11 Amazing Water Remedies To Try At Home


Water is the best thing for you when it comes to drinks. While you will benefit from some milk and coffee can have its benefits, plain water is good enough for the body inside and out. You will hydrate the layers of the skin and keep the organs working as they should.

Experts recommend that you drink eight glasses of water a day. This equates to about two liters, but this is only when normal temperatures are involved. If you’re regularly sitting in the 20s and higher (Celsius), then you will want to drink more water. Those who exercise regularly will also want to boost their water intake.

Sweating causes the body to lose water. What you need to replenish it.

Yes, you can drink too much water, but most people won’t get enough. Dehydration does more than just cause headaches. You can damage your health by not getting enough water.

But water’s boring right? It can taste bland. Well, it’s time to find ways to increase the amount that you drink. With the follow amazing water remedies, you’ll never feel the need to drink soda and juice again.

It’s not all about the taste of water to drink either. These remedies will also help to fight against illnesses and ailments.

Opt for Some Teas

While coffee offers some benefits, it is dehydrating. The same isn’t the case for some teas. In fact, tea is highly recommended by many doctors for various reasons.

You don’t just have to opt for black tea, which does have a larger amount of caffeine than other types. You could opt for green and herbal teas instead. All will have virtually no calories unless you add some milk to them.

Tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Some are better hot, but there are plenty that you can make and then put in the fridge for later. This is especially the case with normal black tea, chai tea, and green tea. Add some mint leaves or parsley to the mixture to create a refreshing drink in the summer.

Hot tea offers a range of benefits to the body, as well as rehydrating it. The warmth is calming and relaxing. You can get ginger tea to ease stomach upsets and garlic tea to fight off colds. Peppermint tea is an excellent option for just before meditation and reducing stress.

Want to completely get rid of the caffeine? You’ll want to opt for the herbal tea or rooibos tea. The latter is the red bush tea from Africa that can taste a little like black tea but without any of the caffeine. Check out more info on the benefits of drinking chai tea here

Just Add Ice

Not all these amazing water remedies are going to be things you’ve never thought of. There’s not a crazy bank of ideas that only certain people know.

Many people complain of water because it tastes warm and bland. You can add a jug of water to your fridge, but it’s just not always cool enough. And then when you pour it, the water is soon warmed up with the air around it.

You want to find a way to keep your water cool and refreshing. It’s all about the ice. Add a few cubes of ice to your water.

One of the great things about ice is you don’t just have to create normal water-based ice cubes. You can freeze your ice tea or even add some fruits to the middle of ice cubes. Add some herbs or mint leaves to the middle of the water before you freeze.

When the ice melts, the flavors will disperse into your water. You’ll be surprised at the tastes that you get with each mouthful you take.

Ice does more than just help refresh your drink too. It’s the best thing to place on an injury to help reduce inflammation and start the repair work. Put some water and alcohol gel in a zip lock bag and pop in the freezer. You don’t have the ice melting over your injury or in your hand, and you can constantly reuse.

Add Salt and Gargle

Gargling water has long been used as a natural health remedy. Add some salt to the water and gargle it, making sure the water hits the back of the throat. Just don’t swallow; it really won’t be that nice!

Sea salt is the best option. It’s the purest of all and will help to fight off the majority of the bacteria and infections growing in your mouth. However, normal table salt will do if that’s all you have. You only need a teaspoon or two of salt in a glass of water.

Saltwater isn’t just good for gargling away sore throats and infections. You’ll be able to get rid of the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. Use it on a daily basis instead of the anti-bacterial mouthwash. The anti-bacterial stuff currently in your bathroom is synthetic, and the bacteria are becoming resistant to them.

Add Menthol to Steaming Water

Got a blocked nose? Water will be perfect for you. You’ll need to be boiled, steaming liquid to make this worse.

Get a bowl of water and put a towel over your head. You want to leave over the bowl and breathe in the steam. The steam will get through your nasal passages and clear out the mucus. You will get it into the airways into your lungs, and it’s completely natural so will cause no adverse side effects.

When you want to go a step further, add some menthol to your water. You can use essential oils, so the menthol ends up in the steam and helps to clear out your airways further.

This is something you’ll need to do regularly when you are stuffy. It’s good for all reasons for congestion, including problems with hay fever and sinuses.

Eucalyptus oil is a popular option for this trick. You won’t just clear the airways, but fight against the bacteria, kill viruses, and just support the immune system overall.

Make Your Own Irrigation System

If you’re still suffering from a congested nose, you’ll want to consider nasal irrigation. This is something that you will want to do carefully. It can be useful for babies and children, but you will want to talk to your doctor first about it.

Nasal irrigation isn’t pleasant. You’re pushing water up one side, and it will come out the other. It’s alien to put things up the nose! The good thing is that this system is affordable and has been done for years.

You’ll want to get some water and add a little sea salt and baking soda. Make sure the water is warm for the best results.

Tip your head over a bowl or sink. Place the water into a spout and put that spout up your nose. Gently pour the water into your nostril and let gravity do the work to pull the water through your nose and out the other side. You’ll then need to repeat on the other side to clear out both sides.

Make sure your water is completely sterilized before you do this. Always use a cleaned pot.

