15 Foods that Help Eliminate Anxiety


Don’t you wish you could eliminate anxiety? Did you know that your diet could help boost your mental health, instill confidence, and reduce your anxiety?

Your diet affects so much within your body. It’s not just a way to fuel your muscles and energy levels, but also a way to improve your hormonal balance and brain power. When you get the right nutrients, your stress hormones will stick to a minimum. Your happy hormones will get a boost on a daily basis, which instantly makes you feel healthier and more confident.

So now it’s time to find the foods that will give your mental health a boost. More specifically, you want the foods that will improve your anxiety levels; kicking it in the bud once and for all. Here are 15 foods that will help eliminate anxiety for good.

Food For Anxiety: Start With Chamomile Tea

You will likely hear that chamomile tea is excellent for high blood pressure and high stress levels. It is also a powerful addition if you suffer with anxiety. Chamomile tea is a natural relaxant. It will help to soothe your muscles and supports the calming hormones get released into your system.

The calming elements come in numerous ways. The first is through the chamomile itself. It is commonly used in anti-anxiety medication because of the natural properties.

However, the scent and warmth of the tea will also help. When you hold a cup of tea, you tend to relax into it. It’s that warm feeling that helps your muscles relax and your blood start flowing better. When you’re cold, you naturally tense up and that will cause the brain to think that adrenaline and cortisol are needed in the body.

Of course, good scents will also help you relax. They remind you of good times and you instantly feel happier.

You can benefit from chamomile tea in just a few weeks, according to studies. It’s worth having a cup on a daily basis. Opt for it at the end of the night to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Food For Anxiety: Opt for Rooibos Tea Instead

If you’re not a fan of chamomile tea, you could opt for rooibos tea instead. This is a red bush tea from Africa and has been used for centuries to help calm the nerves and reduce anxiety, easing mental health problems.

Studies back up the claims that rooibos tea helps to eliminate anxiety. So far, there are some links that the tea helps to reduce the amount of cortisol that is released into the system. This is the stress hormone that makes anxiety worse.

When the stress hormones are kept to a minimum, you’re able to release more happy hormones into your system. This then helps to keep more stress hormones at bay, since the happy hormones balance everything out.

As happy hormones are release, the hormones that act as a natural painkiller will also be released. You end up not feeling as much chronic pain on a daily basis, boosting your mood even further.  Check out more info on liquid diets for morbidly obese here

Food For Anxiety: Add Organ Meats to Your Diet

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian you will want to skip this one, but it’s worth it if you’re not. I know how disgusting organ meats can look and seem, but they are delicious. You may already eat some of them, especially livers. You can also buy kidneys, hearts, and some other organs. The benefit is that you get healthy fatty meat that is full of nutrients, especially iron and zinc.

Zinc is the most powerful nutrient to focus on right now. It helps to boost the brain power and reduce anxiety throughout the system. You’ll also get vitamin D, which also offers mental health benefits, although it’s mostly considered for bone health.

Depending on the type of organ meat you have, you can see other healthy benefits. Liver is full of various B vitamins. They help to protect your own liver, meaning that your metabolic rate is supported. A good metabolic process is important to synthesis various neurotransmitters in the brain. With a good support system, you’ll find your anxiety levels reduce considerably.

You don’t want to eat too much organ meats and if you’re pregnant you will need to avoid them. You only need one organ meat every week or two to get the benefits.

Food For Anxiety: Try Turkey Instead

When you’ve had your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, do you feel panicked and worried? Chances are that you definitely don’t. You’ll feel satisfied, full, and possibly a little tired. It’s the turkey that’s to blame for that. More specifically, it’s the tryptophan within the turkey that is responsible for that.

Tryptophan is necessary in the brain to help support the release of serotonin. This is the hormone responsible for reducing pain and improving calmness.

You’ll find it in other types of meat, too, but turkey is the most beneficial. When you eat the skinless turkey meat you consume fewer calories than most other types of meat. Not only will you help to eliminate anxiety, but you will also boost your weight loss efforts.

Food For Anxiety: Start Using More Turmeric

Turmeric is one of those spices that tends to sit in a cupboard doing nothing, until a recipe calls for it. Well, it’s time to get out of that habit and add it to your meals. You’ll be surprised at the ways that you can add it to your diet. Roast potatoes are absolutely delicious with a generous sprinkling of the orange spice.

There are antioxidants called curcuminoids in turmeric, which have been scientifically proven to offer various health benefits. One of those is for your anxiety levels, as the antioxidants physically boost your mood. Studies have shown that it is highly effective for major depressive disorder, a mental illness that is very close to anxiety disorders and can even involve some anxiety.

