10 Weightloss Management Tips for Lazy Millennials


The term “millennials” has become very popular these days. This refers to the young adults in the 21st century. Nowadays, millennials have a bad reputation for being too laid back and spoiled. In some cases, this is true. Of course, it would still depend on the person and what he does with his own life.

A lot of times, millennials want things to come easier to them. For instance, they want to lose weight, but they don’t put in the effort to achieve this. Sitting in front of the television while munching on chips and drinking soda really won’t help a person lose weight. It doesn’t even matter what age the person is. The best thing to do is to adapt healthy eating habits and work up a sweat. Unfortunately, just these two steps would seem like torture to teens and young adults who live sedentary lifestyles.

Fortunately, there are some things even lazy millennials can do to for weight loss management. In doing these things, they can start feeling better and looking better too. Implementing small adjustments in the diet can promote weight loss without having to put in much effort. One would just have to choose healthier food options then eat them! They can also drink more water or eat a healthy salad right before meals to prevent overeating.

According to studies, it’s a lot more difficult for millennials to lose weight than it is for their parents. So, their lazy attitude isn’t all to blame. Even if they followed the same diet and exercise regimen as a person of the same age back in the 70s, they would still weigh about 10% more! Although researchers know this fact, they’re not sure why it’s true. But they do believe that it’s because of an increased exposure to artificial components and chemicals in the food eaten and, in the environment, as well. In any case, millennials should still consider using even the simplest tips for weight loss management. These are:

Hide or Eliminate Your Guilty Food Vices

Ever heard the saying “out of sight, out of mind?” The same thing goes with food vices. Studies have shown that people are more likely to indulge in snacks and treats which are placed in transparent containers than those placed in opaque ones. So rather than keep these guilty food vices in plain sight, house them in containers which will conceal them completely. Either that or eliminate them from the kitchen completely! This is an easy trick that diet experts swear by!

Focus on Your Sleep and Your Food

This is another easy trick, but its bad news for couch potatoes or those who are “too busy” to sit down and eat their food. Having a late-night habit of watching too much television may be sabotaging one’s weight loss efforts. Studies have shown that the blue light that comes from the TV and other electronic devices may hinder the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. This, in turn, has a negative effect on the quality of sleep and the weight loss too. People who get great-quality sleep each night benefit a lot because it promotes the production of hormones which burn fat. So, one should prioritize sleep if he’s trying to shed some weight.

Millennials should also focus on their food intake more. Nowadays, people feel like they don’t have time to take breaks to eat their meals. Because of this, they end up eating their meals at their desk or while doing something else. Unfortunately, this isn’t a good idea. As much as possible, people should take time to eat and focus on what they’re eating. This will help the person become more aware of what they’re eating. They can focus on the taste of the food, how much they’re eating, if they’re already full, and more. This, in turn, can prevent over-eating which will lead to weight loss.

Drink More Water

Drinking more water doesn’t just promote weight loss, it has a lot of health benefits too. According to studies, people mistake their thirst for hunger 6 out of 10 times. This means that drinking a glass of water can help quell the hunger pangs felt and will also help the person slim down. Even if one isn’t thirsty, it’s wise to drink a glass or two of water before eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This will help make the person feel fuller which will lead to eating fewer calories. Water will give the feeling of fullness and will also help displace calories which people usually spend on other beverages which are laden with calories.

Fond of Milk? Stay Away From Milk Alternatives

Nowadays different types of milk alternatives are becoming more and more popular. People are loving hemp and almond milk. However, it’s best to stick with fortified cow’s milk that’s rich in vitamin D. That is if you’re not lactose intolerant. One can drink the milk, add it to cereal, mix it into the morning cup of coffee, and more. It doesn’t matter how one consumes the milk, if he does it!

When it comes to milk, it’s ideal to drink at least 2 cups each day. This is because the calcium and vitamin D in milk can help accelerate the weight loss. Aside from this, drinking milk can also maintain the health of the bones for life. When a person reaches his thirties, the density of his bones is already set. So, anyone who wants to have strong bones even as they grow old should start getting the essential nutrients as early as possible. Although calcium is the best component to maintain bone health, it’s useless without an adequate amount of vitamin D.

Choose Healthy Eating Habits Over Fad Diets

Diets are also becoming trendy these days especially with millennials. Specifically, low-carb and vegan diets are becoming all the rage these days. However, such diets don’t guarantee weight loss for all types of people. Sure, cutting down on dairy products or carbohydrates can help one cut down on calories. But doing this may also lead to lower nutrient intake. This may be okay while a person is young, but it may take a toll on the body as the person grows older.

People who want to lose weight shouldn’t eliminate specific food groups entirely. Instead, they should focus on limiting or reducing their portions. They should also focus on eating the nutrient-dense versions of the foods they want to avoid.

Skip the Beer

Drinking beer occasionally and moderation won’t affect one’s waistline much. But when it becomes a habit, then it can start affecting the metabolic rate. When a person binge-drinks on beer, it will start slowing down his metabolic rate. When a person drinks alcohol, then his body has the task of breaking down the beverage.

