The Benefits Of Drinking Peppermint Tea For Hair And Skin


Last Updated: 13th October 2016

You’re having a bad day, and you hear someone tell you to enjoy some peppermint tea. It tends to have relaxation qualities, but there are much more. In fact, peppermint tea can be extremely beneficial for the hair and skin.

Just how beneficial can it be? Is it really just in tea form, or can the plant in other forms help you? Here’s a look at all you need to know about peppermint—the plant, essential oil, and tea—and ways it will help your hair, skin and overall life.

What Is Peppermint?

Most of us have heard of peppermint in mints, gum, and similar products. It is perfect for offering fresh breath after a meal, but did you know there are so many other health, skin, and hair benefits?

Peppermint is a plant, like all other mints. You get the minty taste from the juices in the leaves, whether you crush them, squeeze them, or even chop and sprinkle them onto your foods.

It is a member of the mint family and is often turned into an essential oil. You can use fresh peppermint in your tea, or apply the essential oil onto your skin and hair directly. It is one of those herbal ingredients that has been used for centuries to help create herbal remedies and natural cures. You can get some peppermint tea at best price here.

Really, what can’t peppermint do?

Therapeutic Benefits of Peppermint

Peppermint comes in three main forms: plant, essential oil, tea.

They all have many of the same benefits. The scent can be relaxing, and opting for anything peppermint flavoured will help to erase the smell of bad breath.

One of the most common ways to ingest it is an oil, because it is easy for the body to breakdown and use. You can also use it for oil pulling to help get rid of bacteria and fight against bad breath at the same time.

Burns, Digestive System, Nail Benefits

When used as a l topical oil, it can soothe burns and cool the skin. It is commonly used as a natural sunburn lotion but is also useful for easing steam and hot water scolds, or easing the burning feeling after injury (especially while a wound is healing). Of course, combating bad breath is a therapeutic benefit of the oil, but it is also good for curing indigestion problems and fight against fungal nail infections.

Unlike many other oils, peppermint oil is very easy for the body to digest and will help to combat other issues happening within the digestive tract. All you need is a few drops of your water after a meal, and you feel the food settling. This is especially beneficial after a big meal. Rather than just speeding up the digestive system, it helps to remove excess gas from the body, so you’ll get rid of that bloated feeling. Check out more about body diversity here.

It has also been known to help fight against upset stomach and nausea. Peppermint tea is also excellent for this need, since it is also warm and calming for many. Pregnant women are often recommended to have peppermint oil in their water or drink peppermint tea to help ease the morning sickness commonly felt. It may even help fight against heartburn, but more studies are needed to find out just how beneficial this is.

Those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can use peppermint as a way to ease the symptoms. Again, more research is needed, but there is a reason peppermint is one of the oldest herbal remedies known to man.

And then there are the nail benefits of opting for peppermint oil. Applied directly to the nails will help to reduce the chances of fungal nail infections setting into your nails. It may be able to reverse fungal infections, but more research is needed to find out more about this.

Improve Your Breath

When it comes to oil pulling, peppermint oil isn’t just beneficial for getting rid of bad breath. It also has antiseptic properties, which means it can help to eliminate the bacteria and any disease in the mouth. Many kinds of toothpaste will have hints of peppermint, and it’s not just because of the scent. The manufacturers know that the ingredient is so useful to fight against tooth decay and gum disease.

On top of that, it’s an anti-inflammatory, which can help to reduce the problems such as swelling and receding gums. It can also help to soothe discomfort after oral surgeries, and reduce swelling while healing.

Reduce Stress, Improve Health

Other therapeutic benefits include reducing stress, fighting against respiratory problems, and aiding sleep. You can pop a few drops of essential oil into your bathwater for a relaxing soak or sit and enjoy a cup of peppermint tea. Either way, you’ll be able to breathe in the scents and let them work on your body.

The plant has also been known to help boost blood circulation, which helps to combat many other problems the body has to face.

Another way that it helps the health is by boosting the immune system. Whether you crush the plant, use essential oil or drink peppermint tea, the ingredient is absorbed by the whole body, and your immune system gets the help that it needs. This doesn’t just help to soothe the skin, as mentioned above. It will also help to fight off infections within the body.

It’s an easy way to boost your health. All you need to do is sit with a cup of tea on a night or enjoy a warm and relaxing bath.

If you have a sore throat, it’s definitely worth drinking some peppermint tea. The drink is warm and soothing, and the peppermint will offer the anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties that your body needs right now.

Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

Another major benefit of drinking peppermint tea is that it will help you lose weight. Tea works the best for this need, because of the way you can trick your mind and body into having something to eat.

