9 Practical Tips To Finding The Perfect Fragrance For Daily Wear


Feeling and living good is not just about the food you eat or the exercise you do. It is about how you feel and thinks about yourself. Boosting your self-confidence is essential,and the fragrance you wear is part of that.

However, there are just so many fragrances out there. Just how do you choose between them all? What do you pick to be your daily fragrance? You may be thinking it is better to have a few options to avoid getting bored, but that just means wasting money on some fragrances that you are not likely to enjoy.

You only need the one fragrance. With the perfect option, you will feel and smell amazing every single day. Here are nine tips to help you find that ideal fragrance to wear daily.

Know How Long It Needs to Last

The first thing to consider is how long the scent is going to need to last for the day. If you just need something to manage a few hours out of the house one night, then you will need something slightly weaker than something you want to last for the whole day you are at work.

The most common type of fragrance worn is the Eau de Toilette, which will give you 3-4 hours wear. It is the cheapest option and often has the weakest scent to start with. If you want something that is rich and uses the most oils, you will want parfum. This is the strongest of the lot, but also the most expensive. In between the two options you can get Eau de Parfum and Eau de Cologne.

You will usually find a counter lady will lose herself in the jargon. Going in knowing these terms (sometimes shortened to EDP, EDT, and EDC) will help you make an informed choice,to begin with.

It can be worth spending extra money on parfum or Eau de Parfum if you want a full day fragrance. However, if you have a sensitive stomach or easily get headaches,they can be too strong. Check out more info on cologne for baby here

Limit the Amount You Try at Once

It is common for many people to go into a perfume store and try out all the ones that interest them. This can cause a problem with choosing, as you have too many scents clashing with one another. They all start to mix,and when you use them at home, you find they do not have anywhere near the same scent after all.

The best thing to do is limit the number of scents you try at one time. Many experts suggest no more than three.

Start by having the scents sprayed on paper. This will give you an initial try to see if they are worth putting on your skin. Pick the three you like the most to try somewhere on your skin. Work with the back of the wrist or anywhere on the arm. You will find it easier to smell and get an idea as to how the scents will stick and smell later in the day.

You want to try on the skin, as this is where the fragrance will sit daily. It is important to find out how the scent will blend throughout the day with your natural oils and body’s natural scent.

Do not rush straight into a purchase. You want to give each fragrance time to blend and work with your natural smell. This will help you see how long the scent will last and whether you like it throughout the day. You can also get an idea as to whether it will cause nausea or headaches throughout the day.

Leave the Scent for At Least Four Hours

So, how long is the best time for your scents? Four hours is an excellent time to tell whether you like the scent or not. Plan your trip right,and you can even go back to the store to buy the scent if you like it that much.

Four hours will give EDTs the chance to wear off. You see just how long the scent remains strong while wearing, so you can then decide if you need something a little stronger. The four hours is also an excellent time to see just how long the stronger concoctions stick around; you will get an idea if they’re going to make your eyes water for hours on end.

This period will also give the scent time to blend and absorb. You will see how it reacts with other scents in the air.

Do not choose within the first 20 minutes. This is when the strongest scents will stick around. If you do not have four hours, give your scent at least an hour to settle down and help you decide.

Start with Lighter Scents and Work Your Way Up

There are different types of scents. Some will have musky, earthy smells, while others are more oriental and aromatic. You may be tempted to start with the strongest. After all, this is a scent that needs to last throughout the day right. Surely the lighter scents will not stick around.

Remember that it is not the actual scent that affects how long the smell sticks around. It is the type of perfume you get; the concentration of the scent. You can find citrus and floral scents stick around much better than musky ones.

Starting with the lighter scents will help you get used to wearing perfume daily, especially if you have never bothered in the past. You will make sure you do not suffer from nausea or headaches throughout the day, making your fragrances a waste of money.

If you do not like the lighter scents by the end of the day, work your way up until you have the perfect one for your daily needs.

Understand Your Scents Better

Now it is time to understand more about your scents. We have just touched on them, but not really what each of the scents is likely to smell like. Did you know that around half the population cannot smell a musky scent? Musk is meant to have a clean smell, almost like fresh laundry. It is often confused with freshly washed clothes. The good thing is that you smell clean!

However, to some people, musk can have an earthy, unwashed smell. You need to get a fragrance with the concentration just right.

