9 Herbs that are Good for Detoxifying the Body


Nowadays there are a lot of cleansing diets, fasting programs, and medicinal herbs available. These things have become a contemporary health trend in the society. But for centuries, people have been detoxifying their bodies using natural cleansing methods. There are many kinds of ways to go through with cleansing and detoxifying, one of which is to use herbs.

There are a lot of toxins in the environment which may go into a person’s body. These toxins may come from the air people breathe, the water they drink, and the food they eat. Because of this, detoxifying the body is essential now more than ever. Right now, the world is overcome with so much pollution which is why the immune systems of today’s people seem weaker than those who lived in the past. Because of this, people are more vulnerable to chronic illnesses and degenerative diseases.

There are some herbs which can be good for detoxifying the body. They may help accelerate the elimination of toxins, but a person would need to live a healthier lifestyle along with taking them. As much as possible, one must try avoiding sugar and starches, processed foods, MSG, and other unhealthy foods while undergoing detoxification.

A lot of people like detoxifying because it’s one of the secrets to good health! It helps revitalize the body, reduce stress, and improve the mood. Detoxifying may even help a person lose weight while remaining energized. Detoxification is great for the body and the mind too. Although the body has a natural way of detoxifying itself, it can’t remove all the toxins. Because of this, the toxins may remain in the body and gradually accumulate as time goes by.

When a person has an overload of toxins in the body, this may be a factor which leads to some chronic illnesses and diseases. Over time, the toxins may even do damage to the body’s vital organs. So, it’s important for a person to detoxify, at least from time to time, to eliminate the toxins more efficiently. Here are 9 herbs you may use to help in the detoxification process:

Burdock Root

Burdock root contains fructo-oligosaccharides which help remove bacterial pathogens. If these aren’t eliminated, they might start building up in the gut. Also, burdock root increases saliva production and bile secretion. These aid in breaking down, binding, and excreting toxins.

One downside of this herb though, is that most people don’t appreciate its taste. But it’s an amazing blood-cleanser which contains a lot of detoxifying elements. These include magnesium, folic acid, and vitamins C, and E. This herb also happens to be a diuretic. It helps expel toxic build-up in the blood, eliminating the toxins through the urine.

The burdock root is also good for adrenal support. This means that it may help balance the blood sugar too. Finally, it contains antimicrobial elements, making it one amazing herb!


This herb serves as a powerful instrument which helps the body get rid of harmful toxic metals which tend to accumulate in the body’s organ tissues. Unlike burdock root, cilantro is a lot more popular. It’s used in different dishes, and it’s even frequently featured in cooking shows. Cilantro contains natural cleansing agents which possess special elements. The elements bind to the toxic metals, pulling them out of the tissues.

Cilantro is an aromatic herb. And it’s one of the best herbs for detoxifying the body from harmful metals. Aside from this, it causes the liver to release bile. This aids in the digestion which is also essential for detoxification. Cilantro contains a lot of nutrients the body needs to detoxify itself, therefore, changing the internal chemistry, creating a healthier body environment.


For hundreds of years, the different parts of the dandelion plant have been utilized for different purposes. It supports good levels of hydration and bowel regularity too. The roots of the dandelion plant can be used for the cleansing of the liver. This is because it promotes the production of bile which then helps eliminate toxins from the body. A lot of people also believe that dandelion helps keep the immune system healthy.

Dandelion is very popular because you can use the whole plant to promote the health of the body. The flowers contain flavonoids and antioxidants which support the liver and help renew the cells. People often add these flowers to water, simmering it for about 20 minutes to create a detoxifying tea with a pleasantly sweet taste.

The leaves of the dandelion plant are also part of the detox. This is because they are diuretic without leaching out potassium. The leaves contain a lot of vitamins, but it has a bitter taste. This bitterness is good though because it stimulates the gallbladder and liver, which promotes digestion.


This is another detoxifying herb which helps cleanse the lungs. It has expectorant properties, and it helps attack viruses and fight bacteria. People use eucalyptus as a topical ointment for a clogged nose and a congested chest. This herb has been highly regarded for years because of its detoxifying, soothing, and calming properties.




Ground Ivy

Just like cilantro, ground ivy is a great metal detoxifier. It’s great for eliminating lead and other kinds of heavy metals, making it an important herb to include in a detoxification process. Ground ivy is also a diuretic which helps remove toxins and other wastes from the kidneys.

Milk Thistle

Here’s another healthy herb to include when detoxifying. Milk thistle helps protect the liver’s healthy cells from inflammation or free-radical damage. It helps stimulate the regenerations of new and healthy cells. It also helps the body mop up harmful toxins.

Although this herb has no negative side effects, a person may experience a slight loosening of the bowels as the bile flow increases. Milk thistle has always been used to help the liver and gallbladder. It’s known as a helpful herb in the production of bile to enhance digestive functions.


This is known as a “wonder herb” because of its antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Because of this, the herb would be an excellent addition to a person’s diet if he’s trying to detoxify. Neem is also capable of purifying the blood which helps eliminate any metabolic waste.

Neem or Indian lilac is essential in a detoxification regimen. This herb is a natural means one can use to purify the blood and body. It also helps the blood transport oxygen and the essential nutrients to the different parts of the body so that all the organs function properly. The liver and kidneys must always be kept healthy, so the body can keep detoxifying itself naturally.

