How to Put an End to Chronic Acne



You really don’t need to put up with chronic acne. It can seem like it, but there are treatments available that will help to put a stop to chronic and severe acne causing you a nightmare.

One of the biggest problems is stopping the reason for the acne. Yes, acne is just a side effect or symptom of a different issue. In most cases, it’s a problem with your hormonal balances, which is why teenagers, pregnant women, and those going through menopause seem to have the worst of it. Acne isn’t a sign that you have very dirty skin!

Of course, there is also the problem of oily skin, which can cause acne. No, you don’t have dirty or fatty skin. Your skin is just producing more natural oils than it actually needs and your pores become clogged. Bacteria has a space to grow, and you end up with blackheads, white-heads, and red pox marks all over your face and body.

So, it’s time to put an end to chronic acne. There are natural and chemical ways to help promote the health of your skin and here’s all you need to know. We’ll start with natural and then look at some of the medication and chemical options available.

Start by Leaving Your Acne Alone!

Young woman has problems with skin on the face

I know how tempting it is to pop those spots. You see the loan white head and all you want to do is get rid of it. Surely the little red mark looks less unsightly than the white head. It doesn’t look as obvious when red, right?

Well, you’re doing more harm than good when you pop your zits. This is especially the case when you have chronic acne, which can also be known as cystic acne. Your severe acne is usually going to be deep, and you won’t have many pimples that pop easily. You’ll need to push from deep down in the layers of skin, so you’re actually damaging more layers.

When you pop your chronic acne, you’ll end up with bright red spots, and it will take weeks actually to heal the whole area. You’re opening a wound that is more likely to get bacteria stuck in it again, so you increase the chance of getting more acne in the long term!

On top of that, the bacteria spread beneath the layers of the skin. You’ll find that you get more pimples in the surrounding area because you caused the ‘infection’ to spread. You’ll also have more scarring, which you will see for longer.

If you do nothing else natural, do this. Just leave your acne alone, and the heads will disappear eventually. Yes, it is hard, and you really need to try to take this step. It will be worth it all in the end. I can promise you!

In Fact, Keep Your Fingers Away from Your Face!

Just keep your hands and fingers well away from your face. This does make your acne worse because touching helps to spread the bacteria.

The bacteria will cling to your fingers and move to other areas of your skin. Those sections that didn’t have the blocked pores will now get blocked and start breeding more bacteria.

And it’s not just the bacteria from other parts of your skin causing a problem! The bacteria from your computer keyboard, the door handles, and even your phone will end up on your face. If you’re ill, you also have that bacterium to contend with.

Really, it’s just best not putting your hands on your face if you can really help it. This is another one that can be hard because it tends to become a subconscious habit. Try to stop yourself when you realise you do it to protect your skin and stop the spread.

Pop Some Ice on It

Beautiful happy woman with natural looking makeup holding ice neIf you really can’t leave it alone, actually take the steps that will help to reduce the redness and inflammation. This means using some ice.

The ice can be placed right onto your acne and will help to soothe the inflammation in your skin. It won’t look as red, and you’ll find that it isn’t as painful either. The ice will also help to shrink the pores, preventing any more bacteria getting stuck in the layers of your skin.

Ice will also promote the healing process and help to hide any issue that you currently have. Once you’ve finished, make sure you pop on some moisturising cream, because the ice can dry out your skin since your blood vessels shrink and you don’t get as much blood flowing to the area.

You can put the ice directly on your skin, but it is best to use a clean towel or cloth to wrap the ice up. Ice directly on the skin runs the risks of sticking and damaging the top layers.

Change Your Detergent and Fabric Softener

We know that our fingers shouldn’t touch our skin, but what about the materials that do? We’ll have pillowcases, towels, clothes and scarves all touching where the acne is.

You may think that if you wash your items regularly, you’ll be fine. However, it could actually be your detergent or fabric softener that is making your skin worse. They can be irritable, meaning that you scratch and accidentally pop your zits. There’s the irritation in the lower layers that you just can’t reach!

If you find that you’re itching, consider switching your detergent and fabric softener to see if they are the problem. It could also be washing too frequently or even infrequently. Just make slight changes for a few weeks at a time to see if they help to ease your chronic acne.

Try to Relax More Often

I know this is another one that’s easier said than done. If you’re a parent, have a high-stress job, or are naturally a worrier, you will find that relaxing is hard to come by. But it’s so important to do to put a stop to that chronic acne.

