9 Colorful Eyeshadow Tutorials For Beginners


Learning new eyeshadow techniques will be a great way to make the most of your eyes. Eyeshadow is a great way to enhance eye colour and add definition, and it’s very easy to experiment with different application methods. Eyeshadow is a cosmetic which makes a huge difference regarding adding drama to a look! There are different techniques out there, and we’re going to share 9 colourful eyeshadow tutorials for beginners with you today.

No matter what your personal style is, you’ll find that one of them suits your sense of style to perfection. Of course, it’s always fun to play around with new eyeshadow looks, even if they aren’t a perfect match for your personal style.

Sometimes, style is about pushing the envelope and getting out of your comfort zone! To help all women, we’ve added a traditional look, modern and sophisticated looks and bold, glamorous looks. Our list has something for everyone.

Without eyeshadow, your eyes may look a little plain. Eyeshadow is a great adornment, as it draws attention to the eyes, which are truly “the windows of the soul”!

With this in mind, it’s time to share 9 colourful eyeshadow tutorials for beginners…

Some shadows enhance eye colour. For example, purple eye shadow is great for green eyes and blue eye shadow is perfect for brown eyes.

Gold and bronze work wonders for blue eyes. Hazel eyes look fabulous when enhanced with silver shadows which contrast them to perfection. However, you don’t need to stick to these shades to make your eye colour look wonderful. It’s fun to break the rules and try new colours.

Once you’ve mastered the art of creating patterns and matching colour palettes, you’ll be able to get “makeup artist”-quality results from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Of course, it’ll also be fun to play around with eyeshadow with your friends. So, do consider a makeup party, whereby you try out these eyeshadow tutorials with your best girlfriends.

You’ll find tons of other eyeshadow tutorials online. They may be videos or have written instructions. We’ve researched lots of these tutorials and put a list of them together for you.

Our list is a great thing to save as a document or bookmark, as it’s such a handy reference. Just refer to this list when you want to try a new look. Then, you won’t need to waste a lot of time searching for things online. We’ve done all of the hard work for you.

Tutorial 1 – Basic Neutral for Everyday

This look is the gold standard for everyday! It’s all about creating a look which brightens and defines the eyes, without overdoing it. However, you may still enjoy a little touch of colour which is fun and fashionable.

To begin, grab your eyeshadow palette and look for a nice shimmery gold shadow.

This will go on your lid.

Next, use a cocoa-brown eyeshadow in the crease.

Finish the look by adding a little bone-white eyeshadow to the brow bone area.

This quick and simple look will benefit from mascara.

If you want more drama, use a medium brown eyeliner above and below your eyes.

Since this look is colourful, without being too creative, it’s great for work or times when a more conservative look is desired.

To find a product that works for this look, consider Maybelline New York The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. It’s got a great assortment of nude shades, browns and shimmery gold and it will allow you to get the neutral look with ease.

Tutorial 2 – Try A Mint-Green Lid

Source: The Make Up Geek

Adding a bright pop of colour to the eyelid will be a stylish way to add punch to your look. This daring effect is easy to achieve, and it will get noticed.

To begin, add a sparkly, mint-green eyeshadow, such as Shimmermint from Makeup Geek, to each lid.

Cover the whole lid. Add a neutral brown eyeshadow to the crease, such as Makeup Geek’s Purely Naked and then finish the look with a pale shadow on the brow bone.

Any white or pale cream coloured shadow will work.

Lining the upper lid in black and adding mascara will be an excellent way to finish this fashion-forward eyeshadow design.

Tutorial 3 – Is a Bright-yellow Cat’s Eye Right for You?

Source: Make Up Tutorials

This look is best for women who have golden undertones in their skin. To get the look, use a black liquid eyeliner from any brand that you like to achieve a dramatic cat eye effect.

After the cat eye is dry, use a bright yellow eyeshadow all over the eyelid, except where you’ve applied eyeliner.

Regarding which eyeshadow to use, anything yellow and bright should work – M.A.C. eyeshadow in Chrome Yellow will be a great choice, though!

Cover the whole lid and make sure that the colour is applied thickly enough to be super-bright.

This is a bold look, and it’s meant to show, rather than being subtle.

Use a warm brown shadow in the crease, such as Clinique’s Foxy, and then finish the look by applying mascara.

If you want to, line the bottom of your eyes with a soft brown eyeliner and apply mascara to the bottom lashes, also.

Tutorial 4 – Create a Violet-toned Smoky Eye

Source – Breonna Queen Beauty

If you want smoky eye drama, and you love purple, you’ll find that doing your violet-toned smoky eye is the key to creating a truly gorgeous makeup look.

Start with Jessie’s Girl Primer in White. This will prepare your eye for bright colour and help the purple eyeshadow that you put on top to stay in place all day or night.

Then, apply your favourite purple eyeshadow all over the lid, such as Jessie’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Ultra-Violet.

