A World of Strains: Navigating The World of Kratom For Newbies


Kratom, a tree native to Southeast Asia, has seen a rise in popularity in the West over recent years. Traditionally used in its indigenous regions for a myriad of reasons, including as a herbal remedy and for ceremonial purposes, Kratom has now found its way into the wellness and health communities around the world. With numerous strains available, it can be somewhat overwhelming for newcomers to navigate this intriguing botanical. This guide will simplify the kratom spectrum and help you choose the strain that aligns best with your needs.

Understanding Kratom Strains

Kratom strains are primarily distinguished by the color of their veins and stems, which is influenced by the time of harvest and maturation of the leaf. While there are many hybrid strains, the three primary vein colors are red, white, and green. The color of the vein can provide insights into the alkaloid content and the plant’s maturity:


  • Red Vein Kratom: Typically harvested from mature trees, red vein leaves have a longer drying process, often involving both sunlight and UV light. This extended drying process changes the leaf’s alkaloid profile, which many believe contributes to its distinct characteristics.


  • White Vein Kratom: These leaves are typically harvested earlier in the tree’s life cycle. The leaves are dried indoors without any light, retaining their light hue and unique alkaloid composition.


  • Green Vein Kratom: Green vein leaves are harvested at an intermediate stage between the red and white vein leaves. They’re typically dried indoors initially, followed by a shorter period outside, offering a balanced alkaloid profile.


  • Yellow Vein Kratom: This strain is created through a specialized fermentation process involving leaves from different kratom strains. This unique approach results in a change in the leaf’s alkaloid content and color, producing the distinctive yellow hue. The exact alkaloid content can vary based on the specific strains combined and the duration of fermentation.

What about Gold & Platinum Strains?

Gold and platinum strains aren’t traditional “strains” but are kratom extracts. Extracts are made by steeping kratom leaves in a solvent to extract the active alkaloids. Once the liquid is separated from the raw material, the solvent is evaporated, leaving a concentrated extract behind. The terms “gold” and “platinum” often indicate the potency or quality of the extraction, with platinum being more potent than gold.


Users should note that these extracts are significantly more potent than regular kratom powder. If you’re new to them, start with a smaller serving size. As always, purchase from trusted vendors like Phytoextractum, ensuring the quality and safety of the extracts.

Exploring Unique Strains


Beyond the primary vein colors, various regions produce unique strains with their own characteristics:


Maeng Da: Originating from Thailand, Maeng Da is a standout strain available in red, green, and white veins. It’s known for its distinct aroma and is named after a water bug called “Da.” It’s a popular choice due to its rich history and the care that goes into cultivating this strain.


Bali: Named after the Indonesian island of Bali, this strain enjoys wide recognition. With its origins tied to such a vibrant and lush locale, Bali Kratom has built its reputation as a staple in the Kratom community, appreciated for its unique aroma.


Borneo: Named after the third-largest island in the world, Borneo Kratom carries a deep legacy. The island’s unique climate and rich soil composition make it an ideal location for kratom cultivation, resulting in a strain that has garnered immense popularity over the years.


Thai Kratom: As the name suggests, this strain hails from Thailand. Available in red, white, and green veins, Thai Kratom’s rich history is deeply embedded in Thai culture. Each vein represents a different harvest time, with varying maturity levels of the leaf.


Malaysian Kratom: With roots in Malaysia, this strain is noted for its balanced profile. The nation’s diverse ecology and longstanding relationship with the kratom tree have resulted in a strain that comes in green, white, and red veins. Each color reflects a different point in the leaf’s maturity and drying process.


Why Strain Matters


The difference in strains stems from varying environmental conditions in the regions they originate from and the different alkaloid compositions. Depending on what you seek – be it relaxation, energy, or pain management – your choice of strain plays a pivotal role in determining the experience you’ll have.


Best Ways to Consume Kratom

Once you’ve chosen your desired strain, the next step is deciding on the consumption method. Here are a few popular ways:


Kratom Powder: The most common form, kratom powder can be mixed with water, juice, or brewed as tea. For newbies, starting with a small amount and gradually increasing is recommended.


Kratom Capsules: Offering a pre-measured serving size, capsules are perfect for those who want convenience or dislike the taste of kratom.


Kratom Extracts: These are concentrated forms of kratom and are usually stronger than regular powder. They can come in liquid shots, powdered extract, softgel, tablets, gummies, and more.


Kratom Tea Bags: For tea enthusiasts, kratom tea bags are a great way to incorporate this botanical into your daily routine.

Finding Quality Kratom


While exploring the vast kratom spectrum can be a fascinating journey, the quality of kratom you choose plays an instrumental role in the benefits and experiences you will encounter. Not all kratom is created equal, and the market can be filled with subpar products that don’t deliver on their promises. That’s why it’s paramount to look for Kratom for sale from vendors who prioritize not just sourcing premium kratom but also engage in rigorous product testing. Transparency in this industry is essential, and choosing a vendor committed to this principle ensures that consumers are well-informed about the products they are ingesting. By opting for a trusted source, you not only guarantee a superior kratom experience but also ensure your consumption is safe and beneficial.

Final Thoughts


Diving into the world of kratom can be an enriching experience. With its varied strains and multifaceted uses, it’s a botanical that caters to a wide range of people. However, as with all botanicals and supplements, it’s essential to conduct personal research and consult with professionals if necessary.


By understanding the nuances of different strains and their effects, coupled with knowledge of quality sourcing, you can embark on a safe and rewarding kratom journey. 

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