Best Hair Color Trends for 2017


Every year there are new hair colour trends. For 2017, it’s a move into bright colours and the use of shades that would never have been done before. This was started in 2016 but is taking a hold right now.

If you’re looking for new ideas for your hair, it’s time to look through the current trends. You may find something that you love. The great news is that the gray hair colour trend isn’t quite as hot anymore. There are other, brighter options to choose this year.

Here’s a look at the best hair colour trends for 2017.

Go for the Ash Blonde Look

Ash blonde is making a comeback. There was a time that this was viewed as boring, but more and more celebrities are currently choosing the colour. It’s perfect for those who don’t have the biggest budget for their hair upkeep.

Many blonde-haired women will find their natural colour is more of an ashy blonde, compared to the brighter colours seen in more recent years. If you color your hair this way, you’ll find that it requires less upkeep and soon your natural hair shade will blend in. You could save money on those monthly trips to the hairdressers.

Ash blonde will easily work with paler skin complexions and lighter eye colours. You can also take a step towards the ash brown.

The benefit is that you’re stripping out the red – this is the colour that tends to make paler skin and eyes look even paler than they were before! You won’t look as drawn in the face, and you can make your lighter colours stand out.

Melt the Blonde and Brown Together

The blonde melt is becoming a popular option. Monotone hair colours started to come back into fashion around 2014 and 2015, but they’ve taken a back step again. They look boring, especially if you have lighter hair.

While those with darker hair get away with constantly going a few shades darker and having hair that looks thick and luxurious without effort, those with lighter shades need to add dimension. You can do that with the blonde and brown melt.

You’ll need to use a variety of blonde and brown hair colors together. Most of the time, you’ll have the darker shades to the bottom, and each layer will get a slightly lighter shade until you have the lighter blonde on top.

This is also an option to work your way down your head. Start with the darker shades at the root of your hair and work the lighter ones to the tips. You’ll find that this takes little less upkeep since your roots won’t be as visible.

The blonde melt looks amazing with straight and curly hair.

If you worked in the gray look from 2016 and still want to keep it, you can work it in with this blonde melt. Just add a few streaks of gray or opt for the top layer in light gray to work with the rest of the shades. This is extremely good for those with naturally dark hair.

Blorange in the New Black

Don’t get rid of the red undertones just yet. Once a hair is dying foul, the blorange hair colour is making a push for the trend in 2017. This has been seen with numerous celebrities around the world.

It’s not quite ginger and could be classed as more strawberry blonde – the colour that many women have fought for recognition for a long time and guys just can’t accept it! There are some red/orange undertones to the blonde hair to make it look slightly orange.

If you’re not quite ready for the blorange, you can always opt for some pink hues to your hair. This is that step towards the latest trend and was something noticed towards the middle of 2016. The benefit of pink is that you make it look like you’ve purposely done the colour for something different instead of had a slight home dying mishap.

Pink hues work best with pale complexions, while the more orange hues work better with slightly darker complexions.

Add Sparkles of Blonde to Dark Hair

For those with naturally dark hair or those who want to keep most their locks dark, you don’t need to forgo sparkling or multi-tonal hair. Adding elements of blonde, knowing as bronde hair, is still a trend for 2017. This isn’t going to disappear anytime soon.

Add some caramel colors to the tips of your brown or black hair or add in some light blondes to the slightly lighter shades. This is extremely beneficial if you have curls since the blonde really will just sparkle through the rest of your hair.

The darker locks will look like a shadow to your sparkles. You look like you have more shades mixed in there and your hair will stand out for everyone around you.

Dip Dye for Overgrown Roots

The overgrown roots look took a turn for the positive in 2016. It was once classed as “trailer trash” hair but certainly not anymore, if it’s done right.

You want to have yourdarker, more natural shade from the roots to around the bottom of your face. The lighter shades then work their way in. There isn’t as much as a shading element as there is with the multi-tonal blonde option already mentioned above. It will just look like you haven’t bothered to touch up your roots for a while.

This is great for those with naturally dark blonde or light brown hair. You just opt for a blonde that is a few shades lighter. If you have reddish hues in your hair, you’ll want a more caramel blonde to work in for a more natural and beautiful look.

