9 Tips That Keeps Your Skin Healthy At Any Age


Aging may be inevitable, but the rate of aging is not. It is never too late to take steps that will keep your skin looking young and healthy. Listed below are nine helpful tips that will keep your skin healthy at any age.

Why does your skin age? Intrinsic aging is a process that takes place over the years without the influence of external factors.

  • In your twenties,your skin’s exfoliation process decreases by 28 percent.
  • In your thirties, the transfer of moisture from the dermis to the epidermis is slowed down, and your fat cells start to shrink.
  • In your forties collagen is no longer produced, this results in wrinkles and aging lines
  • In your fifties,the oil glands decrease in size, and your skin becomes dry and easily damaged. Menopause causes a decrease in your estrogen levels leaving your skin drier, thinner, sensitive and less toned.

Extrinsic aging is the result of environmental influences such as smoking, pollution, and ultraviolet radiation which generates free radicals. They are electron-hungry molecules. These free radicals pull electrons from other molecules which lead to the alteration of your cells chemical structures and biological functions.

The next form of the threat comes from glucose. It cross-links with proteins and forms plastic like molecules known as age-related glycation end products. They make your skin proteins more brittle and less elastic.Thirdly ultraviolet light damages your DNA molecules and accelerates wrinkling of the skin.

Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy at Any Age

Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Whenever you venture outside, just bear this in mind that whether it is cloudy or sunny, the sun is reaching your skin.The best way to prevent sun damage to your skin is to avoid sun exposure. Stay out of the midday sun from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. Find some cool shade if you’re outside.

You can also use the shadow rule. If your shadow is longer than yourself, then this means your UV exposure is low,if it is shorter than you then your UV exposure is high.

Apply sunscreen everytime you go out in the sun. Slather some sunscreen that has a sun protection factor of atleast 30 or greater. Go in for broad spectrum sunscreen that protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Don’t forget your lips. Use a lip balm or cream that has SPF of 30 or higher to protect your lips from getting tanned. Take care to protect yourself when you are near water, at higher elevations or in tropical climates.

Apply sunscreen 10 to 30 minutes before going in the sun.You must evenly apply the sunscreen to all the exposed parts. Reapply the sunscreen every two to 3 hours while in the sun and after swimming and sweating.

The skin near your eyes is delicate, that’s where the crow’s feet begin to show. Wear sunglasses to your eyes for added protection. To protect your head, wear a wide-brimmed hat or scarf.

If you forgot to apply sunscreen to your skin, add aloe vera straight from the plant.The nourishing aloe gel will help heal your skin.Remember that tanning beds emit the same UV light that the sun does. So they are not a safer alternative to being in the sun.For a safe tan try sunless self-tanner.

Have A Proper Skin Care Routine

Treating your skin with a little TLC will take years off your skin.

Cleaning: You don’t need to buy fancy expensive products.You just need to find the right skincare that works for you. Don’t scrub your face, use a gentle cleanser or soap. Cleaning your face removes dead skin cells plus all the dirt and debris.

Wash your face with plenty of warm water and pat dry.If you have dry and sensitive skin use a gentle cleanser. Use an oil-free foaming cleanser for the oily face.

Moisturize: Be known that all kinds of skin need moisture. Slather some moisturizer while your skin is still damp. Moisturizing Hydrates your skin adding elasticity and prevents wrinkles. If you have oily skin or acne, try a moisturizer that is lightweight and oil free. So it doesn’t block pores. Don’t forget to moisturize your other body parts.

Makeup: Don’t layer makeup on your face. Wear simple makeup, and choose the oil free ones. Throw away makeup that is older than a year. Use new sponges and applicators. Don’t wear makeup to bed because leaving makeup on our skin can clog pores and cause acne. Use a gentle cleanser or makeup remover to wash it off.

Bath Oil: Bath oils include natural oils and healing elements that promote skin wellness and help soothe and nourish your skin. These oils rejuvenate your skin tissue. Due to their intrinsic warmth, they improve your blood circulation. Oil keeps the collagen in your skin supple, and this leads to younger and fresher looking skin for an extended period.

Pedicure and Manicure: A pedicure is not just nail-care but complete foot care. Soaking, soothing and moisturizing your feet helps you to relax and results in healthier feet. Manicures improve your nail health. During the manicure, dead skin cells are removed. Manicure improves circulation and stimulates blood flow.

Dealing with Acne: Don’t pop your pimples. If you squeeze your pimples, it might lead to infection and permanent scars. You can try acne fighting products which are store bought or else you can try home remedies. If your acne is appalling, consult your dermatologist.

Healthy Living Practices

The way you lead your life impacts your skin. A few changes to the way you live will be highly beneficial for your entire body especially your skin.


Researchers have found that your sleep quality affects your skin function and aging. Study findings show that poor sleepers had increased rate of skin aging. They even had a slower recovery from a variety of environmental stressors such as disruption of skin barrier or UV radiation.

Participants with poor sleeping habits showed increased signs of intrinsic skin aging like uneven pigmentation, improved fine lines, reduced elasticity and slackening of skin.Self-perception of attractiveness was low among poor quality sleepers.


Stop wasting your money on expensive anti-aging creams. Scientists have found that regular exercise is the key to reverse your skin aging process. Researchers asked half of the participants to exercise for 3 hours weekly. The other half remained sedentary. The volunteers gave a patch of skin on their buttocks for testing.

When comparing the before-and-after buttock sample, those who worked out had younger looking skin. Even the buttock skin of 65-year-olds was similar to those of 20’s and 40-year-olds.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water keeps your skin cells hydrated and flushes out the toxins. It plumps up your skin cells making your skin less wrinkled. Dehydration can affect the type of sebum and oil your skin makes which in turn may increase acne formation. Drinking lemon water on empty stomach first thing in the morning boosts the radiance of your skin.