In fact, finding a way to relax will help just completely to stop other health problems. You see, stress is known as a silent killer. It raises the blood pressure and puts excess pressure on your organs. You end up more likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke. Is it really worth it when you can take steps to help you relax?

Let’s start by finding a way to unwind at the end of the day. Do you like to soak in a hot bath? Maybe you just want to curl up with some chamomile tea and a good book. Soothing music and having 30 minutes to yourself once a week where you don’t have work or the kids screaming at you is often just the trick you need.

Find what works for you and create a plan to fit it into your lifestyle. Make it part of your resolutions to fit into your day somehow.

How does relaxing help with the chronic acne? The release of stress hormones leads to a hormonal imbalance. Your skin will produce more natural oils, so it ends up greasy and struggling with blocked pores. The bacteria have more space to grow and breed, so you end up with acne constantly becoming an issue.

When you find a way to relax, you keep the stress hormones to a minimum. You can release more happy hormones, which means you end up reducing the skin oils and keeping them at an average level for your need. After all, you need some of the oils to act as a barrier against the elements!

Keep the Hormones in Check with Sleep

It does not just stress that causes a hormonal imbalance. Sleep deprivation is also a major issue, and more of us are sleep deprived than we would like to admit.

You need to find a way to get a better night’s sleep. This isn’t about the quantity but the quality. Some of us will work perfectly find off six hours, as long as they are six hours where our bodies have had the chance to turn off and relax. If we are constantly shifting or waking up, we’ll need more hours and can still feel tired the next day.

If you struggle to get a peaceful night’s sleep, you will need to assess why that is. Make it part of your routine to work out whether stress is causing an issue or if there is a deeper problem. Depression and anxiety can make sleep harder, which then makes your mental health worse! It’s a difficult cycle that you may need medical help to get over.

The great news is that when you start to get more sleep, you will find your hormones are better balanced. You’ll be happier within yourself and find it easier to stop worrying as much. You’ll also find it easier to eat a balanced diet, which brings us to the next step in stopping chronic acne!

Get More Protein in Your Diet

Food high in protein close-up

Your diet needs protein to rebuild and protect the DNA and elements within the body. Protein isn’t just for your muscles, but also for the ligaments, tendons, and collagen in your body.

The collagen is the important part here. Collagen keeps your skin flexible and damage free. The more collagen you have, the less likely that chronic acne is going to damage your skin permanently. You have something to fight against it.

So, it’s time to look at adding more protein to your diet. Consider the likes of lean meat, legumes, and nuts for a healthier diet.

You’ll also want to focus on more vitamins and minerals, especially antioxidants. The antioxidants will help to repair damage to the skin cells, supporting their re-growth and new formation. You fight off the free radicals, which can make acne worse!

While you’re getting more protein and antioxidants, you’ll also need water to keep your collagen boosted. Hydration also helps your skin glow and cleansed, keeping the pores open and bacteria free.

Consider Cleansing With Essential Oils

Some essential oils can help to clean up the excess bacteria, add hydration, and prevent excess oil production. In short, the oils will help to keep your chronic acne at bay.

You’ll need to use the likes of tea tree oil and lavender oil for this trick. The great thing is that there are different ways to apply them and they will help you relax. These types of essential oils offer various vitamins and minerals directly into the layers of your skin, including antioxidants.

Start by using them on a cotton ball as part of your cleansing routine. Once you’ve washed your daily makeup off and exfoliating your skin, run over with the essential oils to get rid of the dirt and grime from deep within the pores. You can then use a night cream to help protect the pores from bacteria growth.

There’s also the option of adding essential oils to other facial cleansers (even making your own with them) or to your moisturising creams. If you don’t want to apply them directly to your skin, add a few drops to your bath water and allow yourself to soak in them. You’ll breathe the vapours in to help your whole body relax.

Some people may find that essential oils make their chronic acne worse. If you have sensitive skin, you will need to see how you react to the oils. If you find that your skin is irritable, stop using them since they won’t do you any good.

Speak to Your Doctor About Severe Acne Treatment

woman cosmetics face treatment

Some people will only have medication options for treating their chronic acne. The products tend to dry out the natural oils to help reduce the clogging of the pores. Unfortunately, they can go too far and make your skin flaky and irritable, meaning you’ll need to moisturise more frequently.

Doctors can recommend anti-inflammatory treatments, depending on the reason for your acne. The inflammation can occur because your body thinks there is something to fight against. In many cases, there isn’t, and the inflammation makes the acne worse. Your body has this difficult cycle that it can’t get out of without some help.

