8 Must-Try Skin Care Tips for Fall


The fall is that annoying season where you just don’t know what the weather is going to be like. Sometimes it’s sunny and warm, but then other days it’s cold and wet, or the freezing temperatures bite in the wind.

It’s when the weather starts to move into the colder winter weather. Your skin struggles. During the summer you know how to keep it cool and dry. You have the perfect moisturizing creams for the winter. Now you need something for the fall.

Here are eight skin care tips that you just need to try for the fall to make sure you look after your skin. Start as soon as the fall weather starts appearing and you won’t regret it.

Switch to the Creams

The fall is when the moisture in the air drops. Your skin won’t be able to keep the natural moisture as easily, so you will need to give it a helping hand.

Your moisturizing lotions aren’t going to cut it anymore. You want to make a switch to the creams. These are thicker and penetrate the natural oils more. You’ll get deeper into the pores with them, helping to lock in the moisture in the lower layers.

If you don’t moisturize deeply enough, your skin will become dry and flaky. This just continues into the winter months, as the humidity drops even further. You’ll find skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema are more common and they affect your mental health more.

Look out for cream that offers an actual protective barrier for your skin. They will help to lock in the moisture further. The water doesn’t escape your skin, and your pores are protected from dirt and bacteria growth.

If you’re not too sure about using cream, pull out the coconut or olive oil. These are better for penetrating your skin that the store-bought moisturizing lotions. They are also natural and will help to support the full health of your skin. They’ll help to add more antibacterial and antioxidant elements to your body, making it easier to fight off the pesky fall colds.

For those with naturally oily skin, you may be worried about the use of heavier creams. Look out for those that are oil-free. While the creams will add moisture, they won’t increase the number of actual oils on your skin. It’s the oils that leave your skin looking greasy, not the moisture.

Step Up Your Cleansing Routine

During the summer, you’ll use gel and foams for cleaners. They help to dry out some of the natural oils and the sweat that forms on your skin when the air is humid. Like with your moisturizing lotions, you want to change up your cleansing routine.

The foams and gels tend to dry out the skin. They can make your fall dry skin worse. So, you want to find a cleansing routine that is better for moisturizing your skin.

This can be hard as bar soaps are even worse for drying out the skin. If you have naturally oily skin, you want to find something that doesn’t add more oils, right? That was the whole point of moving to a foam.

Well, look out for gels that specifically state they are non-drying. You’ll know if they say they are sulfate-free that they are non-drying and good for the fall weather. These are perfect for the morning when it comes to preparing your skin for the day. Use a light moisturizing cream for afterward.

On a night, look for a milder cleanser. They will still get into the pores to remove the makeup, but they won’t be as harsh to the skin. You can make your own with rosemary oil and mint to help invigorate the skin cells and kill any bacteria that has happened to grow. This type of cleanser can also help to restore your pH balance within the skin.

Start Using a Toner

If you’re not already using one, you need to use a toner during the fall months. It’s often overlooked, so you’re not the only one who hasn’t picked a toner up yet.

Make sure the toner you choose is alcohol-free. Those that have added alcohol for the cleansing don’t help with the hydration of the skin. In fact, the alcohol works against all the other moisturizing ingredients and will make your skin more damaged than the fall weather would have done.

Don’t let your skin dry after using the toner. Use your moisturizing cream immediately. This helps to seal in the moisture that you’ve just given your skin. You only need to use the toner once a day to get all the benefits. The night is the best when your skin has more chance of soaking in all the moisture you give it and pass it onto the cells.

Don’t Forget About the SPF

Sunscreen is something that you shouldn’t put away. Sure, the summer is when you’re most likely to need it, but it should be part of your skin care routine throughout the year. Yes, even in the fall and winter you will need to invest in sunscreen.

The sun is still out. There are still UVA and UVB rays out there, so you need a sunscreen that will protect from both. The UVA rays are the most problematic and dangerous. They’re the ones that will cause aging and cancer, so you want to make sure any sunscreen you get protects against that definitely.

Apply the sunscreen on any part of your body that is exposed. And always check the ingredients in your sunscreen. There shouldn’t be any alcohol in it, as this will just dehydrate your skin.

Use Retinol Daily

During the summer, you may have decided to stop focusing on retinol. This is a derivative of vitamin A and essential for healthy skin. During the summer you can usually get plenty of vitamin A through a healthier diet. During the fall, you start focusing on more hearty foods that don’t tend to have as much vitamin A.

