The All-In-One Guide To Brazilian Hair Care


Not all hair is made the same. While some hair needs treatment daily, other hair needs to be left a few days for the natural oils to have a chance to work their way through all the strands.

Brazilian hair is commonly used for weaves and extensions. It is one of the most durable types and easiest to maintain. It looks luxurious and thick without even trying.

However, you will need to look after your Brazilian hair, whether it is natural or an extension of your real hair. Here’s a look at a full guide to taking care of your hair,so it always looks as good as the very first day.

Always Make Sure Weaves and Extensions Are Applied Professionally

It will be tempting to go to cheaper places to have your hair applied. Whether you want a few extensions or a full weave, you need to make sure you find someone professional; someone trained in handling this type of hair. It is not for everyone,and this will mean that the professionals charge more. Trust me when I say that it is all worth the money.

Brazilian hair that is not applied professionally can be misapplied. It will not look as good or as naturally, and it will start to come out much quicker. You can find your natural hair damaged using the products to apply for the weaves and extensions.

You should not experience any pain when the weave is applied. Many people say that there is a slight pull on the scalp, but this means that the weave is too tight. You can damage your scalp and hair follicles from a secure application.

Of course, it should be tight enough to hold in the hair. Loose applications break easily and will leave your hair looking short and untidy. You will have to get it applied again sooner than you should, meaning you end up spending more money on your weaves and extensions.

Professionals will also know the best amount of extensions to place in your hair. Thin and light hair does not need a lot. If you put too much in, not only will the extensions be visible to others, but they will look bulky. They will also break your natural hair.

Use a Shampoo Suitable for Your Hair Type

Just because you have Brazilian hair added to your own, does not mean you will suddenly lose some of your natural oil problems. If you had oily hair,to begin with, you would find that this remains an issue for your hair. It is essential to take steps to protect and treat your natural hair with whatever type of shampoo you use.

Powder shampoos are excellent for oily hair. They will soak up the natural oils, so they do not become trapped in the base of the extensions. Make sure you rub the shampoo into the scalp and where the extensions are applied to get rid of all dirt and oils that have collected here over the time.

If the oils remain, they can weaken the extensions. You will find that the hair breaks or the extensions fall out sooner than they should.

Those with dry hair will need to use a shampoo that does not soak up all the natural oils. The hair will still need some natural oils to glisten and shine luxuriously. You may find that minimizing the amount you wash your hair will help with this.

Avoid Tangling the Extensions

Your Brazilian hair can become tangled easily, especially around the base. You will want to avoid tangling and scrubbing your hair too much when you are washing it. Therefore a powder shampoo can be good, as you draw and soak the oils into it rather than needing to scrub and tangle your hair as much!

Reduce the frequency that you wash your hair. This can be good for both types of hair and improve the natural oil production around the scalp. You may find that you solve your issue of oily or dry scalps!

If your hair is extremely oily, you will want a dry shampoo for daily or every-two-day use. Apply it to the scalp and leave it in for constant work. There’s no need to tangle it into your hair.

When washing your hair, work the shampoo slowly to the tips of your extensions. Like any hair, you will still need to wash the whole hair to keep it shiny. The tips will still need some treatments to avoid damage.

Lightly Condition After Washing

Invest in a conditioner that is suitable for Brazilian hair. This will help to add more moisture back into the hair and improve the health of the extensions. They will look amazing up until the time to change them because of your natural hair growth.

You only need to condition after shampooing lightly. You do not want to add too many oils back into your hair, especially if you have naturally oily hair.

Keeping your extensions soft will help to avoid breakages. You can keep them strong and healthy throughout their lifetime.

Deep Condition Every 2-4 Weeks

You will need to do a deep condition on a regular basis. The frequency of your deep condition will depend on the amount of coloring you have done to your extensions.

If you have light hair, you have likely had the Brazilian hair extensions treated to match your natural hair. This can lead to the hair drying out much quicker than if it was just left as its natural color. So, you will need to add more treatments to keep it healthy. A deep condition every two weeks will help to ensure this health. Otherwise, you can usually leave the deep conditioning to once a month.

