How To Feel 20 In Your 40’s


Have you reached your 40s? Do you miss the old you? It is common to get to your 40s and start reminiscing about the past. You miss the person that you were and the energy that you use to have. You lose the skin that you had and the way your hair looked.

Many of us look for ways to get the old versions back. We want to feel young again. After all, age is just a number, right? We are only as old as we feel!

Well, it is time to feel like you are in your 20s again. Here’s a look at the best tips to do that right now.

Get the Thought of Age Out of Your Head

One of the first things you will need to do is change the way that you think. There are plenty of people in their 90s that still look and feel like they are 20 years younger. They go walking and kayaking, enjoying every minute of their lives. They do not see their age as a deterrent.

Too many of us see age and think we are too old for something. At 40, we feel like the best years of our lives are over. People have expectations of us, whether it is raising a family or being sensible in a career. Sure, there are some things that we need to do. If you have young kids, you cannot just abandon them and throw caution to the wind. However, if your kids are already grown and out of the house, you can think about the way 20-somethings lived, and you have a little more freedom.

Get the idea of expectations for your age out of your head. Remember that you are only as old as you feel. If you let expectations drag you down, you will feel older than you are.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stay Up Late Now and Then

Many people say they are too old to stay up late. Whether it is to binge watch their favorite show or to stay up and chat with their friends, they have this view that from their 40s they need to be in bed by 9pm.

Sure, if you have worked at 5am, you are going to want an early night. However, if you do not need to be up early, you can enjoy a night up late with your friends. Alternatively, even with yourself!

Having a night with your friends is going to be much fun. This is the way you were in your 20s, right? You grabbed a glass of wine and just chatted the night away. It is okay to think back in the past, but just have a chat about the things you are doing now. Watch movies together, play board games, and enjoy your favorite music together.

By getting a group of friends together, the time will fly by. Before you realize, it is four in the morning, and you will know it is time to go to bed.

Thisis not just good for feeling like you are 20 again. You will help to nurture the relationships with your friends. You get to enjoy company with the adult friends that you have, something that you nurtured easily when you were in your 20s. It is possible to forget about the commitments and life for a while, and just hang out with a group of people you get on well with.

However, Do Get Some Early Nights

While staying up late with friends is a great way to feel young, you may not feel great the next morning. Therefore staying up late is just something to do now and then. Most of the time, you want to help your body get plenty of sleep. That means getting an early night often.

Don’t be ashamed about going to bed at 10pm. That does not mean you need to go to sleep right away. Take your favorite book and delve into a fictional world. Pick up some young adult or something romantic to feel young again.

When you get a good night’s sleep, you will find youare more refreshed the next morning. You will get up earlier and be ready to start your day. Many people have much more energy to get through the day and enjoy absolutely everything that they do.

Get Out and Dance the Night Away

If you are feeling up to it, hit a nightclub with your friends. This is not going to be something you will want or be able to do on a weekly basis like you used to, but you can do it once or twice a month. Set a date with your girlfriends, get dressed up, and find a club with a great DJ.

Don’t be afraid to get up on the dance floor. You want to be able to dance the night away like you used to. Have a few drinks if you want, but spend the night dancing and having fun; you will feel better about it in the morning.

One of the best things about going out dancing in your 40s is that you are usually just looking to enjoy a night with your friends. You are not keeping your eye out for the cute guys or gals around the area. You are not interested in the people checking you out. It is all about laughing, singing, and boogying.

Finding a nightclub that you feel comfortable in is essential. Think about the places that you went to in your 20s. Do they still interest you or have your music tastes changed? There will be somewhere out there with the best DJ in town.

If you cannot get out to a nightclub, put the music on in your house. Dance your worries and stresses away. This is a great way to start your morning. 5-10 minutes of dancing will get your blood pumping and make you feel far more alert than you would have been if you just rolled out of bed.

Try Out the New Places to Eat in Your Area

Now and then you will find out a new place has opened in your area. However, you know what you do? You say you will go there one day and then stick with the places that you are used to. There’s something about your close comforts as you get older.

There are a few reasons for this. You know what you like, so why change that? However, if you have kids, you may find a few places that you know are good for kids’ menus and excellently patient with them when it comes to ordering and eating. There are also places that your kids enjoy time and time again, so you do not want to disrupt things for them.

