9 Braided Hairstyles For Summer


Hairstyles-Image-Design-2The summer is the perfect time for trying out different hairstyles. We want to get that wind-swept look naturally while keeping our hair under control. We want something simple and fashionable for our daily trips to the beach.

And then there are the weddings, family BBQs and more during the summer months. We need something that looks elegant, stylish and soft. But that doesn’t mean we want to spend hours putting the perfect look together.

Braids are the perfect option when it comes to summer hairstyles. They’re easy to do, and you don’t just have to settle for the single basic section. Braids look elegant and can also be the best way for adults to get flyaway strands out of their faces.

Here are 9 braided hairstyles you’ll want to try out this summer. There’s something for all needs.

‘The Hunger Games’ Side Braid

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Katniss Everdeen had the perfect idea when it came to her sideways braid. It was practical, quick and something that suited all needs. You can copy this and even add your own slight twist.

When opting for the side braid, try to start further up your head. Make it into a French braid that works around the back of your hand and slides down your shoulder. If you want it to look slightly wind-swept, you can pull the braid gently in sections to make it look thicker and allow some of the wispy sections of hair out.

This is a great braid when you want to do something quick. You can throw it together on the way out of the house or when you’re in your car. But it’s also excellent for those who need something for weddings. Add in a few diamantes or butterfly clips into the hair to stand out. Try them towards the top of the braid or try gems along the middle down to the bottom.

You can also finish this off with a flower clip at the side of your head. This isn’t just fashionable, but practical if you have a few shorter strands that you couldn’t get into the braid on the opposite side that it hangs down.

If you want something a little different with The Hunger Games braid, why not try doing it as a fishtail braid. This is a lot simpler than it initially sounds and is a great choice for family BBQs and events.

Rather than putting the whole hair in a braid, you can also opt for a side ponytail with one section of the hair in a braid. This braid can sit in the front, middle or even at the back. Just choose the one section, though, to help it stand out.

Get the Nomad Look


One of the most romantic braid looks is the Nomad style. If you don’t want to have all your hair in braids like The 100, why not try focusing on sections at the front. You can turn your braids into slight quiffs and then clip them to the back to leave the rest of the hair down.

You’ll want a mixture of braids for this that start with the fringe and work around the top of your hair work other braids into each one gently, so they start thin and get thicker. You can also twist the braids in, so they are a little more knotted and give a Celtic style.

Clip in with grips that match your hair colour around the middle of the back of your head. Allow the rest of the hair to flow down, and try to add some curls to complete the look.

This hairstyle does take a little extra time, but it’s great for an event or day out with your girlfriends.

Create a Faux Braid

Hairdresser braiding a clients hair

You don’t always have to spend hours braiding your hair. This is a great option for those with long and short hair.

All you need is to get your hair into four separate ponytails at different heights on your head. Just twist the sections around each other to make it look like you’ve put a braid in your hair. Pin the edges around the nape of your neck and you’re finished.

If you have thicker hair, you may want to do more than four ponytails.Just make sure you have at least the four to create a braid rather than a swizzle.

Make a Headband Braid

braid girl close up

When you want to keep most of your hair down but still want something stylish, the headband braid is one of the best options. It’s really easy to do, and you have two ways of doing it.

The first is to take a section of your hair from one side of your head. Braid it around the top, keeping it close to the front of your head. The idea is to make it look like you’ve put a braided headband on. Pin the ends in place, tucking it under strands of the hair you’re leaving down.

If you want it to look like it’s connected to your hair, you can keep adding strands of hair into the braid as you go along the top of your hair. It’s very similar to a French braid, but you only take the hair from the one side.

When you really don’t want to bother with the braiding, why not buy a braid headband in a similar shade to your natural hair? It’s simple, affordable, and perfect for all your hair needs.

You don’t need to keep your hair down for this. Pull the rest of your hair into an up-do look, and just pin the end of your braid in with it.

Get the Reverse Look


When you pull your hair up into a ponytail, you can add a little more with your braid. Rather than working from the top of your head down, work from the down and move upwards. This look works better with a French braid, and looks excellent on thick hair with a really thick braid.

