How To Use Tea Tree Oil As A Natural Body Wash


Tea tree oil is extremely beneficial for the skin. Whether you need something for the face, arms, legs or back, it offers the perfect combination of nutrients and hydration.

This is why so many people turn their tea tree oil into a natural body wash. There are various homemade recipes that have turned out to be effective and easy to make. You’ll keep the cost down and know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

Just how do you make a natural body wash with your tea tree oil? Is it just as simple as pouring it onto a loofah and scrubbing? Here’s all you need to know about creating your homemade natural body wash.

Just How Can We Benefit from Tea Tree Oil?

Before looking into the homemade washes, what are the benefits of using this natural ingredient? Why should you start doing it today?

Did you know?


It is one of the best products for healing skin conditions. Whether you have psoriasis, eczema or even acne, you will be able to treat and prevent the conditions from getting worse. In some cases, you can completely reverse effects and minimise scarring.

The oil is also soothing and moisturising. You’ll not have to deal with some of the serious symptoms of itching and burning when you opt for a tea tree oil treatment. The moisturising properties help to keep the skin from drying out, which just aggravates the conditions. You keep your hands away, preventing dirt and oils getting into your pores, reacting with your skin and causing skin conditions to get worse.

Tea tree oil can also help to reduce candida and other yeast infections from getting worse, and you can reverse the effects completely. It’s useful for both skin and nail fungal infections.

Don’t Use It Directly on Your Skin!

It’s oil, right? So, why can’t you put the tea tree oil directly onto your skin? Surely that would help to reverse any condition that you have.

Well, that’s not quite the case. It is possible that direct exposure to the oil will irritate your skin. You see, tea tree oil is an essential oil. It’s highly concentrated, and some people are far too sensitive to it. It causes the body to react negatively, leading to inflammation, redness, and aggravated conditions.

The best thing to do is dilute it with other natural ingredients.

When you want to soothe your skin and relax, try adding a few drops of your bath water. You can have a nice long soak, and allow your whole body to absorb the benefits in the tea tree oil.

But what about when you need a shower? You want a scrub that will work on a daily basis.  Check out best kids body wash here.

Why Make My Own When I Can Buy One?

I can see why you’re asking this. Surely if there are so many products on the market that already include tea tree oil, there’s no need to make your own? Well, yes there are these products but do you know what’s in them? Many of them have so many other ingredients, including chemicals that counter against the essential oil!

Some of the chemicals are also harmful. There are products used in bleach and detergents in some of these body washes and shampoos. Why are you allowing your skin to absorb them?

When you opt for a natural body wash, you know that all you’re putting into your body is natural ingredients. You’re getting all the nutrients with none of the chemicals. You’ll fight against skin conditions without making them worse.

Here are some quick benefits of making your natural body wash with tea tree oil:

More Money in Your Pocket

The cost of those store-bought products that are full of chemicals is much more than you would ever spend on your homemade option. Sure, the initial cost of your natural products may be more than a store-bought one, but the cost per use will be much lower. You see, your products will make more than just one bottle of body wash.

You end up with far more money in your pocket. If you keep making other natural remedies, you’ll be able to save even more money on a yearly basis. Just think how much happier you’ll feel knowing you’re looking after your health and finances in one!

There’s no need to think of the time that it will take to make the products. These homemade body washes and cleanses extremely easy. In the majority of cases, it just means pouring and going. Yes, really! There are no boiling, measuring and tricky recipes to follow.

It’s Great for the Kids

Have you spent ages trying to find a cleanser that is just right for your kids? This isn’t just about finding their favourite cartoon character in a bottle, but finding one that has all the best ingredients. You’re so fed up of having to spend extra money on your kids’ products. That’s especially the case when business hikes the prices for kids’ products, just because of the word “child” in them!

Well, the great news about making your natural product is that you don’t have to worry. The tea tree oil body washes can be used on adults and kids. There’s no need to look at other types of recipes or follow different measurements. You don’t need to spend extra on new bottles.

You’ll save money since all of you will be using the same body wash. You’ll also know that you’re protecting your kids’ skin because there’re only natural ingredients.

You’re Focusing on Your Health

Making a natural product means you’re focusing on your health so much more. The essential oil and many of the other ingredients are great for the skin and overall health. You’ll absorb far more nutrients into your body, cleansing your skin conditions, boosting your immune system, and fighting cancer all at the same time.

When you want to focus on a healthy lifestyle, switching from store-bought products to the natural homemade options is one of the first steps you should take.

Some of the chemicals and toxins used in the store-bought options include sodium lauryl sulfate (used in detergents) and triclosan (possibly the reason bacteria has become resistant to antibiotics). The next time you look at a bottle of store-bought lotions, take a close peek at the ingredients list and check up on all those ingredients.

