7 Foods You Must Have to Eat a Healthy Breakfast


healthy-breakfast-image-design-1Breakfast is widely considered to be the most important meal of the day. If you want to ensure that you get as many nutrients as possible during this first meal of each day, you’ll find our comprehensive guide helpful. We’re going to share details about 7 foods you must have to eat a healthy breakfast and include some more important facts, such as which foods have high or low carb counts and why you should consider carb counts when you’re planning your own breakfast meal plan.

We’ll also show you some healthy alternatives to some common, and not-so-healthy, breakfast menu items. There’s always a way to substitute which will allow you to get the same taste and texture, while also eating a cleaner, healthier diet.

Now that you know more about this article and what it is going to offer let’s begin. We’ll start by detailing seven important breakfast food items which function as superior fuel to get your body going when you wake up.

Eggs are Excellent Breakfast Ingredients

Scrambled eggs, baked in a ring bell pepper, toast, arugula leav

In the past, people have shied away from eggs a bit, because they are perceived as having too much cholesterol. However, recent studies show that the risks of eating eggs have been exaggerated.

The truth is that eggs are one of the nature’s perfect foods. Within each eggshell, there are so many things which are great for your body. For example, eggs include six grams of protein apiece and protein in the morning will help you to energize! As well, eggs contain all of the essential amino acids that human beings need to be healthy. Also, eggs are excellent sources of selenium and choline and they also contain vitamins B12 and D, as well as riboflavin and phosphorus.

Feel free to eat the whites and the yolk. The yolk offers so much nutrition. If you’re watching your weight, you may want to eat just the whites sometimes. However, once a week or so, you should eat the whole egg. Eat them poached or fry them in just a little butter or heart-healthy margarine. You may also want to create a Frittata or another egg-based recipe.

Fresh Fruit is a Fine Choice

muesli with fresh fruits as diet breakfast

Berries are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. Antioxidants help the body to resist cell damage. They basically keep the body in a more youthful state. As well, the vitamins in berries contribute to a stronger immune system. Choose your favorite berries. One smart rule is to try to purchase berries which are in season. They will generally be more affordable when you buy them in the season. As well, they will be in peak condition. However, frozen berries are also an option, and you may add them to low-fat milk or yogurt and make a smoothie.

Some people put fresh berries on granola or eat berries as a side. Truthfully, any type of fresh fruit, from berries to bananas and beyond, will be a great choice for the morning. If you’re not getting much fresh fruit, eating it the first thing will ensure that you can access the goodness of fresh fruit each day.

Whole Grains are Great Breakfast Options

Slice of whole wheat bread with white fish spread on wooden table

Whole grains offer tons of health benefits and getting some whole grains daily will be as easy as making some whole grain toast, eating whole grain cereal or choosing whole grain granola. When you do make the decision to eat whole grain foods in the morning, you’ll reduce the risk of heart problems later on, and you may also enjoy improved digestion. The healthy fiber in whole grains helps our systems to stay regular, so eating it first thing is beneficial.

Top whole wheat toast with fruit preserves which are not loaded with sugar, or enjoy a nice bowl of whole grain cereal with fresh berries on top. Naturally, toast is also a great base for eggs! Whole grain bread and cereals will be much better for you than their refined counterparts. In general, things made with white flour are not the healthiest choices.

Probiotic Yogurt Is Very Healthy

Yougurt with peaches

Another excellent menu option for breakfast is probiotic yogurt. This form of yogurt comes with probiotics which help to eliminate bad bacteria in the digestive tract. When you choose this type of yogurt, you’ll probably find that your entire digestive system responds positively. It’s best to go for sugar-free formulas. Activia is probably the most famous brand, and it comes in plain and flavored versions.

Eat the yogurt on its own or mix it with whole grain granola. Yogurt also tastes great with fresh fruit on top. There are many ways to enjoy it.

In one small Russian village, where people eat natural yogurt daily, men and women live to very old ages. It’s believed that the beneficial properties in yogurt keep them healthy and alive, even past the age of one hundred. Getting into the habit of having yogurt in the morning may be a great way to spark longevity! Plus, it tastes great, as it’s so creamy. Try to avoid the full-fat versions. Low-fat yogurts will be better for you!

A Little Granola is a Good Thing

Granola bars

Granola is satisfying, and it may be mixed with low-fat milk or yogurt. You won’t need to eat much to access whole grains which are great for your health. As well, granola comes in a host of varieties, so you’ll be able to choose different flavors. It’s best to go for sugar-free granolas which get their taste from healthy add-ons, such as dried fruit and nuts. When it comes to granola, the calorie count may be rather high, so try to limit yourself to half a cup. Use yogurt to make this quick and tasty breakfast more satisfying.

Organic granola probably offers the most health benefits. However, this type of granola may cost a bit more. Shop around in your community or look for affordable organic granola products online. It may be possible to get more for your money when you shop for granola via the Web. A lot of online retailers sell these products for less.