It is time to get out of that habit. What did you do when you were younger? You tried out every new restaurant and café that opened. You ate something different on the menu and tried out the specialty dishes as a one-off, whether you thought you would like them or not. You would try out the different wines and wear different clothes to go out.

When you ate out, it was a big deal in your 20s. It is time to get back into that now. You may not be able to do it weekly since you have kids that just don’t want to try somewhere new. Instead, why not arrange a date night with your partner or arrange a night with the girlfriends? Go somewhere that is completely different and new. The place may not even be that new, but it is new to you.

If you are not comfortable trying a new place to eat just yet or you are stuck with the same place for the kids right now, opt for something new on the restaurant. Try a different drink or different dessert to get you started.

Pick Up an Exercise Class or Two

Exercise is essential for a healthy life. If you want to feel young, you should aim to get 150 minutes of exercise per week. Your blood will pump, you will find it easier to manage your weight, and you will feel stronger and fitter. However, it is more than just doing some exercise. You need to enjoy it.

When you were in your 20s, you likely took up a few gym classes. You tried out all the new “fads” or the latest hyped up classes. You jumped on the yoga and Pilates bandwagon when they first came out. You were the first of your friends sign up to Zumba, and you could not get enough of the HIIT classes when they first came to your local gym.

It is time to do it all again. Find your local gym and check out all the classes they have. Join in with something that makes you feel young and energetic again. Sure, they may be full of 20-somethings, but that just means you are in the right place. You will soon find that you fit in with them, despite your 20-year age gap.

Look out for classes that are high intensity and fast-paced. You want something that will work your overall body, improving your strength and tone, as well as your cardio fitness. Body combat and kickboxing are among the best options. However, you could even take up dance classes like hip hop or do some Zumba.

If you areup for it, why not take up pole dancing? This gets a bad reputation as it is something that strippers do, but there is a lot of skill and strength that goes into pole dancing. You will build muscles in parts of your body you did not know existed while improving the tone and shape.

Hooping is another popular option. You can get your hula hoop and do it at home if you want, but some companies helpyourhoop in the air. It is very similar to pole dancing but with a hoop instead, building your strength and flexibility.

Don’t worry about going on your own. There will be plenty of others there without afriend at first, but you will quickly make some new friends. If you want some support, as a friend to go with you for a couple of weeks until you meet new people. You never know; your friend may end up sticking with you after realizing how much fun it is.

Follow a Healthy Diet with Vitamins

While you do not want to think about your diet, this is essential if you are going to feel 20 in your 40s. As you get older, your body finds it harder to absorb all the necessary nutrients from your food.You are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis due to a lack of calcium and bad hair because of the lack of biotin. You can struggle with a sluggish nervous system or blood circulation due to a lack of B12, or bad bacteria levels in your gut because you do not get enough probiotics.

All these problems will make you feel much older than you are. They knock the wind out of you. Your joints ache, and your bones are weakened. You do notfeel like you have the energy to get through a day.

Getting a healthy diet will help you get more nutrients into your body. You can support your digestive system with fiber, which will help with the absorption of your nutrients. It is possible to get the majority of your nutrients through your food without much hassle, but it will depend on the ability to absorb.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a multivitamin. You can get gummies to make it feel like you are eating some candy. Multivitamins will help to make sure your whole body is looked after. If you take them for your physical health, you will find it much easier support your actual health. While you want to feel 20, you need to work with your actual age for a while.

Too many people overlook antioxidants. You will want them for a variety of reasons, including anti-aging. Antioxidants will fight against oxidative damage, which can lead to wrinkles, blemishes, and fine lines. They are the physical reminders that you are getting older! Nutrients will also help to keep inflammation at bay, reducing the risk of arthritis developing so you do not have the painful physical reminders that you are in your 40s!

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water at the same time. Hydration is essential to help support your health. It will encourage good blood flow and support the health of your skin. You can reduce the sight of wrinkles and fine lines and make your hair glossy and shiny, reducing the physical signs of aging that everyone will see. When you look younger, you will start to feel it. Check out more info on foods that make you look younger here

You Do Not Have to Feel Like You are In Your 40s!

While you may have reached your 40s, that does not mean you have to feel like you are getting old. It is possible to make yourself feel much younger than you are. It is time to make yourself feel like you are 20 again.

The first step is to try yourself to remember that age is just a number. By making the above changes to your lifestyle and diet, you will find you look and feel like you are back in college with your friends.

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