7 Simple Raw Vegan Dessert Recipes You Can Try At Home


No matter why you’ve decided to go vegan, you should know that there are some excellent and easy-to-prepare raw vegan dessert out there. Today, we want to share seven of the best! Once you’ve discovered our 7-simple raw vegan dessert recipes you can try at home, you’ll always be able to add a little magic to every meal.

Enjoy desserts after supper or anytime to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way, without going off your diet. The more dessert options you have, the easier it will be to stay on your diet…and to reap all the health benefits of being a vegan. As well, you’ll feel good knowing that no animal products were utilized to make these treats. Many people do become vegans because they detest cruelty to animals.

Animal products often contain hormones and avoiding these hormones is yet another reason why people decide to go for a vegan lifestyle. The meat supply and milk supply have changes and modern, non-organic production techniques for meat and milk do tend to utilize hormones which may impact human health also. If you want a purer way to eat, a vegan diet may be right for you. However, you’ll need a lot of variety in your diet to stay healthy. Therefore, we’ve chosen no-bake vegan dessert recipes which feature lots of different ingredients. All ingredients are wholesome. One recipe requires a little sugar, but, all in all, these are incredibly simple recipes and very wholesome.

Without further ado, let’s discuss seven dessert ideas which are not complicated recipes…and which almost anyone can prepare quickly! We think you’ll have fun making them and have even more fun eating them. Let’s start with some fruit kebabs with a creamy, fruity dip…

1.) Fruit Kebabs with Fruity Dip

To make fruit kebabs, just wash up fruit, cut it into chunks and thread it on wooden kebab skewers. It’s a bit more festive than choosing fruit from a plate or bowl! To make the dip, which is vegan, no-bake and so simple to prepare, add a cup of raw cashews which have been soaked in half a cup of non-dairy milk substitute – almond milk will work well for this recipe.

Next, add half of cup of pitted cherries. They may be frozen or fresh. The last ingredients you’ll need for this fruity dessert dip are one teaspoon of genuine vanilla extract and two to three tablespoons of your favorite vegan sweeteners. We like syrup of coconut nectar.

Blend until smooth and serve with the fruit kebabs.

2.) Make a Magical Mango-flavored Smoothie

A smoothie is so sweet after a lighter supper, and it’s perfect for summertime when the weather is warm, and something cooler is so welcome and refreshing. However, this famous smoothie recipe will make a great dessert any time of the year, and it’s also a good choice for breakfast.

To prepare it, pour one and a half cups of orange juice in a clean blender carafe. Add half a cup of water, as well as one-quarter cup of avocado and half a teaspoon of lime zest which has been grated. As well, add two cups of mango which is frozen. One teaspoon of maple syrup should also be added.

To prepare this smoothie, just blend up the ingredients until they are creamy-smooth. Then, enjoy a tall glass. Usually, it takes about a minute of blending to get this recipe to the ideal consistency.

This smoothie will make a great dip, too, although it’s not super-thick. You could dip a vegan carbohydrate in it, such as a cookie or cracker in it to access some tropical flavor or use it as a topping on something. This recipe is very versatile.

3.) Make a Luscious, No-bake Key Lime Pie

This yummy recipe is slightly more labor-intensive than some other recipes on our list. However, it’s exquisite and still very easy to make. To begin, start ahead of time by soaking one cup of dates overnight. This will be part of the crust. You’ll also need three-quarters of a cup of coconut flakes to complete the crust.

For the filling, you’ll need one and a half avocados, which have been pitted, as well as peeled. Also, you will need three-quarters of a cup of the meat of a coconut which is young. Usually, one coconut will produce this amount of close to it. If the coconut doesn’t produce that much meat, add extra avocado to get the right overall quantity. As well, you will need one-quarter of a cup of agave liquid (raw) to add sweetness. Lastly, you’ll need a couple of tablespoons of the juice of a Key lime.

To make your crust, place the flakes of coconut and the dates (drain them first) into your food processor and blend until they are compact. Then, press them into your eight-inch pie pan. Clean the carafe from the food processor and then add the other ingredients for the filling. Blend until smooth. Pour the filling you blended over the crust and then put the pie in the freezer. It should be easy to cut and serve after you take it out of the freezer and let it sit for a bit.

4.) Serve Fresh Berries with Vegan Whipped Cream

This simple and classic dessert is a crowd-pleasing choice, and it’s also good for you, if your whipped cream is vegan. Berries are easy to clean and prepare, so choose your faves, such as strawberries. Then, gather your whipped cream ingredients. You’ll need a fourteen-ounce container of coconut milk which is unsweetened, as well as two tablespoons of white sugar.