So you need to start adding it back into your routine and your skin. You can take over-the-counter supplements, but one of the best options is to look out for a retinol serum. If you have a problem getting the retinol, then talk to your doctor, who will be able to prescribe retinoid.

Retinol helps the skin to repair after damage. It helps to protect against some signs of aging, particularly wrinkles and brown spots. It can also help to support the collagen production. When you get the right amount of retinol, you can make your skin look 10 years younger.

Make sure anything that you get for your skin is FDA approved and safe. You want to watch out for toxins and chemicals that outweigh the good the retinol is doing.

If you’re pregnant, talk to your doctor about getting retinol. In small doses, it may be okay, but your health professional may advise against it.

Adapt to Your Skin

Your skin will tell you what you need. What worked last fall may not work this fall. What supported your skin last week may not work right now.

The skin adapts to the environment. It can become drier quickly if the humidity suddenly drops. The formula that you’re used to may no longer be that effective.

Listen to what your skin is trying to tell you. Feel the dryness and think about any tight sensations you have in your skin. Are you suffering from sensitivity or do you have more breakouts? These are all signs that your skin isn’t getting the nutrients that it needs.

At the same time, your skin will get used to a certain routine. It gets used to the formulas, and those formulas are no longer effective. You’ll need to make sure you change up your routine regularly and don’t let this happen.

You can always talk to a skin care professional if you’re struggling to find out what your skin needs. Go through the most common needs first and then find out what you’re missing.

Opt for a Weekly Hydrating Facial Mask

A hydrating facial mask will change your life. Use one on a weekly basis to help add more moisture to your skin and help balance out the hormones.

During fall you want to just more water-based facial masks. They’re great for both oily and dry skin, as they don’t add additional oils but will increase the water content. They’re also excellent for the cooling temperatures since they soothe irritation quickly and effectively. In fact, water-based options are excellent throughout the year!

If you suffer from extremely dry skin, then you will want to consider cream masks. This is something that you can play by ear. You may want to consider oil-based masks. They can help lock in the moisture and protect the pores from dirt and grime getting in.

Sometimes it’s not about the base but the other ingredients. Try making your hydrating face masks with oatmeal, avocados, yogurt, or even honey. With the right mixture of ingredients you’ll get all the nutrients that your skin needs and will find a balance between natural oils and added moisture.

One of the big benefits of using cream masks is that they soak into the skin. You can skip the washing off step!

Invest in a Massage

Your skin will suffer from the lack of blood circulating your body. There are a few reasons for this. You won’t move around as much—who wants to go outside when it’s dark and cold? —and Your skin isn’t getting the right nutrients that it needs. You want to boost the amount of blood circulating to improve the health of your skin.

Start by giving yourself a massage more frequently. Massage your moisturizing creams into your legs and arms. Give yourself a facial massage when you apply the cream face masks. Invest in a back massager so you can work on that area by yourself.

Do this daily if you can. If not, then do it twice a week for the best results. Your skin will thank you, for collagen production and elasticity increase.

Now and then, take it one step further. Start off the fall with a professional massage to look after your skin. You’ll also be able to work away from your worries. If you don’t want the start of the fall, opt for in the middle as your skin suffers the most.

Look out for massage oils or moisturizing creams that include some essential oils. Look out for anything that has added antioxidants to help boost the circulation further.

Look After Your Skin All Year Round

You need to constantly look at your skin care routine to make sure you look after your body throughout the year. As the temperatures drop, so will the moisture in the air. This has a direct effect on every part of your body. Even if it’s raining, you’ll find the humidity levels have dropped from the summer months.

As soon as you reach fall temperatures, you’ll need to make changes to the products you use on your skin. The moisturizing cream is the first (but not the only) place to look. Get rid of the lotions and water-based options for now and apply the oily, creamy options. If you do have naturally oily skin, you’ll need to listen to what your skin is telling you. You may be one of the lucky few that gets to keep their summer lotions! See, oily skin can be a good thing at times.

A little spa treatment (even at home) will do your skin wonders. You’ll be ready to switch to the winter skin care and not have to repair damage in the springtime ready for the next summer. You’ll also feel far more comfortable, rather than dealing with dry skin conditions and irritation throughout the darker months.

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