10 Foods That Improve Your Sex Appetite


You’ve likely heard some foods referred to as aphrodisiacs. These are the foods that increase sexual appetite. They are full of natural phytochemicals that can increase the libido in both men and women. They can help to boost some of the hormones that can make you feel like you’re in love and excited.

As the body’s libido increases, the vagina lubricates. You’re ready for sex, which can make it more pleasant, so you want it more on a regular basis. Since they’re natural, they don’t mess up other hormones in the body. The effects also wear off naturally, once you’re satisfied and happy.

If you’re struggling with your libido, you can look at adding more foods that are good for boosting your sexual appetite. Here are 10 that you will want to start adding to your diet. You may be surprised at some of the foods, especially based on the foods you’ll usually hear mentioned.

Start with More Watermelon

Watermelon isn’t just good for refreshing your body on a hot summer’s days. It’s also one of the best aphrodisiacs on the planet. Yes, really!

Studies show that while chocolate is good, watermelons are better. Since it’s 92% water, you’re not going to get a lot of extra calories when eating it. The 8% that is fruit is packed with nutrients, including phytochemicals that will help to boost the release of happy hormones from the brain. Some of these hormones include endorphins and serotonin, making you feel happy and relaxed.

The water content will also help to balance out all the hormones. A dehydrated body starts to release more stress hormones and the last thing you want is sex when you’re stressed and anxious.

Watermelon has shown Viagra-like benefits in men, too. The blood vessels relax because of citrulline, a phytonutrient that converts to an amino acid that works in the exact same way as Viagra and other similar medication. It’s possible to improve blood flow, which can make it easier to get the penis erect for sex.

Use More Ginseng in Your Cooking

Ginseng is a popular spice throughout Hawaii and some Oriental countries. It’s most popularly used as a tea, but you can also add it to your cooking. It’s one of those that you want to consider ending your meals with, and not just for the sex appetite benefits.

You’ll find that your energy levels get a natural boost when you use more ginseng daily. It works in the exact same as an energy drink, boosting your metabolism and helping to wake you up. The difference is the lack of sugar. You don’t get the crash so soon after, meaning you will want to do more throughout the day.

Studies have shown that adding ginseng to your diet for a month can increase your libido considerably. In fact, 68% in the study said that their sex life had considerably changed for the better. It’s just so easy to add ginseng to your diet, so there’s no reason not to do it.

Opt for Some Extra Ginger

Have you ever decided to pass on the ginger? Well, it’s time to start using more throughout the week. Ginger is one of those roots that offers so many health benefits and one of those is for your sex life.

It’s worth remembering that ginger offers healing properties. It will help to keep your immune system working, reduce inflammation, and boost the overall mental health feeling. These all play a part in the sexual appetite. After all, when you feel well you are more likely to want to get active in the bedroom with your partner. Plus, you’re more attractive when you’re not full of cold or the flu!

Ginger helps to boost the positive hormones in the body. It can be used raw or cooked to get all the libido-boosting benefits. You can also drink it in a tea to boost the after-dinner sexual appetite.

This is one of those vegetables that has been used for centuries around the world. In fact, most herbal medicine still uses ginger on a regular basis for treatments. Even monarchs in the Western World, like King Henry VII, have been known for their ginger use and it’s still popular, so shows the good things about it.

Consider a Little More Saffron

Of all the ingredients on the list, saffron is one of the most expensive. However, it’s something you want to consider for both your health and your sex life.

Saffron is known for its digestive benefits. It helps to improve the flow of food and waste through the system, reducing bloating and gassiness. This instantly leaves you feeling sexier and ready for action after dinner.

Researchers have also found that saffron boosts the hormone release in the brain. It can act a little like ginseng and ginger to get the sex drive in order.

One of the best things about saffron is that it can be added to almost everything. It’s perfect with rice and other grains, but you can also drop it in stews, soups, or even into your roast dinners!

Be Like Popeye and Eat More Spinach

Popeye opted for spinach because he needed extra strength, but that’s not the only reason you want to add this delicious leafy green to your meals. Replace your lettuce with it and start using it with your salads, stews, and sandwiches. The dark leafy green is just packed with nutrients without all the pesky calories.

When it comes to the sex drive, spinach will offer you magnesium to help reduce inflammation in the blood vessels. This offers that benefit watermelon offered: to improve the blood flow around the body. It’s not just men who benefit from this. Blood flow helps to boost lubrication in the vagina to have sex a lot more comfortable and boost the pleasure centers within the genitals.

Women are more likely to have an orgasm when they find sex more comfortable. By having more orgasms, you will want to have sex with your partner more and that makes sex more interesting on a night.

Stock Up on the Dark Chocolate

You may have heard that chocolate is an aphrodisiac. While this is true, that doesn’t mean you should gorge yourself on the box after box of chocolate. You want to get the right type of chocolate to get all the benefits and minimal downsides.

