Making Your Own Texturizing Sea Salt Spray for Hair


sea-salt-spray-image-design-1Have you ever noticed that your hair looks amazing the day after you’ve been at the beach? If you’ve spent some time in the water, this is especially the case. This is all due to the sea salt in the water. Even just when it’s in the air, your hair will benefit from the texturizing capabilities.

But you can’t spend all your time at the beach, can you? In fact, there are going to be certain times of the year where it’s just impossible to get time at the beach because of the bad weather. Does this mean that you don’t get all the benefits?

Not at all! You can make your own sea salt spray that is applied directly to the hair. You’ll get all the benefits without the downside of the sand getting everywhere—including in your sandwiches!

One of the best things about sea salt sprays is that they’re a doddle to make. You only need four ingredients, although there is one optional one if you’d like to add some extra scents to your hair. Here’s a look at a great recipe idea and why you should start using one daily.

Make Your Own Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Bath salts with shell

Let’s start with the actual recipe. All you need is some:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Water
  • Sea Salt
  • Leave-In Conditioner

If you want some scents, you can choose essential oils. Lavender tends to work well, but you can pick your favourite options for your own needs. Mint and Jasmine are two other popular options for the scents in the hair.

You’ll want to grab a plastic bottle that you can turn into a spray bottle once you make your mixture. Sprays work better than applying the whole mixture directly to the hair. You get a similar situation as the sea water in the air at the beach, and you can save money by not using up so much of the mixture in one sitting.


    • Warm the water and mix in the sea salt in your spray bottle. Shake until the salt completely dissolves.
    • Melt the coconut oil and pour that and the conditioner into a separate bowl. Mix completely and then pour into your spray bottle.
  • Add your essential oil if you choose to use it, and then shake your bottle to combine the mixture completely.

It’s ready to apply. Because the coconut oil will harden in colder temperatures, you’ll want to give your mixture a full shake before you use it again.

Apply it to your slightly damp or dry hair. You can leave it overnight to dry naturally if you’d like to get the best look for your hair.

A Few Alternate Ingredients

Tea and honey on background - organic food concept

If you want to get more out of your sea salt spray, you can also add a few alternate ingredients. One of the most favoured is tea in place of the water.

Chamomile tea is excellent for lightening the hair naturally. This works on both natural and coloured hair, and isn’t as damaging as lemon juice on the hair can be. With lemon juice, the acid can damage the scalp and be irritating on the skin. You won’t notice the tea until you see your hair starting to lighten up.

You can also add some lemon if you want to lighten your hair further. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to keep this out! Vodka can also give the same effect! Unless you’re overly sensitive, you shouldn’t have a problem with lemon juice in your salt spray. The salt is an alkaline to work against the acidity level within the lemon juice.

If you want to darken your hair, you can use black tea instead. Again, this works on both natural and coloured hair.

You’ll need to keep your sea salt spray in the fridge if you’re going to use either type of tea.

Epsom salts can also be added to your texturizing spray. These aren’t necessary and don’t replace the sea salt. They’re added in as well as an optional layer to create a more texturizing mixture. Epsom salts are also great for managing pain and muscle issues. You may find that by applying them directly to your hair through a spray will help them soak into your skin better and enter your system.

If you do have oily hair, you’ll want to avoid the leave-in conditioner. This is great if your hair is extremely dry! Instead, opt for some aloe vera gel to work in with the coconut oil. The aloe vera is full of vitamin E, which will help to protect the look of your hair naturally.

When you are going to add a scent to the mixture, think about complementing the coconut oil. You will already get a hint of coconut so you may want to add more of this in for a stronger tropical scent. Citrus scents will also work extremely well for that scent that you have just been at the beach. Make sure you think about the scent of your conditioner, too. This needs to compliment the coconut oil rather than work against it!

Just Why Use a Sea Salt Spray?

Natural diy crystal bath salt

There are a few reasons people will opt for sea salt sprays for their hair. The main benefit is that sea salt has a more texturizing effect than other types of salts—bar the Epsom salts. Your hair will naturally look thicker and more luxurious because of the sea salt, even if you have naturally fine and thin hair.

Those who have oily hair will also find that there are some major benefits. The sea salt water will help to dry out the oils that naturally appear, without causing the skin to dry out too much, which is something that normal salt can cause. The sea salt will nourish the scalp, helping to revitalise the look of the hair and avoid that heavy, flat look that too many oils cause.

