7 Superfoods That Helps Balance the Blood Sugar


If you’ve not heard of the term superfoods, you need to start paying attention right this second. Superfoods are the type of foods that offer a range of health benefits. They can help sustain weight loss, manage appetite levels and even support your blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure levels and more. These are the types of foods that you need to add to your diet today.

Type II diabetes is a major concern, especially in the Western World. It’s a massively growing problem, partially due to the changes to the Western diet and focuses on more processed foods. Only you can make changes to support your health.

Those with Type II diabetes will find the diet is affected. Your doctor will encourage you to make changes to the types of foods you eat to keep your blood sugar levels down. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid absolutely everything sweet. Some of the superfoods are naturally sweet but will help to keep the glucose levels down. They will also help you stave off hunger, so you can manage your weight (which usually increases because of Type II diabetes).

It’s time to look at your eating plan. Add these seven superfoods to help balance your blood sugar levels right away. Stock up on them, so you always have something to reach for when you need a snack or something sweet.

Stock Up on the Coconuts

Let’s start with a fruit that you’ll find in the majority of grocery stores but may have no idea where to start! Coconuts are one of the best superfoods for managing your sugar levels because they’re naturally sweet but packed with plenty of other nutrients. And you don’t just need to stock up on the actual fruits!

You can get coconut milk, coconut oil, and even coconut flour. It’s possible to stock up on desiccated coconut or opt for coconut water during the day. There are just so many options that you will never run out of ways to use the ingredient in your meals. Each of them offers the benefits to your blood sugar levels.

One of the greatest benefits of coconut is the medium chain triglycerides. These are healthy fats that will help to support the body and hunger levels. Yes, you do actually need to consume some fat throughout the day, but you want to get it in the best form. The medium chain triglycerides won’t saturate within the body. They support the liver to help give your body more energy. The fat is also harder to break down, giving you more energy throughout the day.

Your body will actually take the fat to turn into a form of energy known as ketones. The ketones are better energy sources than sugar since they don’t metabolize in the blood and cause health problems. You improve the burning of fat within the body while keeping the blood sugar levels stabilized.

And then you can’t forget about all the other nutrients within coconut. You end up with plenty of fiber, which is also powerful for balancing the blood sugar levels. Fiber is also broken down slowly, which helps to sustain the energy level. This is why the natural sugars don’t cause a problem. The breaking down of the fiber will help to slow down the breaking down of the sugars, so they don’t metabolize in the blood.

Then there are the minerals and vitamins packed within the fruit. You can get plenty of vitamin E, which is essential for the immune system and healing process.

Coconut flour is one of the best alternatives for baking. You can substitute all-purpose flour completely and make healthier cookies and cakes without sacrificing taste.

Add More Turmeric to Your Diet

One of the more surprising superfoods for balancing the blood sugar levels is turmeric. This is a spice that has so many health and cleaning benefits—yes, despite its orange color! It’s actually one of the best options for brightening the teeth!

But the focus is on the blood sugar levels, right? Well, turmeric helps the liver to regular gene activation. This helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels and manage the levels of triglycerides. It’s most effective in people who already have diabetes, rather than helping to prevent the condition.

Turmeric has also shown benefits in improving sensitivity to insulin. Diabetes patients can find that the body reacts better to smaller amounts of insulin in the body, showing the ability to repair some of the damage already caused. While it’s still not considered better than diabetic medication, it can help to reduce the need to take as much medication throughout the day.

There are also healing benefits in turmeric. Studies show that it helps to reduce inflammation and it’s still used in natural healthcare to reduce inflammation within the body. When there’s inflammation, the blood sugar levels become imbalanced naturally. More stress hormones are released into the body and there’s a spike in the blood sugar levels. By managing the inflammation, the blood sugar spikes are reduced to a minimum.

Not sure you want to add the powder to your meals? While it’s delicious in many dishes, you can also get it in a supplement form to get the benefits without the taste.

Try Out Citrus Fruits

Fruits are extremely popular for managing the blood sugar levels. Despite them being sweet, they are also packed full of fiber. As mentioned with coconuts, the fiber can help to slow down the breakdown of the sugars, so they don’t metabolize in the bloodstream. But that’s not all!

Citrus fruits also have the citric acid that helps with the stabilization of the blood sugars. This is seen more with lemons, limes, and grapefruits, rather than with oranges. The citric acid is stronger in the three fruits and it works like acetic acid much easier. Acetic acid lowers a meal’s glycemic load.

You’ve likely heard of the glycemic index. Foods that are high on the glycemic index cause the blood sugars to spike. Most of the foods are sweet (both naturally and artificially). The great news is lemons, limes and grapefruits are all low on the glycemic index and it’s the citric acid that helps with that.

Grapefruits are an excellent way to start the day. While being good for the blood sugar levels (which tends to naturally spike during the morning before you eat), it is also low in calories. In fact, it can take more calories to digest the grapefruit than you actually get from the fruit, helping to support weight loss efforts.

Meanwhile, lemons and limes are excellent ways to add flavor to water. The juices will seep into tap water, adding naturally sweet tastes without the downsides of sodas!

You also get plenty of other vitamins and minerals, making citrus fruits some of the best superfoods for the overall health.

