The Ultimate Guide To The Best Natural Facial Moisturizer


Every day, we are exposed to tons of chemicals, via products that we use and the environment around us. When it comes to facial skin care, bombarding our complexions with chemicals is not a good idea.

Some of the chemicals in commercial skin care products are added solely to preserve other ingredients. In other words, they aren’t there to make our skin look its best, and they may not be great for our complexions or overall health. This is why more and more people are making the switch to natural moisturizer.

These formulas don’t contain the usual array of lab-created chemicals. Instead, they contain natural active ingredients with proven track records, such as natural essential oils.

Today, we’re going to talk in more depth about why chemical-based moisturizers aren’t the best choices. We’re also going to discuss some things to think about as you seek out alternative facial moisturizers.

To wrap things up, we’re going to review the top 10 natural facial moisturizers and also talk about how often you should use them and how to maintain your skin quality via these products and related skin care products.

Once you’ve read our helpful guide, you’ll be ready to enjoy the better skin, the all-natural way!

Discover the Downside of Non- natural Moisturizer

Some people don’t realise just how chemical-laden that moisturizer that they buy are! The truth is that a lot of chemicals which may be harmful to human health are found in some drugstore and department store moisturizers!

For example, yo should know that it’s not uncommon for these products to contain aluminum, which some believe is linked to the development of certain cancers, and Alkyloamides, which are thickening agents that may contain carcinogenic Nitrosamines.

This just scratches the surface! If you want to put healthy lotions or creams on your skin, instead of loading it with chemicals which are bad for you, then finding the right natural moisturizer will be a smart decision.

What are the Natural Alternatives?

Today, a lot of skincare products are organic. Choosing organic moisturizers which earn high ratings from real-life users will be the best way to enjoy the benefits of natural active ingredients, without the chemical drawbacks.

Some products which aren’t labeled organic, but which have high concentrations of natural ingredients, are also available. It’s really up to you how pure your natural moisturizer has to be. We’re going to share information about both types of natural facial moisturizers below, to give you a lot of choices, as well as some welcome inspiration.

Price points for these moisturizers will vary quite a bit. Whether you want something basic and affordable or prefer something a bit more expensive, or high-end, you should be able to find something which suits your needs to perfection. It’s all about choosing what is most appealing and affordable.

As well, since everyone’s skin is different, you’ll need to consider your skin type. Many natural moisturizer are designed for specific skin types, while others are designed for all skin types. If you want targeted care which suits your skin type, look for a formula which is designed for your skin type. The main skin types are dry, oily and combination.

Now, let’s look at ten natural moisturizer…

Ten Great Picks to Consider

10.) Organic Facial Moisturizer by Christina Moss Naturals

If you want truly organic skin care which earns accolades from thousands of actual customers, you’ll benefit from checking out this Christina Moss Naturals formula.

It’s quite affordable; it won’t clog your pores, and its ingredients are completely organic. This excellent moisturizer is fortified with Star Anise Seed Oil.

You’ll love its mild licorice fragrance, as well as the lack of toxic ingredients, such as petrochemicals. Nourish your skin daily with this formula, which is designed to be kind to even the most sensitive skin.

9.) Burt’s Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream

This product comes from the trusted Burt’s Bees brand, and it is created with ingredients which are ninety-nine percent organic. It is very soothing and will make your skin softer without triggering ruddiness or other skin issues.

When you choose this highly-rated natural moisturizer, you’ll access a wealth of pure and beneficial natural active ingredients, including Rice Extract and Aloe.

This formula is great for sensitive skin, which means that it’s right for almost everyone. Sensitive skin formulas are very gentle, so they are a-ok for other skin types, too! This formula contains no fragrance and it’s hypo-allergenic.

8.) Honeyskin Organics Organic Moisturizer Cream for Face and Body

This premium organic product is just right for face and body. It’s loaded with vital skin nutrients, including Manuka Honey from New Zealand, as well as beneficial botanicals, such as Plumeria and Cehami.

When you use this affordable moisturizer, you’ll find that it sinks it quickly, with no greasy residue. It’s designed to treat an array of skin conditions as it adds moisture to the skin, so it’s perfect for those who suffer from redness, Rosacea, and other common skin ailments. This organic formula doesn’t contain fillers, and it’s a superb choice for anyone who wants purity and high quality, without spending a fortune.

