9 No-Guilt Late Night Sandwiches When Working Overtime


In every refrigerator, there are tasty treats at the back of the freezer that could quench hunger. Often, when people haven’t had any food for hours, their stomach will wake them up in the wee hours of the night. It’s telling the body that it must have some food. The grumbling continues, but there is some reluctance part because the person knows that Ben and Jerry, despite its delicious and tantalizing flavor, isn’t healthy him. Usually, a person would go on a diet to shed some extra baggage. Everyone has been there before.

That pint is so near and yet so far away. Is there a way out of this predicament? Hunger’s remedy is simply food, and if a person makes the right plans, he can still relish late-night snack without the fear of adding extra pounds. If one chooses the right foods, he can stave-off his hunger cravings. Also, the person won’t be tempted anymore by that Ben and Jerry pint at the back of his freezer. Consider these meritorious suggestions:

Lean Meat Sandwich

No one can wipe that content off one’s face when he starts taking bites out of a lean-meat sandwich. It’s healthy, guilt-free, and can satiate the late-night craving. If one wants to make, it tastes better, spread on some light cream cheese or even peanut butter. There are several varieties of lean meats available, like ham and turkey, that can make a great sandwich.

Looking at a sandwich with just lean meat in between can taste flat and may not suffice to satiate the craving. No problem still. Add some slices of tomato, onions, and avocados. Garnish with lettuce, mustard, and spinach. Talk about indulging healthily! But one also needs to watch it as a heavy sandwich can turn into a meal, instead of a snack and may sabotage the diet.

Veggie Sandwich with Hummus

A lot of people see hummus as a dip for celery, carrots or other types of veggie sticks. But it’s also a great spread which will add flavor and protein to a sandwich! Make one use whole wheat bread. Then add some raw vegetables like avocado, onion, and tomato—but one can also add any of his favorites. The person can acquire healthy fats from the avocado and the vitamin C from the tomato will help him re-energize while working late at night.

Grilled Cheese and Mushroom Melt

It could be debatable that grilled cheese isn’t exactly that healthy. How about mixing it up to make it more palatably-healthy? Sautee some mushrooms and add some cheddar cheese that’s low in fat. Spread this out on whole bread then cook it on a grill pan rather than on a buttered skillet. The mere thought of this sandwich can bring back the childhood favorite.

Avocado, Edamame, and Lemon Sandwich

Anyone can dare to be adventurous by trying this next sandwich. This one has lemon, edamame, and avocado. Spread the edamame on wheat bread that is loaded with flax, sesame, and sunflower seeds. Then add some lemon and avocado slices. Enjoy the new exciting flavor but be sure though that the ingredients won’t contain any preservatives. That would make it one healthy and stellar sandwich.

Tuna Sliders

Health-wise, fish burgers are far healthier than hamburgers because they contain fewer calories and fats. Tuna is often the fish of choice. Make the burgers with tuna, some Dijon mustard, and lemon juice. Don’t use oil to cook the burger, instead, use cooking spray on a non-stick skillet. Lay the burger on a half whole wheat bun. Then garnish with some onions, more mustard, and some arugula.

Chicken Salad Sandwich (with Greek Yogurt)

Another classic salad sandwich involves chicken and some Greek yogurt. What makes this different is that it uses Greek yogurt instead of the usual mayonnaise. Yogurt contains much more protein than mayo. Furthermore, it gives the sandwich a different yet more appetizing flavor.

Roasted Veggie Baguettes

This is a popular sandwich in the Mediterranean area and one can use a baguette for its base. Make the filling mainly with roasted vegetables which include peppers, zucchini, and red onions. Roast the veggies with garlic and rosemary then top the sandwich with a sprinkling of feta cheese. For a late-night snack, it sure will be filling and healthy.

Turkey and Beet Hummus Sandwich

Surprisingly, beets can be made into hummus and its paste, with its vibrant pink color, makes it the star of this sandwich. Beets also have its healthy attributes and there are many. Its fiber content can help lower blood pressure levels and fight inflammation and cancer. Beets can also help in boosting the immune system.

Spread the hummus paste that on the sandwich. But what are the other ingredients of a turkey and hummus sandwich? Turkey lean meat goes with it. Also, tomatoes, which provide a great dose of vitamins A and D, and folic acid. The sandwich can also include feta cheese, which is a great source of calcium and protein. Use baby kale sprouts which is a type of superfood that will provide high levels of folate acid which can boost brain power. The bread used in making the sandwich may not be that recommended but it will certainly keep everything together and will make the sandwich taste good.

Roasted Eggplant Sandwich

Here’s a very simple sandwich that’s easy to make and is calorie-limited. You can use hummus or white bean spread on whole wheat bread. Then top it with roasted vegetables like eggplants and red onions. It’s a vegetarian’s way of eating late-night snacks sans those unwanted calories.

What Types of Food Should You Avoid?

Recommendations have been made on what right foods should be considered for late-night snacks. Now let’s discuss those foods that are NOT recommended. It’s assumed that sleeping right after dinner time is a mistake. If a person does this, choose foods that are light to the stomach and don’t have high-fat contents.