Adding a darker plum eyeshadow in the crease and a pale and shimmery eyeshadow near the brow bone.

Use a clean eyeshadow brush to blend the colours lightly together for a smoky look.

Tutorial 5 – Get a Glittery Look with Gold and Black

Source – Preen Me

Start this 24k gold look by adding M.A.C. eyeshadow in Soft Ochre to your eyelid.

Then, put some eye shadow in Creme Brulee and Peach Smoothie along your crease.

At this point, you should use a thin brush to add Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Corrupt to the crease.

Blend, all of the crease, colours gently with your brush. Next, add NYX shadow in Hot Gold by brushing it all over the lid.

Finish the look with gel eyeliner in black – any brand will do.

If you like a winged look, extend the eyeliner to get that effect.

A little M.A.C. pigment in Vanilla on the brow bone will give a look the perfect finishing touch.

Tutorial 4 – Adorn Your Eyes with Brown and Orange Hues

Source – Fashionisers

To get a warm orange effect which highlights the beauty of your eyes, apply an M.A.C primer to your eyelids.

Then, let the primer dry and then add a bright orange eyeshadow to your lids.

Make sure that the eyeshadow is applied to the inner corners.

After this, add a warm brown eyeshadow to the outer half of your eyelids.

Next, use a darker brown eyeshadow in the crease area and blend so that it’s nice and smooth.

Finish the look with gel liner on the top and bottom, as well as two coats of black mascara. If you want, use a highlighter under the brow.

Urban Decay’s Shadow Box should have all of the shades that you need, minus the highlighter.

However, any pale shadow or highlighter stick should work well.

Tutorial 3 – Get a Sexy Red Look

Source – Make Up Geek

Red is passionate and dramatic. It’s the colour of love and anger. If you want high drama, you’ll find that using red eyeshadow is a bold way to get it. You may achieve this look by priming your eyes with Lime Crime eyeshadow. Next, use the same brand’s Fly Dragon Fly eyeshadow in the crease and blend well. Continue by adding Sugarpill Love to the crease and lid and blend. Highlight the centre of the eyelid with Sugarpill shadow in Tako and then use the same brand’s Bulletproof on the outer and inner corners of the lid. Finish with mascara. If you want to, add false eyelashes to create even more definition.

Tutorial 2 – Go for a Sleek Silver Look

If you like the futuristic and minimalist style, consider a simple wash of shimmery silver shadow on the lid and crease.

A light layer of mascara will be the only other step that’s needed to get this look.

This type of makeup idea will look wonderful with a simple white dress or anything that you wear which has a modern vibe. M.A.C Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Silver Sun will work very well.

Any mascara will do – one high-quality pick to consider is Lancome’s Definicils. Just make sure that it’s black mascara.

Tutorial 1 – Add Blue-green Shadow for a Beach-y Look

If you want a summery look which is just right for hitting the beach or a BBQ or outdoor party, do your makeup by adding bronzer to your cheeks, forehead and nose and then use a berry-brown lipstick.

Finish the look by adding a gorgeous and shimmering blue-green eye shadow to your lids. One great option is the REVLON® COLORSTAY™ 16-HOUR EYESHADOW palette in Romantic.

Use its blue-green shade on the lid and into the crease and then blend.

Use the pale, pinky-peach shadow to highlight under the brow bone.

Finish with a coat of brown mascara on the top eyelashes only.

Which Look is Right for You?

You deserve to look your best. Makeup is a great way to change it up without commitment.

Hopefully, one of our eyeshadow tutorials will make it simple for you to get a new look in no time flat.

We’ve provided simple instructions, links and product recommendations to make it all easy for you.

Naturally, you may substitute products to get the same effects.

As long as you use the same shades and types of cosmetics, you should be able to get the same look.

Some women can’t afford the most expensive products.

For these women, we recommend a comprehensive eye shadow palette which isn’t too expensive and has all of the colours that most women need, from neutral shades to stunning bright colours.

When you do have this type of palette, you’ll be able to experiment, just as you would have experimented with a palette of finger paints as a child.

One great pick which is budget-friendly is L.F. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette. It has tons of colours, and it’s not expensive.

You should also pick up a gel eyeliner in black and mascara.

Primer is a good thing to buy, as it helps eyeshadow to stay put.

There are plenty of great eye makeup primers out there, and we’ve recommended a couple on our list.

Once you have the right cosmetics on hand, you’ll be ready to do eye makeup that helps you to look fantastic!

It’s all about using your creativity and sense of personal style to make your eyes stand out.

We think you should try out all of the looks on the list. You’ll find that each one offers something special.

Variety is the spice of life, and this is why experimenting is so much fun. It’s pretty easy to take off eye makeup if you don’t like it.

However, you should use a gentle eye makeup remover, rather than soap, which may irritate the sensitive eye area.

Thanks for reading our list today. Be sure to share it on social media if you think that your friends and family will enjoy it, too!

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