This process takes precedence over breaking down any other food he’s eaten. And so, the food just stays there, waiting for the digestive system to start breaking it down. So even if beer seems like a harmless beverage, it makes the entire metabolic process slower. In fact, there are researchers who claim that drinking too much can significantly decrease the body’s ability to burn fat!

Try to Avoid Late-Night Snacking

Here’s another trick that will work wonders especially for those who are guilty of this habit. After dark, it’s important to stay away from foods which are greasy and laden with carbohydrates. It may seem challenging, but with enough determination, even millennials can do this!

If a person really can’t avoid late-night snacking, then he should choose what to eat wisely. It’s best to eat protein-rich foods instead of the carbohydrate-filled, greasy ones. Staying away from carbohydrates at night can flip the body’s “fat-burning” switch. So, to stay on track regarding weight loss management, keep some healthy midnight snacks on hand in case one gets hungry at night. If one can avoid this habit though, all the better!

Eating Processed Foods is Never a Good Idea

When it comes to processed foods, which contain artificial ingredients and preservatives, learn to say no! Research shows that processed foods may confuse the body. When a person consumes such foods, the body expects calories which just aren’t there. And so, it disrupts the ability of the body to regulate the food eaten. This leads to “metabolic derangements” such as increased glucose levels or a poor insulin response. This, in turn, might lead to more fat storage and other harmful conditions.

Never Skip Meals

While people are still young, skipping meals may have helped them lose weight faster. But after a person reaches a certain age, the body doesn’t respond well to such habits. The more a person tries to avoid meals or restricts the diet, the more his body will store fats. Therefore, it’s important for the metabolism, energy, and overall health for a person to eat something every 5 hours or so.

Make Fitness Your Priority

Finally, millennials (and all other people for that matter) should make fitness their priority. By far, this is the most difficult tip in the list. People should consciously make fitness a big part of their lifestyle as adults. To do this, one can start a workout routine. Join a fitness class if it will be more motivating. And it’s important to treat each workout schedule like an important appointment. This will make it easier to show up and put effort into the weight loss plan. It may seem hard, but in the long-run, it will really be beneficial for the person.

Watch What You Eat!

When it comes to weight loss management, one of the most important things a person needs to do is to watch what he eats. There are certain foods which people can choose to replace the unhealthy versions they’re used to eating. Look at these food options:

Sweet Potatoes

A lot of people enjoy eating potatoes, but they usually go for the white version. This is because they’re really tasty and commonly used in dishes or as sides (think French fries and mashed potatoes). But substituting white potatoes for sweet potatoes would be a lot more beneficial. Sweet potatoes are healthier because they’re high in potassium and fiber, two nutrients which have a lot of benefits to the body.

Organic Meat

Avoid eating burgers at fast food places. Instead, you can make your patties at home using organic beef that’s also grass-fed. In doing this, one will save a lot of calories while giving the creatine and protein levels a boost. These two components promote weight loss and support the health of joints and tendons as the person ages. Another benefit of organic meat is that it doesn’t contain artificial growth hormones which can also contribute to weight gain.


Usually, women in their twenties (the millennials now) don’t get adequate amounts of folate. And those who consume a lot of alcohol aren’t even able to absorb the nutrient because of their excessive drinking. Insufficient amounts of folate may have a negative effect on a woman’s health. It may also lead to weight gain and an increased risk of developing diseases. People can acquire folate naturally by consuming liver. Also, they can get this nutrient in high amounts from navy beans (the white variety).


One easy way to prevent weight gain is to eat some nuts. Studies have shown that people who eat nuts have a lesser likelihood of becoming overweight. That is as compared to those who don’t eat them. This is because nuts make people feel fuller for a longer time.


This is another healthy food millennials should start eating regularly. Most types of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients have a lot of health benefits. Also, eating fish regularly will also support weight loss as it’s frequently part of effective weight loss diets.

Also, Watch What You Do

Aside from watching what they eat, people should also watch what they do. Pairing a healthy diet with healthy habits will surely help with weight loss management. Here are some fun activities one can do to help with the weight loss plan:

Text or Email a Friend

A recent study showed that when dieters receive a motivational text or email regularly, they’re more likely to stick with their diets and healthy habits. So, dieters can help each other out by sending texting or emailing each other to keep them motivated and well-reminded.

Shop With Tunes

People who go shopping for food while listening to their favorite upbeat tunes are less likely to place unnecessary or unwanted items from their shopping carts. Also, listening to fast music can make people shop faster and with a purpose.

Don’t Accept All the Invites

Millennials are fond of going out with friends for brunches, dinners, and drinks. Although this is a great way to keep their social life alive, they shouldn’t accept all the invitations they get. Occasionally, decline the invite to go out. This is especially true for those who are following a certain diet.

Modify the Dinnerware

Finally, it’s important to make modifications to the dinnerware in the home. Eating from smaller plates would force one to eat smaller portions. So those who want to lose weight should consider purchasing smaller-sized plates.


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