It’s advised to ingest foods that are quickly digested or those that can help with weight-loss. Never go to bed immediately after eating spicy, sugary, and caffeinated foods. In doing this, one will most possibly stay awake longer, and this will disrupt his sleeping schedule. An empty stomach will make anyone crave for the wrong foods. Have self-control on the foods eaten so that the sleeping habits will not be compromised.

When one craves for a late-night snack, be sure that it’s just that – a snack. Don’t make this snack a plate that’s full of food and much worse, the wrong types of food. A few hours ago, the person just had his dinner. A big one after is like eating two dinners on the same night. Obviously, this can become an unhealthy habit as it will be adding more pounds to the weight instead of losing them.

If one is calorie-conscious, be sure to consume no more than 200 calories for a night snack and, be sure the snack contains proteins and complex carbohydrates. The combination of this food groups when ingested can produce amino acids that could help one sleep more soundly at night.

There are a variety of foods that one can snack on at night. But the snack at night should never be a meal and imprint that in mind. It’s best that a snack is protein-high and fat-low. Eating foods packed with calories will most certainly wake one up in the middle of the night. The person should remember that he’s eating a snack and that he is on a diet to stay in top form.

Other Healthy Snacks to Consider

To ensure that the late-snack does not ruin one’s diet, he will need to have self-control and to eat the right foods. Foods that are high in protein, low in fat and carbohydrate contents are good snacks. Before embarking on that late-night snack, one should ask himself the question:  Do I need the snack or do I want it? The first question will treat a craving; the second one is just folly.

Food can be used to unwind from a very busy day and end up with a quiet night’s sleep that can numb-out the day’s stresses. Or maybe we are too tired even to consider food and all we truly need to do is go back to bed.

Why do people experience cravings late at night? We should delve into this question and find out why we have and how do we control these irrepressible urges. Truly, these cravings can really act like beasts, and they should be controlled. How to make the urge into a “treat” rather than a “threat” of mindless and compulsive eating could be a beneficial undertaking. Here are more snacks that one can consume without feeling guilty:

Breakfast cereals. One can also have cereals as his night snacks. The throw in some strawberries and blueberries to make it healthier because these fruits are loaded with antioxidants which can do wonders for the health. Remember, cereals are not just for breakfast but late snacks as well.

Cottage cheese. This is another superfood that contains a lot of whey proteins and is high in casein levels. Both substances are important in the building and repair of body tissues. Eating this food will make one feel full and crave for food less. Snack on these when the urge occurs, and one will be ensured of a good night’s sleep. String cheeses are also good alternatives because of their protein content.

Eggs. Because eggs are rich in both proteins and fats, snacking on them will make a person feel full and guilt-free. The best thing about eggs is that they are so easy and quick to prepare in so many ways.

Fruits. Here’s another great late-night snack. As eggs, they are easy and quick to prepare, if at all. With fruits, a person can wash, peel or slice and they are good to go. Of course, most fruits also have many nutritional values.

Dried fruits are a great alternative to fresh ones. The best thing about them is the least minimal preparation as they can be readily eaten. The nutrients in them are many, and all can do wonders for your health. One can have a choice of dates, figs, apricots, prunes, and much, much more.

Gelatin. Gummy treats are not just for kids, we can have them too as adults and can have them as late-night snacks. If a person prefers making his gelatin treats, just go online for recipes and start making them in the kitchen. Be sure that the ingredients are healthy, and these can include raw honey and lemon, lime, and orange juice.

Milk. Mom always brought us a nice glass of warm milk before bedtime because it can help us sleep better and grow faster. Of course, mom was always right. Milk contains tryptophan which stimulates the production of serotonin in the body, a compound that can induce sleep.

Nut Butters. It’s obvious that these goodies are made from nuts and make for very satisfying treats because they are healthy, nutritious, and very delicious. Add them to the night snacks for even more nutrition and really good flavor.

Nuts and Seeds. We already should be familiar with the antioxidant properties of nuts and seeds. And of course, they are good sources of protein. When taken as a late-night snack, they stimulate serotonin production in the body and this compound will help induce sleep.

Popcorn. Only the plain ones, please. No other flavors and less salt. Now, that is an ideal night snack. For a healthier option, look for the whole-grain variety.

Tortilla chips and homemade dip. Some people would think, aren’t tortilla chips not good for health? Not if the person chooses the right kinds. Sprouted tortillas cooked in coconut oil are healthy and delicious as well. Tortillas made from sprouted grains are easily digested by the stomach and have more nutritional value than the regular ones. To go Mexican on this one, make some homemade dip and choose the healthiest ingredients. Salsa and guacamole should do fine.

Vegetables. Try vegetables as the late-night snack. We all know they are filling and are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and of course water, a very effective way for hydration.

Yogurt. Not many people want to eat yogurt. They may be missing a lot, taste and health-wise. Just a single cup of this food will provide a lot of calcium and vitamin D. Aside from that; it’s also protein-rich and low in sugar content. What makes it good as a late-night snack is that it will make one feel full and that means less food craving. It’s easy to improve the taste by mixing it up with some blueberries or strawberries. Those who don’t like this healthy food surely are missing a lot.

The body will usually tell the person when it needs to be fed, and the usual sign is feeling hungry. One will have to respond by ingesting food that will fuel it to function. Eating is important but as important is the right choice of foods. When the body should crave at night, foods high in protein and low in fats are the healthy choice and always remember that late night snacks are just that, snacks.

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