7.) Truskin Naturals Retinol Moisturizer


Retinol is known for its power to make skin look brighter and more youthful. If you want a little anti-ageing power in your natural facial moisturiser, this formula is well worth a look.

Made by Truskin, which is a trusted natural skin care brand, this Retinol Moisturizer is super-smoothing, and it contains seventy-one percent organic ingredients.

As well, it’s free of chemicals which may be harmful to your skin. This product is safe for every skin type, and it’s designed to get skin looking radiant and soft in no time flat.

6.) Mystic Rose Soothing Face Cream by Derma-Nu

This moisturizer is great for skin which is dry and sensitive. It’s designed to soothe deeply and to help resolve skin irritations. Loaded with natural emollients which are organic, including Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, B5 vitamins and Green Tea, as well as a host of other beneficial ingredients, it’s a great way to smooth wrinkles and fine lines.

This hydrating formula has a delectable rose scent, so you’ll find that using this luxuriant and effective face cream is a truly pampering experience.

5.) Deluvia Manuka Honey Cream Active 16+

This lush face cream is suitable for all skin types, and it contains Manuka Honey. This type of honey is a popular choice in natural face creams because it’s both anti-bacterial and intensely hydrating. Manuka Honey is known for its bio-active properties, and this type of honey is sourced from New Zealand. When you choose this beloved cream, you’ll access pure Manuka Honey which is so natural and beneficial, as well as organic Aloe.

This non-greasy moisturizer absorbs so well, and it’s a great choice for day or night. Use on the face, but be aware it’s fine to use on the body, also.

4.) Wild Naturals Face Cream Moisturizer

This product is something that its manufacturer believes in. In fact, its maker, Wild Naturals, offer a money-back guarantee to customers who aren’t one hundred percent satisfied with this rich and soothing cream.

This is another natural face moisturizer with Makuna Honey, and it’s good for even the most delicate skin, as it doesn’t clog pores. As well, it’s not greasy, and it’s made without harmful fillers. This natural moisturizer won’t trigger allergies, and it contains no animal products or petroleum-based ingredients. As well, it’s free of scent, and it doesn’t contain parabens or alcohol.

3.) Fruit Boost Antioxidant Face Moisturizer by Organity

If you want gorgeous skin and wish to avoid the chemicals, you’ll love this Organity-brand product. It’s designed to boost radiance and smoothness via its plethora of natural fruit extracts, including Apple and Blueberry!

Consider this rich cream to be a healthy fruit cocktail for your skin. You’ll find that it’s a pleasure to use and that it’s a great way to access anti-oxidants which slow down the skin ageing process. If you want a balanced complexion, you’ll love this formula. Since it also contains Glycolic Acid, it’s a great way to keep skin looking fresh and younger, day and day out.

2.) Laritelle Organic Facial Moisturizer

If you want to keep your skin as young-looking as possible (and who doesn’t?), you should know that this Laritelle-brand cream will be a fine choice. This natural facial moisturizer is designed to fight the skin ageing process and to improve the overall texture of the skin.

You’ll find that your complexion looks softer and smoother, due to the active ingredients in this one hundred percent pure and organic face cream. This moisturizer is created in an eco-conscious manner and it’s free of all of the bad stuff, such as sulfates and parabens. As well, if you’re American, you may love the fact that it’s made with care right in the USA.

1.) Elizabeth Charles Beauty Organic Facial Moisturizer

This nourishing and rejuvenating cream is organic, and it’s designed to moisturize deeply. It works for every skin type, and it gives skin a cared-for and refreshed the look. As well, since it’s loaded with anti-oxidants, as well as smoothing hyaluronic acid, it’s a wonderful way to improve skin quality and smoothness. This formula gives skin a younger appearance, as it contains natural active ingredients which brighten complexions.

Which Product is Right for You?

You deserve the best. Hopefully, our guide to 10 of the best natural moisturizer will make it easier for you to choose something exceptional.

Since every pick on our list is available at the world’s largest online retailer, you’ll find that shopping for any natural moisturizer that you like is simple and straightforward.

Some people need to experiment with a few different natural face creams or lotions before they find products which are perfect for their skin.

