9 Remedies To Stop Acid Reflux


Some people suffer from acid reflux now and then, while others will have it on a daily basis. It isn’t just painful. It’s one of the most annoying things to happen. You can feel sick constantly. Your chest is on fire, and sometimes it can feel like you have a heart attack. This is something that can stop you living your life, as it stops you sleeping, so you’re left drained of energy throughout the day.

If you’re pregnant, you can see acid reflux become a problem in the later months. This is due to the positioning of organs and the way the stomach is pushed up. However, it should disappear once you give birth and your organs return to their normal placement.

Otherwise, you’ll have to figure out why you’re getting acid reflux and find steps to stop it occurring. Here are nine remedies that you can try to stop acid reflux. Some of the remedies may seem strange at first but stick with me through them. There are scientific studies that show they work!

Address Your Hydrochloric Acid Levels and Balance

Let’s start with the main reason your stomach acid is rising to your chest. You may not get enough hydrochloric acid developing within your stomach, which leads to issues with digestion. It takes longer to break down the food, and there is more of a chance of the acid being around for long.

Low stomach acid levels lead to bloating, gassiness, and many other problems. You may find that you burp a lot more than others, and you can taste some of the acids within your burp. It burns the throat more than just the chest.

You can increase your hydrochloric acid levels through a slight change in your diet. Opt for sea salt instead of table salt. You want high-quality brands, such as Himalayan sea salt. This will help to balance out your hormones.

It can also be worth taking a Betaine HCL supplements. There are plant-based ones that you can take before your meals. The supplements will boost the acid levels, creating enough to help manage your food and digestion.

If you do struggle with low stomach acid levels, you will want to discuss treatment with your doctor. You will also get a diagnosis by talking to your doctor first. Check out more info on aloe vera juice with fiber here

Stop Eating Processed Foods and Refined Sugars

It’s time to make a change to your diet. This is partially causing your stomach acid problems. Processed foods and refined sugars are the biggest issues. They create bacterial issues within the gut and in the stomach. The bacteria will cause problems with the stomach acid levels and can make it hard for the stomach acid to remain in the right place.

You want to opt for a healthy and balanced diet. Opt for foods that are more water based.

Also, think about some of the spices that you eat. Food that causes your body temperature to rise can lead to more severe heartburn. Curries are among the worst for heartburn and acid reflux.

Look out for food that is known for soothing burning sensations. Yogurts and milk are excellent options. You can take a probiotic yogurt to help balance out the bacteria and get rid of the reason for your stomach acid issues.

Chew Gum on a Daily Basis

Chewing gum isn’t just good for freshening up the breath. It can also be good for managing your stomach acid levels. Those with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) have shown some reduction in their symptoms due to chewing gum after a meal.

When you chew gum, you increase the amount of saliva that is produced within your mouth. The saliva will help to wash away the acid that builds up within the system. It will help to get rid of particles and even plaque in the mouth. When you clear out the acid, you will see an instant reduction in your symptoms.

You’ll want to make sure your gum is sugar-free. Not only will the sugar disrupt the bacteria, but it will also cause issues for your teeth. The sugar gets into the teeth and will cause decay in the enamel.

Studies show that best results come from chewing the gum for 30 minutes after a meal. This will help to promote a good digestive system, increasing the chance of clearing out all the acid.

Use Baking Soda to Combat Heartburn

While baking soda isn’t going to stop acid reflux, it will offer a quick remedy to fight against it. You’ll find that the majority of acid reflux and heartburn remedies over the counter will include baking soda. This old wives’ tale has some scientific backing.

It’s all linked to the ability to neutralize the acid. The baking soda is the alkaline base. When the mixture touches the acid, the two counter each other and become neutral. Just add a couple of teaspoons of baking soda to water and drink it.

Do watch for the amount of baking soda you use. This isn’t something that you want to become your main stomach acid neutralizing option. There is a lot of sodium in baking soda, which leads to health issues like high blood pressure and inflammation.

Opt for the Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar for acid reflux? Isn’t this just mixing acid with acid? We’re just seen how baking soda works because it’s an alkaline against an acid.

As I mentioned before we started, some of these remedies would sound odd. This is the main one of the lot. The vinegar can help to increase the acidity level within your body, helping to improve your digestive system.

For good digestion, the stomach needs to have a pH level of around 2. Vinegar is 5, but it lower than stomach acid. The vinegar will help to pull the stomach acid down low enough to handle the breakdown of the food.

Doesn’t this make the acid reflux worse? Not quite. When your body digests properly, there’s no need for stomach acid to stick around. It will go out into the digestive tract, leaving your stomach free from problems and no acid reflux.

It does work in the opposite way to baking soda. While baking soda helps to reduce some of the acids to clear out the acid, the vinegar helps to prevent acid reflux ever occurring. It’s more of a long-term benefit, especially when you also consider the nutrients. Apple cider vinegar especially is full of probiotics to help balance out the bacteria.