When you get to the top of your head, work your braid into an up-do look. You’ll likely need to section the top part of your hair, so you don’t accidentally end up catching all of it into your braid.

This style works best for a bun-type up-do, but can also look good with a simple and sleek ponytail. You could even continue the reverse braid into your ponytail on the underside.

Opt for the Mini Side Braid

Braiding. Braid headband

You don’t need to put your whole hair into a braid, nor do you need to have all your hair up. Instead, create a small braid at the side of your head and just have that as your up section.

You’ll need to make sure you section this part of the hair to avoid accidentally pulling other strands in. This look only really works when it’s crisp and clear. Use an invisible, small hair tie at the bottom of the braid to keep it in place.

You can add a few flowers or gems into the braid if you want it to look a little more glamorous for a night out. It’s really one of the best options for a quick hairdo for a shopping trip or day at the beach.

Do a Braid Within a Braid


This is become a popular option for those who want to do something that little bit different. It’s a side braid with a braid added into it.

You’ll need to start with the smaller braid first. Create it and add a small hair tie at the bottom to hold it all in place. Now pull the rest of your hair to the side and braid it. Your small braid will work its way around your larger braid, standing out in some sections and hiding in others.

This look will work better if your smaller braid is small enough to join with other strands of hair for that section of your larger braid. There’s just something odd about it when a whole third is just braided.

Try leaving a strand of hair out of the braid to finish this look. Collect the braid at the nape of your neck and wrap the strand of hair around. It collects any wispy sections and just helps to add that little extra for a night out.

There’s no need to add any gems or clips to this look. The little braid does all the talking for you.

Double Your French Braid


Why have one French braid when you can have two? This works really well in those with long hair and central partings.

Section your hair into three sections. You’ll want two sections at the top separated for your two braids. One larger section at the bottom is the part that won’t be braided at all. It’s a half-up-half-down look.

Work on one side first, braiding it as a French braid like you usually, would. Pin it into the section of hair that is left down. Do the other side in the same way.

Don’t worry about the lines of the braids being straight or exactly symmetrical. This look works really well with a slightly asymmetrical look. Allow your hair to hang in waves to finish off this gorgeous look.

The best thing about this is that you can use as many French braids as you want. You can also stay away from the French braid style, and just tie normal braids along the back of your hair. It’s completely up to you.

Do be prepared for your arms to ache with this look. If you can get someone else to help, that will really ease some of the pain in your arms!

Style Like a Waterfall

Braiding. Four strand braid with a ribbon

The waterfall braid is much easier than many people think upon first glance. It’s a beautiful look and perfect for dates, weddings, and other events.

Start with two strands of hair at the front. Yes, you’ll need three for a braid, but you’ll just need two right now. Twist them once and then pull a strand of hair from the inner side of your head. Twist it into the braid and let go of it. Keep hold of your other two strands!

Twist the two strands again and then pull another strand from the middle of your head. Allow that to fall once it’s braided through the two permanent strands. This idea is that those strands you take from the middle just work their way through the braid and then fall down the side of your face. It’s a beautiful look for those with long hair.

If you want to great a more French-style waterfall braid, grab new sections from your hair as you work your way down. You’ll need to release some of the original strands as you work.

After around five waterfall sections, you can tie the rest of the hair in a normal braid. Work your way straight to the bottom and finish with a small hair tie.

This is a great option for those with multi-coloured hair. You can work through strands of your colours to create a beautiful rainbow effect. You can also add coloured extensions and use them as your waterfall sections.

You can also make this look work well with multiple braids on the same side. Have loose braids one under the other, making it look like two or three waterfalls working together.

Get the Summer Braid Look

It’s time to try out some of the braided looks mentioned above. They’re great for the summer, whether you want a trip to the beach or need something for a date or wedding. This is the season to focus on different styles and experiment with up-dos.

You could also take the styles to your hairdresser and ask for the look. This is a great way to work in colours at the same time to make sure your hair is just right when you’ve finished.

Have fun with your hair and allow it to tell a story. Braids are simple, practical and fun at the same time.

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