However, in this case, we feel confident that everything which we’ve recommended is of superb quality. We based our research on ingredient purity, brand reputation, and customer reviews, as well as our personal experiences with this wonderful and pampering products.

Regarding how to use them, it’s all about following the instructions. Usually, they are applied once or twice per day, to clean, dry skin.

Maintaining good skin is about paying attention to diet and hydration, getting enough exercise and using the right natural skin care products.

So, consider a balanced approach to keeping your skin looking its best. In addition to natural moisturizer, you should consider using natural cleansers and toners. If you like treatment products, you’ll find that there are natural products of this type, too, including serums, masques and more.

It’s fun to try new products, and it’s especially fun to try products which are pure and natural. When you go natural, you won’t sacrifice results. Mother Nature produces some amazing plants, fruit, and nuts which turn into exceptional natural active ingredients when their extracts are used in skin products.

Now that you have the inside scoop on natural moisturizer, you’ll be ready to choose those who are best for you. The key to choosing what’s right is looking for preferred products online and then seeing how much they cost, as well as how they look (packaging, etc.) and what other customers have to say about them. Luckily, it’s easy to find all of our top ten face creams online.

Now is a great time to do some shopping for a natural moisturizer, so why not order today? When you do, you’ll find that you’re able to enjoy the superior performance without spending a lot of money. In most cases, the products on our list don’t cost any more than drugstore formulas, and they may cost a lot less than some overpriced department store formulas.

So, what are you waiting for? Treat your skin with natural moisturizer and then enjoy radiant, soft and smooth skin which looks its very best, every single day and night.

[wptabsy][tab].[/tab][tab].[/tab][tabcontent][/tabcontent][tabcontent]Homemade natural moisturizer are hypoallergenic, mild and safe to use around the eyes. Unlike some commercial creams, some come with warnings stating that you should not use the cream around the eye area. In most cases, you can use natural moisturizer made at home on all parts of the body, including the sensitive tissues around the eye.Natural Moisturizer Ingredientsnatural moisturizer recipes contain natural ingredients including nut, seed, vegetable or fruit oils like:Olive oil that contains Vitamin EAvocado oil contains both Vitamin E and C and tocopherolsSunflower oil is very mildPapaya oil is loaded with vitaminsThese are among the many natural moisturizer recommended for homemade eye cream. They can be used alone as an intensive eye serum or combined with yogurt, beeswax, essential herbal oils, corn starch, fruits and vegetables to create a wide variety of natural moisturizer.Fruits and Vegetables for your natural moisturizerFor centuries, people have used cucumbers to help reduce swollen tissues especially around the eyes and eyelids. When ground fresh and combined with a skin friendly oil or dairy product, you get soothing and natural moisturizer.Acai powder contains natural antioxidants and is easily blends with oil or dairy products to provide a natural moisturizer.Carrot pulp is also a great additive for homemade natural moisturizer. Cranberry, grape and apricot juices nourish delicate skin around the eyes and provide nourishing natural moisturizer, while tomato, avocado and bananas add minerals and vitamins to any homemade beauty product and natural moisturizer.Dairy Products for a natural moisturizerMilk, especially goat’s milk is an ingredient in many eye cream recipes. Making these types of creams up daily prevents spoilage from occurring.Yogurt is another inexpensive ingredient that you can use in homemade eye cream to nourish and soothe, as well as provide a natural moisturizer.Busy schedules may limit daily creation of beauty products or natural moisturizer. Creating these natural moisturizer may just not be possible. To ensure freshness of natural moisturizer, you can freeze in ice cube trays for use within five to seven days,Essential Oils for natural moisturizerTo use healing herbs in homemade beauty care products like natural moisturizer, many are available as essential oils.Rose, rosemary, bergamot, chamomile and lavender are a few of the most common essential oils used in natural moisturizer.Natural Moisturizer for Skin Around EyeOatmeal water and lavender are also ingredients that soothe damaged skin and are safe to use around the eye area like a natural moisturizer.Natural Moisturizer can provide soothing and moisturizing effect for the skin around the eye. But the best way to protect this delicate skin area is to use a sunblock whenever you go outside, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and always wear UV sunglasses to protect this sensitive area and of course, use a ¬†natural moisturizer.


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