Not everyone will see a benefit with vinegar. If you have an overproduction of acid problem, you may find that you need to look for something with a more alkaline base.

Try Out Lemon Juice Instead

If apple cider vinegar isn’t to your taste, you could try lemon juice instead. Lemons are far more acidic than vinegar and tend to taste much better too. The extra acid will help to bring the stomach acid levels down further, increasing the strength to aid with digestion. It’s excellent for those with poor stomach acid levels.

One of the bigger benefits of lemon juice is the nutrients within the juice. It’s full of vitamin C and much more, which can help with the immune system and manage some of the pain and inflammation.

Watch out for using lemon juice on a daily basis. The acidity is high enough to damage the enamel on the teeth. This is something to use infrequently to help avoid stomach acid becoming an issue. If you need a daily treatment, you’ll want to use apple cider vinegar instead.

Soothe with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera juice is growing in popularity, and not just for acid reflux. This is a treatment that is useful for skin conditions, weight loss, and much more.

The main benefit of aloe vera is in the vitamin E. This antioxidant will help to soothe burns and wounds. That means when you drink the juice; yousoothe the damage that the stomach acid is doing. While the acid may remain, the pain won’t be there. You can sleep or get on with your day.

Aloe vera helps to reduce inflammation, which will also help to reduce pain. You can also reduce the need for extra acid by boosting the health of the digestive system.

You can use aloe vera that you grow yourself or invest in aloe vera juice. This is something that is naturally a laxative, so you want to avoid juices that have added laxatives!

Slow Down Your Food Intake

The amount of food you eat and the speed that you eat the food will cause acid reflux. If you eat large meals quickly, your body will struggle to digest it all. This means more acid is needed for longer periods of time, increasing the chance of acid reflux becoming an issue.

Let’s start with the speed. You want to chew each mouthful at least 15 times before you swallow. This will alert your stomach that there is food coming, encouraging the creation of the right amount of stomach acid. Your mouth creates more saliva, and you break down more particles, making it much easier for your body to digest the food.You won’t just see a reduction in the stomach acid, but also find that your body gets more nutrients. It’s easier for your digestive system to absorb the nutrients when your food is better broken down.

Practise mindful eating. Stop watching the TV while you eat and focus on your satiation levels. If you’re not hungry, there’s no point in eating the food. You’re just adding more calories for the sake of it while making it harder for your body to digest it all. It takes longer for the extra food to break down, meaning you have higher levels of stomach acid for longer periods of time.

Eat half of your meal and then sit back and think about whether you’re that hungry. If you’ve chewed plenty, you’ll have already given your body a chance to tell you if you’re hungry or not. If you’re still hungry, then eat half of the food that’s left and repeat this cycle until either you’re satisfied, or the plate is empty.

This is a way that you can completely get rid of acid reflux.

Improve Your Posture

The way you sit and stand will affect your stomach acid and an acid reflux you have. When you slump in the spine, you create less space in your stomach and digestive system. You’re making it harder for the food to digest and it’s easier for your stomach acid to go the wrong way up the body.

It can take four hours for the stomach to empty 90% of the contents. It will take longer for it all to disappear. You should sit upright for at least three hours after you’ve eaten. You could also go for a walk for some of that time. When you walk, you naturally create more space for your stomach and digestive system to work effectively. You don’t need to do intensive exercise. Just a slow walk will help to boost your digestive abilities after a meal, helping to reduce the chances of acid reflux later.

Avoid lying down after a meal. You’re making it easier for the stomach acid to go up your body, as gravity takes effect. This could lead to more acid passing into your esophagus. Avoid eating just before you sleep, as this will disrupt your ability to sleep overnight.

Change Your Sleeping Position

Is night time the worst for your acid reflux? You want to look at changing the way that you sleep. This is especially if you sleep on your back throughout the night.

Sleep on your left side. Studies of people with GERD have shown that those who slept on their left side had fewer symptoms overnight. Other studies have shown that sleeping on the right side can make acid reflux symptoms worse! There isn’t much in the way to explain why this is, unfortunately. But do you need to know why when you know that it can help?

Another tip that doctors recommend is to sleep propped upright. This is a tip given to many pregnant women. Get a few pillows that will keep your chest higher than your stomach. It prevents gravity taking over to cause your stomach acid to travel the wrong way in your body.

It’s Time to Avoid Acid Reflux

You don’t just have to put up with acid reflux. Nor do you need to take pharmaceutical remedies to get rid of it. Follow the above tips to help you overcome your acid reflux symptoms. These will help those who get acid reflux due to poor stomach acid levels or due to poor digestive systems.

If you do have a medical condition, you will need to talk to your doctor about it. This will help you get a diagnosis and make sure the treatments that you follow are good for you. The last thing you want is to raise your blood pressure, damage your stomach acid levels further, or cause other medical problems due to your home remedies.

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