Your All-in-One Guide to Korean Products (and Why They’re So Popular)


Skin care products from around the world are becoming extremely popular. This is especially the case of products from Asian countries like Korea. The Koreans have beautiful, flawless skin, which is something we all dream of having.

The products also tend to be natural and healthier for our skin and bodies. But do you know where to start? What do you need and why do you need it? Just why are specific items so popular in the western world?

Here’s a look at the highly popular Korean products and just why they’ve become so popular.

You Don’t Need the Full 10-Step Routine Every Day

There is a popular 10-step routine that American women follow daily. Hold off before you start incorporating it into your routine. There’s no need to do all 10 steps daily. In fact, you could damage your skin by using all products in the same order every day of the week!

You don’t want to use all 10 products right away. If you’re used to only using one or two items, you’ll want to keep your product use small. Give your skin time to get used to all the different items you’re using. Allow it time to balance out with the new products. Stick with four or five and work your way up.

It’s also important to think about your type of skin. You’ll want to avoid some of the products if you have dry or oily skin, just like you would with everyday American brands.

So, now that we’ve touched on this, here’s a look at all the Korean products that you should know about.

Rice Water Cleansing Oils to Avoid Skin Stripping

Most cleansing oils will strip away all the natural oils in the skin. Some can even strip away the layers of skin! One of the most popular Korean products is rice water cleansing oil. This is effective but gentle at the same time.

It’s become extremely popular for those with oily or combination skin. While it’s an oil, it’s watery oil that doesn’t clog the pores or add excess oils to already greasy-feeling skin. People find that their skin looks brighter and fuller as they use the cleansing oil daily.

While being gentle, it does get deep into the pores. It will strip out some of the natural oils but not too many, balancing them out without leaving a residue behind. You also get rid of the dirt and grime, which often build up and create a breeding ground for bacteria. Acne problems become a thing of the past.

For those with dry skin, the cleansing oil helps to add little extra oil to your skin. You can get rid of a flaky feeling across your face.

You can also use rice water cleansing foam instead of oil. This tends to be better for extremely oily skin, as it is a little more drying.

Remove Blackheads with Black Sugar Masks

Blackheads are an absolute nightmare. They’re visible, especially if you have large pores. But the Koreans seem to have a flawless complexion without any blackhead issues.

That’s due to the black sugar masks that are regularly used. This is a scrub/exfoliating cleanser that will get right into the pores to remove the grime build up. The pores open enough to remove whatever is inside them but then reduce in size to avoid more of a problem in the future.

You only need to use black sugar masks on a weekly basis. People love the once-a-week use since they have time for it on a day off work. The masks also remove dead skin cells and any rough patches across the face. Moreover, is the beautifully sweet smell that comes from the mask, leaving your face smelling like the summer.

You can use a toner to reduce any irritation the mask leaves behind. Aloe vera gel is also highly effective for reducing pore size, and bacteria build up.

Keep pH Low with a Cleansing Stick

How about a way to keep the pH levels low? When skin pH levels get too high, the natural oil production becomes imbalanced. There is an issue with oil production that can cause dry skin most of the time but also can lead to the excessively oily skin. Irritation, rashes, and other conditions are all highly likely.

The Korean beauty products have cleansing sticks available. These are designed to support skin health, reducing the problems of the sensitive skin. The sticks have become so popular because the dehydrated and acne-prone skin is a thing of the past.

Unlike many cleansing sticks on the American market, the rose petal-infused sticks won’t strip out the moisture from the skin. You won’t suffer from itchy patches but instead will have glowing, healthy skin. Of course, the fact that the sticks are made from crushed rose petals means that you get a naturally beautiful smell.

Sheet Masks for Moisture and Hydration

Korean skin remains beautiful because it remains hydrated. We’ve said in the past that moisturizing is essential for good skin. Well, the Koreans agree. This is where the sheet masks come into place.

It’s possible to buy a pack of 16 sheet masks for as little as $8. That works out at just 50c per sheet mask, which means they’re affordable for those who care about beauty but have a ridiculously tight budget. There’s no need for any follow-up products either, making them even more affordable!

You don’t need to use the sheets on a daily basis. Using them once or twice a week will help to add extra moisture to your skin, meaning you have two to four months of sheet masks available for your needs.

How does good moisture help? Well, the sheet masks have proven effective in fighting against acne. The masks will help to draw out toxins and bacteria, keeping the pores clean and healthy. The natural oil production is balanced since the body doesn’t feel like the skin needs extra oils to hydrate.

