely be something that you get used to, especially if you desperately need something for hiking and traveling.

The size of the filter can also restrict the amount of water you carry. The good news is that you don’t need to worry since you can fill up anywhere. More good news is that at least the water doesn’t add too much extra weight.

Another of the downsides is the cap. It flips up and can’t be removed. This does give a chance for mould to grow inside, so you will need to make sure you fully clean it. The bottle is dishwasher safe, but you may affect some of the leak proof effectiveness.

This isn’t going to be the best option for everyone. It is on the more expensive end, but it is perfect for traveling and hiking. It really does depend on what you need from your bottle.

OKO H2O Filtered Water Bottle


The last one on the list to consider is the OKO water bottle. This water bottle is slightly different to the others when it comes to the cap. It has one of those suction caps with the silicon outer. There is the benefit of leak proof water bottle, but there is also the downside of the mould growth. These are considered some of the worst types of caps in reusable water bottles because of the inability to remove them.

This type of water bottle was developed with NASA technology. This isn’t just a marketing ploy. The filters are designed to remove the most common bacteria found in water. This really is a water bottle for all uses and is something that you can take traveling with you. However, you’ll need to find a way to clean out everything from the bottle spout!

However, one of the benefits is the carry handle. It is a metal key ring type handle, which allows for easy clipping and secure carrying. The shape of the water bottle also allows for an easy grasp while drinking from it. There are grooves on the side for an easier grip.

The filter has a very different look to all the rest. It screws into the top of the water bottle for easy removal later. There’s nothing that sits further down in the bottle, which can create a top-heavy feel. You’ll need to make sure the bottle is standing upright! The filter comes in a variety of colours to suit your tastes, and they are relatively easy to clean and replace.

Each filter will last up to 500 uses. However, the recommendation is to change every 250 uses for the best tasting uses. The tests have been carried out up to the 500 uses to see how it fairs. The exact number of uses will also depend on the size of the bottles. There are 1000ml options, which will only give you around 375 uses with a filter.

It is possible to buy a different type of top for the water bottle that has a slot for wrist and shoulder straps. This top is excellent for those who travel a lot and want to remain hands-free always.

Customers have complained that it is hard to get water out. It’s worth remembering the work that the filter must do. This is not for a quick sip of water that will remove just the basic chemicals. There are some complaints of leakage after a few uses and washes. If this happens, check the seal within the cap to make sure it is sitting properly.

One of the downsides to this bottle is the cost. It’s not the cheapest bottle and doesn’t have the cheapest filters. However, this is for those who are serious about filtering everything out.

There Are Glass Systems Too

If you want a glass water bottle, there are those options available. The downside of glass filtered water bottles is that they are breakable. They’re not exactly the safest of options, which is why they’re not widely available and they’ve not been included on this list.

Glass can also make the water bottles extremely heavier than necessary. Chances are you won’t want to go to the gym or on a hike with a glass system, even if the filtration system is perfect for your bacteria-removal needs. Glass tends to be more slippery than plastic, which means there’s a higher chance that you will drop if while you are on the go.

So, why do people opt for glass filtered water bottles with these negatives? The main benefit is the removal of plastic. We just don’t know what plastic does to the environment or even how long it takes for it to break down. Even reusable water bottles have their downsides. They will eventually snap and crack, so will need replacing.

What happens to the plastic when that happens? Well, we just don’t know. Some of the bottles say that they are recyclable, but is that really the case? And just how much of the bottles are recyclable? There are chances that only a small part can be reused and the rest is placed in a landfill somewhere.

Plastic also means toxins and chemicals. We’ve mentioned BPA (and how most bottles are BPA free), but we’ve also shared that there are other chemicals in plastic. Not all companies will remove these chemicals. We don’t really know the damage that they can cause or if they do cause any problems at all, so there is a belief that they must be somewhat safe. They’re safer than BPA, anyway.

When you opt for glass, you remove the need for chemicals and toxins. There’s the removal of the risk associated with them.

Choosing Your Best Filtered Water Bottle

Now that you’ve looked at some of the options available, it’s time to decide the best-filtered water bottles for you. This isn’t a case of one size fits all. The water bottles have their own drawbacks and their own benefits.

Not all filters will be suitable for traveling. If you want a system that allows for drinking water in areas that are known for bacteria and viruses, you’ll want to look at some of the most expensive options. Make sure you have the budget for these types of systems and look out for the costs of the filters.

Always make a note of the number of uses or the amount of water the filters will work for. Over time filters will need replacing rather than just cleaning. This isn’t just for better tasting water but also for your health. You may find that as the filters get to the end of their life, it will be much harder to get water out of your bottles.

When buying, do find out about mould growth in the caps. This is something that some of the companies have failed to think about when making their bottles. They focus on the leak proof element, which does mean that some sections of the water bottle can’t be removed. The water will clog in here and could cause some mould to grow. The filtered water Brita bottles have been known for it the worst, per customers.

It’s also worth thinking about the weight. The size of the filtered water bottle will affect this, since the more water it holds, the heavier the water bottle will be. However, the filter will also add some weight. If you want a lighter bottle, you’ll need to find a lighter filter and a smaller bottle to suit your needs. This could mean not getting a bottle that is suitable for stream water without purifying tabs.

Make your checklist and start looking for the best- filtered water bottles for your needs. There are plenty of options out there, and we’ve just shared the best ones available right now. We’ve included all the positives and negatives of the water bottles to make sure you can make a well-informed decision.

Don’t forget to come back and tell us which filtered water bottle you bought and why you thought it was the best!

  [wptabsy] [tab].[/tab] [tab].[/tab] [tabcontent][/tabcontent] [tabcontent] Filtered Water Bottle Our body is a machine made up of various stems that’s why drinking filtered water is very important as a fuel. The respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, skeletal system, nervous system and all the other systems of our body work in coordination with one another to perform effectively and efficiently especially if you drink filtered water. The disturbance in any one of them leads to the affected performance of all other systems especially if you don’t drink filtered water. Just like you add fuel to your car, power to your computer and battery in your remotes, our body also needs fuel to function properly so always drink filtered water. Insufficient supply of fuel like filtered water leads to malfunctions as well as failure of the machinery.The fuel to our body is the food we eat and the filtered water we drink. The quality and quantity of this food and filtered water affects the performance of our body. This filtered water ideally should contain nutrients like minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber and filtered water. Even supplements are also important in your diet to check the loss of nutrition due to adulteration.What makes a Diet balanced with filtered water?A right proportion of fats, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and fiber make your diet a balanced diet. The requirements of various body organs and tissues are fulfilled by the supply of these nutrients only and also  drink filtered water. It is very important to drink filtered water for it helps the body get hydrated. Unlike normal water, filtered water is more potent and effective when it comes to hydrating the body, so don’t forget to always bring filtered water wherever you go.   [/tabcontent] [/wptabsy]

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