Floral scents are the next popular options for fragrances. They will blend a range of flowers to create a unique blend. Lilies, ylang, roses, and violets are all popular. You may have even tried making your own when you were kids without the same successes as perfumes in the store!

Citrus scents can be popular for those who want to smell fresh and bright. Many companies use oranges, lemons, and limes to get the beautiful smell. You can feel like you are in the middle of a beauty spa, leaving you with positive and clear thoughts.

If you prefer nuts or woody scents, then you will want to consider the woody fragrances. They are made of sandalwood, cedar wood, and even patchouli oils to create their earthy scents. You can also get the scent of pralines and ice cream. Just watch out for everyone wanting to know what you have been eating!

Then there are the oriental scents that smell like you have had incense sticks burning. There are different mixtures, with some adding hints of spices and others include sweetness and citrus smells. You can find some of these scents are made with essential oils and can make erotic and romantic scents.

If you prefer something more from the elements, you may want to look for smoky, aquatic or green scents. They smell just as their names suggest.

Skip the Coffee While Testing

You may be tempted to grab a coffee while you wait for your perfume to settle. You are not going to get a full opinion of the scent if you do this.

Coffee scents and perfume scents do not mix well with the nose. Your nose will pick up the coffee scent, as it overpowers the fragrance on your skin.

Likewise, watch out for perfume stores that are very close to coffee stores. The fragrance sellers will always tell you that sniffing coffee helps to reset your sense of smell to get ready for the perfume, but that is wrong. The scent of the coffee will just overpower the scent of the fragrance. You likely love the smell of coffee, so that is what you will expect when it comes to using the aroma in the future. It is disappointing when you do not get that.

If you have no choice but to be around the coffee, sniff the inside of your elbow before you spray the fragrance. All you smell is your body scents, which will help to recalibrate your nose and make it neutral. You will be ready for the smell of the perfume. Do not worry about the store clerk. If she asks, you can explain what you know about scents and your nose!

Think About Your Budget

Of course, the amount of money you must spend will affect the type of perfume you get. While you want something that smells great, you need to stick to whatever budget you have available.

There are some $30 perfumes out there. Just because they have a low-price tag does not make them bad for your sense of smell. They can have a little more of a metallic smell, because of some of the compounds adding into them. They can also have a stronger smell when initially sprayed, but that scent will die down after about 20 minutes.

You may love the idea of spending $300 on a fragrance, but can you justify it? The best thing about the more expensive fragrances is they usually last longer since they are the higher concentrations.

The cost is not an instant idea of concentration though. You will still want to consider the type of fragrance you are considering.

Ask Friends for Their Thoughts

Do not go smelling fragrances without a close friend or family member. Therefore girls love perfume shopping together so much. They can offer their honest opinions to their friends and make sure everyone gets what he or she needs.

Follow all the above road-testing tips but have your friends there to share their thoughts. After an hour, ask them to smell your wrist to see if the scent is still around. What do they think about it now that it is had time to settle down?

One of the best things of hearing friends’ opinions is the confidence boost. If you all agree that a scent smells right, you know you have got something that will work for your daily fragrance.

Just make sure you are ready for your friends to tell you that they do not like it. You all have different tastes. If you enjoy the scent, nothing is stopping you from getting it. All you can do is go with the last tip.

Listen to Your Gut

Your gut will always have an answer for you. Even though you do not want to form an opinion at the first sniff, you will. Your subconscious will remember the scent and start creating memories. Your gut instantly gets an idea as to whether the scent is good or not.

The opinion can change a little over time, but there’s not going to be a miraculous difference. If you develop a strong dislike for a scent right away, you will remember that for each time you use the scent. You will not want to use it daily. It will sit in the cupboard as wasted money. Whereas, a strong love for a scent will make you want to use it day in day out.

It is important to listen to everything your gut is telling you. There’s something about the gut instinct that makes it right nine times out of ten. Work with it.

Get the Perfect Scent Within Hours

With the above tips, you can find the perfect daily fragrance for you within hours. It does not have to take days of trial and error. You do not have to wait until your next spray to decide if it is worth it and just hope that small bottle you bought is worth the money.

Get a spray from your store and leave it for a few hours. Do some shopping and give your fragrance a chance to blend with your skin. Listen to your gut and see how your confidence shifts in a scent that you like. Soon enough you will have something that you buy repeatedly without ever getting bored.

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