If you don’t fancy adding it to your meals, you can always use it by putting it directly onto your teeth. Give your gums the chance to soak in some of the nutrients. Turmeric is one of the best natural teeth whiteners in the world!

Food For Anxiety: Use Asparagus in Your Meals

How often do you have asparagus in your home or with your meals? Chances are that you don’t bother until you go out to a restaurant and it just happens to be included as part of the meal. Well, it’s time to start stocking up and using it on at least a twice-a-week basis.

One of the main reasons for various mental health problems is a lack of folic acid. If you’re pregnant or you have children, you’ll know that pregnant women are recommended to take more folic acid to help with the baby’s brain development. This vitamin – yes, it’s one of the B vitamins – helps the development of the nervous and the neurotransmitters in the body.

Those who have low levels of folic acid tend to suffer from depression and anxiety. The excellent news is that asparagus is full of it.

You don’t have to spend hours cooking it. You can saute the vegetable, grill it, or even steam it. It works with the majority of meals, and is delicious as part of your Sunday roast. If you’re looking for a healthy snack, have it with a salsa or hummus dip.

Food For Anxiety: Eat an Avocado Daily

If you don’t want a full avocado then try half an avocado a day. This fruit has gained an unfair bad reputation because of its oils. The truth is that it is one of the best ingredients for all sorts of health benefits. In particular it will help with boosting the mental health through various nutrients.

Avocados are full of healthy fats, which are full of various B vitamins. As we’ve already noted, B vitamins are essential in keeping the mental health supported. They are the nutrients that support the neurotransmitters, keeping the cortisol hormone to a minimum.

At the same time, the healthy fats actually help to reduce blood pressure. When your blood pressure is kept to a minimum, you’ll find that your stress levels naturally stay low. That means your body doesn’t feel the adrenaline and you don’t have to deal with anxious feelings. You’ll find it easier to handle a stressful situation.

Food For Anxiety: Repair the Cells by Eating Blueberries

As the cells get damaged and die, they can cause problems within the brain. Free radicals in the body can affect the repair and growth of cells, meaning that you increase the risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and cancer. If you’re a naturally anxious person, the idea of this can make you worry more.

Well, it’s time to support the cell growth and repair through eating blueberries. Out of all the berries, blueberries pack the most punch with the high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C. They help to support your immune system, while fighting off the free radicals within your body.

You’ll find that you don’t get as ill as often. Your immune system is able to fight the diseases that life throws at it. You can also reduce the anxiety over getting ill or being forced to slow down in later life.

It’s easy to add blueberries to your diet. They make delicious snacks or you can add a handful to your porridge on a daily basis. They work well with bananas when frozen to create healthy ice cream.

Food For Anxiety: Get a Little Dark Chocolate Daily

Chocolate lovers rejoice! There is some good news about your favourite food in the whole wide world. It can be good for you.

I want to emphasise the word “can.” You need to make sure that you get the right type of chocolate and the right amount. It’s all about eating this in moderation.

Let’s start with the type. It’s dark chocolate that you want to eat. This has less refined sugar and dairy thrown in. You can even get vegan dark chocolate if you need that to support your dietary choices.

You only need two small squares of dark chocolate a day. If you’re going to melt it down and drink it, then you just need one drink! You’ll find that the amount is around 1.5oz on a daily basis.

It’s not that much but it will help to curb your sweet cravings. This offers more good news for your anxiety. You’re not constantly telling yourself that you can’t have something and your stress levels don’t increase because of that. You will find it easier to stick to a healthy diet for your weight loss efforts.

Food For Anxiety: Throw in Leafy Greens in All Your Meals

You can’t get enough dark leafy greens on a daily basis. These aren’t just spinach and kale that you’ll likely see in the grocery store all the time. You can have broccoli, chard, and even spring greens. The best thing about leafy greens is that they are so easy to put into your diet. If you don’t fancy eating them then you can create a green smoothie! Add a few blueberries in and support your mental health further.

How exactly do leafy greens help? They’re full of magnesium. This is mostly recommended for those who want to reduce inflammation and support their energy levels, but it will also help to regulate the adrenaline that is released into your system. It’s known as the natural chill pill for many experts, because of the mental health benefits that it offers.

Magnesium keeps the amount of adrenaline released into the system to a minimum. You can keep the cortisol to a minimum and boost the release of happy hormones. Instantly your anxiety levels to a minimum.

Food For Anxiety: Eat Oily Fish Twice a Week

One reasons for anxiety and other mental health problems is inflammation. We all get it and it’s a natural response by the body. The immune system believes there is a threat and inflammation is part of the healing process. Unfortunately, the immune system can be confused and react when there isn’t anything wrong.