The masks are good for all types of skin. They’re especially beneficial for sensitive skin.

Massage in a Cleansing Balm

You may have heard of a few cleansing balms in America. They’re not as popular as other cleansing options, but that popularity is growing. This is partially because they’ve shown to be so effective in Korea and other Asian countries.

Cleansing balms work deep into the pores. They become oil like in nature, drawing out the particles that aren’t good for you. Even the toughest of waterproof makeup will come away with the use of the balms.

You massage them into your face, helping to bring up all the toxins and particles. This also helps to improve blood circulation around your face, improving collagen and brightening up the skin.

While the balms tend to be on the expensive side, they’re not needed as often. You can use them at the end of a day and only apply an amount that works out to be a quarter of your usual oils and cleaners. This is how effective they are. The balms last longer throughout the year.

Boost Your Night Time Routine for Rice Sake and Peach Extract

Emulsions have always been popular, but you’ll be used to the toxic-filled American brands. It’s time to turn to a Korean brand made with rice sake and peach extract. These have become so popular because of the natural products.

By minimizing toxins, you minimise the oil release. Your skin doesn’t dry out as quickly, so your body doesn’t feel the need to release more oils. When you use the night cream before bed, the natural ingredients get to support the cell regeneration overnight.

You’ll get at least six month’s use out of one bottle. It doesn’t lead to breakouts in acne-prone skin but fully hydrates dry skin at the same time.

There are other products that are made with peach extract and rice sake. All options are good for cleansing fully.

Remove Oil with Clay Masks

Clay and charcoal masks are starting to become more popular across the world. It’s the Koreans you have to thank for them.

Clay especially is becoming a popular skin care product, especially those who want natural remedies. The clay will draw out the toxins from the body, removing dirt and oil from deep within the pores. It is one of the most effective ingredients on the market.

A clay mask is becoming the most popular out of all clay products. Masks are easy to use and give you a spa treatment in your own home. The masks are also highly effective, drawing out all the toxins in one go. Anything that could be clogging your pores will be gone after one use. You get away with using it once a week, meaning one pot will last a long time.

The only downside is that some of the masks can be drying to the skin. You may want to use a cleansing oil to help avoid some irritation afterward.

Reduce Acne Scars with a Repair Cream

Have you noticed that there is no scarring on a Korean woman’s face? This isn’t because they’re lucky enough to avoid it. It’s because the Koreans have the best repair cream available. A snail repair ampoule is something that you need to have. These products are becoming extremely popular right now.

One of the biggest reasons for popularity is the ability to work on acne scars. They don’t just cover up but encourage the skin to work against the damage that’s occurred. They work within the layers of the skin, improving the collagen and elasticity.

This also means the creams make excellent anti-aging products. The collagen production decreases as we age. When you use the right amount, you’ll be able to prevent wrinkles from forming and get rid of the ones you currently have.

Your skin will be much brighter than ever before. It’s also a light cream that doesn’t leave behind a residue.

Cool the Eyes with Panda Eye Sticks

It’s common to wake up with dry eyes on a morning. Throughout the day, your eyes can become dryer. Environmental toxins and fumes get in the way of normal tear production. The eyes become sore and puffy.

Well, it’s time to cool your eyes down. A current popular option is a panda eye stick. This is quickly applied directly to the eyes and is extremely easy to carry around. You can put it in your pocket, your purse, or even keep a stick in the car. Just pull it out, swipe, and you’re done.

But what makes these extremely popular now is the effectiveness. You will feel the benefits of minutes. The cooling feeling instantly brings down that heat related to the dry eye. You get rid of the redness and stop feeling so tired. Your eyes feel damp naturally, but you have no moisture when you touch it.

Get a Glow with the Right Primer

Primers are necessary. They protect your skin from foundations and creams going into the pores. At the same time, they can be used alone to give your face a natural glow. Don’t you wish you had that flawless glow most Koreans seem to have?

The illuminating primers are extremely beneficial. They have become so popular because they smooth out all your imperfections immediately. Your pores become invisible, and nobody will see the scars or blemishes that usually stand out. You get a natural shimmer, making your skin look bright and health instead of a greasy mess.

Stock Up on the Right Korean Products

The Korean products above are the most popular skin care products and makeup around. They are easily affordable while being effective on your skin. There is no need to worry about toxic ingredients. Instead, they draw out the toxins from the skin and leave you with blemish-free, soft, and aging-protected skin daily.

Don’t worry about the 10-step process. Just get the right Korean skin care products, and you can’t go wrong.

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