Remember that chocolate is packed with sugar and calories. Dark chocolate as the lowest amount of sugar intake so is much better for the health. This is the type that you want to eat more of. You can also opt for a mug of hot chocolate to get the stress-relieving warmth and the sexual appetite benefits at the same time.

Dark chocolate helps to boost the dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. Not only do you get the happy feeling, but you also get that relaxed and in love feeling. It’s easier to relieve stress and you’ll be more comfortable with your partner.

At the same time, cocoa (which is what chocolate is made of) will reduce inflammation in the arteries and vessels. This means the blood flows better, so you get the same benefits as the spinach and watermelon. Of course, with the chocolate you get the benefits eating something that you really enjoy.

Consider Some Extra Peppers

Spice isn’t bad for you! In fact, it’s good for your health and your sex drive. You want to start adding peppers to your meals. Hotter ones are excellent, of course if your taste buds can handle the heat. Not only do you benefit your sex drive, but you will boost your metabolism. It’s easier to burn more energy, so you feel more alert and ready for sex.

Peppers will make you sweat. Your heart rate increases, and your lips will plump. These are all things that happen when your body releases the in-love hormones. They’re things that happen when your libido increases, so your body can be tricked into believing you want sex.

You’ll also increase the blood flow to your body. This means your genitals’ nerves get more stimulation. Sex isn’t just more comfortable, but it’s more pleasurable for you. You’ll have an orgasm that is more powerful than ever before, making you want more like that on a regular basis.

One word of caution is to wash your hands! This is especially the case if you’re handling peppers raw. Your genitals will not react well to the pepper spice.

Try More Pesto in Your Meals

You’ll likely hear that oysters are great for boosting the libido. While there is some truth to this, it’s important to remember that oysters live at the bottom of the ocean. They collect all the waste from above and that can interact with the benefits. Instead of oysters, you want a food that will offer the same health benefits: pesto. Well, it’s pine nuts but pesto is a very tasty way of getting them.

Oysters and pine nuts are packed with zinc. It’s the zinc that helps to boost the blood flow improve muscles growth. That helps to boost physical performance, which means you’ll have more stamina during sex. Zinc is especially important for men, as deficiencies have been linked to low levels of testosterone.

Pesto is a quick way of getting more zinc. You can get tomato or basil pesto to add to your dishes. The grittier the better, as it means more pine nuts and more zinc!

Don’t Forget the Bananas

While watermelons are one fruit you’ll want to stock up on, the second must be bananas. They’re powerful little elements and extremely easy to add to your diet.

The great benefit of bananas is the potassium. Not only will this help to balance out your electrolytes, but it helps to manage the sodium levels in the body. It shouldn’t be that surprising that diets that are high in sodium are bad for the health, and not just the physical health. The sex drive will also suffer.

Salt leads to diminished blood flow and contracted blood vessels. That means the genitals don’t get all the benefits we’ve already mentioned with a boost in the blood flow. So, if you get more bananas and balance out the sodium, you keep the blood flow normal and healthy.

Plus, bananas are packed with fiber. They help you remain full throughout the day and keep your waist trim. You feel more confident in yourself, which makes you feel sexier and ready for more fun.

Finish the Day with Green Tea

Finally, it’s all about the green tea. This is another one of those ingredients that you’ll see for all types of health benefits. It’s known for boosting the health, improving the immune system, and so much more. So, what exactly makes it a sex appetite booster?

It’s all in the catching, compounds that green tea is rich in. The catechins are the reason for better weight loss results. They help to boost the metabolism by improving the rate that fat is turned into energy. You’ll end up with a thinner waistline and more confidence.

But that’s not all. Catechins are also excellent for preventing and fighting off the free radicals in the body. Free radicals are more commonly linked to cancer, but they also cause inflammation within the body. When you get more catechins, you can get rid of the reason for the inflammation of the blood vessels. You instantly improve the blood flow, getting all the benefits, we’ve already discussed.

Start Adding More Libido-Boosting Foods to the Diet

There’s no need to do anything special to boost your sexual appetite. Whether you used to have a strong libido and it’s lessened or you’ve never really been that interested, you can help to boost the hormones in the body.

Many of the foods on the list are those that you’ll already include in your diet. It’s just about adding a little more on a regular basis. You can also add them to meals just before you’re planning a night in with the partner to help to boost both of your sexual appetites. The foods work for both men and women, even when it comes to the Viagra-like benefits. Remember increased blood flow isn’t just about improving erections but making sex more pleasurable.

You can mix many of the foods together to boost your libido. Try adding more saffron and ginger together in soups and stews that involve spinach for example. You’ll soon find you have a delicious menu that’s sex-boosting.

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