A deep condition can involve natural products. You can apply olive oil or coconut oil to your hair and wrap it up in an old t-shirt or towel. Sleep with your hair like this, so the oils seep into the hair overnight. The next morning, you will need to rinse off the oils. Depending on your natural hair type, you may need to use a powdered shampoo to soak up some of the excess oils that didn’t seep into the hair.

Make sure you rinse everything you use out thoroughly. If the product can build up within the extensions, you will affect the sturdiness of the glue. You also run the risk of damaging the hair and your scalp.

Nourishing through a deep conditioner will help to improve the strength of the hair. The hair will remain moist deep within the layers. You will find that the hair is less likely to become damaged or break before it needs replacing due to natural hair growth.

Pat Your Hair Dry After Washing

You will need to make sure you naturally dry your hair as much as possible. Opt for a thick towel to help soak up as much of the water as you can. Avoid rubbing the hair, though, as this will dislodge and affect where the extensions meet your natural hair. You want to pat the hair to help soak up the water.

After that, try to leave your hair to naturally air dry. You want to dry as quickly as possible without heat treatments. Wet hair is much heavier,and you run the risk of pulling on the natural hair. You could see more breakages within the hair if it remains dripping wet for a long period.

Avoid pulling and tugging on too much of your hair at once. You do not want to pull the hair from your natural locks accidentally. Split your hair up into sections and work on them slowly and evenly.

Use Heat Treatments as Little as Possible

You want to keep your hair as natural as possible. This is the best way to keep it looking thick and glossy. However, there are times that you will need to treat the hair and work on it with some heating products.

Keep the heat as minimal as you can. This includes blow drying your hair! You want it to dry as naturally as it can as much as possible. If you have wavy or curly hair, avoid hair dryers completely. You will not get the same natural look with them. Wavy weaves have been through much stress to get them to sit like this. Using any heat treatment will add more stress to the locks and make them more likely to become damaged.

The heat will just dry out your hair. This can lead to it becoming brittle and easier to damage. You will destroy the Brazilian hair. There is also more risk of pulling on the hair, as you will likely brush while you try to dry it.

Apply a heat protector to the hair when you do use any heat treatment. This helps to add a little protection, but do not assume that it will offer full protection. You are still running the risk of some heat and dryness damage to the extensions.

Comb with a Wide Tooth Comb

Avoid brushes with many bristles. This will just lead to pulling and tugging, risking the damaging of your hair. Instead, you want to opt for a comb with teeth that are as wide as possible. You can work your way through the hair in small sections and gently ease the tangles down the hair. This will help avoid the need for a detangling spray, which can be full of chemicals that cause damage to your hair.

If your hair is still wet, try not to brush your hair too much. Your hair is more likely to tangle while it is still wet and you can break it much easier. You are more at risk of developing split ends, even with Brazilian extensions. Wait until your hair is as dry as possible to brush the tangles and knots out gently.

Seek Professional Treatments for Bleaching or Colouring Hair

While you want your extensions to match your natural hair, you may also like to use color treatments on a regular basis. Like coloring or bleaching can affect your natural hair, it can also affect your extensions. Most Brazilian hair extensions are made with real, natural hair. It succumbs too much of the same damage. The problem is that the damage is more likely to cause breaks in the hair, leaving your whole head looking messy and knotty instead of glossy and smooth.

If you are going to treat the hair, make sure you speak to a professional first. Always talk to someone who has dealt with Brazilian hair extensions. This could mean going to the same place as you went when you first got the extensions placed in.

While the professionals will explain the risk of damage, they will also know the best color treatments to use. The best options may be semi-permanent rather than permanent. It is worth using them to make your extensions last and ensure they are worth the money spent to apply them.

Getting the hair treated professionally will also help to protect the glue used for applying for the extensions. You reduce the risk of the product getting stuck in the applied area, which can lead to a deterioration of the glue and both your hair and the extension hair.

Why You Need to Look After Your Brazilian Hair

It is common to think that your hair extensions are just temporary, so what’s the point in caring for them in the long term? Well, while your hair extensions may need removing and reapplying frequently, the same extensions or weaves can be used. This will help you save money in the long term. However, the same extensions can only be used if they’ve been cared for and maintained in the long term.

Damaging the extensions can also lead to damaging your natural hair. If your natural hair is broken or lacks nutrients, you can find your stylist is unable to apply for the extensions until treatments are applied. This often leaves you with scraggy and unkempt hair.

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