Your acne cysts may need to be removed professionally. Your doctor will be able to assess the severity of your acne and decide the best treatment. If something doesn’t work, your doctor can go back to the drawing board.

The benefit with medical treatments is that you can use the majority of home remedies at the same time. And getting more sleep, less stress, and not touching your face will all help to reduce the problem and any side effects.

You Can Stop Your Chronic Acne

Only you have the power to stop your chronic acne fully. Your doctor can offer medication, but you will need to make some changes to your lifestyle to help prevent the cysts from appearing and prevent damage to the lower layers of your skin.

Take the steps above and follow them for the foreseeable. Some of them will help to improve your overall health and not just stop chronic acne. Your hormones will be more in balance, and you’ll find that any type of acne or blackhead is stopped permanently.




Food for Chronic Acne | Remove Pimples and Chronic Acne

Remove Chronic Acne
Eat the good food like vegetables can give you a strong immune system and help you anticipate sickness as well as all kinds of skin blemishes including chronic acne, but majority people don’t eat enough vegetables and seldom drink their juices. Here are A few of the foods that can assist you get over the Acne on your face or throughout your body, you need to eat and also drink daily to help eliminate your chronic Acne.

Protein for Chronic Acne

Eating excess meat is harmful to your health. Eating too much meat, more than 2-4 ounces per day, has been found to contribute to narrowing of the arteries and Chronic Acne.

Remember, meat is high in saturated fat, which blocks the activity of EPA and also DHA, which produce prostaglandin as well as control the activity of your hormones which may cause chronic acne.

Meat as well as bread is a big contributor to creating constipation. Meat is difficult to digest and also many times it will get into the colon partial digested. This condition benefits the bad bacteria and allows them to dominate the colon and also create constipation and Chronic Acne.

Seeds and nuts for Chronic Acne

* Almonds – Almonds contain protein, the B vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, as well as phosphorus. Use them as a snack to prevent Chronic Acne. These small nuts assist to build muscles and also tissue aiding in chronic acne healing.
* Flax seeds – These seeds are recognized for containing plenty of omega 3 oil, an crucial oil for life. They similarly contain fiber when used ground up as well as put into smoothies. Omega 3 is also an anti-inflammatory oil, which is good for chronic acne and pimples.
* Pecans – This is one of the good nuts to eat to lessen chronic acne. It contains Vitamin A, B’s, C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, as well as potassium. Use them as a snack.
* Pine nuts – these nuts in addition one of the best choice to eat to avoid chronic acne. They contain vitamin A, C, B’s, protein and also iron.
* Sesame seeds – They are high in calcium, phosphorus, and also potassium. They are helpful in relieving many skin diseases such as chronic Acne by reducing the swelling.
* Sunflower seeds – These seeds should be used as a snack. They are high in protein, calcium and also vitamin A. They offer nutrients for building the whole body and also are good for dry skin that can prevent chronic acne.

Vegetable juices for chronic acne

Vegetable juices are absorbed quickly into your bloodstream. As a result, your cells are quickly provided with nutrients that feed them and also that wash away waste. Vegetable juices give you the opportunity to get quick relief from various body conditions such as chronic acne, skin disorders, and constipation.

Carrot apple juice for chronic acne

Drink carrot juice every day to fight chronic acne. I like drinking carrot juice mixed with apple juice. My stomach can handle this combination better.

Carrot juice contains most vitamins as well as minerals. It is high in beta-carotene. Carrot juice will enhance your skins health and also assist you eliminate chronic acne and pimples.

Carrot, spinach, as well as apple juice for chronic acne

A combination of carrot, spinach as well as apple juice is a powerful drink for cleaning the colon, relieving constipation and also improving your skin conditions thus avoiding chronic acne.

To make this drink, juice 3-4 carrots as well as a bunch of spinach. Then add juiced apples to make this drink more drinkable.

Vegetables for chronic acne

The food you eat can go a long ways in how your skin’s overall health develops and helps prevent chronic acne and pimples. The amount of vitamins, minerals, and proteins in specific foods help your body grow and mature, and if done right you can avoid plenty of health issues and ailments. Beyond the natural replenishing food offers some look for more advanced methods to fight chronic acne, like different types of photo facial machines. Though these can have more immediate results, they are not for everyone, and proper education about available options is needed before entering into these decisions.



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