All-in-One Guide to Using the Best Pore Minimizing Products


pore-minimizing-image-design-1If you have noticeable pores and you’d like to make them look smaller, you should know that our all-in-one guide to using the best pore minimizer products will be very helpful. We understand that many people have larger pores which make them self-conscious. If you’re in this boat, our facts and product recommendations may allow you to reduce or eliminate the look of bigger pores. It’s all about finding the right skin care solutions.

Luckily, there are tons of skin care strategies out there. Choosing the one that is right for you will be the key to unlocking the smooth skin look that you crave…

How Pores Become a Skin Problem

Oily skin on the face

Usually, genetics is the root cause of bigger pores. However, excess oil in the skin may also trigger this problem. Extra oil tends to settle into areas around the pores of the complexion and give the pores a larger look. This is an optical illusion of sorts. When skin does have a lot of oil or is not clean, it may rest in the areas around the pores and make them seem bigger, due to skin thickening in that area.

So, you may be born with large pores, or you may be dealing with oily skin issues which are making your pores look bigger.No matter why large pores are apparent, you should know that there are treatments which are specifically designed to make them look better. Looking for over the counter pore minimizer, go here.

Skin Types Definitely Factor In

Face skin types. VectorWhile oily skin is probably the most prone to larger pores, it’s safe to say that this common skin problem affects all skin types. So, you may have dry or combination skin and have to deal with big pores, too! The key to finding the right skin care strategy is choosing a pore minimizer product, or an entire skin care routine, which is designed for all skin types or, ideally, your specific skin type.

While many of these products do work by taking away excess oil, which contributes to the look of large pores, some do work in other ways and may be more appropriate for other, non-oily skin types. If you do have dry or combination skin, you’ll find that choosing a product for oily skin is a bad idea. You don’t need any moisture stripped from your skin! So, you’ll do better with gentle products which are more suitable for your skin type. They’ll be more appropriate and more soothing, rather than taking away what your skin may already lack in certain areas or all areas.

As you’ve probably gathered, pore minimizing products are used on the face. Most people don’t apply them elsewhere on the body. Now, let’s get into detail about what these products are and how they work.

What Are Pore Minimizing Products?

Moisturizer Creams

Most pore minimizing products work by cleaning out pores and/or tightening the epidermis, which is the uppermost layer of skin. When you choose these products, you’ll find that they help to keep pores very clean and that they firm up the skin. While some products may work a bit differently, most perform these two functions.

Some pore minimizing products are masks, which are applied temporarily to cleanse and tighten, and then rinsed or peeled off. Others are pore correctors which are applied before makeup, or alone, without makeup. Pore correctors stay on the skin, rather than being rinsed off. There are also two-step systems which combine a cleanser with a mask or a cleanser with an astringent, or some other combination of two pore-minimizing products.

Other examples of pore minimizer treatments include serums, night treatments and face peels. As you can see, there are plenty of products to choose from, whether you want a treatment for everyday or something for certain times. It’s all about choosing what’s right for your preferences, schedule, needs and budget. Prices of these products vary widely, mostly based on brands, so you’ll be able to find lower-priced drugstore products, as well as higher-end, department store-style products, and everything in between.

We’re not here to promote. However, a search for highly-rated products of this type online revealed some impressive options, including Clarisonic Mia2™ Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution Collection, Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing (this is a clay-based treatment) and Pure Body Naturals Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask for Facial Treatment.

You’ll find plenty more options at larger online retailers. It’s smart to read product details carefully before you order and you should also read customer reviews, as doing so will help you to find products that customers love. The ones that we mentioned here do get excellent reviews overall, so let’s take a closer look at each of them. Our goal is to help you learn more about these types of products. You may search around to find other products of this type if the ones that we’ve mentioned don’t suit your needs.

Clarisonic Mia2™ Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution Collection


Photo Credit – The Chency

This system comes from Clarisonic. In case you don’t know, Clarisonic is a skin cleaning machine which is designed to keep skin clearer and brighter. When you choose this system, you’ll receive a cleanser and a mask, as well as a Clarisonic face-cleaning machine. This system is easy to use but does require the usage of electricity. It cleans out pores beautifully and tightens skin and the ingredients in the products are of superb quality. While this system does cost a bit, mostly because the Clarisonic machine is included, it’s definitely effective for most users, and it’s suitable for men, women, and teens.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing


Photo Credit – Lelong

If you want an impressive mud mask which is easy to use and designed to clean out pores and reduce the size of pores, you’ll love this popular product. It’s pretty affordable, and it works by pulling out impurities as it dries. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll find that your skin feels pampered and fresh. This mask is loaded with minerals and vitamins, and it will make your skin more elastic. Basically, it’ll help your skin to look great as it reduces pore size appearance. If you want to, you should be able to find this mask at an array of online retailers.