Add Chicken to Your Morning Routine

brie and chicken sandwich with apple and marmalade

Hollywood actress, Cameron Diaz, believes that eating chicken in the morning is one of the best ways to start the day off on a high note. Lots of actresses follow low-carb diets and rely on lean proteins to feel full and get energy. You might want to cook chicken in advance and chop it up. Once you do so, you’ll be able to add it to breakfast burritos or omelets. Since chicken is low-carb (don’t eat the skin; white meat chicken breasts are the healthiest option), you’ll find that it provides home iron, which is essential for energy, as well as fuel for muscle development.

Chicken can get a little pricey these days. The smartest way to save money on it is to buy family packs which cost less and then freeze the individual chicken breasts in Ziploc freezer bags. You’ll find that you spend less when you buy family packs and you’ll also have single-size servings which are so easy to defrost in the microwave.

Enjoy Some Chopped Veggies

Healthy vegetable food plate with yogurt dip

Veggies offer so many vitamins and minerals, and they are usually quite low in calories. If you want to add more nutrition to an omelet, be sure to chop some veggies and add them. After they cook for just a few minutes, they should be tender-crisp. They will add flavor and bump up the nutrient count of your healthy breakfast. While some people don’t like savory foods in the mornings, others love them. If you like savory tastes anytime, enjoying more veggies in the morning will be an excellent way to move closer to your ideal daily allotment of these important foods. Popular choices for omelets include diced onions, diced peppers, chopped hot peppers and chopped potatoes. Low-fat yogurt typically has a fair number of carbs, so it belongs in the high carb category.

Which List Items are Low-carb and High-carb?


Eggs are low in carbs and so is chicken. Whole grains, such as toast and granola, are higher in carbs. Veggies may be low or high, depending. For example, potatoes are high in carbs and bell peppers, and mushrooms are low in carbs. Carrots are higher-carb veggies. It’s easy to establish the carb count of any food online, and there should be lists of high and low carb vegetables out there, so you won’t need to guess. Fruit varies, as veggies do. Examples of high-carb fruit are apples and bananas. Examples of low-carb fruits include raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries.

Now that we’ve talked about carb counts let’s move forward by discussing some healthy alternatives to the unhealthiness breakfast foods…

How to Substitute for the “Bad Stuff.”

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Occasionally, we want the bad stuff for breakfast, whether it’s pancakes made with white flour and loaded with butter and syrup, or piles of bacon and sausage. Naturally, most of us realize that these aren’t the healthiest options. If these breakfasts aren’t an everyday thing, you should be ok. If they are something that you eat regularly, you should find some substitutes.

One option is to seek out a whole grain pancake batter recipes online. Then, skip the butter on top and add fresh fruit or jam. If you must have syrup, add a drizzle, rather than a waterfall. Pancakes don’t have to be unhealthy choices. However, they will be high in carbs, unless you manage to find a low-carb pancake recipe which is worth eating.

Sausages aren’t so good for you. They should be a treat. If you do eat sausages, try to choose organic ones, as many non-organic sausages are loaded with nitrites and other bad stuff. We think you should focus on substituting turkey bacon for pork bacon. It makes a big difference, and many brands of turkey bacon taste fantastic, so you shouldn’t feel too deprived.

Plan a New Breakfast Menu Today

Breakfast with coffee, orange juice, croissant, egg, vegetables

Now that we’ve talked about some impressive options for breakfast be sure to hit the grocery store and stock up on these morning meal essentials. If you’re one of those people who’s used to grabbing a cup of coffee and eating nothing in the morning, changing your routine may make you feel so much better. Start small, by just having a little food. Eventually, you’ll adjust to eating early, and your system will thank you. Coffee can be harsh on an empty stomach, so adding a little healthy food to the mix will be good for you. In time, you may find that hearty breakfasts help you to eat less during the day and night. The truth is that they often help people to lose weight. They say you should eat like a king in the morning and a pauper at night. It’s one of the secrets of getting slim and staying that way.

For this reason and others, make a good breakfast a priority. You deserve to feel great and taking the time to feed yourself properly when you get up is a form of self-care which will pay big dividends. You need energy for the day, and you won’t get it from coffee. The stimulant properties of coffee don’t last, so people who have only coffee in the a.m. tend to feel tired mid-morning. Coffee should be enjoyed in moderation and a good breakfast, along with a single cup of great coffee, will be an excellent way to gain energy and mental focus.

Mornings are busy. We are often tired. Therefore, we’ve included some foods which are easy to make. You may prepare yogurt and granola in a couple of minutes, or put some fresh fruit in a bowl. Eggs may be microwaved so quickly or made in a pan in five minutes or so. Toast is a no-brainer and very fast to make.

Now that you know the basics, why not plan for a great breakfast tomorrow morning?

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