How to Beat Holiday Cravings Quickly and Easily


Let’s get real here for just a minute.

There’s nothing simple or straightforward about “staying on course” when it comes to your maintaining a healthy eating habit when the holiday season rolls around.

This is a time for fun, family, and for food – and with so many different dishes, desserts, and treats offered you throughout the holiday season it would take almost superhuman willpower to avoid those extra snacks and keep yourself on course.

There’s a reason why so many of us find ourselves more than a little bit of the course during the holiday season when it comes to our healthy eating habits. It’s natural. It’s a tall task under any circumstances to turn away delicious desserts, but when you’re talking about the added pressure of the holiday season and all your friends and family snacking on those delights, it goes to an entirely different level.

Thankfully though, there are definitely some things you can do to significantly reduce the number of holiday cravings you suffer from and a whole host of different tactics and techniques we are going to share with you below that allow you to destroy those cravings when they come up so that you never have to worry about being pushed off course of your diet ever again.

Each one of the tactics shared below is going to allow you to take complete control over your diet and you’re eating habits without causing you any stress, any worry, or any a headache. You’ll still be to enjoy most of your favorite holiday foods and snacks, though you’ll be doing so in moderation and consciously – rather than just going belly up at the dessert tray on Christmas Eve!

Ready to get right into the heart of this quick guide to?

Great. Let’s rock and roll!

Power Yourself on Predominate Protein

According to recent reports from the scientific community, by flooding your body with plenty of protein on a daily basis (we are talking about a daily diet that is close to 40% or more protein here) you’re going to be able to kill a significant amount of your cravings – especially those that are powered by your sweet too.

Protein is going to work wonders to provide your brain with a “neural reward,” the same kind of reward that Sugar and sweets give your brain and only on a slightly smaller scale. This is going to eliminate the cravings that you’re feeling for foods that can be ridiculously destructors, all while flooding your body with a critical building block that allows you to rejuvenate and repair your body much faster.

It’s also been scientifically proven that when we are eating a regular diet that is deficient in protein, we deal with cravings that are not only more frequent but also much more aggressive. When the protein level in your bloodstream is low (we’re talking about almost embarrassingly) you’re going to have an almost overwhelming urge to binge on candy and sweets, just something to take the edge off.

Protein dense foods are the perfect way to improve the amount of protein you’re eating a daily diet, but if you’re in a pinch protein powder (high-quality protein powder) is a perfectly suitable alternative that’s quick, easy, and tasty.

Plan All Your Meals

Even though science has pretty much conclusively debunked the concept of “starvation mode” and the importance of spacing out your meals so that you keep your metabolism running all day (that’s just not the way the human body works in reality), you are still going to want to do your level best to eat as many of your meals around the same time every day and also planned them out intelligently and strategically as often as you are able to.

For starters, planning to eat your meals every 4 to 6 hours is going to give you a lot of extra control over your daily diet that you just wouldn’t have enjoyed otherwise. Not only that, but you’re also going to be to space out your “feedings” so that you don’t have to worry about cravings popping up seemingly out of nowhere.

In fact, if you eat on a routine and regular basis evenly spaced throughout the day you may never have to worry about cravings ever again. And any that eventually pop up are going to be incredibly weak, and you’ll be able to blow right through them without any trouble.

Find the right meal timing schedule for your specific needs, and you won’t have to worry about falling behind the eight ball when it comes time to enjoy a healthy snack. You have already scheduled that snack time in advance, and so you are much more likely to reach for a delicious AND healthy food rather than pop open a candy bar and just kind of go to town.

Eat Plenty of Fiber

There is a tremendous amount of reasons behind why you want to add a line of extra fiber to your daily diet, but the biggest one must be the ability to “stuff” yourself without having to consume a scary number of calories along the way.

When you eat foods that are high in fiber, you’re able to really kind of front load your calories, making sure that you feel full without having to overindulge in food that would only way weigh down and add to your waistline.

Fiber-rich foods are also going to keep you even more regular than the German public transportation system. You’ll be able to evacuate plenty of waste and toxins on a pretty much consistent basis, and that means that you don’t have to worry about feeling overloaded, overstuffed, tired, or full because you’re carrying around “garbage” that hasn’t been removed yet.

Stop Grazing Forever

One of the biggest reasons people succumb to cravings – especially around the holiday time – is because day grazes all day long like they are out on a farm somewhere.