Nutritious Diet

Include foods that are high in antioxidants because they encourage skin cell repair and promote continued production of collagen and elastin. The following are the best foods for younger looking skin.

  • Almonds- rich in vitamin E
  • Chia seeds – rich in omega three fatty acids
  • Tomatoes contain lycopene which fights skin aging.
  • Watermelon is a great source of hydration
  • Sweet potatoes are excellent sources of carotenoids and vitamin C.
  • Citrus are good sources of vitamin C
  • Peppers are good sources of capsaicin that boosts blood circulation
  • Spinach is rich in folate and B vitamins
  • Olive and safflower oil are rich in omega six which keeps your skin supple.
  • Coconut oil fights bacteria
  • Sunflower seeds are rich in selenium which helps to preserve elastin
  • Sesame seeds are rich in zinc which reduce sebum
  • Carrots are rich in carotenoids vitamin A
  • Dark chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidants
  • Whole grains packed with B vitamins
  • Apples contain quercetin which protects skin from sun damage
  • Proteins are essential for the elasticity of your skin.

Using Natural Ingredients Enhances The Youthfulness Of Your Skin

There are lots of natural and easy to use products that will keep your body beautiful and young.

  • Shea butter: It has healing as well as moisturizing powers.
  • Cucumber: it contains caffeic acid and ascorbic acid which are good for skin health.
  • Tea bags help to reduce the dark circles under your eyes.
  • Exfoliate: sloughing off dead skin cells brings a fresh glow to your skin. You can make your very own strawberry sugar scrub for exfoliation.
  • Epsom salts: Epsom salts helps to relax, detoxify and heal your skin.
  • Coconut oil: pure coconut oil in its natural form moisturizes dry skin and helps in healing.
  • Vitamin K contributes to reducing dark circles under your eyes and prevents wrinkles.
  • Avocados: they moisturize your skin, treat sunburns, reduce wrinkles and soften your skin.
  • Mineral water: splashing some mineral water on your skin helps to reduce skin irritation and boosts skin hydration.

Mind-Skin Connection

It is true that there’s a strong connection between mind and skin.It is a new form of science which has gained a lot of focus nowadays. Scientists found that mental, physical and emotional pressure affects your skin.

When you’re under stress, you release hormones that encourage inflammation. The skin cells become irritated and increase inflammation and allergic reactions.

The production of moisturizing and plumping liquids decline, this delays your skin healing, repair, and restoration.

Skin conditions become worse when you experience stress. Mind-body techniques like relaxation and meditation hold the key to clear skin.

Meditation significantly influences how bright your inner candle glow. The more you meditate, the more you radiate. Meditation helps you to shine from within and without- often with riddance to makeup.

Relaxation techniques slow down your heart rate, stabilizes your blood pressure and increase your blood flow. Some of the well-known relaxation techniques include deep breathing, yoga, Tai-chi, and self-massage.

Gut–Skin Connection

Altered gut function affects your skin and causes “leaky skin.”Studies show that gut inflammation impairs the integrity and protective function of the epidermal barrier. So your skin produces less antimicrobial peptides which result in increased severity and inflammation of your skin.

The gut flora also influences your skin. Altered gut microbiota contributes a neuro-peptide P which plays a significant role in all skin conditions. The gut flora alters your sebum production which increases the risk of acne breakout. Include lots of probiotics in your diet for a healthy gut microbiome.

Going Green

Your personal care and cosmetic items may probably contain cancer causing chemicals and reproductive toxins. Going green can naturally improve your skin health. The Environmental Working Group gives a list of hazardous chemicals

  • Coal Tar found in anti-dandruff shampoos and anti-itch creams causes cancer
  • Fragrance- includes phthalates which disrupt endocrine system
  • Hydroquinone found in moisturizers is a neurotoxin
  • Aluminum found in nail polish and eye shadow causes Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Triclosan found in antibacterial products causes congenital disabilities
  • P-Phenylenediamine found in hair dyes damages your nervous system.
  • Lead found in lipsticks is a neurotoxin
  • Mercury used as cosmetic preservative called thimerosal links up to increased rates of autism.

There are several animal fats and oils used in beauty products. You can search on PETA’s website about the companies that produce cruelty-free beauty products.

Stop Smoking

According to a John Hopkins study, if you smoke you are four times more likely to feel unrested compared to that of non-smokers. Experts say that smoking accelerates aging. So smokers look 1.4 years older than non-smokers. Smoking significantly increases your risk of psoriasis.

The toxic chemicals in smoke alter the DNA in your hair follicles and produce cell damaging DNA. So smokers have thinner hair, and it grays sooner than non-smokers. Nicotine causes vasoconstriction which can limit the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your face and other parts of the body. This action causes dry wrinkly skin and results in scarring.

Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide which replaces the oxygen in your skin. The nicotine in your blood leaves your skin dry and dull. Smoking depletes vitamin C which protects your skin from damage.

Smoking is the leading cause of skin cancer. Nicotine found in cigarettes damages the connective tissues and fibers in your skin causing it to lose elasticity and strength. This action causes stretch marks.Smoking leads to oxidative stress on the lens of your eye and increases the risk of cataracts.


To enjoy a radiant complexion and smooth texture includes sufficient levels of high-quality protein, plenty of vitamin C, biotin and copper in your diet.

To make your skin supple reduce your consumption of saturated and partially hydrogenated fats. For a healthy glow and fewer blemishes switch from simple carbs to slow carbs.

If you suffer from acne, reduce your milk and cheese intake and detoxify your body.For a more youthful appearance and even tone eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies. Have a positive attitude and live life to the fullest.

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