Opt for a Hot Water Bottle

Remember when I said part of the benefit of hot tea was the heat? Well, you can gain benefits with a hot water bottle. There are many people who use one for local pain treatment. It’s an “old school” method that is still extremely effective and affordable.

Let’s just start with the heat. Hot water bottles are popular ways to remain warm in the winter. You can reduce the need for the heating being on, helping you save money on your utility bills.

However, it’s also used to help relax the muscles. Hot water bottles can help to stop muscles spasms, which mean your menstrual cramps, other muscles cramps, and some pain is reduced. You can find that the heat even boosts your digestive system, as it can help to reduce some inflammation within the body.

A major benefit of the heat is the stress release. Stress is a major cause of problems, including digestive, hormonal, and cardio. You’ll want to find ways to keep your stress to a minimum.

Get a hot water bottle with a cover of your favorite TV show characters or band. That will put a smile on your face immediately upon seeing it, further helping with stress reduction.

Reduce Infection with a Hot Compress

While a cold compress is commonly used to treat ailments, a hot compress can do the same. Hot water bottles can offer this benefit, but you can also make a hot compress from a warm flannel or towel.

Hot compresses can draw out infections. They can treat boils and abscesses quickly and effectively. History is full of the use of hot compresses as a treatment option.

The best ailments that are treated are those relating to muscles. The heat will help to remove tension and prevent spasms. You will find the muscles relax, making it easier for them to heal. Swelling and pain can be reduced.

Hot compresses are extremely good for arthritis pain. The heat helps to reduce the nerve pain, as the blood circulation is boosted from the heat.

Step in a Cold Shower

Cold water is highly useful for improving your health. One thing you want to consider is stepping into a cold shower. Yes, really!

If you can’t cope with a cold shower for the whole time, at the very end turn your temperature down for five minutes. You’ll gain a lot of the benefits within that short space of time.

Cold water helps to wake you up, as it shocks the system. Sometimes a little shock is good for your body. You’ll be more alert and ready for work. It can also help to reduce stress, as it will reduce your body temperature and help to regulate the hormones.

Your hair and skin will also look better from the cold water. The pores will be smaller, helping to manage the oil production.

Of course, cold water is one of the best treatments for burns. You will need to submerge the burn in the cold water for 20 minutes for the coolness to get deep into the layers. By doing this, you can reduce the risk of scarring or at least reduce the amount of skin that scars.

Your circulation will also get a boost when you jump in a cold shower. This isn’t just good for alertness, but for recovery. Your muscles will get help to repair after exercise or an injury. You’ll hear of athletes getting ice baths after training for recovery. The cold shower is just a less extreme option.

Use a Bath to Heal

Speaking of baths, you don’t need an ice one for all the benefits. Even hot baths can be good for your mental and physical health. In fact, baths have been known to make sick people better.

The benefit is the heat. When you soak in hot water, you naturally feel more relaxed.  The reduced stress will help your body heal in many other ways. Your immune system will get a boost, especially when your digestive system gets a boost with the warm water all around you.

Baths can also be excellent for those with skin conditions. You can use oats to help sooth itching of skin infections or dry skin conditions. Some essential oils can help to add moisture to dry skin or even do the opposite and help fix oily skin conditions.

Epsom salts are must-haves for your bath. They’re not salts, but minerals that are absorbed directly into the skin. Whether you have oily, normal, or sensitive skin, Epsom salts are a God-send. You’ll get the magnesium that your body needs to produce serotonin, helping to balance out the hormones.

Try a Wet Sock Treatment

If you end up with wet socks, you may remember being told to take them off. In certain environments, wet socks are bad for your feet. However, there are some studies that show wet socks could be excellent for you. They’re therapeutic, if this treatment is done under controlled situations.

Wet socks help to create the hot compress feeling within your body. The dampness encourages your body to boost the blood circulation as a way to warm up the wet socks, especially when they get cold. Your whole-body benefits from the boost of blood circulation and you’ll find your airways become unblocked.

This type of treatment should be done when you first get the sensation of an illness and then the next three nights. You’ll feel yourself getting better immediately.

Use ice water for soaking thin socks in while you take a hot bath. Place the wet, cold socks on your feet and then cover with a pair of thicker dry feet. This helps to create heat from both sides. You can then use a pair of thick PJs for the extra warmth. You can sleep like this, but you may need to remove the socks and your PJs during the night and change if you wake in a sweat.

Add Fruit to Your Water

Finally, another way to make your water taste good. Instead of using soda for taste or drinking juice, try adding some fruit to your water. You can chop up slices of lemon or limes and add them directly to your glasses of water. Cucumber slices, strawberries, and raspberries are also popular.

Alternatively, put the slices in a jug of water. Add some mint with your cucumber or lemon for a natural taste. You get a range of nutrients that absorb into the water and then into your body.

There are now infusion water bottles and jugs. You put the fruits into a container that is then placed into the water. The fruits won’t mush together in your water, so you just end up with the natural flavors of the fruits.

Make the Most of Your Water

Water remedies will help to improve your overall health and fitness. It’s time to use the water remedies in your home. It doesn’t matter if you need to add more hydration to your day or you’re struggling with an illness. Water is the best.

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