This is easy to do on a day to day basis (all you must do is reach for snacks whenever you feel like diving in), but it is almost effortless to do when you are dealing with the holiday season. There are always going to be parties going on with all kinds of treats and sweets, and that means that the temptation to overindulge is going to exist on a near constant basis.

Grazing – eating without even thinking about it, and “just because” – goes part and parcel with holiday entertaining. Most people don’t even realize that they are going above and beyond their traditional dietary intake of when they are hanging out at a holiday party, and that’s 90% of the trouble right there.

By eliminating grazing altogether (mostly by recognizing that you have the potential to do so in the first place), you allow yourself to go to ANY holiday party without ever having to worry about overindulging whereas you may have in the past subconsciously.

This is a total game changer and something that you’re going to want to implement ASAP!

Drink a Lot of Extra H2O

Whenever you feel a craving coming on for yourself a glass of water, and you may never again have to worry about cravings controlling your life.

Water has the unique ability to completely flood your body with a life building, repairing, and sustaining fluid but also to stuff your stomach and kill of your cravings without adding ANY extra calories into the mix.

Not only is water a critical component of building, rebuilding, and repairing your body (which is exactly why you should be drinking a lot of water on a regular basis anyway), but it’s also going to help you feel a life full are throughout the day – and that means a lot less snacking.

Drinking water (and only water) when you have the chance to try out so many special holiday beverages (especially hot cider, hot chocolate, and all the cocktails your family wants to share with you) can be a real tough task. But with a little bit of commitment and a focus on getting at least two glasses of water into your body every other war while you are at a party you’ll have no trouble whatsoever killing cravings before they ever get a chance to take you over.

Sleep Really Does a Body Good

Most folks have absolutely no idea (or appreciation) for how important a good night’s sleep is when it comes time to fight back against overindulging, overeating and holiday cravings.

And while most of us would gladly tell everyone and anyone that asked the holiday season is a time for reflection, appreciation, and caring for those closest to us as well as complete and total strangers, the truth of the matter is it’s all of those things as well as one of the most stressful and hectic times of the year as well.

When you are dealing with a mountain of stress squeezing down upon you you are much more likely to reach for unhealthy snacks and emotionally eat at least a little bit. A little bit of extra sleep goes a long way towards helping you walk away all that extra stress, pressure, and anxiety, giving you the ability to rest and recover from sensory overload but also helping you to fight back against holiday cravings, too.

By getting in at least seven hours of high quality and uninterrupted sleep you’ll be able to eliminate your cravings altogether (just about), fast for a considerable amount of time each day – that’s going to help you lose quite a bit of weight all on its own, and give your body every opportunity to recuperate and recover from the day to day wear and tear it is subjected to.

Pop a Piece of Chocolate when You are Struggling

Scientists of the world over were absolutely overjoyed when they discovered the fact that a single piece of dark chocolate has a transformative impact on our bodies and our biochemistry when it comes to cravings and defeating them without too much extra effort.

Believe it or not, a single piece of dark chocolate (preferably something organic with no more than 5 g of sugar per 100 cal serving) is going to provide your body with a rush of healthy biochemical reactions that not only worked to release endorphins – fun feelings – but also a lot of other enzymes and chemicals that shut down feelings of cravings (even if those cravings were for something savory as opposed to sweet like dark chocolate).

This is always going to be fantastic news for those that love chocolate as it is, but it’s a total game-changer for those that didn’t really have a reasonable answer to those cravings that just kind of came out of nowhere and threatened to push people’s healthy eating habits right off the tracks during the holiday season.

Plan for the Worst While Hoping for the Best

Diets and eating habits that fail 100% of the time are those that are overly restrictive and focus predominantly on sacrificing all your favorite foods – something that none of us are all that excited about doing at any one point in time (especially for an extended amount of time).

Understanding this right off the bat, and appreciating that you are going to have to deal with cravings at some point in time in the future, gives you an almost unfair advantage when it’s time to fight back against cravings during the holiday season while keeping your eating habits right on track.

You see, you need able to plan and create “cheat meals and cheat days” then let you pick and choose when you are going to run right off the rails and overindulgent foods you probably should. This not only helps you feed into the feelings that your cravings are trying to drive, but it allows you to do so in a controlled and strategic way.

You don’t have to sacrifice forever (only most of the time) and you are able to reward yourself for all of your hard work during the holiday season with a couple of “blowout bashes” where your evil to eat pretty much anything and everything you want for a 24 hour span of time before getting right back into it.

It doesn’t get much better than that!


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