The Ultimate List of Cosmetic Eyebrow Enhancement


Sometimes we want a little more permanence when it comes to our eyebrows. We need things to be as maintenance free as possible, and that can mean considering cosmetic enhancements.

Now if only it were as simple as just one or two enhancements to choose between. There are all sorts of options available for enhancements. Just which ones are right for you? Should you work by price or by results?

Let’s break down all the options available. This is your ultimate list of cosmetic eyebrow enhancement options available, with a full look at each of them.

You Could Go for Non-Permanent Quick Fixes

Before we get into the permanent options, there are always the quick fixes. These aren’t quite cosmetic and are the ones that most of already use. Non-permanent options mean we don’t worry as much when we get them done. They can be removed, and we can start again.

You can use pencils, liners, waxes and more. There are brow wands to remove the unwanted hairs and then use pencils to shape and focus on the preferred lines.

Whenever you choose a non-permanent option, you need to think about nature. Make sure your pencils will give you a naturally shaped look. It’s going to be a case of trial and error to find the right option for you, but at least you know you can do it without fear of ridicule or regret.

These options are the most affordable as a one-off. However, over the course of time, they can work out to be the most expensive. You should keep replacing pencils and wands when they break and wear out.

You could opt for something like the Wunderbrow. This is a waterproof and transfer-proof option that works as a normal pencil. The results last for around three days and come in five different shades to work with your natural coloring. Your brows will look thicker and more prominent on your face, helping to add more definition.

Another semi-permanent option is a brow enhancing cream. This will last for around three months to create more definition. Check out more info on doing eyebrows for the first time here

Choose Eyebrow Threading Instead

While you may shave or pluck your eyebrows, you will aggravate the follicles. This can stop the eyebrow hair growing back. While that’s great for the annoying monobrow, you can also affect the hairs within your thick and beautiful eyebrows. You need a hair removal method that gets rid of the unwanted hairs.

It’s all about threading right now. Yes, there is some pain that comes with this, but it’s worth it when you find out all the benefits. Not only do you get rid of the unwanted hair, but you stimulate all the hair follicles. It’s possible to encourage the hairs within your eyebrows to grow back thicker and more beautiful.

After the threading, you can have your eyebrows tinted or treated. This helps to create a thicker look, without having to go through expensive cosmetic surgery.

Get Eyebrow Extensions Applied

Sometimes you don’t need new hairs to grow. You just need to make your brows look thicker. You can do this using eyebrow extensions. These are very similar to eyelash extensions, just for the hairs above your eyes.

The extensions are semi-permanent. Once you have them applied, you’ll be able to leave them for a couple of weeks before needing them replaced and trimmed. They tend to be among the most affordable options for cosmetic eyebrow treatments, even though they need the regular maintenance. They are also among the options that offer the lowest risk.

Extensions are applied to each eyebrow hair. They help to create longer eyebrows, which can cover up some of the bald spots. You end up with a look of thicker eyebrows without adding anything to the thinning spots.

Glue used for the extensions is medical grade and safe for us. If you are worried, the technician can apply a little to your eyebrows to see how your skin reacts over the course of a few days.

The brows can be tinted to match your natural brow color, making the extensions look natural. Nobody will notice unless they’re up close and personal. It costs around $100 per month to get your extensions, and an appointment will take around an hour. The exact timing and amount of extensions you need will depend on your eyebrows since the extensions are applied to each hair.

If you don’t fancy the semi-permanent extensions, you can opt for less permanent wigs. They aren’t as effective and many people view them as a waste of money.

Growing Your Natural Eyebrows Quicker and Easier

Rather than opting for cosmetic surgery, opt for a cosmetic cream. This isn’t just an enhancement cream. You want a permanent prescription drug called Latisse. It’s approved by the FDA and effective in creating fuller, beautiful eyebrows. You’ll get natural hairs growing through in your natural color, making it easier to blend everything in.

The cream helps to encourage hair growth. You can use the cream all over your brows or in very specific areas.  Only a drop of the cream is needed to encourage the growth. It’s possible to fill in patches and make your eyebrows look thicker and more luxurious.

As it encourages natural growth, it’s also easier to correct if gone wrong. You can stop using the cream and trim your eyebrows. You will still need to pluck your eyebrows and watch where you put the cream to avoid hair growth in areas you don’t want.

The cream is an eyelash growth cream but does work in other parts of the body. It’s an excellent short-term option if you’ve just accidentally over-plucked your eyebrows! This is something for those who don’t have the patience for covering up the damage.

This is an affordable option for most. Your insurance may cover it, but it will depend on the reason for the prescription in some cases. The cream lasts ages because you only need a small amount, making it a cost-effective option for many women.

