The Ultimate Guide To Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are an excellent option if you’re just fed up with constantly using mascara. Yes, you really can give up your mascara use with extensions.

There are a lot of horror stories surrounding eyelash extensions. You’ll hear from people struggling to remove them or having allergic reactions to them. This is often because of the places they go for their extensions. You need to go somewhere that is reputable. Don’t always put money first.

Here’s your ultimate guide to eyelash extensions. It’s your look at everything you need to know to find them, get them applied, and caring for them afterward.

Everyone’s Eyelashes Are Different

It’s important to go to a reputable place and not just for the glue used on the extensions. A reputable company or individual will understand that everyone’s eyelashes are different. While someone may need 40 extensions, others may need 75 or more! The professional will look at the number of individual eyelashes you have.

This isn’t about putting on fake lashes to the roots of your current ones. The extensions go on individually towards the end of your real lashes. They’re called extensions for a reason.

If your eyes don’t have that many lashes, to begin with, you won’t need as many extensions. The extensions aren’t always going to be placed on every single one of your lashes. Some will be new that are still growing through, and others will be too damaged to use.

Because of the way the lashes are applied, it will take time to get all the lashes onto your eyes. You need to make sure you have the time and patience. Think of a few questions to asked during the session to help pass the time away.

What Makes the Lashes and the Glue?

Now it comes to the big question: what are the glue and lashes made of?

Reputable companies will use lash extensions that are a mixture of both silk and synthetic fibers. This helps to keep them light and comfortable, so you’ll barely tell that you have the extensions. Think of them like hair extensions, which you wouldn’t usually feel in your hair until you touch them! After all, you don’t want people knowing that you have extensions, right?

As for the glue, you’ll want to find out exactly the type that the company uses. It’s the glue that causes the most problems, especially when you look for cheap, questionable companies or individuals. The glue should be medical grade. This is the safest of the lot and used in my surgical treatments. The right glue will have been tested on lashes and eyes to make sure it doesn’t cause adverse effects.

Unfortunately,there are people who are allergic to the fibers and the glue. The company will run through questions to make sure you’re not likely to react. If there are worries, then you’ll likely be asked to do a spot test first for 24-48 hours. This will help to see if reactions appear elsewhere. It’s important to do this, especially if this is your first time to get eyelash extensions.

Most technicians will attach 15-20 extensions first and allow you to test them. This is usually done for those with sensitive eyes to make sure there are no problems. You’ll leave them on for a day or so and then return to see if there are any problems. If not, you can commit to a full set.

The glue is water-resistant to a point. There’s no issue with the shower or going swimming. You won’t want to look directly up at the shower nozzle or step under any waterfalls, but the basic water elements are safe.

They Need Constant Upkeep

One of the downsides of eyelash extensions is the upkeep. You will need to go back every 2-3 weeks for removal and reapplication.  Not all the eyelash extensions will need removing, and it will depend on the rate of growth of your eyelashes. Everyone is different.

Your technician will discuss your upkeep with you. She may initially suggest coming back after two weeks to see whether any need filling in, especially if you have newer lashes that couldn’t have extensions. After the first couple of sessions, she’ll have a better idea of the rate of growth and help determine a long-term option for your eyes.

You will need to clean your eyelash extensions daily. It’s very easy for them to pick up dirt and dust. After all, your eyelashes are there to protect your eyes from the elements and particles in the air! Use a mascara wand daily to help clean out the fluff. This will help the glue last longer and improve the look of your lashes. You’ll also be able to shape and brush them out, avoiding clumps throughout the day.

The daily maintenance really won’t take that long. You just need a few extra seconds in the morning.

Things to Do in the First 24-48 Hours

The first two days are the most crucial for looking after your lashes. This is when the glue is the most fragile, so you will want to avoid steam as much as possible. That means keeping your shower cool, avoiding steam rooms and saunas, and watching out for the facials. You’ll also want to avoid any nasal congestion treatments just until your eyelashes properly set.

Avoid anywhere that has excessive moisture. This will mean no swimming, no heated areas, etc. for the first two days. The heat and the moisture will break down the glue within this short space of time. It will mean some planning ahead before you decide to get your eyelash extensions, as you won’t want to mess up plans you’ve had organized for a while.

Using Makeup Is Allowed

You can still use makeup on your eyes. You won’t need mascara at all, and you should avoid this anyway. Waterproof mascara is the most problematic. It will mean using certain wipes to get rid of it and will degrade the glue used for the extensions. You’ll effect the longevity of your extensions, meaning more visits to the stylist.

Use your eye makeup sparingly. Look out for oil-free and water-based options if you can. Avoid waterproof eyeliner where possible, although this is difficult. Only apply the eyeliner to your upper lids, making it easier to remove it at the end of the day.