Pure Body Naturals Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask for Facial Treatment


Photo Credit – Walmart

This mask is made from natural mud from the Dead Sea, and it’s designed to take toxins and extra oil out of your complexion. As it pulls out the bad stuff, pores are cleansed and visibly tightened. You’ll find that this mask contains plenty of minerals and vitamins, so it will make your face look more vibrant as it treats your large pore skin issue.

Benefits of Pore Minimizing Products

woman with facial mask

We’ve already talked about how these products clean out pores. When pores are not filled with grime, they tend to look smaller! So, the cleansing properties of these products are definitely beneficial to those with larger pores. As well, since these products also tighten as they refine, they tend to bring the skin surrounding each pore closer together, for a smaller pore look. Sometimes, the change can be very dramatic.

Basically, these are the primary benefits of pore minimizing products. They clean and tighten. However, most contain enough beneficial ingredients to improve the look of skin overall. The products that we listed here work for all skin types. However, the masks are probably best for oily skin, as they do have a strong tightening effect which may be too drying for more delicate skins.

Again, there are a host of impressive options out there in the marketplace (particularly online), and you should be able to find something gentler if you want to. Use the internal search engines at online retailers to find pore refining products. If you want to search them by skin type, add “oily,” “dry” or “combination” to your search terms and hope for the best. If you look around, you should be able to find something which is suitable.

Since some people use these products in conjunction with makeup, let’s talk about choosing the right makeup for large pore treatment or concealment. These days, men and women wear concealers, foundations, and powder, although women are definitely using more makeup than men. Some products make large pores look worse, while others work wonders and really hide the size of pores!

As well, if you wear makeup, you may want to be mindful of what you put onto your skin. Sticking with non-comedogenic makeups, such as skin-clearing foundations, concealers, and powders, is probably the best way to avoid clogging your pores with makeup. Mineral makeups may work well for some. However, one ingredient in a common mineral foundation (Bare Minerals) is Bismuth, has been known to cause breakouts in some users. Since you don’t want acne in addition to your large pore skin issues, it’s important to study formulations, try them before you buy (doing patch tests is a good way to try them without covering a lot of skin) and generally find out what’s in the cosmetics that you buy.

In general, makeups with matte finishes which are non-comedogenic offer the most impressive results. They take down any shine on the skin. Shine reflects and “shines a light” on skin flaws, including large pores. When you go for something matte, you’ll have a better canvas for your makeup. If possible, apply a pore minimizing serum or pore corrector before you apply your makeup.

That first treatment layer will act as a primer and keep your pores cleaner. However, a good makeup from a trusted manufacturer which is listed as pore refining and/or non-comedogenic should be very effective on its own. If you layer cosmetics, you should also avoid anything glittery. Sparkle is going to highlight your flaws. Regarding shades to choose, lighter shades draw attention to flaws, while darker shades make them recede. However, your foundation should match your skin very closely.

Even if you don’t typically wear any makeup, apply a small amount of makeup of this type to areas with larger pores, after applying a pore-minimizing treatment and letting it dry, may make them much less visible. If you layer cosmetics, make sure that your blush, bronzer, and other products are also designed to keep pores from clogging.

Choosing organic cosmetics is also an option. Everyone reacts differently to the ingredients in cosmetics, so you’ll never really know for sure if a product agrees with your skin until you try it. However, most organic cosmetics are very pure and gentle, so the odds that your skin will not react adversely to them is higher.

Shop for Pore Minimizing Products Today

Using these products is so easy. If you buy a two-step kit, just wash your face with the cleanser and then use the second step, be it astringent or a mask. Astringent is typically applied with a clean cotton pad, while a mask is applied to clean, dry skin and left to sit for a while before being rinsed off with warm water. Serums are easy to apply, as are pore refiners. Just shake the bottles gently, add the specified amount and work it into areas where large pores or present. Some of these products may be worn under makeup. Just let them dry before you put them on.

Now that you have the inside scoop to using the best pore minimizing products, you’ll be ready to move forward and find the right products for you. The easiest way to start is really to visit a large online retailer. It’ll have a lot of products of this type for you to check out and there should be plenty of customer reviews, too. Reading these reviews will be very helpful, so we recommend looking at the online feedback before you order. Also, if you do choose a product, you may want to check and see if there are other products from the same manufacturer which also treat large pores. You may be able to put together a skin care from these products, even if they are sold separately.

You can improve the look of large pores. It all starts with the right pore minimizer products. So, why not shop for them today?

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