So, how do you make your natural body washes with tea tree oil?

Moisturise with Honey and Tea Tree Oil

Let’s start with a body wash that isn’t just cleansing but also moisturising. When you have a skin condition, scrubbing isn’t going to be the answer. You will just make it worse. There’s no need to rub your skin to get your pores open to treat acne. You just want to lift the dirt out of them.

A moisturising body wash is highly effective and very easy to make.

Start with half a cup of honey. Make sure it’s unfiltered to make sure it includes all the cleansing minerals and vitamins. You see, honey doesn’t just moisturise, but adds antioxidants to the body to keep it healthy. You’ll get extra vitamins, especially vitamin C, to help boost the immune system and collagen production naturally.

With the honey, add about 100 drops of tea tree oil and 4 tsp of coconut or olive oil. Coconut oil is better since it helps to fight against many of the same conditions as tea tree oil. You get relief from the itching and inflammation, while the skin is moisturised with the oil. You also get a boost of nutrients for the immune system to fight against the skin conditions. Olive oil will help to moisturise the skin and does offer some relief, but not to the extent of its coconut cousin.

It’s also worth adding half a cup of liquid castile soap to your body wash. This will give it the washing texture and cleanse the skin completely. It isn’t drying like many other soaps so that you won’t aggravate the conditions in your skin.

You could also add a few drops of vitamin E oil if you want to add the extra nutrients. Vitamin E offers some protection against the pollutants in the air, which are regularly absorbed through the skin. These pollutants aggravate conditions, lead to other skin problems, and can aggravate allergies. By protecting your skin from them, you completely prevent the issues that will arise.

All you’ll need to do is pour all the ingredients together—you may need to heat the coconut oil to turn it into a liquid first—and shake completely before each use. Because there’s no water in this, it has a much longer shelf life than many other homemade recipes. You could keep the same bottle for a year—or until it runs out. With daily use, you’ll find that it runs out sooner!

Use it on a scrubber or directly onto your body, whichever you prefer.

Creating a Dandruff Fighting Cleanser

Tea tree oil isn’t just powerful to the body’s skin, but also the head’s. It can help to fight against dandruff, curing the dry skin completely by encouraging the natural oil production. Not only will this help to get rid of your dandruff and itchy scalp, but it will also make your hair smell and feel cleaner and shinier.

You only need some tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil for this treatment. The great news is your scalp and hair can take more than your face and some parts of your body can.

Mix a few drops of each of the oils together and massage directly into the scalp. Leave on for about 30 minutes to allow the scalp to absorb the oils completely. You can leave on for up to an hour before you rinse the mixture with warm water.

This is a great natural conditioner, but you can also add some tea tree oil to your shampoo. Some shampoos even come with tea tree oil but do look out for other chemicals added. There are some that are marketed to treat dandruff, but many just dry out the skin and make dandruff worse! We recommend the best tea tree oil 3-in-1 (Wash.Scrub.Mask) Get it now.

Turn It Into a Disinfectant

Tea tree oil has disinfecting properties, among its many benefits. You can treat all types of skin wounds and blemishes with it and in some cases make the blemishes and acne disappear overnight!

This is one of those treatments that you can use directly on skin. It’s not quite a body wash, but it is a cleanser. Use it after your shower when the pores are open to help get rid of any residual bacteria. If you suffer from any irritation, you may want to dilute some of the essential oil in water to still get the disinfecting properties. This will likely take longer.

To use the essential oil in this way, apply it to some cotton wool balls and place it straight onto the affected areas on your skin.

You can also help to clean up eczema in a similar way. Add some of the essential oil to coconut oil and dab directly onto the affected areas. While the coconut oil works to treat the skin condition and reduce symptoms, the essential oil will boost the immune system and disinfect the area at the same time.

Add It to Your Bathwater

One of the simplest ways to make tea tree oil into a natural body wash is by just adding some drops to your bathwater. It’s not just great for relaxation but will also help you clean every little part of your body! And all you have to do is soak in it!

You see, unlike many other bubble baths and natural remedies, the essential oil will clean your body. The antibacterial properties will get rid of the build-up of bacteria in your pores. The odours will be removed from your system completely, instead of just covered up. The disinfecting properties of the tea tree oil will also help it fight against yeast infections and dirt build-up.

There’s no need to spend money on any other ingredients to make this simple body wash. You can soak your lower in the water and scrub your body if you want to exfoliate before your soak. This is a great way to open the pores quickly and let the healing properties get to work.

Now is your time to focus on a healthier lifestyle. Switch your everyday cleanser to a homemade essential oil one. Tea tree oil is a perfect one for all the family, and very easy to make. Decide what you want to get out of your cleaner and follow the directions above. It’s time to put your overall health first.

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