Red Clover

This is another blood-cleansing herb. Red clover can help eliminate waste from the bloodstream, thus promoting detoxification. This powerful herb also helps break down toxins found in the lymphatic system. This makes the toxins easier to eliminate when a person sweats. Red clover can also cleanse the body of chemical toxicity and heavy metals. Aside from this, it helps stimulate the production of bile to promote liver function.

Red clover contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. However, this herb may influence the effect of other medications. So before consuming the herb, it would be best to consult with a doctor first.

Stinging Nettle

This herb supports the kidney functions. It’s effective at eliminating waste, therefore, promoting the detoxification process. However, one needs to be careful when picking this herb, especially using bare hands. As the name suggests, the herb stings and may cause the appearance of tiny bumps on the arms and hands. Although the effect isn’t permanent, it does get extremely itchy!

What people usually do with stinging nettle is brew them to make a tea or add them to a salad. Some people even add them to broths and soups. Since stinging nettle supports the liver and kidneys, it’s great for detoxification. It’s also effective in resisting microorganisms as it contains antioxidants. This herb promotes resistance to redness and swelling. It even helps regulate the blood pressure, keeping it at normal levels.

Why Does The Body Need To Be Detoxified?

Detoxification is an important process where the body eliminates toxins. If a person wants to detoxify his body, it would involve a variety of factors. A person may employ detoxification regimens using herbs, a change in diet, and take some vitamin supplements. Although the body does detoxify itself naturally, one can help the process along. Detoxification is the best way to rid your body of harmful toxins. Without detoxification, the body may slow down and become unhealthy. Here are some reasons why people choose to detoxify:

Benefits to the Body

The benefits of the body are most noticeable when a person detoxifies. Remember that toxins may accumulate in a person’s major organs so that detoxification will help these body parts the most. All the body’s organs may be negatively affected by toxins, but detoxification may help reduce these effects.

After a person finished the detox regimen, he would end up feeling lighter, stronger, and have more energy too. Detoxification also helps rid the body of free radicals. This makes the immune system stronger a healthier, lowering the risk of developing illnesses. Finally, detoxification may also cleanse the blood, allowing it to circulate better.

Benefits to the Mind

Free radicals and toxins which build-up in the body may also affect a person’s brain functions. One may experience a lack of focus, chronic fatigue, and may even have trouble sleeping. All these are related to the brain. But once a person detoxifies successfully, a lot of these issues may gradually fade away. Then, a person’s mind will also be able to function better.

Benefits of a Person’s Lifestyle

Most people don’t see how detoxification affects one’s lifestyle. But it does. When a person detoxifies, he will feel better both mentally and physically. Because of this, a person may adopt a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. Because of the positive effects, a person may also choose to quit all his unhealthy habits, so he will always feel good. This, in turn, would lead to better overall health.

Other Ways to Detoxify the Body

Detoxification is a great process which may help a person rid his body of harmful toxins. These toxins may be acquired from the environment or from the food a person consumes. Although the liver naturally tries to clear out these toxins, a detoxifying regimen may help. Also, if a person’s liver and kidneys are already compromised, they won’t be able to function well anyway.

This means that the body won’t be able to rid itself of harmful toxins naturally. Because of this, a lot of people choose to detoxify through different methods. Aside from consuming herbs, there are other ways people may detoxify their bodies:

Consume Fresh and Clean Foods

The leading cause of toxin-accumulation in the body is the consumption of unhealthy foods. These include processed, refined, and packaged foods which are very common nowadays. Also, when a person consumes too much salt, oils, and sugar, it may lead to toxin build-up in the body.

Anyone who’d like to detoxify should avoid eating all these unhealthy foods. Instead, one can choose organic vegetables and fruits. Other kinds of foods are okay too, if they aren’t processed, refined, packaged or made with artificial ingredients.

Drink a Lot of Water

One of the best ways a person can detoxify the body is by drinking a lot of water. Water is vital to one’s survivals, but it’s also a powerful detoxifying agent. It’s important to drink water to help eliminate any harmful toxins which have accumulated in the body.

During detoxification, a person may have to consume more water than he usually does. This would help remove any impurities. It’s also great for the skin, and it promotes weight loss while keeping the energy high.

Start an Exercise Routine

Exercise is another element that will keep your body healthy. When a person exercises, he sweats a lot. When this happens, some toxins get excreted from the body through the sweat. So, exercise is also a great way to detoxify. When a person sweats, he may be eliminating harmful metals through the skin. Just like when a person urinates or passes bowels, sweating detoxifies too.

Of course, exercise isn’t just for detoxification. In fact, when a person exercises regularly, it keeps him healthy and fit. It also prevents the onset or development of different illnesses and diseases. Take some time out of the day to do light exercises. And as time goes by, one may even increase the intensity of the exercise routine.

Enjoy Some Natural Smoothies

Natural smoothies are delicious and healthy too. People who want to detoxify must use organic fruits and vegetables to make their smoothie healthy and detoxifying. One may even add in some of the herbs discussed previously.

Smoothies can be filling so a person may consume one as a snack or as his meal. Aside from detoxification, smoothies may also help keep the immune system healthy. Of course, the effectiveness of the smoothie would depend on what ingredients were used to make it.

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