Those with longer hair will benefit more from this look. If you have short hair, you may not get the length to the bottom of your face to make it look intentional instead of laziness.

If you’re not sure about the overgrownroots look, you can opt for a slightly similar hair trend for 2017. Opt for the subtle two-tone instead. The tips of your hair will be a shade or two lighter. People will need glasses to notice the actual difference but they will see there’s something not quite monotone about your hair colour.

This 2017 hair trend is perfect for those with darker locks, where the blonde will stand out a little too much. It can also work for those with shorter locks.

If you don’t mind it looking slightly more two-toned, you can opt for chestnut ends to darker locks. This is excellent for those with darker complexions, as the chestnut locks will match the skin tone.

Add Dark Red to Your Braids

If you have dark hair and you braid it often, it’s time to think about a colour change. Add some dark red to the sections of your hair that you braid. If you don’t want the full braid to be red, you can choose certain strands that will weave in and out of the braids.

Keep the roots the natural hair colour. The red only starts from the section that is braided. This is more powerful in those who opt for tight, close to the scalp braids.

Finish off the look with a regal bun to keep all the individual braids together.

Work in Purple Roots with Platinum Hair

There are more people looking to have some fun with their hair. They want to stand out and just try something different. This is where this 2017 colour trend comes into play.

Opt for platinum locks with purple roots. The purple will lighten into the platinum to blend it all together. It works for both long and short hair and is great for all types of complexions.

There are a couple of downsides to this hair colour trend. As you can guess, it will take upkeep. You’ll need to touch up the roots monthly, as the purple will start to fade relatively quickly. This is also one of those colour trends that would likely mean getting a professional to do your hair for you.

Ease in the Unnatural Shades

If you love adding unnatural colour to your hair and ombre styles, you can make them both work together. This is known as smoky lilac for many since it’s usually the purple that is used. However, you can work in any unnatural colour that you want.

You just add a few light streaks of the unnatural colours into your hair. It works much better with dark hair if you’re opting for purples and blues. They blend in better. If you have lighter hair, consider reds and pinks for the blending process.

The tips of the hair will mostly be the unnaturalcolour. You can even have some white tips to finish off the look.

Work with Monotone Unnatural

Who said that you could only use unnatural colours subtly? There are more people opting for all-over unnatural colors, and this is becoming more popular in 2017. You can have a full style of blue, purple, pink, and even orange. This originally started with red tones a few years ago and then worked in purples, but now you have every colour of the rainbow – well, the dying rainbow at your local salon!

The benefit of this is you can do it from home. You just need to find the colours of your choice. With it being an all-overcolour, it doesn’t take thetime to pull strands through caps or work with foils, saving you money and some upkeep.

Try an alternate shade to your complexion. If you have dark skin, work with light pinks and purples to really stand out. Some people work with their eye colours to make their eyes stand out more.

If you’re not ready for all your hair to stand out, why not do just part of your hair? Take the under-section for the unnatural colour. It will be hidden under layers of natural colour and visible when you tie your hair up. You may also work it into braids in a light way.

Another option is to dip dye with the unnatural colours. This looks funky and works well when your hair is up or down.

Wear the Rainbow

You don’t just have to opt for one unnatural colour. Towards the end of 2016, people started using multiple colours in their hair. They would have streaks of green and blues working together, or have strands of purples leading into pinks. Some would opt for completely contrasting colours mixed together to create a rainbow styled look.

This is the trend that is going further in 2017. More people on social media are showing off their looks.

Some opt for just two colors – a dip dye style or one colour on the under thesection and another on the top. Meanwhile, there are people literally wearing the rainbow in their hair.

You’ll need to dye your hair blonde first to work these colours in and make them really stand out. The great news is that your hair stylist should know the best ways to do it.

This will take some upkeep as the colours will fade over time. You’ll likely find it’s a new trip to the salon monthly. But you get the choice of constantly changing your colours!

Which 2017 Hair Color Trend Will You Do First?

Now it’s time to think about your hair. Why not opt for something completely different? Get rid of the monotone look and work in some different shades. Be daring with some different colours – those that aren’t naturally.

There are semi-permanent options available if you’re worried about making a mess. These are great for those who have a short space of time to try out unnatural colours – due to school hair colour requirements. However, you can opt for natural and just wait for the colours to fade overtime on their own.

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