How to Brighten Your Skin Naturally


brighten-skin-image-design-1If you’re interested in brightening your skin in a natural way, you’ll find our guide very helpful. We know some great remedies which are homeopathic, and these remedies are designed to improve the health of the skin. If you want to rejuvenate your complexion, we recommend following our tips today. Doing so will be the key to enjoying your best skin ever.

Now, let’s talk about which home remedies are most useful regarding improving skin brightness. Most are very affordable and easy to find…

Lemons are a Natural Wonder

Turmeric roots with lemon and honey drinks, powerful healing bev

Lemon is renowned for its ability to brighten up the skin. It may also lighten skin tone a little bit. Since lemons contain a fairly high percentage of citric acid, as well as lots of vitamin C, they are able to improve skin quality very well, and they are such a reasonably-priced home treatment.

If you want to use lemons to access brighter skin, consider making your own face pack. You may do so by adding 1/2 of the juice of a lemon, a couple of tablespoons of rosewater, half a teaspoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of turmeric. Combine the ingredients and then put them on your neck and face. Let them sit for about ten minutes. Then, take the face pack off with a towel that is cool and wet.

Another option is a face spray which is made from lemons. To create this sort of spray, just add ice-water to a spray container and then put in the juice of a single lemon. Shake up the mixture and then spray it on. It’s best to use the spray to brighten skin which is clean and dry. Use this spray once or a couple of times per day.

Baking Soda also Brightens the Complexion

Jar and spoonful of baking soda for multiple holistic usages

Baking soda is very cheap to buy, and most people have it around already. If you want to use this product to boost the brightness of your skin, you’ll find that this is very simple to do. When you do use baking soda, it will be very smoothing, and it will help to make large pores look smaller. As well, it may be effective regarding eliminating skin discolorations. Some people use it to clean their skin.

To do so, add a couple of teaspoons of the product to one teaspoon of warm water. Make a paste and then apply it to a damp face. Massage it in for a few minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Baking soda removes dead skin cells, and there are also other ways to use it. Some people add a teaspoon or so to their preferred cream cleansers and then scrub their faces. Don’t too be aggressive when scrubbing. It’s better to gently massage, as the baking soda will do the exfoliation on its own with minimal help from you.

Make a Purifying Oatmeal Mask

Oatmeal maskIf you want to take toxins out of your skin, without adding lab-created chemicals to the epidermis, you’ll benefit from making a homemade oatmeal mask. This type of detox mask is really affordable, and it is so easy to make. To create the mask, add one-third of a cup of oatmeal to half a cup of very hot water. The water shouldn’t be at a boil. Then, put in a couple of tablespoons of natural yogurt, a couple of tablespoons of honey and the white of one smaller egg.

After the detox mask is mixed, put it on and leave it in place for about fifteen minutes. After this amount of time has passed, rinse it with warm water and dry your face with a clean, soft towel. By purifying your skin, you’ll brighten it and improve its tone and condition. Oatmeal is amazingly soothing, and most people have raw oatmeal at home already.

Pure Honey Boosts Skin Brightness

closeup portrait of a black woman with a honey on her face

Honey is moisturizing and also has anti-bacterial properties, so it’s a great and all-natural choice for smoother, brighter skin. Making a fresh honey mask which is homeopathic and beneficial to skin brightness and clarity is really as easy as applying a layer of high-quality honey, such as Makuna honey (any honey will work, though!) to your clean, dry face and then letting it sit for ten or fifteen minutes. Once you’ve tried to this homemade honey mask, you’ll find that it’s an effective way to make your skin look better in just minutes. Also, honey doesn’t cost too much, and it’s very pure and safe.

Use Witch Hazel to Tone

flowering witch hazel (Hamamelis), dried leaves, cream and essen

Toning is the second step in a skin care regimen and toning with natural and inexpensive Witch Hazel will help you to brighten your skin and remove impurities and residue from cleansers. Witch Hazel may be applied with a clean cotton pad, and it’s quite gentle, yet effective, regarding getting the skin really clean without stripping it too much. As well, it feels great, as it’s soothing and refreshing. Once you’ve tried Witch Hazel, you’ll find that it’s cheaper than commercial toners and doesn’t contain the usual, lab-created chemicals. This time-honoured skin brightener is definitely well worth investing in, and it shouldn’t cost more than a few bucks. Get the best Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera at best price here.

Take Care of Yourself

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Some skin brightening tips are about lifestyle. This means eating a clean diet, drinking plenty of pure water and using sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. Exercise is also really important, as it boosts blood flow and gives the face a rosy look. When you do the right things, your skin will look better each and every day. As well, you’ll find that you feel better.

Use a Tomato Treatment


Tomato treatments are designed to improve skin brightness in no time flat. To use this method, just cut open a fresh tomato and rub its juice on your face. Let it sit for ten minutes or so and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. This easy fix for dull skin is very effective. Tomatoes are loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants, and they definitely benefit skin quality.

