The Ultimate Round Up Of Anti-Aging Tips From Celebrities


The world is in a constant search for anti-aging tips. We would love to slow down and even prevent the process. The idea of getting wrinkles and age spots make many of us shudder and fear.

While there have been plenty of theories and dark methods to slow down the aging process in the past. Not all have remained popular or even recommended now. The good news is there are many more tips that have been introduced in recent years.

Celebrities are just like us. They want to look young and beautiful for the rest of their lives. They have shared their top anti-aging tips with others, many of them using products that you already have in your home or that are easily bought in the grocery or beauty stores.

Here’s your ultimate round-up of anti-aging tips from celebrities. Now you will just need to decide which ones to try first.

Use More Epsom Salts in Your Bath Water

We tend to use many bubble baths,and essential oils are our bath water. Sure, they can make us feel relaxed and soothed, but there is something better. Celebrities like Jodie Kidd and Elle Macpherson suggest Epsom salts in your bath water instead.

Epsom salts tend to be incorrectly thought off as dehydrating salts. After all, the term “salt” is in their name, right? The salts come from the idea of them being mineral salts. They are full of nutrients that other saltsdo not have in their makeup. When you bathe in these salts, you put the minerals straight back into your body. The skin absorbs them throughout your bath.

Many celebrities share that they use Epsom salts as part of their beauty routine before they hit the red carpet. The moisture and minerals they get give them a soft and bright glow to their skin, leaving them looking healthier and younger.

Try Out Apple Cider Vinegar for Your Face Wash

It is time to drop the cleansing products in your bathroom. The only thing your skin needs to clean and remove the dirt, grime, and makeup is apple cider vinegar. This is something Scarlett Johansson swears by when it comes to beauty and keeping their skin looking younger.

The apple cider vinegar is a natural cleanser. It will cause the particles in your pores to break down. The acid will even kill off the bacteria in the pores, preventing acne.

At the same time, the acid will brighten the complexion. It works by preventing melanin production, so the pigmentation is even throughout the skin. You will get rid of the dark spots and blemishes that often make the skin look worn with time.

Johansson also shares that apple cider vinegar helps you reduce the number of chemicals you put in your body. Too many cleansers are full of unnatural ingredients that affect your hormonal balance and cause more acne. When you use something natural, you help to balance your hormones and natural oil production.

Use a Coffee Cleanser Instead

One of the issues with apple cider vinegar is that it can be too strong for sensitive skin. If you find your skin irritated and red from the ingredient, you will want to look at other cleansing options. Coffee cleansers are far better for sensitive skin.

Halle Berry uses coffee-based cleansers for their exfoliating benefits. The coffee grounds (you can use fresh coffee grounds or instant coffee for this) will not completely dissolve in yogurt or milk. They create a natural exfoliator on your skin, helping to remove the dead skin cells and bring the newer ones to the front.

Why does this solve the aging problem? Well, your skin is left with a brighter and clearer glow. The dead cells will cover up your newer cells, leaving your complexion looking dull and old. When you bring the fresher cells to the surface, you start looking much younger than ever before.

The coffee exfoliator will also help to improve the blood circulation around the skin. This means more oxygen around the area and better oil production.

Use Pure Vitamin E

It does not matter what type of cream you get, if it has pure vitamin E. This is something The Voice coach Shakira recommends and uses as part of her daily routine. One of the best products to buy is baby sunscreen. The products are far more regulated,and the vitamin E is pure.

Vitamin E helps with the production and repair of new skin cells. It is an antioxidant that will prevent oxidative stress and free radical damage. These are the elements that cause the aging process, as they cause more cells to die. You are left with dry, flaky, and blemished skin.

The creams are also moisturizing. While you have the vitamin E to help improve the cells, the moisturizing cream helps to keep the water content up. When the skin is soft and hydrated, it is more elasticized. You will see fewer wrinkles and fine lines form.

Shakira also recommends adding more vitamin C to your skin, which moves us to the next skin tip. Check out more info on  dry flaky eyelids home remedies here

Drink Hot Water with Lemon Every Morning

Sometimes the skin care tips are not just for topical treatments. You can also drink your remedies for slowing down the aging process. This also links into getting more vitamin C into your body.

Vitamin C is one of those nutrients that your body cannot store or make itself. It relies on you getting enough daily, and it is an essential vitamin. Vitamin C helps to boost the immune system. It is an antioxidant like vitamin E, helping to protect against oxidative stress and free radical damage. When the immune system works efficiently, there will be less inflammation, redness, and bacteria.

An excellent working immune system will help to reduce the damage to the skin. Inflammation makes the skin look red and puffy. You can add years to your skin and looks without meaning to.