Drink More Green Tea

You may have heard of green tea as a superfood. Most people will tell you that it offers excellent weight loss benefits, but it’s also perfect for balancing your blood sugar levels. You want to consider keto matcha green tea over all the others, but it’s worth just stocking up on any if you can’t find it.

Green tea is packed with antioxidants. They will support the health of the cells, fight off free radicals and reduce the amount of inflammation in the body. You instantly get the same benefits of turmeric, since your stress levels remain low and the blood sugars don’t need to spike. There’s also the benefit of fighting against the signs of aging and causes of cancer.

There are certain weight loss benefits to green tea, which are also excellent benefits for your blood sugar levels. When you store fat, your blood sugar levels naturally spike more than if you were at a healthier weight. You’re also at a higher risk of heart disease and other health problems. Green tea helps to boost the metabolism, meaning you burn more calories, get rid of the sugar and fat stores and improve the chances of losing weight.

You can get some of these benefits from drinking coffee. However, green tea tends to be healthier. While there is some caffeine, there’s isn’t as much as in filtered coffee. There are also more fat loss benefits in green tea than coffee, especially since you don’t need to add milk and sugar to the tea.

Use Cinnamon in Your Cooking More

Cinnamon is one of the most common ingredients used in healing around the world. It’s powerful and has been considered more important than gold in some parts of history! This isn’t just because of the blood sugar balancing benefits, but they are certain reasons you’ll want to add more cinnamon to your cooking on a daily basis.

One of the studied benefits of cinnamon is the fight against Candida, a type of yeast that can cause a number of fungal infections. Candida tends to grow because of the amount of sugar in the body. So you’re not just getting the blood sugar benefits but also improving the rest of your health.

At the same time, cinnamon helps to improve the sensitivity to insulin. It works very similar to turmeric in this aspect, making sure your body is responsive to the smaller amounts of insulin. This means there are lower levels of glucose quicker and naturally lower levels of insulin, preventing a complete reaction against the necessary element.

Cinnamon has proven benefits for both people with diabetes and those pre-diabetes. It can help people with high sugar diets that aren’t even considered at risk of developing the health condition. There is also support to the liver, especially when you consume Ceylon for your cinnamon instead of cassia, as it has less coumarin.

Think About Eating Avocados Daily

When it comes to weight loss and overall health, many experts share the benefits of avocados. This is another superfood that you want to think about adding to your diet to balance your blood sugar levels. All you need is half an avocado a day to get all the benefits, but you can also consume more if you’d like.

Do watch out for the number of avocados you eat. They are packed with fats. While they’re healthy fats, even consuming them in large amounts can be damaging to the health. You’re also more likely to suffer from diarrhea from the excessive amounts of fat! Plus fats have more calories than other nutrients, which can lead to unexpected weight gain.

The great news is avocados are packed with fiber and minerals too. You can get all the B vitamins you need, which means much more energy production from the healthy fats you’ve consumed. When the liver can create more energy in the forms of ketones, the sugars aren’t as necessary. You will manage your hunger and energy levels, meaning fewer sugar cravings throughout the day!

And of course, there’s also the benefit of fiber to manage your hunger levels. The fiber will also help to reduce the risk of sugars breaking down quickly in the body.

Avocados also have the benefit of D-mannoheptulose. It’s a special sugar molecule that will help to add more energy without all the downsides of traditional sugar, even some natural sugars. D-mannoheptulose lowers the amount of insulin in the body, without increasing the glucose levels. Your body becomes more accepting of the insulin, naturally balancing the sugar levels.

You can spread avocado on whole grain toast on a morning, but it is also an excellent base for your green smoothies. Also, don’t forget about avocado oil for cooking!

Consider Eating More Eggs

Eggs have been demonized for a few decades for the amount of cholesterol. However, it turns out that eggs have good cholesterol levels and can help to improve your overall health. On top of that, they’re extremely low in carbs, which means very few sugars (natural or not). When you eat eggs, they’re going to have a very little effect on your blood sugar levels directly.

They can actually have positive effects in the long term. Because of the higher amounts of protein and healthy fats, you improve your hunger levels. Your energy levels will be more sustained, so you don’t have the energy crashes and sugar cravings. They can also help to improve your sensitivity to insulin, meaning you manage your blood sugar levels better throughout the day.

You’ll want to get pasture-raised eggs. They have better levels of conjugated linoleic acid. This is a long-chain fatty acid, which helps to improve the sensitivity to insulin, supporting the balanced blood sugar levels. Studies have found that the conjugated linoleic acid works in the same way as diabetic drugs with no side effects, suggesting that it can help to reduce your need for medication in the long term.

The only time you’ll want to avoid using eggs in your diet is if you have a sensitivity to them. Not only are you putting your health at risk, but you’re causing spikes in your blood sugar levels.

It’s Time to Look at Your Diet

Your diet will affect your blood sugar levels. With the above superfoods, you can help to balance out your glucose levels and improve your hunger levels. There’s no need to feel like you miss out when you choose the right foods to reduce hunger, boost energy and still get some natural sugars.

Managing your blood sugar levels will take some work. You’ll need to make an effort to change your lifestyle and add more of the superfoods to your diet. The great news is you can improve your insulin sensitivity, helping to prevent and even reverse the condition. It’s possible to reduce your reliance on medication, which can mean living your life more freely in the future without the expense of medication.

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