When you get cravings for certain foods, you can have a cup of tea instead. Your mind thinks that you’re filling it up, and the taste of the tea is satisfying for the body. You feel like you’ve had something sweet, but it doesn’t have anywhere near the calories that your actual craving would do.

If trying to stick to a diet plan, it’s time to focus on adding peppermint tea to your diet. You can enjoy it at any point during the day.

You’ll also benefit from a boost in your metabolic rate. This means you burn more calories during the day than you normally would. Don’t eat these extra calories, but allow the benefits to help you create a bigger calorie deficit so you lose more weight. It’s not a miracle cure, and will need a healthy diet to work fully, but it will give your diet plan that little extra boost.

However, some of the biggest benefits are to your skin and hair. Peppermint tea is highly effective, whether drank or applied topically to areas. It’s time to look at the ways you’ll benefit from drinking peppermint tea on a daily basis.

Benefits of Peppermint Tea to Your Hair and Skin

There are various ways that the peppermint will help your hair and skin. These benefits are just from peppermint tea, but you could also use essential oils to help see more benefits.

Combat Greasy Skin

There’s nothing worse than feeling like your skin is constantly giving off oils. They leave a shiny look to your skin and lead to more acne as the oils get stuck in the pores and allow bacteria to collect.

The good news is peppermint tea will help. Peppermint has been used throughout centuries to reduce the amount of oil and grease that the skin doesn’t just produce but collects throughout the day. Peppermint tea naturally contains menthol, which is the active ingredient to reduce oil secretion.

By getting rid of the oil, you will also get rid of the dirt and dust; there’s nothing to attract them to the skin. This helps to keep the pores open and clean, so you can live a life acne-free.

Fights Against Skin Irritations

How often have you felt itchiness and discomfort in your skin? There are times that some materials just cause temporary irritation, but you may suffer from sensitive skin and find that everything makes you feel like you have creepy crawlies everywhere!

You can treat this with a cup of peppermint tea every day. The ingredient is absorbed by the body and treats problems like allergies and irritation. It works by boosting the immune system and helping to soothe inflammation and swelling in the body—often the main causes of irritation and allergies in the skin.

Tea can also be applied directly to the skin! You can use it to soothe the likes of rashes and insect bites, especially common in the summer month. If you’ve been burned or your skin is inflamed, allow the tea to cool and place it directly onto the skin. You’ll also get the benefit by drinking it. Remember that cooling property that I’ve mentioned above? This is why it’s so beneficial.

If you love to have a bath on a night, keep the water cooler than normal and pop some peppermint tea into it. You can also do this with essential oil. Relax in the water and let the ingredient get to work.

Fight Against Acne Hormones

Remember when I said you can live an acne-free life before of less oil secretion? Well, the benefit isn’t just because of the oil secretion control. Peppermint tea is also great for boosting oestrogen levels and helps to control the hormones that are linked to acne production.

This is all from that menthol I’ve already mentioned. The ingredient helps to cool the skin, treats oils and balances the hormones. There is less inflammation in the skin, so fewer places for the bacteria to hide.

You will need to apply the tea directly to your skin to see this benefit. The good news is that once a day will be enough—and one mixture will last for around four days. Just make up your tea, leaving the bag to steep for 10 minutes or so. Place in a container in the fridge and use it daily as a toner once you’ve been through your cleaning and washing routine.

Getting a bath in the peppermint tea can also help to see this benefit. This is especially the case if you tend to get acne on your back, chest, arms, or legs!

You may also find that those ingrown hairs are soothed with the use of peppermint. Remember that it soothes the inflammation and irritation. Just keep an eye out for problematic hairs.

Stimulates Hair Growth

One of the biggest benefits to the hair is that it stimulates the growth. Finding out your hair is thinning can be scary for many women. If you have a receding hairline, it can be even worse. Your hair is such a strong part of your identity!

By drinking peppermint tea, you boost the circulation of your blood. This will move all around your body, including into your scalp. By doing this, you boost the strength of the roots and encourage the hair to grow stronger and fuller.

You can also apply the tea directly to the roots of your hair. This will help to boost the circulation right in the area you need. It can also help to absorb the properties into the roots, improving the strength and look of your hair.

Are you ready to add peppermint to your diet? Peppermint tea is one of the easiest ways to add it to your daily routine, and it will help to soothe so many ailments. Those who have greasy, acne-prone skin or have to deal with thinning hair will find that they benefit the most. It will help to reduce the oil production and boost thickness, so you can feel confident about the way you look.

Not everyone knows the amazing benefits of peppermint tea especially to hair and skin. This is a new yet simple and natural way to improve your features. Try this now and experience the beneficial effects in a matter of time. Get your own peppermint tea for the best price!


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