Why hot water with lemon? Well, this helps to get the vitamin C into your diet easily. It is also a refreshing way to start the day, helping to add more moisture to your diet. A well-hydrated body will also help to reduce the aging process.

Use Lemons and Sea Salt for Exfoliating

If you are not a big fan of the idea of exfoliating with coffee grounds, do what plenty of other celebrities do: use lemon and sea salt. While there are some downsides to salt, sea salt is one of the best. It is perfect for adding more minerals to your body without overly dehydrating the skin. When used with lemon juice, it will remain solid and fully exfoliate your skin.

Meanwhile, the lemon juice acts as a skin brightener. The acid within the fruit will get into the pigments and lighten them while preventing the darkening of others. Your complexion looks brighter and more even than ever before.

You can just cut a lemon in half and dip in some sea salt. Rub in circular motions in the shower to get around your whole body.

Do not use this treatment on the face. It is too harsh for the fragile skin. Also, lemon juice is potent,and the acid can be extremely irritable to the skin on the face.

Use Argan Oil for Hydrating the Skin

Catherine Zeta-Jones does not look a day over 40. Her trick is to use argan oil on a nightly basis. She has used it for years and believes it this that adds the moisture and nutrients to help create her smooth, flawless complexion.

Unlike a lot of other beauty oils, argan oil does not just sit on the top layer. It is not pore blocking, making it an excellent option for those with oily skin. The whole body can absorb the oil deep into the layers, moisturizing and nourishing layers that are often forgotten about.

With the right amount of hydration, the deeper layers of the skin remain elasticised. You are less likely to find stretch marks and wrinkles appear. You can also help the production of collagen, which also helps to keep fine lines and blemishes at bay.

Zeta-Jones is not the only celebrity who uses argan oil with success. Kim Kardashian shares that she loves the Moroccan oil too.

Make Eye Masks from Potatoes

Potatoes have been used for decades to brighten the skin. The milder acid within them helps to brighten even the most sensitive skin without irritating. Potatoes are also good for puffy eyes.

Lauren Conrad shares that she uses them to place on her eyes at the end of the day, especially if her eyes are puffy. You just need to slice up a couple of bits and put them over your eyelids for 15 minutes or so.

The eyes receive the moisture they need to support the health of the skin. You can also soothe the dry eye and a burning sensation around dry eyes. The moisture will help to boost collagen production, reducing fine lines, while the cooling sensation reduces inflammation and puffiness. You will have bag free eyes the very next morning.

Add Face Serum to Your Lips

Dry and chapped lips are a bane in many of our lives. No matter how much lip balm we seem to use, we just cannot escape the annoyance of chapped lips. Moreover, they are always distracting and make us look like we are aging.

It is time to step away from the lip balms, at least on a night. Opt for a face serum instead. Yes, really! This is something model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley uses on her lips to get the full look the next day.

Many lip balms are surprisingly full of drying chemicals. Just think of the petroleum jelly that makes the popular Vaseline. The ingredients do not soak into the lips but sit on to block the moisture getting out. If you do not already have moisture in there, then you are going to find it hard to keep them moist and healthy.

Face serums are full of nutrients. They are designed to create younger skin, so they will help to make your lips smoother and healthier than before.

Do not Forget the Massages

We tend to overlook one of the most beneficial ways to keep your skin looking younger. Massages are often those routines that you need to save up for. Moreover, then you must find the time out of your busy schedule to book yourself in for one. If only you could do it all yourself.

Massages are certainly beneficial for the skin. Not only do you use creams and serums to add nutrients to the skin, but you will help to boost the blood circulation. This instantly adds a glow and oxygen to the skin. You also help to reduce stress in the body, which will help to reduce damage to the skin cells daily. You instantly reduce signs of aging from occurring within your skin.

So how do you do it without spending a fortune on a professional? Khloe Kardashian, the youngest Kardashian sister, loves her massage roller. This is something she can use herself to get into every part of the body. There’s no strain to her hands, as she unknots all the tense sections in her muscles from a long day.

Many celebrities also suggest yoga balls. They are small and easy to use. You can take them anywhere and just roll them around your muscles for instant gratification.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Skin’s Health?

It is time to follow the tricks of the celebrities. They know what they are talking about! They look young for decades. This is not just because they have money to look after their skin. Many celebrities use natural, organic options that you likely already have in your cupboard. If you do not, you can quickly stock up in the local grocery or beauty store.

All you will need to choose is the one to start with. There may be a few that solve your exact aging problem. Are you ready to boost your skin’s health?

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