Sea salt can also help to keep the hair soft to touch. However, this is the case for naturally coloured hair. If you dye or bleach your hair on a regular basis, you can find that the sea salt reacts negatively with your hair. The sea salt causes roughness and dulling of the unnatural colours. This is where the teas can help to keep the brightness and natural shine to the hair.

But what about drying out the skin? Well, as I said, the sea salt doesn’t cause the same over-drying of the skin that other salts can. That means if your hair is already dry and damaged, you’re going to gain some benefits still. When it comes to your mixtures, the leave-in conditioners and coconut oil will help with managing the dry and damaged hair.

The sea salts can also help ease some dry skin conditions. Eczema and psoriasis can become things of the past with the right mixture of sea salt water and coconut oil. If you have an itchy scalp, try this texturizing spray for a few weeks and you’ll find that there is a difference. Since you’ll no longer scratch as much, you can also reduce the side effect of hair loss because of your spray use! You’ll also find that your dandruff is more under control thanks to the use of the sea salt!

If you are putting your hair straight into the sea water, the major recommendation is that you use an oil covering first. Coconut oil is great for this, as it nourishes the hair while protecting it from too much damage. With the spray, you’re already using a coconut oil base, so there’s no need for an oil coating first.

There are other benefits of sea salt to the body. It’s been known to help boost the immune system and can also help with managing diabetes levels. You can also support your cardiovascular health. While you can get some of these benefits from a sea spray, don’t rely on the spray to give you all of them in a large quantity. You’re not using that much!

Can Sea Water Really Boost Hair Growth?

woman holding bowl of sea salt

Not only will your sea salt spray help to prevent hair loss, but it can also help to boost the growth of your hair. Remember that it’s texturizing, so it helps to create a thicker look—and not just synthetically by making the hair look better. The sea salt helps with the repair of cells and roots to make sure all hair grows back as it should.

We naturally lose hair throughout the day. If you have worn your hair up for a few days or not washed it in a couple of days, you’ll likely find that it looks like a lot of hair has fallen out. Healthy hair will lose around 10 strands a day naturally. Don’t worry too much about it.

What you should find is that your hair is replaced with new strands. Over time, our bodies don’t quite work the way that they should. We end up with thinning hair because the lost locks don’t come back. The salt water will help to promote the growth of the hair, making sure hair loss is kept to a minimum.

There are antibacterial properties to sea water. The antibacterial properties help to clean up various skin issues mentioned above, and aid with the growth of hair.

Moreover, the sea water helps to promote circulation. With better blood circulation comes healthier and thicker hair!

A Sea Salt Spray is Better than Regular Sea Water Dips

close up of woman having salt massage in spa

If you think that getting the sea water in your hair naturally is going to be better for you, think again! Sea water is good for your hair, but it can also be damaging. If you do have dry or coloured hair, you can find some negative effects like roughness and some skin irritations. You will also need to watch the sea water out of your hair right away to avoid other irritation throughout the day.

With a sea salt spray, you don’t get the same negative effect. There isn’t as much of the salt that goes into the hair or on the scalp. You don’t get the same level of dryness that dipping your hair straight into the water will give you.

At the same time, you’re getting the conditioning effects of your leave-in conditioner and coconut oil. Dry and coloured hair will remain soft, while oily hair doesn’t get the oils at a high level to cause more problems with natural oils overpowering the hair.

There’s no need to wash the sea salt spray out of your hair. You can apply it overnight or pop it in on a morning and allow your hair to dry naturally after your shower. You get all the benefits with very few of the side effects.

Do make sure you use actual sea salt. This is a natural salt that doesn’t undergo any processing. Other salts have more drying effects and don’t give the same nourishment as the sea salt. The other salts are stripped of their vitamins and minerals.

Make Your Own Sea Salt Spray for Your Hair Today

Now it’s time to get your sea salt spray created. It’s the perfect option for your hair, and it is just so easy to make. There’s no need for expensive ingredients. With the basic spray, the sea salt is likely going to be your most expensive ingredient because you won’t be able to find it as easily in the stores. Coconut oil is widely available in grocery stores now.

If you want to experiment with scents and different liquids, feel free. This is a great way to create a texturizing spray that works perfectly for your type of hair.

You won’t regret making a sea salt spray. Keep it in the fridge or with your other hair products, depending on the ingredients you use. You’ll have softer, thicker hair within days.

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