You need to find a way to reduce the inflammation and that is by eating oily fish. This includes the like of tuna, salmon, and mackerel. Oily fish is full of omega 3 fatty acids.

Yes, yet again fat is good for you – it’s all about getting the right fats. Omega 3 is linked to the brain health. You may have heard that it helps to support the cognitive development and memory. It can help to boost concentration and starve off dementia. It does this by reducing inflammation so the cells aren’t as damaged – or they repair better when they are.

Food For Anxiety: For the same reasons, omega 3 will help to decrease anxiety and other mental health problems. Lack of inflammation can also mean that there is less adrenaline and cortisol in the body, meaning that you don’t have the stress element.

If you don’t want to eat fish, you can take fish oil. If you’re a vegan, there are plenty of other foods that have omega 3, with many products now getting added omega 3 because of how beneficial it is.

You don’t want to eat more than two portions of fish a week. While it is good for you, you need to eat it moderately.

Food For Anxiety: Drink a Glass of Warm Milk

Warm milk is one of the best drinks that you can have at the end of the day. It’s been proven to help fight against insomnia and restless leg syndrome, largely because it helps to reduce your anxiety levels.

Milk is full of B vitamins, antioxidants, calcium, and vitamin D. There is also protein, since it is an animal source. All these work together to reduce the blood pressure and reduce muscle spasms.

The warmth of the liquid also places a part. Like with the chamomile and rooibos tea, as we drink something warm our muscles get the alert to relax. You’ll find that you don’t tense up without realising, keeping the stress hormone release to a minimum.

If you don’t drink milk for any reason, you can get some of the same benefits from milk alternatives. Almond milk is one of the best, leading us onto the next food.

Food For Anxiety: Snack on Almonds Daily

If you’re not allergic to nuts, you want to get some almonds into your daily lifestyle. They are among the best ingredients for your anxiety, while supporting the rest of your body and your weight loss efforts.

First of all, almonds are full of protein and fibre. When you feel full – which you will from the two food groups – you will be happier within yourself. Your body isn’t questioning where your next meal is coming from, sending stress hormones throughout.

At the same time, your body gets a boost of vitamin B2, which is known for its neurotransmitter benefits and immune system support. Almonds are also full of vitamin E, which also offers benefits for the immune system.

You won’t be as worried about getting ill and you don’t need to deal with as severe illnesses when you do happen to pick something up.

Food For Anxiety: Get Oranges into Your Diet

Vitamin C is one of those vitamins that the body can’t create or store. You need to get it on a daily basis if you want to support your health. The good news is that it is one of the easiest vitamins to get into your diet.

You just need to eat any orange (or red and yellow) coloured fruit. This includes oranges, which are the easiest and often cheapest fruits to get hold of. There are so many different types of oranges too, whether you like peeling Clementines or you prefer wedges to use. You can also get orange in juice form to get some of the vitamins easily.

How does vitamin C help to eliminate anxiety? Well, it helps to support the immune system to aid with recovering from illnesses and keeping illnesses at bay. Vitamin C has also been linked to reducing the blood pressure and cortisol in the system. We’ve already looked at how both of these will help to keep your anxiety at bay.

Eating oranges is going to be better, since you get the fibre. If you drink a lot of orange juice you will get a lot of sugar into your system, which causes problems for your metabolism and insulin response. If you prefer to drink, add some oranges to your water to keep the hydration up but still get the vitamin benefits.

Food For Anxiety: Start Your Day with Oatmeal

Plan your breakfast and stock up on your oatmeal and porridge oats. They offer the best start to your morning for numerous reasons and are powerful for those losing weight. Some of these benefits are in the fibre.

You’re left feeling fuller, while your digestive system is supported. When you get rid of hunger pangs and digestive pain, you can release more happy hormones into the system.

At the same time, oatmeal is full of calming properties. The food will help to keep the stress hormones at bay, so you don’t feel the adrenaline rush and then have to deal with the anxiety that follows it. If you opt for course oats you’ll get these benefits for longer throughout the day.

Eliminate Anxiety with the Right Diet

The food for anxiety listed above won’t mean a complete change to your diet and meal planning. In many of the cases, you’ll just replace some of the foods that you already eat. For example, if you can just add asparagus into your Sunday dinner or as part of your Thanksgiving dinner, without the need of taking anything out or instead of one of Brussels sprouts or peas!

It’s time to add as many of them as you can to your weekly diet plan. You’ll eliminate anxiety while boost other elements of your health. You’ll definitely boost your weight loss efforts, which will make you feel better within yourself to also support the reduction of anxiety that you feel on a daily basis. What are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present to start.




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