Opting for Eyebrow Tattoos

Sometimes you just want something that’s more permanent. You want something that you can say “I woke up looking this good.” Permanent makeup is the way to get this, but you will need to go through some cosmetic procedure. All these procedures carry some risk, but you can minimise the risks by choosing reputable professionals and companies.

One of the cheapest options is eyebrow tattoos. Don’t just go to any tattoo artist to get this done. You want someone who has proven the ability to create realistic looking eyebrow tattoos. There are far too many horror stories out there.

Tattooists will apply the tattoo as a transfer first. This will give you a chance to look in the mirror and make sure you’re happy with it. Anyone who wants to do eyebrows freehand should be reconsidered. The only way you can go back on this is through laser surgery, which is costly and painful.

The tattooing process will accentuate the arches. The tattooist will use fine strokes that are almost like small hairs. The tattoos should complement your natural eyebrow shape and style.

This is an excellent option for those with alopecia or other hair-loss issues. It is also a goodoption for those with a smaller budget. The downside is the tattoos can fade, especially in the sun. You’ll need to use sunscreen daily (which you should do anyway) to protect from UV damage. The tattoos may need touching up regularly.

It is possible to get the tattoos in different colors. You’ll be able to work with your natural hair color.

One of the downsides is that the tattoos won’t look real, especially up close. You may get a lot of questions from family members and friends when they see what you’ve done.

Correcting Permanent Makeup ProblemsLaser removal is sometimes used to get rid of permanent makeup gone wrong—all types of permanent makeup. It’s not one of the most effective ways to repair the damage though.

If you have made a mistake by choosing the wrong permanent makeup artist, you’ll need to go through permanent makeup correction. This uses enlighten lasers, which is more focused on smaller areas and safer for the eyes. It’s possible to remove the permanent disasters with just 3-4 treatments. It’s up to you then if you want to get the eyebrows done again.

Opt for Eyebrow Transplants Instead

What about something permanent that looks real? Hair transplants are a thing, but so are eyebrow transplants. They both work in very similar ways. You can restore thinning hair with hair transplants, while the eyebrow options will help to thicken your sparse brows.

Transplants do involve surgery, but not major invasive surgery. Most of the treatments are out-patient ones unless there is an issue. Unlike some other transplant surgeries, you don’t have to get foreign particles from someone else.

The surgery involves taking hair follicles from another part of your body. This part is usually a hidden section, so nobody would notice if you have small balding patches in those areas. The follicles are also usually taken from parts of your head rather than other parts of your body. These follicles are then placed into your eyebrows in the areas that you need the hair growth support. The aim is to create the perfect shape.

It is important to find someone who is experienced in this type of permanent eyebrow option. You want someone who knows the best places to remove the hair follicles without causing clear bald patches in your hair. You’ll also need someone who knows the best place to put the follicles in your eyebrows to ensure a natural look.

The recovery time from the surgery is minimal. You’ll have some swelling around the area, but if there are no issues, you shouldn’t feel anything after around a week. You’ll likely be awake for the treatment since a local anestheticis used.

Don’t worry if you see some initial hair loss around the transplanted follicles. Some scabbing is normal. The follicles are the important part and will produce new hairs. Within a couple of months, you’ll forget that you even needed the surgery! You will need to perform some maintenance, as the hairs don’t naturally fall out afterward. Be ready for trimming and grooming duties regularly.

The downside is the cost. This is one of the most expensive cosmetic options for your eyebrows. It can cost up to $10,000, and there are high chances that your insurance won’t cover it. However, it’s a one-off cost. There is usually no need to go through the procedure again.

Find a Reputable Technician or Professional

Whichever type of treatment you opt for, make sure you consider the reputation. Ask to see before and after pictures of previous clients. This will help you see the results based on the look of the original eyebrows. This is extremely important when it comes to tattoos. You want to see that the tattooist is skilled in creating permanent eyebrows. Remember you want enhancements and not something that looks obviously fake!

It’s also worth considering reviews. While photos will help, they can be taken from the internet! Reviews will tell you everything you need to know. Happy customers will always share something about their results, whether it’s on forums, review sites, or even social media.

The reputable companies will cost more. This cost is more than worth paying with the knowledge that your permanent eyebrows look amazing.

Are You Ready for Cosmetic Eyebrow Treatments?

There are just so many options out there for your eyebrows. While makeup can help, you may just want something that lasts longer. It’s time to consider the creams, tattoos, and surgical options available to you. Look at your budget, consider saving, and think about the results you would like to gain from your cosmetic enhancements. There is something for you!

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