Eyelash curlers are a no-no. There’s no need for them with your extensions, and you’ll just end up doing damage. The curlers will break and ruin your extension fibers, meaning you need to replace the extensions more often.

When it comes to removing your makeup, always use oil-free wipes or removes. Be gentle and wipe up towards your brow. You want to be gentle anyway since this is your eyes, but many of us scrub into the eyelashes without even thinking about it. Avoid getting too close to the eyelashes, as you’ll damage the extensions and the glue.

The less makeup you wear, the longer your eyelashes will last. Just some cool water to cleanse the area is usually enough without makeup and will help to maintain the life of your glue and extensions.

Tips for Sleeping

Try to sleep on your back to avoid damaging your eyelash extensions. If you can’t do this or you find yourself rolling onto your side anyway, use something that will help prevent your face from smushing into the pillow. This will just damage and break the extensions. Place your head on the pillow in a way that avoids your eyelashes touching it.

Those who prefer to sleep on their stomach will need to rethink matters. Eyelash extensions may not be for you—there are less permanent options available. You may want to train yourself to sleep in other positions before you get your eyelashes. This is possible, but it will take some time. How important are the eyelash extensions to you?

What to Expect When You Get Your Eyelash Extensions

During your appointment, there are multiple stages to get your eyelash extensions applied. Reputable technicians will initially go through any questions you have. This is the time to find out about your eyelashes specifically and to discuss any makeup or water activities that you do.

After this, you’ll have a gel applies to the under asection of your eyes. The gel helps to prevent the loss of your real lashes during the process.

A good technician will work one eyelash at a time. Don’t worry if you fall asleep during this time, as your eyes will be closed. Most people do accidentally! If you don’t like to talk to the technician as she does it, get some of your favorite music to listen to. This process can take two hours after all, and your technician may want to just focus on the steady precision of applying for your extensions.

Once all the lashes are applied, you’ll get a cool blast of air on your face. This just helps to set the glue and is your indication that the session has finished.

You’ll then get a mirror to see how your new lashes look. Good technicians will opt for subtle looks, but you can also discuss some of the different types of additions for your extensions. Some will have sparkles or other colors at the end depending on your personality and needs.

The extensions should look natural. You shouldn’t get a lot of people talking about how great your eyes look, as they shouldn’t notice the difference, especially if you just get the plain extensions. Some friends may only notice when you blink. Your mom may be a little more focused on them, as she’s grown to know what to see when looking at your face. But that’s just a mom’s way.

Fear of Your Extensions Is Completely Normal

Don’t worry if you’re scared about getting eyelash extensions. You are not alone. The fear of getting extensions for the first time is completely normal. Technicians are used to it, and this is the reason for the questions in the first place.

There are many worries that you may have:

  • Are your eyelashes too weak?
  • Will the upkeep be too much?
  • Can you sit for two hours to get all your eyelashes applied?
  • Will the glue be dangerous?
  • Will the eyelashes break with your lifestyle?
  • Are there better options out there?

Firstly, take a deep breath. The more you worry about your extensions, the more you’ll question the decision. Your technician will be able to answer all the questions above.

If your eyelashes are too weak or damaged, your technician will be honest. She won’t want to make them worse! If your technician is happy to apply them, then there are extremely high chances that your eyelashes are not too weak.

The upkeep is going to be consistent, but it’s not over the top. Every day you will need to brush through the lashes with a mascara wand. This is just a two-second job and will be part of your makeup routine. At least you don’t have the mascara application first. After that, you’ll need to get your extensions touched up every couple of weeks. The upkeep at first will be harder than the long-termupkeep.

Your biggest fear is going to be the quality of your extensions. There are a few things you can do before you book an appointment. The best thing is to talk to your friends to find out where they go for their extensions. Just talk about getting them, and you may be surprised at the people in your life who already have them. If you know someone within the beauty industry, find out who they recommend. Most stylists and facial technicians will know someone who does eyelashes.

It’s also possible to check for price and appointments. If the technician is booked for the next few weeks, there are high chances that she’s good. After all, people are queuing to get her to do her extensions. If the price is low and all appointments are open, you may want to question the quality. You can always ask to see photos of other customers. Most technicians are happy to show this, and you get the ability to see how the eyelashes will look.

Are You Ready for Eyelash Extensions?

If you’ve read this, you are thinking about eyelash extensions. Now is the time to consider your options. You’ll now know what to expect during and after your appointment. Eyelash extensions aren’t as scary as they initially seem. They are an excellent way to get rid of the need for mascara daily ever again.

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