This recipe requires prep well in advance, but it’s quick to make after you’ve prepared. To start, place the container of milk of coconut in your fridge overnight, or for eight hours during the day. Then, grab a mixing bowl made of metal, as well as beaters, and freeze these items for sixty minutes. After you’ve done this prep, open the milk of coconut and make a point of not shaking it. Then, scoop out the cream of coconut into your metal bowl. Don’t use the liquid which remains.

Next, whip the cream using your electric beater at a medium speed. Later, turn up the speed to high. Overall, the process should take about seven minutes. Add sugar and an optional teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and beat for another minute.

Serve over berries in cute bowls or parfait glasses. This delicious dessert is perfect for entertaining.

5.) Make Protein Balls with Carrot Cake Taste

If you love the taste of carrot cake, you’ll adore these easy-to-prepare and totally vegan protein balls. To make them, measure out a cup of cashews (raw type) and three-quarters of a cup of rolled-style oats. Then, measure out half a cup of dates. As well, set aside four ounces of applesauce which isn’t sweetened. Also, you’ll need a serving of vanilla flavor protein powder.

Be sure to choose a vegan form of this product. For spices, you’ll need half a teaspoon of cinnamon, as well as one-quarter of a teaspoon of nutmeg. Also, you’ll need one-eighth of a teaspoon of cloves, along with one grated carrot. The last ingredients that you’ll need for the recipe are half a cup of pecans which are chopped and one-third of a cup of unsweetened-style coconut, while you’ll roll the balls in after they are made.

Add the cashew nuts, the oats, the dates, your applesauce, your vegan protein powder and the spices to your food processing machine. Blend to create a dough with a choppy texture. Then, add the carrot and the pecans and mix until combined. Your dough should have a sticky consistency. Roll it into ball shapes and then roll each ball in your grated coconut. Put the balls on a clean baking sheet. Refrigerate for half an hour and enjoy.

6.) Enjoy Buttery Almond Bites

Almonds have a delicate and delightful flavor, and their wonderful taste is highlighted in this vegan, no-bake dessert recipe. To make these bites, gather a cup of almonds (raw type), one cup of raisins, half a teaspoon of cinnamon, ten apricots which are dried and then chopped and half a cup of shredded coconut which isn’t sweetened.

Next, put your nuts, raisins, and cinnamon spice into the carafe of your food processor. Process until the ingredients form a dense, creamy paste. This generally takes a few minutes. Turn off the machine when you’re finished. At this point, you should add apricots which are chopped and then pulse them for half a minute. Next, put in the coconut and mix for several seconds. After this, take out the dough and put it onto a cutting board covered in Saran Wrap or a counter which you’ve covered in Saran Wrap. Then, press the dough together to make a single, big square.

Next, wrap your square in plastic wrap and freeze it for about half an hour, to facilitate cutting. Use a knife which is hones and then cut the big square into twenty-five squares of smaller and uniform size. Put your bites in a Tupperware container and keep them in the fridge when you’re not serving them.

7.) Whip Up Some Banana Balls

Bananas are loaded with nutritious and this delicious and easy vegan dessert recipe is designed to showcase bananas to perfection. To make it, add a cup of coconut flour which has been sifted to a big mixing bowl. Next, add half a cup of vanilla protein powder and a dash of sea salt. Also, add some cinnamon, as well as one-quarter of a cup of mashed, super-ripe banana. Then, add two tablespoons of maple syrup. Next, add one-quarter of a cup of nut butter and one-quarter of a cup of cashew milk. Also, add a few chocolate chips which don’t contain dairy.

Combine all the ingredients and then form into balls. Then, place them on a cookie sheet and put them in the fridge for half an hour.

Which Recipe is Right for You?

Now that you know more about just how easy it is to make no-bake vegan recipes, you’ll be ready to move forward and create easy desserts which fit your dietary preferences. There is a world of choices out there, and our list just scratches the surface. However, we’re proud of the recipes that we’ve compiled. They get great reviews, they are healthy, and they don’t require any baking.

We’ve included desserts which work for family dinners, potlucks and a host of other occasions. These desserts will work any time of the year.

Eating the vegan way is an adventure and a journey. The secret to enjoying the journey is experimenting with new recipes on a regular basis. Otherwise, you might get a bit bored and be tempted to eat things which aren’t vegan. Since vegans are often very committed to their diets, for ethical reasons and health reasons, you’ll find that many vegans post recipes and other vegan advice and tips online. Look for blogs and our resources like our website. There is so much information to share with the global online community and most of it is available free of charge.

Hopefully, out list has given you the vegan dessert inspiration that you’ve been looking for. The key to finding what’s best for your needs is looking for a recipe which features one of your favorite ingredients. Whether you love bananas, berries of what have you, there should be something here which is just right for you.

Thanks for reading our list today. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read, be sure to share this list on social media. You may find that your friends and family love checking out these recipes, whether they are vegan or not. The truth is that these recipes taste good, so non-vegans will probably love them, too.

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