Rub an Ice Cube on Your Face

Woman holding ice cube on her face

Ice cubes are free, and they are a great, no-cost way to tighten and brighten the skin. Some people plunge their faces into ice water (ice cubes and water) to take down any swelling and improve skin brightness instantly. Others rub ice cubes on their faces in order to get the same effects. However you use them, you’ll find that they allow you to improve the look of your skin quickly.

Olive Oil is a Great Skin Brightener

Beauty treatment with olive oil

Adding a little Olive Oil, such as a couple of drops, to clean skin, except for the eye area, will give your skin a bright and rested look which is very attractive. Since it’s so natural, you may put it on your face, lips, etc. and your skin will accept it without reacting. It’s great for adding light and beauty to cheeks, forehead, and chin and it’s great for your complexion in general, thanks to its vitamin E and anti-oxidant properties. The key to accessing Olive Oil’s benefits is using a cold-pressed formula, as this type of Olive Oil is the purest.

Consider a Soothing Banana Mask

Happy woman with fruit facial mask

Bananas are delicious, and they are also wonderful ingredients for homemade face masks. When you utilize bananas for skin care, you’ll brighten your face rapidly. Since bananas don’t cost much, you’ll find that they provide exceptional benefits without busting your budget. To make a banana mask, mash up some bananas and put them in a bowl. Add a teaspoon or Olive Oil or Almond Oil. Then, apply the mask and let it sit for fifteen minutes. Rinse off the mask with warm water.

Massage in Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is pure, and it’s great for the skin. If you want to make your skin softer and ensure that it reflects more light, you’ll find that coconut oil is a quick and convenient skin treatment. While it’s not as cheap as many other ingredients we’ve mentioned here, a little goes a long way. Just massage a small dab of coconut oil into your skin and then let it sink in. It may take some time to absorb, but its beneficial natural active ingredients will definitely be worth waiting for.

Make a Fresh Papaya Mask

Beautiful woman having fresh papaya facial mask apply. fresh pap

Papaya smells heavenly and tastes great, too, and it’s also a great choice for homemade face masks. If you want to make this type of mask, just mash up a fresh papaya and add some olive oil or almond oil, to get a paste consistency. Then, put the mask on your skin and leave it for ten minutes. Afterward, rinse it off with warm water. Doing all of these things will be the key to improving your skin quality easily and quickly. As well, you’ll love the way that this product smells.

Use Cucumbers to Tone and Treat

Smiling woman with facial mask of cucumber

Cucumbers are soothing, and people have been using them as skin care treatments for ages. For example, a lot of people place cucumber slices on their closed eyes to take down puffiness and access a brighter eye skin look. Fresh, sliced cucumbers may also be used to tone skin all over the face. If you like, you may also extract the juice from a cucumber and then apply it with a clean cotton pad. This is a great way to tone in a natural way that is great for your skin.

More Lifestyle Tips for Bright Skin


Aside from exercise, a clean diet, and hydration, as well as sun protection, you should avoid things that are bad for your skin. This means that limiting or eliminating smoking, alcohol and caffeine will be smart. These indulgences really take a toll on the skin. For example, smoking puts toxins into the body and robs the skin of the oxygen that it needs to look bright and cared-for. Alcohol causes water retention and may give the skin a bloated and dull look. As well, caffeine robs the skin of vital moisture, so limiting or eliminating caffeine may be the secret of smoother and plumper skin.

Try Our Tips Today

Hopefully, our many tips for brightening skin naturally will make it simpler for you to look your best. Every tip utilizes ingredients which are found in most kitchens or easily accessed at grocery stores. It’s always best to use organic ingredients for your homemade skin-brightening treatments. However, even non-organic ingredients should provide a lot of benefits.

Try one of our tips or use a few to get the results that you want. You deserve brighter skin which boosts your confidence and it’s definitely within reach. All that you need to do is go natural. We spend billions on commercial skin care. The truth is that many of these commercial skin care products contain extracts from the natural ingredients that we’ve listed here, and they may also contain a range of additives, such as preservatives. If you want skin-brightening care without the downside, we recommend using our tips instead of shelling out for expensive skin care products. While there are organic skin care solutions on the market, they are often pricey, and you can get similarly good results from our natural skin care tips.

Now is the right time to take control of how your skin looks. It’s really as easy as mixing up a homemade skin treatment. Doing so will help you to access the ultimate in smooth, bright skin, without the chemical disadvantages.

Hopefully, our detailed guide has given you the information that you were looking for. We believe in natural skin care and its brightening properties. Unlocking your best skin ever will be easy, and it will empower you, as you’ll always know how to improve skin quality and appearance, just be using one or more all-natural ingredients. Now that you have the hard facts, why not create some pure and natural skin treatments at home? For more lemon beauty tips check our link here.

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